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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,82427 May 072 Sep 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Five

A/N: Most of the next two chapters were taken from the transcripts of SG:A’s Pilot Episode ‘Rising Parts I & II’ (from and altered to fit in Buffy’s awakening after all the Wraith began to wake up.

Chapter Five

Everything was going smoothly. A team had gated out on their first offworld mission, the technicians were familiarizing themselves with the control room, several squads were exploring the city, Rodney McKay and Willow Rosenberg were beside themselves with the new technology, and Dawn Summers was attending her first class with Dr. Carson Beckett in the medical bay. Elizabeth Weir sat back in her chair in the room off the control room that she had taken for her office. “So far, so good.”

“Offworld Activation.”

“Did I speak too soon?” She asked herself as the went to the control room.

“It’s Major Sheppard’s IDC ma’am.” Dr. Grodin told her as she approached.

“Lower the shields.” Weir ordered.

The shields were lowered and a moment later, Major Sheppard, Lieutenant Ford and several others came through, leading a crowd of people. Curious, Weir stepped down into the Gateroom.


“Sorry, Ma’am. The village was attacked and people were taken, including some of ours. Lieutenant Ford got the gate address symbols so that we could go after them.”

"And how do you plan to to accomplish this?"

"Simple. We keep dialing addresses until one locks, then we see if we can find them."

"Do we have any idea who they we? We don't want to get in the middle of something that isn't any of our business."

"With all due respect, ma'am, even if we wanted to stay out it, they took our people, including Colonel Sumner, and we have to get them back. Teyla, the leader of these people said that they're called the Wraith. They feed on humans, so I don't think they're friendly."

"I'd like to speak with this Teyla."

"She was taken as well." Sheppard told her. “Before the attack, she was starting to tell us about some myth called a Wraith Slayer. She said after the majority of the Wraith had been awakened, this being appeared and culled them as they culled the humans.”

As they were talking, Lieutenant Ford had pointed out the symbols to Grodin, who had been trying different combinations until one connected.

“All right. Send a MALP.” Weir finally said.

They watched the MALP enter the event horizon and waited for the video to come up.

“Are we receiving a signal?” Sheppard asked after a moment.

“Yes, sir.” One of the technicians answered. “Both audio and video.”

All they saw was a black screen. Suddenly, something caught Willow’s attention. “Hey, can you make the camera turn?”

The technician nodded and rotated the camera, until they all saw what Willow had glimpsed. The Stargate.


In space.

“Crap.” Said Major Sheppard.

No one had noticed that Dawn and Xander had joined them in the back of the room. “Hey, Major, we found something earlier that might help.”

Dawn and Xander led Weir, Sheppard, McKay and Willow to a bay that they had found during their earlier exploration. It was filled with ships.

“You weren’t supposed to be exploring the city alone.” Weir reprimanded them as Sheppard the McKay examined the ship. “We didn’t know if it was safe.”

“With all due respect, Ma’am, we lived on a hellmouth.” Xander told her as they revealed the weapons hidden on their bodies. “We never go anywhere unarmed.”

Weir glanced at Willow, who merely shrugged and conjured up a small fireball. Suddenly, the ship before them vanished. A moment later, they heard Sheppard on the comm. “Well, ma’am, you said you wanted a tactical advantage.”

“Very well, Major. You have a go.

“Gateship One ready to go, sir.”  Lieutenant Ford said he joined Sheppard at the cockpit sometime later.

“Gateship?” Sheppard looked at him in disbelief. “I don’t think so.”

“It’s a ship. It goes through the Gate.” Ford explained. “Gateship One. McKay that it was cool.”

“And that’s why the two of you are no longer allowed to name anything else. We are not calling a little puddlejumper like this ‘Gateship One’.” Sheppard manipulated a few more controls and the craft lowered to hover in front. He glanced at Ford with a smirk. “Puddlejumper One ready for launch.”

“Puddlejumper?” McKay said. “I thought we were naming it Gateship.”

Weir interrupted him. “Puddlejumper One, you’re clear for launch. Good luck.”


Sumner looked up at him with aged eyes and nodded at Sheppard. Reluctantly, Sheppard shifted his aim from the Wraith’s head to her hand and fired a single shot. The bullet goes through her hand and through Sumner’s heart, killing him instantly. The Wraith looked up and snarled. Suddenly, Sheppard was shot from behind.

“Bring him.” Said the female Wraith

A guard dragged Sheppard into the room and held him down on a table. The female Wraith walked over.

“How’s the hand feeling?” Sheppard asked.

She held her hand up in front of him and he watched as the bullet hole healed. “Much better.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

The Wraith notices the scanner device in his pocket and grabbed it.. “How did this come to you?”

“I don’t remember.”

She snarled again. Suddenly the guard holding him down is shot in the head. Sheppard looked up behind him to see Lieutenant Ford as he emptied his clip into the guard before the guard finally dropped. Sheppard grabbed his radio. “Light it up.”

All around the outside of the building, explosions go off. The Wraith screamed in fury. A male Wraith and a guard come running but more explosives blew up in their faces, killing them instantly.

Back at the cell, Bates yelled at everyone to take cover and they all ducked as the cell doors blew open. He quickly ushered them out.

Ford reloaded and shot at the female Wraith as she struggled to rise. Sheppard grabbed one of the fallen guard’s stunner, a long staff-like weapon, and rammed it straight through her chest and out the other side. She gasped at the impact.

“That has to kill you.” Sheppard said before turning to Ford. “How’d you find me?”

“Tread marks.” Ford answered. “Standard issue. Sir, we’d better get out of here.”

“You don’t know what you have done.” The female gasped. “We are merely the caretakers for those that sleep. When I die, the others will awake.” She smiled painfully as she died. “All of them.”

“What’s she talking about? How many are left?”

Sheppard grabbed the scanner from where she had dropped it. A whole lot of dots start to appear on the screen. Sheppard and Ford look up into the high ceiling. The view is now clear. The ceiling was honeycombed with hundreds of cells, presumably sleeper cells for the Wraith. In each of the cells, a figure was stirring.

Ford handed Sheppard a handgun. “Sir, we need to leave.”

“Bates, We’re moving.” Sheppard notified his other teammember.

“So are we.” Bates replied. “Colonel Sumner?”

Sheppard paused. “Negative.”
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