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Whistle Down The Wind

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Summary: Nothing would have prepared her for the changes she’s had to endure. One thing she did know is that you’ve got to be prepared to wrestle with the devil in a heartbeat. The question is, will she be able to identify him?

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Disclaimer: I do not own the title or any of the characters. Loosely based off of the musical and I do mean loosely. Since I have only heard the music. More than likely this will be an AU as well. So if something is not canon, rest assured I did it on purpose, so don’t flame me.

AN: This is a companion piece to my artwork entitled “His Child.”

Summary: Nothing would have prepared her for the changes she’s had to endure. One thing she did know is that you’ve got to be prepared to wrestle with the devil in a heartbeat. The question is, will she be able to identify him?


Willow glanced up into the obsidian eyes of the man who was her father. She couldn’t believe it, yet the proof was in the papers; as well as in the spell the medwitch had cast so that they could be certain. Her mind to say the least was spinning. To think all this time she had been adopted in order to be hidden from the cold unrelenting hands of his parents. Her gaze traveled over the contours of his face. It was cold and calculated, hardly nice by any measure of the word, but it was hers. There was no doubt that she had received everything minus her hair, eyes and nose from her father. Yet, even then she wasn’t quite so sure. Her stint with the dark side of the force had blackened her hair and eyes. Perhaps this dark man had a similar run in with the darker arts.

Although he would never admit it, he was gazing at her with well hidden awe. His child, his spawn. The only thing he had ever shared with Her...

He shook his head at the thought of Willow’s mother and broke the eye contact. It still pained him to remember her, and this little slip of a girl standing in front of him looking for all the world like she wanted to pass out, was the embodiment of Her. The red hair, the green eyes, her height, everything about her screamed at him.

This was the girl who had made him want to turn his back on Voldemort. He had fought for her and her alone. Her mother was of no consequence. After all, it was Her decision to leave him after the secret birth of their child that made him turn to the Dark Lord in the first place. It was only after her death that he remembered their good times and their daughter. Their daughter who had grown into quite a beautiful young woman. Her mother would be proud.

Willow fidgeted as he moved away from her. If she didn’t know any better, she could almost swear that her father, sperm donor, or whatever he would like to be called didn’t like her. His actions have been nothing but cold since she arrived. He hadn’t even said hello to her. Just a gruff underhanded remark to Professor Dumbledore about ‘getting it over with.’ She found herself wondering vaguely how she would have turned out if she had grown up in his presence. Would he be nicer, or would she be, well, mean? She was finding that she was quite happy how she had grown up. Giles and Joyce had been a great parental figures. Sure, there was the whole deal with the Hellmouth, but even it had a hand in her upbringing. It made her strong.


He made no attempt to move as she huffed and exited Dumbledore’s office. He had an idea of what was running rampant through her head. Something along the lines of “What the hell?” Hell, if he had been in her place, he would have probably bolted as well. It’s not everyday, you get to meet a father you never new, after all. He winced, Minerva was muttering under her breath again. He swore he could make out such phrases as “How could you two be so irresponsible?” and his favorite, “Stupid git.” However amusing, he was not prepared for her blatant and irksome outcry of “I didn’t know it was possible for man made creatures to breed!” Screwing up his features, he listened to her continue. “It doesn’t seem to work with mules I’m surprised it worked with you.”

“Ignorant wench!” True in the past, there was no insult lost between the two, but he wanted to have his mind elsewhere at the moment.

“Quiet.” The command had been so soft that they almost missed it. Dumbledore stood next to Fawkes’ perch stroking his feathers affectionately. He had an almost serene look about him, but the twinkle in his eyes belied any sort of reprimand. The old coot was up to something.

“It seems that we have a couple of a dilemmas on our hands. An untrained yet very powerful witch, and the boy who a closet. Any suggestions?”

Severus growled and Minerva rolled her eyes. “Really Albus,” She admonished. “It’s almost more humane to let the boy live in the closet.”

“I agree. It would be cruel and unusual punishment to have him live here.” Severus stated.

