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Before and After.

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Summary: Non-crossover. Buffy finds out what 'true love' is really all about.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Kennedy-Centered(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR131982031,22630 May 0730 May 07Yes
Before and After.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I own nothing…not a thing…sad ain’t it?

Crossover: Not as such, this fic was inspired by a piece of Fanart and a scene in an episode of ‘Frasier’.

Timeline: 2003, post ‘Chosen’.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English. American idioms are used wherever possible. Spelling and grammar are mostly English.

Words: Not that many really.

Warnings: None.

Summary: Buffy sees what ‘true love’ is all about.



This fic will mean absolutely nothing to you until you look at; ‘In Debt up to our Crossbows’, Chapter 86 ‘Slim Fast’, by ‘Cameron’ plus others.

Go on, have a look I’ll wait here till you get back.

You’re back! Good, now read the fic.


Before and After.
By Dave Turner.

Cleveland, Winter, 2003.

Kennedy was not a happy Slayer. After nearly six months of living in Rio de Janeiro Willow and herself had been called back to face the rigors of a Cleveland winter. After wearing little more than a bikini or a loose blouse and skirt for six months, having to wear what felt like twenty layers of clothes just to go out on patrol, made her feel like the Michelin Man.

The wind whistled in off the lake and made her shiver even more violently than she had been doing before. She pulled her knitted hat further down over her ears (which felt like they were going to fall off) while trying to bury herself deeper into her down-jacket. She stamped her feet and wondered when the vamps were going to show themselves.

As if the cold and tardy vamps wasn’t bad enough she was out here with ‘Queen Buffy’ herself! No doubt she was out here checking up on her, Kennedy couldn’t think of another reason why Buffy would be out here on a freezing cold night for a simple staking. Obviously Miss ‘God almighty’ Buffy didn’t trust her to do even that by herself.

Kennedy leant against the wall of the warehouse and peeped around the corner, still no vampires to be seen. She was just beginning to think that there were in fact no vampires and Buffy was just trying to make her feel miserable when she felt Buffy walk up behind her.

“Kennedy,” Began Buffy tentatively, “Umm I was wondering…what did you an’ Willow get up to while you were in Rio?”

“What do you mean, ‘get up to’?” Asked Kennedy suspiciously, “We kicked vampire butt an’ partied a little afterwards…why? Think we were slacking while we were down there?” Demanded Kennedy hotly.

“No!” Placated Buffy holding her hands up in submission, “No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just…well its Willow, she seems to have…ummm…changed?”

“Changed?” Frowned Kennedy.

“Yeah, y’know…” Buffy seemed lost for words, “Sorta…y’know? Changed, like let herself go…if y’know what I mean?”

Kennedy looked at Buffy and wondered what she was talking about. Alright, she knew Buffy didn’t really like her but now she was taking it out Willow who was supposed to be her best friend! She was going too far this time! Kennedy turned to ‘have it out’ with Buffy once and for all.

Before she opened her mouth Kennedy stopped and looked at Buffy closely, or as closely as she could through all the layers of clothes, she looked embarrassed, uncomfortable even.

“So you really don’t think she’s changed?” Buffy asked again.


“Not at all?” The incredulity was evident in Buffy’s voice now.

“No she’s just the same as she’s always been,” Replied Kennedy who was getting a little worried now, “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing!” Buffy said too quickly, “Nothing that matter’s anyway.”

The two women lapsed back into silence.

“Kennedy.” Said Buffy after a minute or two.

“What!?!?” Demanded Kennedy, would this woman never shut up?

“I just wanted to say…” Buffy hesitated before she continued, “I just wanted to say that; one day I hope I meet someone that I can love as much as you obviously love Willow.”

“Oh!” Replied Kennedy dumbfounded, “Yeah…thanks.”


Kennedy made it back to the apartment she shared with Willow just after one in the morning. She shut the front door behind her and walked quietly along the corridor without switching on the lights. She noticed light coming from under the kitchen door. Peeling off her layers of clothing she stealthily crept along the corridor and pushed open the door.

“Midnight snack?” She asked when she saw Willow standing by the open refrigerator.

“HMMM!” Nodded Willow as she put down a half eaten chocolate éclair.

Kennedy walked over to her and put her arms around Willow and rested her head on her shoulder, never noticing that she had to stretch further than she used to.

Willow swallowed and asked, “Good patrol?”

“Not bad, vamps were a no-show.” Kennedy snuggled up to Willow and sighed contentedly, Willow stroked her hair.

“Why don’t you go get into bed and I’ll be along in a minute.”

“Okay,” Replied Kennedy.

She turned and started to walk towards the door, then hesitated and looked a Willow closely.

“No I can’t see it.” She said.

“See what?” Asked Willow just before she bit into the remains of the éclair.

“Buffy said she thought you’d changed in some way,” Frowned Kennedy, “I don’t know what she was talking about.”

“Never mind,” Reassured Willow with a smile, “Buffy can be a bit odd, sometimes y’know?”

Kennedy shrugged her shoulder.

“’spose so.” She admitted, and then, “Don’t be long.”

“Be there in a minute sweetie.” Called Willow.

Kennedy turned to make her way to their bedroom as Willow closed the fridge door. She was halfway across the kitchen before she stopped and turned back to the fridge. She opened the door and looked inside, there was one last éclair sitting by itself on a plate.

“Be silly to leave just one.” Muttered Willow as she picked up the confectionary.

She had devoured it before she was even out of the kitchen.


The End

You have reached the end of "Before and After.". This story is complete.

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