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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,27827 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The Slayer growled as the connection between her and her mate flared to life. Her mate had been touched. Not merely threatened, but touched. She pushed Buffy completely into the background of their shared consciousness when the pain blossomed from the mark over her heart. Now was not the time to be hampered by humanity. It was time to remove this threat to her mate and her territory.

She regulated her breathing to the point where she would not register on the sensors. Buffy may have disabled the control room, but she did not want to be tracked if these invaders have gotten their hands on a lifesign detector. Which was possible with that sniveling cowardly male, McKay.

When she was ready, she exited her quarters and paused to focus her senses. The nearest group was two corridors ahead. Three males. She bared her teeth in a parody of a smile and tightened her grips on her knives. They wish to be as bad as the Wraith? Then she would treat them like the Wraith. This was a culling that the Genii would never forget.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

"What the hell is that?" One of the men behind Kolya gasped as screams reverberated through the halls.

"No one panic." Kolya barked, tightening his grip on Elizabeth's arm. "Everyone just keep moving."

When they reached the grounding station, Kolya waved his gun slightly in McKay's direction for him to get working. He couldn't admit it, either verbally or by facial expression, but he was worried. He did not like the sounds of those screams. Even more, he did not like the fact that there had not been a single shot fired.

"Fix the panel quickly." He ordered the scientist.

Nodding, McKay pulls off the cover of the destroyed panel. "I should be able to bypass the switching station entirely."

"Good." Finally, something right, Kolya thought. "How long?"

"Well, it's not as bad as I thought so, 15-20 minutes, tops."

"Then I suggest you get started."

"Yeah, right." McKay took a deep breath to steady his hands. "This would go a lot easier if I wasn't all carved up." He muttered to himself as pain flared in his arm as he beckons to his Commander. "Elizabeth, could you?

"Of course." Elizabeth bent down with the torch.

"That's perfect." He said, getting to work. "Keep it right there."

'Commander Kolya!'

"Yes, Laden?"

'I've found some of our men, sir.' They could hear the terror in his voice. 'They have been sliced open like cattle.'

Kolya closed his eyes momentarily. "How many?"

'Three, sir.' Came the answer. He made a sound as if to continue speaking, when they clearly heard someone gurgle. 'Oh, dear... Omph!' Even McKay stopped working as they all listened wide-eyed at the gunfire and screams and audible sounds of flesh striking flesh. 'W-w-who are y-y-you? W-why a-a-are you doing t-t-this?'

'You are monsters.' The anxious listeners could barely make out the softly whispered words. 'Now, you are prey.'

In a rage, Kolya threw his radio across the room. He watched as the sturdy piece of technology shattered against the far wall. He grabbed another radio from the man standing nearby. "All teams, all teams, find Laden and neutralize this threat. If it is not Genii, kill it on sight." He turned furious eyes on McKay and Weir. "Finish!"

McKay squeaked and turned back to the panel. Fifteen minutes later, he twists the last wire and Elizabeth helped him get to his feet. He gives the Atlantis leader a look. "Oh please let this work."

He moves the crystals and holds his breath, exhaling in relief when the grounding station disconnects. He desperately wanted this whole thing to be over. He was going to have nightmares for months. The entire time he was working, he heard screams and gunfire and increasingly hysterical reports of mutilated and sliced up bodies of Genii soldiers.

Kolya rose the radio to his lips. "Everyone fall back to the control room. We will let the lightning kill our enemies."

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Sora waved her team to follow Kolya's orders, but she hesitated, torn. She pulled her radio from her belt. "Commander Kolya, she's here."

'Who?' Kolya asked irritably.

"Teyla. She and the one called Ford have joined Sheppard." Sora explained.

'And you are just now telling me this?!? Report to the control room immediately.'

"She is just out of my reach. If I am patient..."

'You have your orders.'

"She left my father for dead!"

'If you wish to wait for an opportunity, then do so!' Kolya spat angrily. 'Know this, however, once the gateroom has been sealed, it will not be opened for anyone. Either report to the control room now, or die with her.'

"If that is what it takes." Sora's voice was determined. She turned off the radio when he tried to reason with her again. "My father will be avenged."

She listened to their plan and heard Sheppard run off in another direction while Teyla and Ford moved towards where she was standing. As soon as she saw their shadows, she stepped around the corner, lashing out and knocking the young man out with the butt of her gun. She pointed it down at his head as Teyla brought her own weapon up. "Drop your weapons, or I will kill him."

She kept her weapon steady on Ford as Teyla threw her weapons away, then tossed her own gun as well and pulled out a knife. "I would hate to kill you quickly."