Albus shook his head. “My boy, Harry likes it here. That is hardly cruel and unusual punishment.”

Severus sneered, “I was talking about me, you old fart.”

Minerva rolled her eyes and shrugged. “It is not Harry’s fault that his mother’s blood runs in your daughter’s veins.”

He just wasn’t going to win here. How that insufferable Potter always manages to barge into his life, was beyond him. The brat didn’t even know about Willow yet. How were they going to react to one another? Well, if he had to put up with Potter, at least he has the comfort of knowing that whatever the outcome, it was more than likely going to be interesting.


Willow shuffled her feet as she took yet another corridor. True, to anyone else it might have looked as if she knew where she was going, but she was indeed quite lost. She had bolted from Dumbledore’s office blinded by the tears that were now dried on her face. Knowing she must look a fright with her makeup smeared, she walked with her head down. She didn’t even look at the many wizard paintings as she walked. She did however hear their murmurs as she passed by. She was surprised at how many of those depicted muttered the word ‘Weasley.’ Not that she had any idea what that meant. She would have to ask someone about it later, but right now she just wanted to find her way back to the dungeons.

Gasping, she felt like something had suddenly sucked out all of the heat in her body. She glanced up in time to see some ghost thing throw something at her. “Ow! Hey!”

“Oh, the poor little girly!” It cackled. “Did she get hit with a stick?”

Willow was pissed. What the hell was it with this place anyway? First she finds out that Professor Petulant Pants is her father and now this. Was there anything else that anyone wanted to drop on her...or pelt her with. Another something hit her in the head. “Stop it, you dumb...”

It laughed again cutting her off. “Poltergeist.”

She shrugged and rolled her eyes. “Figures. Go away!”

“Make me!”

“Peeves, don’t make me get the Bloody Barron!” If a poltergeist could loose color, this one certainly did right before he took of flying in another direction. Willow turned to see a tall, young man with light brown hair and an impish smile heading her way.

As he neared her, he tried to assess the situation. After all it would have been horrible if Peeves caused any damage to this girl. Judging by the looks of it, he had. She had been crying, and none too lightly either. At least that’s what the streaks of black muggle makeup running down her face had told him.

“Are you alright?” He asked her.

She nodded, and smiled at him again. It was a haunting smile that barely reached her eyes. Green eyes, he noted. They seemed old somehow, as if too many images had passed before them. Images that shouldn’t have had to be seen by anyone. He had seen that look before, in none other than his potions professor. As much as he hated that man, he had a vague idea what the man had to endure to bring their side information and have to stay alive while doing it. He had to wonder though, what had this girl seen that would suck almost all of the happiness from her eyes. Putting his questions aside until later he focused on the task at hand. “Are you sure?” At her affirmative nod, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Sorry about Peeves, he can be quite the pain. Next time he acts like this just threaten to sick the Bloody Barron on him.”

She shot him a confused look. “Who’s the Bloody Barron?”

“He’s the ghost of Slytherin house. You’re American?” He asked.

She let out the breath she had been holding. “Apparently. I’m Willow, by the way.”

He smiled. “Oliver Wood. You’ve got a little something...” He gestured to his face and took out his wand. “Do you mind?”

Willow blushed. She could not believe her luck. Here she was talking to some guy she just met and what do you know? She has something on her face. Nodding her consent, he said a spell that immediately left her feeling refreshed. “Thank you.” She muttered. “Do you by any chance know where the dungeons are from here.” She asked, blushing a darker shade.

He furrowed his brow. “Why would you want to go down there? Only the Bat lives down there this time of the year.”

“The Bat?” She asked as they started walking.

“Professor Snape.” He clarified.

“Oh! You mean Portentous Pants!” She exclaimed.

Oliver tried to hold back the snort, he really did, but it just wasn’t going to happen. He let it out along with a few dozen guffaws. Once he calmed down he glanced at the smug look on her face that clearly said there was more where that came from. Snickering a little more he asked, “Where in Merlin’s name did you come up with that! I have never heard anyone call him anything close to it before.”

