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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Buffy fought her way back to the surface of her consciousness as she felt the Slayer's intentions. She couldn't let it happen like this. For a while now, she had been holding the Slayer off from claiming their mate, not wanting to scare Elizabeth off, but after nearly losing her, the Slayer was not willing to be put off any longer.

"Elizabeth," Buffy gasped, breaking the kiss. "do you want this?"

Elizabeth looked into her wild eyes. She could see Buffy trying desperately to hold on to her control. She knew that if she told Buffy that she wasn't ready, Buffy would do whatever she had to, to let Elizabeth walk away unclaimed.

But what would that do to her?, Elizabeth thought. She cupped the blonde's check, and her lips curled into a small smile when Buffy eyes half-closed and she leaned into the touch, a soft purring sound vibrating up her throat. The choice, she realized, was surprisingly easy after the ordeal she'd just been through. They had put this off long enough. She closed the distance between them to murmur against the lips of her small, powerful, soon-to-be lover. "Yes, Buffy, I want this. I want you."

The Slayer shuddered and wrested control once again as her mate's soft breath wafted over her lips, causing them to tingle. With a low growl, she pressed their lips together, using that moment of surprise to push her tongue into the warm haven that called to her. She was finished waiting. She wanted, no needed, to claim her mate, once and for all. She released Elizabeth's hand to pull her closer as her other hand wrapped around the back of her mate's head, tilting it slightly so that she could deepen the kiss.

Elizabeth moaned low in her throat as heat flared through her body. She'd never been kissed so intensely before. It felt like the Slayer never intended to let her go. Her hands came up, of their own will, to bury themselves in blonde hair, only for her to draw back from the kiss at the feel of the stiff locks. That's when she really took in the blonde's appearance. She was covered in dried blood and sweat. It was splattered all over her coat and hair and smeared across her face, making her look feral and deadly. She shuddered briefly as she recalled the screams of the slaughtered men that she'd heard.

"No be scared." The Slayer pleaded as she caught the scent of Elizabeth's sudden fear, pressing their foreheads together. "Never hurt mate."

Elizabeth's eyes softened, and she kissed her quickly in reassurance. "I'm not scared of you, honey. Everything just caught up with me, that's all." She took the other woman's hands and stood. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

As she led the now mostly docile Slayer to the bathroom, she realized that she wasn't scared of the Slayer, despite the carnage that she knew the woman was responsible for in the corridors of the city. Instead, she felt safe and protected and able to let go as she'd never been able to before. She never felt this comfortable in a relationship, especially so quickly, even with Simon. She ran the shower as Buffy stripped out of her clothes. Her breath caught in her throat when she turned back to an eyeful of bronzed flesh and shifting muscles.

"Oh, God." She gasped as her body clenched. They had been careful to keep their intimacies to a minimum during their dates, but that had not lessened the need that cycled between them. She quickly undressed, watching Buffy with hungry eyes as she stepped into the shower and raised her face the spray. Stepping up behind her, she grabbed the body sponge and body wash, remembering with a smile when she'd come into see Dawn and found Buffy raiding her sister's stash of toiletries.

She washed Buffy carefully, paying special attention to the bruising that was now visible. She silently thanked that lost culture that had created the coat that Buffy wore. It looked like she had been shot more than once, in places that could have been serious, if not fatal, had they penetrated. As she washed her, the Slayer took the bottle of soap in her own hands, rubbed her hands into a lather, and began washing her in return. She took advantage of no clothe or body sponge, tweaking Elizabeth's nipples, caressing her sides, even kneading her hips. It took all of Elizabeth's willpower to keep her concentration on what she was doing.

She washed Buffy's hair thoroughly, cleaning it of the blood and gore that tangled the locks. As she maneuvered Buffy back under the spray to rinse her hair out, the Slayer's hands circled her waist to rub the lather on her ass. And then a bit lower. Elizabeth's control shattered and she swooped down to capture the blonde's lips in a fierce kiss.

The next thing Elizabeth knew, she was lifted her off her feet and braced against the wall.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

After the city had been electrified from the lightning strikes, and the shield finally powered up and activated, they had waited out the storm until it was safe to leave the control room. They kept the communication line open to the jumper where the doctor was holed up with the Athosians as the storm raged overhead. It had taken several hours for the storm to blow over, but when it did, the city was still standing, it was fully powered for the first time, including the shields, and all of the ECUs were completely full. It was a happy group that went to get the doctor and the Athosians from the hanger.

"Let's take a look at that, shall we?" Dr. Beckett said to Rodney, gently unwrapping the bandage and probing the knife wound on his arm.

"Shouldn't we go check on Dr. Weir?" Ford asked.

"You can go if you want to." McKay said. "I'm staying as far away from them as possible."

Ford looked at him in confusion, but Sheppard just shook his head.

