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Wraith Slayer

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Summary: Buffy dies during 'Chosen' and is given the choice of remaining dead and at peace, or continuing the fight in Pegasus Galaxy. *2008 COA Nominee!!!*

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisGypsyDruidFR183149,04026220156,82427 May 072 Sep 12No

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Weir was standing near the Stargate, gazing at it. McKay came down the steps to join her.

“Dr. Weir, we’re getting reports in from all over the city. Some pretty interesting stuff. We’ve only been able to provide power to certain sections but even then the things that are coming up are just ...” He trailed off as one of the technicians waved for his attention.

“Dr. McKay, a chamber in the city just activated itself.” The technician told him.

McKay rolled his eyes. “Of course it did. The city waking up as we explore it.”

“No, sir. No one has been to that section yet. There is one energy signature coming from inside the chamber.”

Weir and McKay quickly moved over to join him. Weir activated her comm. “Major Lorne, there is something moving in one of the chambers at the far end of the corridor to your left.”

“We’re on it.” Major Lorne responded.

They watched as a group of lifesigns headed in that direction. The energy signature had exited it’s chamber and began to move down the hall. It stopped after a moment, then began backing away. Suddenly, the signature was gone. The technician began tapping on keys, but there was nothing.

“Major, the reading we were tracking has vanished.” Weir reported. “Be careful.”

Major Lorne acknowledged the warning. A moment later, his group stopped moving. After a minute, Weir tried to contact the Major. Nothing. Weir tried again. Still nothing. Glancing worriedly at McKay, she hit the alarm and directed several units to Lorne’s location. Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a young woman with blond hair was standing in the middle of the control room.

“You must call off your men.” The young woman said.

“Tara.” Willow, Dawn and Xander had been heading for the control room when they the alarms went off and had hurried along.

Weir could see tears in their eyes as they engulfed the blonde in a group hug. Tara pulled away after a moment. “Willow, the Slayer has awakened.”

“Buffy?” Dawn’s head jerked up.

Tara touched her cheek gently. “Not yet, honey. She’s been alone for a long time, and has allowed her consciousness to become suppressed by the Slayer essence inside her. She is aware enough to recognize that the intruders are human, but she will become more aggressive as they continue to attack her.”

“All units fall back.” Weir immediately ordered. “I repeat, fall back.” She looked to Willow and the others. “Go.”

They ran.


The people in the cloaked ship stared at the Wraith vessels stationed around the Stargate.

“What can we do?” Teyla asked.

“We’re safe as long as they can’t see us.” Ford commented.

“They don’t have to.” Sheppard told him. “That’s the only way out of here. The minute we activate the Stargate, they can start shooting blind and blow us away on our approach.”

“Then how can we get through?”

“We should draw them away from the Gate, double back.”

Sheppard decloaked the ‘Jumper and waited for the Wraith fighters to notice before he turned and headed away from the gate. Most of the fighters follow, but a few remain in place.

“Dial the Gate on my mark.” Sheppard ordered as he swerved to avoid energy blasts from their followers. “See anything like a weapons console over there?”

The Puddlejumper once again responded to Sheppard’s thoughts. A weapon deployed from the side of the ship and fired an energy drone, the same kind that Sheppard had barely managed to avoid back on Earth. The drone surged unerringly towards one of the fighters and destroyed it.

“Can we cloak again?” Ford asked.

“I tried, but it must be damaged. Dial the Gate.”

Ford starts punching the symbols.


Weir and McKay watched as more and more groups when motionless. It seemed that the Slayer was intent on neutralizing the invaders, and was moving quickly towards the control room. It was attacking sections so fast that Willow and the others were having trouble catching up. Suddenly, Dr. Grodin noticed the gate as it started to dial in.

“Offworld activation.” He announced.

“Raise the shield.” Weir instructed, turning to him.


Sheppard fired a salvo of drones at one of the Wraith fighters still guarding the Stargate as it activated.

“Get ready to punch in your code on the next pass.” Sheppard told Ford as he swung away again.

Ford took out his GDO. “What’s the range on these things?”


“Do we have an identification code?” Weir asked.

“Nothing yet.”

“Elizabeth, what’s going on?” McKay asked.

“Not now, Rodney.” Weir answered. “I’ll explain later.”


The Puddlejumper shoots down the second fighter guarding the Gate as Ford entered his code. “Hang on!”


“I’ve got Lieutenant Ford’s IDC.” McKay announced as his laptop chimes. He had been dividing his attention between the computer screen and the lifesign detector display.

“Let ‘em in.”

Grodin hit the controls to lower the shield.


Sheppard manuveured the Puddlejumper to avoid the Wraith fighters and weapons fire. He noticed some of the blasts enter the Stargate and hoped that the people on the other side got the hell out of the way. Finally, he got the Puddlejumper lined up with the Gate.

“We’re going too fast.” Ford remarked.

“I know.”

As the Puddlejumper approached the Gate, its engine pods retracted into the sides of the ship to make it more streamlined. It plunged into the Gate at a fantastic speed, followed by two of the Wraith fighters.


The Puddlejumper came racing through the Gate but immediately stopped just yards into the Gateroom. The people inside drew back in shock as a small blonde woman suddenly jumped onto their front windshield and the Gateroom was filled with armed soldiers.

“Reactivate the shield!” Weir shouted. “Nobody move!”

Grodin hit a button and the shield reactivated. They heard two thuds on the shield before the Gate shut down.

Inside the ship, Sheppard, Ford and Bates raised their weapons as the woman on the front of the ship suddenly punched the glass, leaving an impression and spider webbing cracks. Her feral, predatory eyes were focused on Teyla, who was pressed again the back of the ship with the rest of her people. She was about to hit it again when Dawn ran into the Gateroom, followed by Willow and Xander. “Buffy!

The woman paused and looked down at her, recognizing the voice. Her head cocked to the side and she blinked and the feral look faded slightly as she saw her sister and her best friends. She shook her head slightly. “D-Dawn?”
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