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Say the Words

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Summary: She’d gotten to play girl for a decade. Now it was time to go home.

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Say the Words

Disclaimer: I own nothing at all. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and X-Men belongs to Lee and Kirby. I make no money off this.

A/N: This comes from the same file as my LotR and Bones ficlets (the file titled 'spur of the moment drabble smush') and will be continued in much the same way. There's probably more ficlets in this verse to be added later but the story is filed as complete because each ficcie stands on its own. Reviews are always welcome.


Say the Words


Buffy sighed as she pressed her forehead against the cool pane of glass, only vaguely aware of the scenery rushing by outside.

She was running again. At least that was what her friends would say when they found her gone, clothes and weapons packed. But this time there was no goodbye note and no coming back. Buffy Summers had left the building of wishes and dreams, lies and delusion she had built around herself over the course of a decade.

It had been a silly thing to do, but then she was famous for doing silly things, running off half cocked. Her plan B usually consisted of twice the amount of violence of plan A and that was pretty much who she was. But ten years ago that had all changed when she’d found a watcher in front of her door, blathering on and on about how she was the slayer. She’d snorted at him, told him to shove off. She had been a potential once, she knew that but that had been a long, long time ago and there was no way for her to finally be called after all these years.

Except that there was. As the Oracles kindly informed her, some smart ass demon had tried to wipe out the line by killing all the potentials off and so the slayer essence had been in a bit of a tight spot upon the death of its host. The choice had been between ending the line and jumping into a girl that had been inactive for over two centuries. Door two it had been and so Buffy had been called.

So far, so bad. She could have just slayed for a while, let herself be killed and disappear off the radar again but no, she’d had to have the whole nine yards and so she’d gone and found Joycie. She’d talked the poor woman into playing her mother and moved atop the hellmouth. She’d pretended to be a sixteen year old girl. She’d slayed evil. She’d fallen in love, well, almost. It had gone downhill from there.

Now, ten years later, Buffy could admit that. It had been childish and idiotic to try and be someone she wasn’t. And tried she had. She’d made friends and found boys to care for – because that’s what they all were in her eyes, even Angel who had hidden away from the world for all his existence, feeding upon humans or saving them but never taking part in their lives - forgetting about the friends she already had and the one man she really wanted. And one after the other they had all left, taken aback by her behaviour, chased off by glimpses of who she was or just plain tired and scared of her life. She’d tried to hold things together, fought so hard, told them all she loved them. She’d said the words to every one of them, trying to tie them to her and she had failed like she was destined to because she was a freak and an accident, an abomination but even after a full two hundred years there was still the innocent girl in her that wanted nothing but to be accepted.

But the rest of her was a seasoned warrior and not at all good with keeping people around. So, things had degenerated. But it wasn’t until the hellmouth was closed and the Scoobies had time to finally face the outside world that the trouble had really started. They had taken to the mutant problem like ducks to water, finding a new enemy, a new face to put to their troubles. They weren’t out to kill all mutants, mind you, but the prejudice and propaganda spewing from the lips of her family had been the final straw for Buffy.

Charade over. She’d gotten to play girl for a decade. Now it was time to go home, face who and what she really was and get her ass into gear. She wasn’t the only one anymore. Mutants were everywhere now, unlike they had been when she’d been a kid and they needed help.

If there was one thing that was true for both Buffy Summers and the once and future Elisabeth Winter, it was that she had a saving people thing.

And so she watched the landscape blur past outside as she twisted her wrist a bit in her lap, out and down and slowly time around her picked up speed. In less than an hour she’d be at Xavier’ School for the Gifted. Time to see how good old Chuck was doing.

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