"They're fine." The Colonel said. He had seen the look on Elizabeth's face when she had been caught in Buffy's arms. He had also realized just how *involved* the two women were, and his hopes of somehow attracting the beautiful Commander had died a quiet death under the look of relief and unconscious love in Elizabeth's face as she was held close. It looked like he'd have to settle for her friendship. Ah, well, he thought, there's other fish out there. At least they're happy.

He'd also seen the look in Buffy's eyes when she'd ran out of the room with Elizabeth. He'd had a few run-ins with the need for hard, fast sex after a hard fought battle himself. He was once told that it was called battle-lust by some history professor he'd been dating on one such occasion. They were probably banging each other's brains out at that very moment. He didn't experience it often, but damn was the sex great when he did.

Sheppard and his team left Carson and the Athosians in the medical room while they cleaned up the messes that Buffy had left in her wake. Rodney was a little sickened at the sight of bodies that she had almost literally cut to pieces. Sheppard was the first to notice the green tinge to his face.

"So, McKay," He began conversationally as he and Ford lifted one of the bodies onto a cargo lift that they had retrieved from one of the storage rooms. "do you really think constantly irritating Buffy is safe?"

Rodney squeaked as he took in the carnage. Buffy had threatened him on countless occasions. The last time they had argued, she'd even held him dangling from her fists off the balcony, but he had never really thought that such a little girl was capable of this kind of violence. Intellectually, he knew that this was only because of the threat to Elizabeth, but still, it was terrifying and nauseating to realize that he had been badgering and pissing off anyone who could do this. Slapping his hand over his mouth, he suddenly turned and ran back down the corridor.

"That wasn't nice, sir." Aiden commented to his commanding officer.

"Maybe not, but better he realize it now before he manages to push the girl too far." Sheppard acknowledged. "I really don't want to have to be doing this to his body parts." He nodded down to one of the weapons that was currently in two pieces. "That wasn't sliced open by one of her swords. That gun was snapped in half."

Teyla looked down to the weapon that he had indicated. He was correct, she saw. The metal was twisted and jagged where it had split from its counterpart, instead of cleanly cut. She worried about how much physical strength that it would take to do such a thing so easily, and realized that the warning to McKay was quite possibly a very wise one.

Aiden said nothing as he too thought about the implications. He liked the Sunnydale group. They were probably the only people from Earth anywhere near his age that had been allowed to come to Atlantis. He knew that a few of the scientists were in his age range, but other than Willow, and sometimes McKay, who was getting better but still an arrogant jackass most of the time, scientists and military didn't tend to get along very well.

"What now, sir?" He finally asked as they hauled another body.

"Now, we're going to start bringing the others back, starting with a few clean up teams." Sheppard said, grunting as they heft another body onto the lift. "We're going to have to keep everyone calm until Elizabeth rejoins us. They're gonna know something happened, what with the bloodstains on the floor and all."

"My people will also need to return to the mainland as soon as possible to begin rebuilding." Teyla commented. "With the severity of the storm, I doubt that any of our crops survived, so we will need to trade for provisions."

"Don't worry about that." Sheppard dismissed. "Regardless of where you are, the moment we brought you here, your people became our people. We share, we don't trade."

Teyla gave him a small smile and a nod before continuing to gather the weapons, both whole and destroyed, in the large bag that Sora was holding open.

~~~ BtVS ~~ SG: Atlantis ~~~

Sora was looking at the carnage surrounding her with a sick sensation in her stomach. These had been comrades, and friends. Some, she had grown up with. Now, they were gone, slaughtered in a raid that she helped orchestrate. Her overwhelming hatred for the Atlantis people, for Teyla, had brought them to this.

"So what happens to me now?" She asked as she steadies the heavy bag over her shoulder.

"That will be up to Dr. Weir, I'm afraid." Teyla answered. "Until then, you will remain in the detention cell."

She looked at the pile of bodies, and body parts. "She would have slaughtered us all like cattle."

"You invaded her home and threatened her loved ones." Teyla looked her in the eye. "What did you expect?"

Sora looked away. She'd heard what the Slayer had said to Commander Kolya when they were making their way to the control room. She had insinuated that the Genii had become no better than the Wraith. She wondered if it was true. The Genii themselves did not deal in arms, but were willing to kill their new allies for the C4. There had been other things that she had been uncomfortable with, for quite some time, but it had all faded to the background after her father had died. For the first time since the incident, she thought, really thought, about the disastrous mission.

The source of her hatred for Teyla had always been that the Athosian had left her father to the Wraith, but Teyla had said that her father had killed an innocent and drawn the Wraith's attention. Despite her hatred, she'd never known the Athosian to be a liar. All any of the others had told her was that her father had been stunned and she'd left him to die. She had been too angry to ask for any details of the mission, and no one had volunteered. She no longer knew what to think.

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