"I have known you nearly all your life, Sora. Why are you doing this?"

"You left him to die."

"He killed an innocent and alerted the Wraith to our presence. Even so, there was nothing that could be done for him."

From a level above, a narrow-eyed and blood splattered hunter watched and listened. The female invader would not win in this contest, that she could clearly see, so she moved on to find her next prey. She had listened to the one in charge tell his people to converge in the control room for safety with the radio that she had taken from one of the bodies. She knew that with so many in one place, she would not be able to get to her mate without one of them getting killed, so she altered her plan and headed for the hanger instead.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

"Raise the shields." Kolya ordered as soon as all of the gateroom doors were closed.

"I can't without power to the controls." McKay sputtered, jabbing at the dead buttons. "Elizabeth, you have to talk to her!"

"No one is talking to anyone." Kolya growled.

"Do you want to argue about it while we're drowning?" McKay snapped at his bullheadedness. "She's the only one that the damn girl will listen to. Haven't you figured that out yet?"

"Who is she?" Kolya demanded.

'I am Slayer.' a voice said unexpectedly. 'I hunt Evil. You are Evil.'

"Buffy, you have to restore power to the control room." Elizabeth said.

Before she had even finished speaking, the Stargate activated with a sudden kwoosh, killing several men that had been standing on the steps. 'That is your home. Leave now, or die.’

Kolya's men, many of whom had grown up on tales of the myth of the Slayer, did not hesitate as they were suddenly made aware of how badly they had pissed off what, to many of them, was a folk hero. To many of the young soldiers, it was as bad a defiling a temple, and their sudden shame drove them out of Atlantis faster than the oncoming storm. As Kolya, Elizabeth and Rodney watched the men run into the event horizon, no one noticed when the ceiling opened with a bare whisper of a sound. No one saw the bloody blonde head peer over the edge, her burning gaze focused on the male threatening her mate.

"The gate won't stay open forever, Commander." Elizabeth said quietly. "I don't think she will be inclined to offer you this chance again."

They could tell that he was grinding his teeth in helpless rage. Then his gaze turned calculating. "Fine, but you two are coming with me."

"What?" McKay squawked as two of Kolya's men grabbed his arms.

"You will serve the Genii as repayment for the lives lost here today." He pushed them ahead of him. "If this Slayer is as dedicated to Dr. Weir's well being as you seem to think she is, then she will not interfere."

There were five feet away from the gate when Sheppard appeared out of nowhere and shot both the men holding McKay. In a flash, Kolya turned towards him, yanking Elizabeth against his body as a human shield. Sheppard's eyes widened, but not at Kolya's actions. Behind the Genii, he saw Buffy hang from the opening in the ceiling, then drops down soundlessly on top of the Stargate, directly over Kolya's head. He mentally slapped himself and refocused. "Let her go, Kolya. You're not taking her anywhere."

"And what are you going to do about it?" The Genii commander taunted.

"Me, nothing," Sheppard answered, then lowered his weapon to gesture behind him. "but her, on the other hand..."

A rumbling growl had Kolya spinning around in time to be see the enraged Slayer land behind him. She leapt at him with a quick slash across his arm that had him dropping his gun. In a desperate move, he shoved his hostage at her and threw himself into the shimmering pool. Instinct had Buffy cradling Elizabeth close instead of pursuing her prey, and then the gate closed. A moment later, Teyla and Sora stumbled into the gateroom with Ford.

"Buffy, the controls." Elizabeth gasped, her throat aching from where Kolya's forearm had been pressed against it. "We need them back so that Rodney can activate the shields."

Picking her up effortlessly, Buffy hugged her close even as she ran through the halls back to her quarters. Sitting Elizabeth on her bed, Buffy quickly entered the commands to restore the control room. She also sealed her room which, because it doubled as a stasis chamber, was equipped with it's own shielding which kept it isolated from the city. It was why the city's sensors couldn't see the room if Buffy didn't want them to. Then, in a flash, she was on the bed as well, running gentle fingers over her mate, tenderly checking her over for injuries.

Elizabeth stayed still and allowed the examination, knowing without being told that the Slayer had to reassure herself. After a few minutes, the Atlantis leader tangled her slender fingers with callused ones. "I'm all right, Buffy."

Buffy looked her in the eyes, and Elizabeth could tell that the Slayer was still in control. Her eyes were wild and hot and, to Elizabeth's surprise, her pupils were slitted, like a cat's.

"I'm all right." She repeated.

"Mine." Buffy said, then leaned forward and kissed her almost desperately. "My mate."

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