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Freaks or Heroes

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This story is No. 4 in the series "They are on the List!". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Alternate group of "Heroes" join to stop a different disaster and avoid Sylar.

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Television > Heroes > General(Past Donor)GACTsevilFR131723,29201715,31529 May 0730 Apr 09Yes

Freaks Watching Freaks

Disclaimer: Kripke, Whedon, Kring, etc...they show me heroes to play with, but unfortunately not to keep.

Enjoy and review, suggestions always welcome.

Dean drove as Sam read a local newspaper.

“Would you look at her!” Dean whistled.

Sam looked up to see a girl standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. She wore combat boots, fishnets, a tiny black skirt and a tee shirt ripped down the middle to show off cleavage.

Dean began to slow down.



“She could be a demon, this is how I met Meg.”

Dean stopped next to her, “christo,” he whispered as she leaned in toward Sam’s open window.

“Need a ride?” Sam asked.

She gave no reaction to Dean, “uh, yeah, I’m headed to Smallville.”

“Well, that’s where we’re headed,” Dean replied as Sam reached back and unlocked the door. He turned back and glared at Dean, Dean smirked. “I’m Dean, this is Sam.”

“Hi,” she spoke as she threw her two duffle bags in and then got in. “I’m Dawn.”

Dean pulled back onto the road.

“So why did you call me god?”

“Hm?” Dean asked.

“You said ‘Christo’ which is Latin for God.”

Sam turned to look back at her. “How’d you know that?”

“I was studying linguistics in Italy, Latin’s easy.”

Sam blinked as Dean began to laugh. “College boy meets college girl.”

Sam rolled his eyes and explained, ”pre-law at Stanford.”

“Law, ugh, not a fan of lawyers, no offense!”

“None taken,” Sam smiled.

Dean was about to bet Sam and Dawn the hitchhiker would be humping in no time when she leaned over the seat and turned the radio up. The radio was tuned to a classic rock station. Metallica blasted as Dawn leaned back smiling. Sam went back to his reading with a frown as Dean smirked.

They only had a few more miles to go when Dean spotted a gas station. He pulled in figuring it was better to fill up now instead of getting stuck before hitting Smallville. He let Dawn out and followed her into the convenience store. She was grabbing gum and a water bottle when he realized he recognized the book she had been reading in the car.

“Light reading?” He asked as he reached for a water for Sam and a soda for himself.

“Ah, a friend recommended it to me.”

“It’s interesting.”

She seemed surprised, “you’ve read it?”

“Yeah, I like the part about the body and electricity.”

“Really, I’m reading the part about the brain and languages.”

‘Cause you’re a linguist?” Dean felt like they were speaking in code.

She simply smiled as she put her stuff on the counter. The man behind the counter was talking on the phone in Spanish. Dean caught the word for demon and tried to remain calm, but Dawn caught the look of surprise. She smirked as she interrupted the man and began to speak to him in Spanish. She pulled a business card from her wallet and continued speaking to the man. He relayed her message to the person on the phone and hung up. Dawn paid for her stuff as the cashier thanked her profusely. Dean paid for his stuff and a fill up, before following Dawn back out to the car where Sam began to fill up the Impala. Sam was still reading the newspaper. Dawn got in the car as Dean took over at the pump and Sam got back into the car.

“What are you reading?” Dawn asked.

“Daily Planet,” Sam replied sounding distracted.

“Sammy likes to stay current.”

“That’s good.”

“So how many languages do you speak?” Dean asked.

“A lot,” Dawn was not going to offer more as she went back to her book.

Sam looked up suddenly interested, he noticed the book she held and glanced down at Dean’s copy next to him on the seat. He fingered through the table of contents and found a section on the mind and the ability to understand several languages. He turned to look at his brother and saw Dean nodding his head at the oblivious Dawn.

An hour later they arrived in town, they left Dawn on the main drag and went in search of a hotel. They found one and it was a B&B. Dean scowled as Sam punched his arm and nodded to Dawn entering behind them.

“Son of a …” Dean muttered.