She let sigh, “They were probably too scared.”

“And why aren’t you?” He asked.

She shrugged. “I’ve faced worse in my life. Snape is just a big black pussy cat in my book.”
Oliver sent her a look that said that he was horrified at the thought that anyone might be worse than Snape, but nothing would have prepared him for what she said next. “He’s also my dad.”

He stopped in his tracks sputtering and she turned to face him. “Yep, you nailed it!” She said, “that’s exactly how I felt. You know, you’re good at that. Have you ever thought to take up charades...or acting maybe.”

Oliver shook his head. “He’s your dad! Since when! No offence, but who would breed with Snape?” She glared at him. “Right, you’re mum would.” They started walking again. “She must be pretty. Was she a Weasley by any chance?”

Willow frowned. “No, what’s a Weasley?”

“At’s a huge clan of red heads.” He offered.

That explains it, she thought. Laughing she continued on, “All I know of her is that her name was Lily Evans.” Once again shock went over his features, but he schooled it with a shrug. She shook her head as they walked on. She liked this boy, she really did. It was nice to have met a friend who was around her age so quickly.


Severus paced Willow’s rooms waiting for her to arrive. It had been over an hour since she left Dumbledore ’s office. What could possibly be keeping her. It’s not like she knew the castle well enough to go for a walk. Hell, she had just arrived today. She knew how to get to Dumbledore’s office and her rooms. What the hell was she thinking.

She was her mother’s daughter that was for sure, and it irritated him. Bad enough she had to have her hair, but to have her attitude as well. Damn Lily!

Swooping towards the door he berated her the moment she was within his sight. “Where the hell have you been?”

She had the good grace to look shocked at his outburst. “Gee, you almost sound like you care,” she said snidely.

“Do NOT take that tone with me, young lady! I will not be mocked.” He snarled.

She gapped at him. How dare he! Of all the jerky...Ah!!! This guy was worse than Giles. Way Worse. “Listen here, bub, just because I’m your blood doesn’t mean you have a right to admonish me. I’m nineteen for crying out loud! Just because you gave me an X chromosome does not give you permission to yell. If you wanted that right you shouldn’t have given me up.”

He for once had nothing to say. She was right after all. Just because he felt a connection to her, doesn’t mean she felt the same way, but it didn’t make him any less mad. So finally he settled on reprimanding her again. “As one of Hogwarts Professors I am telling you that you had no business walking about the school without a proper tour. You could have been injured.”

She laughed then. Good and hard. After all that has happened to her, after all those whom she lost... “You think I care?”

Baffled he just stared at her.

She turned on him. “Get out.”

He recognized the face. It was his. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to reach her at the present moment, so he decided to comply. He headed for her door, but didn’t leave before he tossed one phrase over his shoulder. “We aren’t finished here.”

Willow sunk into a large chair next to her fireplace and once again felt tears welling up in her eyes. What did he know, she thought as the first tears dropped from her eyes. She barely had time to register that her face was becoming wet before she heard a nock at the door. Waving her hand to open the door, she heard the latch and the soft footfalls of her visitor. “Did you need something Oliver?” She asked softly.

“How did you know it was me?” He asked before siting across form her.

She shrugged. “I felt your presence.”

He let out a nervous chuckle. “Well, that is in no way creepy.”

She cringed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to creep you out. I have a habit of doing that.” She tucked her feet under her and stared across to the young man who was leaning back comfortably in the other chair. She could detect a question in his eyes, but decided to stay silent. If he wanted to ask it he could. She wasn’t going to stop him. She would more than likely answer him too, as she felt she could trust him explicitly. He had a feeling of safeness that hung in the air around him like a cloud, and she honestly wished she could curl up next to him just so that she could touch it. She hadn’t felt safe in a long time, and now that her whole world was askew, she needed it. If she was going to be honest with herself, she hadn’t felt this way, well, not since Oz.

