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Complicated Relations

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Summary: The Winchester brothers have their hands full with the Summers sisters.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterZaraValinorFR1523,1280143,12528 May 076 Jun 07No

Chapter One

I don’t own Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have seriously messed up with the time line of Buffy. There was no Dawn (I do adore Dawnie though) in her place was Jessica as the key. The hellmouth and the Slayers came before the key and Buffy died then. So basically switch season 5 and 7. Jessica went to school, wanting to leave everything slaying behind. A year later, Buffy is brought back from heaven.

Chapter 1: Sister Lost, Sister Found

Jessica Summers walked into the apartment that she shared with her boyfriend, Sam Winchester, carrying the costume she’d rented for the Halloween party. She’d checked the history of the rental place just to make sure there wouldn’t be another repeat of make-believe run-a-muck. She hadn’t really been there, but she remembered the event and the fear of almost losing her older sister to Spike.

That made her quirk a smile. Spike hadn’t been a real threat in a long time. She almost missed him. Missed them. The Scooby gang. She hadn’t seen them in the full year since Buffy’s death, had run away from everything that reminded her that her older sister had given her life to save her.

She’d gone to school, even met someone that she absolutely loved and adored, and didn’t mind that she didn’t want to talk about the past. It was everything that Buffy had wanted and had never been able to achieve. She’d like to think that she was living for her older sister. It made the pain of loss so much easier to bear.

And Sam was great. Better then great.

She was doing well in school and the world looked like a bright place away from hellmouths and vampires.

The gang checked up on her, Willow checking on her progress in school, Xander asking if he and Willow needed to come down and threaten Sam with a shovel, Giles softly asking if she needed anything and quietly relaying his love. Angel and Spike had swung by just before Wolfram and Hart had gone out in smoke, leaving her a sizable deposit in her account, Spike handing her a stake as they said goodbye. She should have known then that they weren’t ever coming back.

She’d stashed the stake in her trunk, much as Buffy had during those short years their mother had been in the dark about her slaying activities.

And everything was as normal and safe as possible.

She was about to get ready when there was a knock on her door. With a sigh, she laid the sexy nurses costume on the bed and walked to the front room. “Did you forget your keys again, Sam?” she called out as she opened the door.

What lay behind it, caused her to gasp. The woman behind the door was shorter then her, had been for a long time, with light blonde hair and large green eyes. She was dressed for the California weather and would have looked like any other girl, except for the mixture of hope and sadness gleaming in her gaze.

“Hey, Jess,” Buffy whispered. Her voice sounded raw, as if she hadn’t used it in a long time.

“Buffy!” Jessica sobbed, her had coming up to her mouth. She felt light headed, as if the world was tilting out from under her feet. And it must have, because Buffy grabbed her shoulders and held her upright. “How?” she breathed.

Buffy gave a half smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Maybe we should talk about this away from prying ears.”

“Prying eyes,” Jessica corrected without thinking, as Buffy mangled the adage. She took a step back and waved Buffy in, closing the door behind them.

“You always have to correct me don’t you?” Buffy said, forcing cheer into her voice. Her green eyes wandered around the room. “It’s bigger then the one I had in Sunnydale.”

“It’s couple housing.”

“I heard you were coupley.”

Jessica folded her arms across her chest. “You’re avoiding the subject.”

“A little magic, on behalf of our red-head Wiccan and poof, resurrected Buffy,” her sister explained.

Jessica brows beetled in a frown. “Willow did this?”

“The whole gang, guess they had been working on it since I died.”

“But it has been...,” she drew off.

“A year,” Buffy said, pressing her lips together. “I know.”

Jessica was horrified, despite the fact that her heart was filled with the fact that her sister was alive once again. They’d buried Buffy, given her a funeral, had let her finally rest in peace, and then...

“They didn’t tell me,” she said, not sure if she was angry or relieved. “Buffy, I didn’t know.”

Buffy gave a half shrug. “They, uh, weren’t sure I would come back normal.”

“God.” And Jess couldn’t take it anymore, she flung herself at her sister and hugged her in a tight grip. “Oh, Buffy, I’m sorry. I’m glad your back, but I’m so sorry.”

Her sister’s hand went to her long curls and ran slim fingers through them in a reassuring fashion older then Jessica truly was. She missed the words that were supposed to accompany the gestured, words of comfort and reassurance.

She just came back from the dead, Jess, she reminded herself. Give her time.

“So, Standford, huh? I knew Giles was a bad influence,” Buffy teased after they broke apart.

“Yeah, well, Giles had to pull a few strings. But I really like it here.”

“And the people who reside here?”

Jessica blushed. “Just don’t scare him too much.”

“Come on, that’s an older sister prerogative.”

“Buffy, most sisters can’t throw my boyfriend through a wall,” she replied exasperated.

“Damn slayer strength, its more trouble then its worth,” her sister pouted.

Everything was surreal. Resurrection. Once dead now alive. But Jessica was amazed how normal it felt too. She’d been cheated years with Buffy and she’d suffered for that loss. She abruptly felt guilty for moving on, for living.

The door creaked open and Buffy winced, dropping into a guard stance. Jess put a hand on her sister’s arm when she realized it was just Sam.

“Hey,” he said, giving Buffy a shy smile.

“Hey,” Jess said, grabbing his arm and bringing him in front of Buffy. “Sam, this is my older sister, Buffy. Buffy, this is my boyfriend, Sam.”

Sam held out a hand to Buffy. “Nice to meet you.”

Buffy nodded, shaking his head with a narrowed gaze. “You hurt here, I’ll kill you.”

Sam gave a nervous laugh as Jessica said, “Buffy!”

“I promise, Buffy, I’d rather die then hurt Jessica,” Sam said, looking down at Jess.


Jess rolled her eyes at her sister. “Over protective much?”

“Hey, it’s an older sibling’s prerogative,” Sam said with a laugh. It was the perfect thing to say, as Buffy relaxed and offered Sam a sincere smile. “What brings you into town, Buffy?” Sam added politely, setting his book bag on the floor next to the couch.

“I’ve been, gone, out of town, out of reach, for a long time, and just wanted to see my little sister,” Buffy said, stumbling over the explanation. No wonder the whole of Sunnydale High had known that she was something above normal, if not the Slayer herself. “And to meet her knew beau.”

“How do I rate?” Sam continued the banter.

“Not sure yet. But you pass the preliminary.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”

Jessica looked between the two with a sense of pride. Buffy approved, at least for now, and Sam was being both charming and sincere. Yes, she was worried about Buffy, worried about the lingering sadness and doubt in her sister’s eyes. But she was alive and as long as Buffy was alive then they could fix things.

“What are you two love birds up to tonight?” her sister asked, interrupting Jess’ maudlin turn of thoughts.

“Damn,” Jess said as she remembered the Halloween party. “We have Greg’s party.”

“Oh, we can skip that,” Sam said with a wave of his hand. “You know I hate Halloween.”

“Greg will kill you,” Jess reminded him. “Plus, Buffy needs to get back into the swing of things and what better then loud music, bad beer, and outlandish costumes.” She gave Sam her big eyed, girly eyes.

Sam’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “Fine, but only because I love you.” He turned his gaze to Buffy. “You’re going to have to teach me how to deny that look.”

“Oh, I never learned the trick. Only our Mom knew how to be stern with her.”
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