They smiled at Dawn and went up to their room.

Sam dragged Dean into the local coffee shop “The Talon”. He left Dean at a table in the corner with a view of the whole room and went to the counter to order. As he waited he caught bits and pieces of a conversation going on next to him.

“Clark, this Suresh guy is the real thing.”

“Chloe, you need to be careful, a man in Oklahoma was killed last week, his family thought he was nuts, he claimed he could melt solid objects.”

Sam’s ears perked up, he had read that article too.

“A cheerleader was killed in Texas the exact same way.”

“You think this guy is after people like me?”

“Sir?” Sam turned back to the waitress. He ordered a plain coffee for Dean, a vanilla latte for himself and two slices of “homemade” pie. He then slipped the waitress a extra ten, “who is the couple to my right?”

“Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan”

Sam took the food back to Dean to find Dawn had joined him.

“Sammy, Dawn and I, we’re,” Dean was trying to explain.

“Like Chloe Sullivan?” Sammy suggested.

“The reporter?” Dawn asked.

Dean remembered what Bobby had said. “We have to figure out a way to approach her.”

“Why don’t you power up her laptop?” Dawn suggested.

“I don’t really have control over it yet.”


Dean looked to Sam who shrugged and gave him a hopeful look.

Dean stared at Sullivan’s computer sitting on the table between her and Kent. He concentrated as lights flickered and after a moment the laptop turned on.

“Clark?” He was staring hard at something to his right.

“Those three are staring at us.”

Chloe turned as the lights flickered. The man in the middle was staring at her. “Is that Jason Teague?” Her laptop beeped and came on. “My computer just turned on.”

“It can’t be a meteor killed Jason, what?”

“My computer just turned itself on.”

“Um,” Clark didn’t know what to say.

The lights flickered again and a light bulb between Clark and the table next to him shattered. Clark tuned his hearing.

”Dean, be careful!”

“Sammy, I can’t control it, like your visions.”

“Visions?” the girl asked.

“Long story,” both men replied.

“How do you know Chloe Sullivan is like us?” Dawn asked.

“We know a psychic.”

Clark turned back to Chloe.

“Dawn Summers,” she spoke.


“Her ID is in her bag.”

Chloe began typing, “keep listening.”


“What, you believe you have genetically enhanced superpowers, but not that we know a psychic?”

“Yes, actually.”

“So why are you looking for her?”

Dawn sighed, “a samurai who can stop time told me.”

“Dawn Summers born in Sunnydale, California in 1985, lived there until the sink in. She disappeared for a year and then resurfaced in Italy. She currently attends the University of Rome with a major in linguistics and a minor in anthropology.”

Clark used his x-ray vision on the three. He kept his voice low, “Summers has a gun strapped to her ankle, sheathes strapped to her wrists with knives and a sharpened piece of wood in her purse. The Jason look-a-like is carrying a gun tucked in his jacket. The younger guy has a knife and a gun.”

“God, who the hell are they?” Chloe asked.

The three got up and left. As the door closed behind them Chloe’s computer shut off.

Sam and Dean told Dawn who they were and she was impressed. Her sister had met John in L.A. one summer.

“My sister said your dad was a badass, you have my vote.”

“So why are you in Smallville?” Sam asked.

“Like I said I was New York City looking for the author of this book Chandra Suresh. I was taking the subway to his place. The car froze and so did every person, like pausing a tape. Well everyone except me and this one guy, Peter Petrelli.”

Neither Sam nor Dean seemed to know who that was.

“Anyway this samurai appears and tells Peter to,” she air quotes, “save the cheerleader, save the world.” She pulls a piece of paper and hands it to Dean. “The samurai gave me this.”

Sam looks over Dean’s shoulder. “Is that…”

“Japanese,” Dawn spoke, “it says that I have my own path, and that I’ll meet up with Peter again and to find the projector.”

“The what?” Dean asked.

“I asked a friend, she suggested that maybe he meant someone who could project images.” She spoke as though she were asking a question.

Clark watched the threesome and listened. Maybe they are like Chloe. If so she would need to meet them.
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