“I saw Snape leaving your rooms.” He finally said breaking the silence. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look defeated before. Congratulations.” He watched her face carefully, finally he detected a small smirk settle across her lips, however, the humor never made it to her eyes. Eyes that had been crying again. He could see the twin streams glisten in the firelight. “What did he do to you?”

She never met his eyes, instead she studied the fire. “He did nothing to me that a worried father wouldn’t do. He actually acted like he cared about what happened to me.” She frowned. “He doesn’t know it, but he contradicts himself. His aura shows how he really feels. He doesn’t know what to think of me. I’m a shock to him, a bloody thorn in his bloody side.” A small laugh escaped her lips. “At least that’s how Spike would have put it.”

Sensing that this ‘Spike’ was indeed of importance, he leaned forward slightly. “Who is Spike?”

A single tear mad it’s way down her face. “The correct question would be, ‘who was Spike?’” Her lip quivered slightly, but she steeled herself to continue. “He was a really good friend of mine who died saving the world.”

“He saved the world? I hope that is a figure of speech.” Oliver was confused by this. Surely the Wizarding World would have mentioned Spike in their papers if he had done something so noble. Or at least there would be whispers, but Oliver had heard nothing.

She shook her head. “It’s not. We were trying to close the Hellmouth, and Spike wore an amulet. It intensified the sun. Buffy saw him turn to dust before the whole town gave away beneath our feet. We barely made it out alive.”

Oliver shook his head. He was trying to comprehend what she said, but she was speaking as if the memories distracted her. However one word did catch in his mind. ‘Hellmouth.’ That was spoken about in the Wizarding World quite frequently. Specifically the one in California. Rumor has it, an entire town collapsed with it. Understanding crossed over his features. She was there. She saw it, she lived it. No wonder her eyes never showed happiness. She had been surrounded by darkness all of her life, and now to have Snape thrust onto her. He shook his head. He could only imagine what that would be like.

She was crying openly now, and he moved to her so that he could stand her up. She complied without a smidgen of protest as he drew her into his arms.


Harry Potter protested loudly as dust and drywall once again came down in chunks on top of his head. He hated the stupid petty morning routine that Dudley forced on him. Stupid, fat, pompous git. It was no secret that his muggle family hated him. After all, after the “rescue” Ron and the twins pulled off four years ago, he had been forced to stay in the closet. Oh well, this was the last summer for that. Although, Merlin help him he was very close to breaking the no magic rule. He wished to hex Dudley every way from Tuesday.

Shaking his head, he pulled on a pair of Dudley’s old jeans and pulled them tight with a belt. The doorbell was ringing and he knew without a doubt that he would be whipped soundly if he didn’t answer it. Moving from the closet to the door he took a deep breath before opening it.

“Professor Snape?”

Snape cringed. He could not believe he had allowed that old coot to talk him into picking this mongrel up. The kid was a Potter for the love of Merlin. The son of a man he has hated for quite some time. Not even his death could erase the sickening feelings he received upon just saying his name. It was torture, that was certain. For what he wasn’t quite sure. As much as he hated to admit it, he identified with Granger in many aspects of his schooling. He was the one who was picked on for being too smart and lick Potter’s little witch he was also tormented for his appearance.


He took a good look at the boy then, although ‘boy’ was hardly the appropriate word. Potter had grown up. Harry was now as tall as he was, albeit a bit underfed. Yet, his eyes were what startled him. He had seen them countless times before, but the pure concern that flowed out of them was Lily’s. She had graced his with those eyes countless times. He shook himself from his thoughts, as a large muggle came to stand behind Harry.

“You people aren’t welcome here.”

Snape bristled, “I’ve come to get Harry.”

The man, whom he had assumed to be the horrendous Dursley that Minerva had talked about, grabbed the young man in question by the hair and pushed him towards the stairs. “Get in your closet.”

Harry rubbed at the back of his head where his uncle had grabbed him and turned to watch the interaction between his uncle and Snape. He knew with out a doubt that his uncle was barking up the wrong tree and he’d be damned before he missed whatever his professor might do.

