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Freaks or Heroes

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This story is No. 4 in the series "They are on the List!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Alternate group of "Heroes" join to stop a different disaster and avoid Sylar.

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Television > Heroes > General(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR131723,29201715,31529 May 0730 Apr 09Yes

Freaks: Dead or Alive

Jack made his way over to Sam, “you should get out of here; the police are here. We’ll handle this. How can I contact you?” Sam gave Jack the necessary information.

Nana held out her hand. Everyone linked up and she transported them back to the hotel.

Dean kept his distance from everyone else. Dawn came over, “no hugs, I might electrocute you.”

“What were you doing?” Sam asked.

“Absorbing it, so the power wouldn’t hurt anyone,” Dean licked his lips, a spark moved between his tongue and lips.

Jake told Ray, Hatchi and Dawn what had happened, “he saved my life.”

Sam turned away from the group; he knew about Tweener’s death, it was in his vision. He should have prevented it.

Logan stumbled over to Sam, “hey, you can’t save everyone. You saved London.”

“So David has to die?”


Sam turned to look Logan in the eye, but ended up catching him as he fainted. Sam lifted Logan up into his arms and went to put him in one of the bedrooms. After laying Logan on the bed, he turned to find Chloe behind him.

“Logan’s right you know. He sacrificed himself to save us. How did he die in your vision?”

“I don’t know, but I was angry about it.” Sam sat on the edge of the bed.

“So maybe we did change the future.”

“Hamilton’s alive,” Sam left the fact that Chloe would have been dead as well a secret.

“See, we made a difference.”


Chloe kissed Sam’s forehead.

“Kind of chaste, don’t you think?” Sam asked.

She smiled, “all in good time, Sammy,” she looked down at Logan with concern, “so I guess he found his limit.”

Sam smiled, “he probably didn’t know he had one.”

Ray rolled in with his medical supplies in an old fashioned doctor’s bag in his lap. “Hey, I’m going to check on Logan first and then you all are going to take turns in the larger bathroom. I want to make sure no one has a concussion or anything they need to be hospitalized for.”

“Dean and I can patch ourselves up.”

“Yeah, no, I saw those scars; I’m the doctor I’m the only one doing the stitching here.”

Sam wanted to object, but then he remembered something Hana had told him about how Ray hadn’t practiced since his accident.

Sam decided to be the last one to get patched up. He wanted to watch over everyone else, he couldn’t let go of his guilt. He knew who would die; he shouldn’t have let David stay behind.

“Hey, Sammy, you’re up.” Dean called out from his perch on the arm rest of the couch next to Dawn.

Sam sat on the edge of the bathtub so Ray could get the best light. Ray began by shining a small pen light in Sam’s eyes.

“So what kind of doctor were you?” Sam asked as Ray worked.

“I worked in the ER; I loved it too, before the accident…”

Dean knew the group needed something to keep their minds busy. So he suggested food and a movie. They had just ordered room service and were trying to agree on a movie to watch; when Hatchi suddenly screamed in fear followed by a loud crash in the bathroom. Before Dean had taken a step toward the bathroom, Lola was already inside standing over a figure.


The End

You have reached the end of "Freaks or Heroes". This story is complete.

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