Snape just stood there as he watched Dursley with his usual cold calculation. He had heard stories of Harry’s abuse, but had always thought that they were something the boy made up to get attention. However, he had seen it now with his own eyes. “Get your things, Harry.” He ordered. Harry nodded and ducked into a closet under the stairs.

Snape raised an eyebrow. So the closet wasn’t a joke, either. He had no love for the boy, but to see what he had to endure, did make him angry. “He lives in a closet?” He asked Dursley with a cold lilt to is voice.

Dursley shrugged, or at least it looked like he did. Snape couldn’t be sure, after all the man had no neck. By this time a woman, probably Harry’s aunt and a boy that was just as big as his uncle came into view. “It’s all I can do for him. He doesn’t deserve anything better.”

The woman sneered and gave him a superior look. “Potter was a freak, Harry is no different.”

“He is your sister’s child?” Snape asked her. He was having a hard time controlling his anger. The nerve of these people.

She smirked. “Maybe, but Lily was a bad seed. Nothing good would ever come from her.”

Snape bit his tongue as Harry emerged from his closet with his trunk and owl in tow.. He had just about had enough of these people and he was itching to hex the pants off of them. However he had promised Dumbledore that he would not use his wand on them in any way. Which unfortunately also left out the possibility of beating them over the head with it. However he did draw his wand to make Dursley back up enough to let Harry through the door.

“Well,” Dursley sputtered. “Don’t even think about bringing him back. He won’t be welcome.”

Snape rolled his eyes. “Trust me, that won’t be a problem.” He shouted as the man slammed the door.

Harry was staring at him wide eyed. “Professor, I thought I needed to stay with my mother’s family for my protection.”

Snape nodded his head once before answering, “You do. made Hogwarts a safer place for you to stay.” Harry smiled. He knew that the professor was keeping something big from him, but he didn’t care. He was going home. His smile did drop slightly at Professor Snape’s next comment. “A happy place to stay is yet to be determined.”


Willow woke the next morning to a loud knocking on the door to her bedroom. She knew that it had to be Professor Snape, because he would probably be the only one who would have the gall to wake her up after the stressful day she had yesterday. Grumbling she pulled on her favorite sweat suit and walking shoes before heading for the door.

Sure enough there was daddy dearest in all his bat-like glory. “What do you want?”

Snape watched his daughter glare at him with pride. Apparently, like him, she was not a morning person. “Dumbledore is here, we’ve brought someone to meet you.”

She raised an eyebrow and stepped out of her room and into what she had dubbed her living room. Yep, there was Dumbledore and a young man who couldn’t have been five years her junior. She smiled at him, not wanting him to feel unwelcome. After all it wasn’t his fault that her father was a poop head.

She walked over to him as he stood and she shook his hand. “I’m Willow.”

“Harry.” He said quietly.

Snape’s eyes traveled between the two before they rolled and he leaned up against the wall next to the fireplace. Looking at the two of them together was like revisiting his past. Lily and Potter were together again. He wondered vaguely if it would be rude to puke.

Dumbledore just sat there twinkling. He could tell already that Harry’s mind was turning over. Harry was a smart young man and an observant one at that. It wasn’t going to take him long to figure out just who Willow looked like.

The moment their hand’s touched Harry could feel the connection. She was the reason he would be safer at Hogwarts, this much was certain. She looked like a Weasley, but not. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt like he had seen her before. In his dreams maybe, but that couldn’t possibly be it. He would have remembered. She was beautiful enough, and one does not forget a face like hers, or for that matter hair like hers...or eyes...

Like his.

Willow flinched as Harry suddenly let go of her hand as if he had been burned. She couldn’t understand why he would do that. Did he read her mind or something? Did he see her horrible past? Did he feel the darkness? Fear stabbed into her heart. Who was this guy? Why did she have to meet him? “What’s going on?” her last question was out loud and clearly the right one to ask, because Harry nodded and looked to Dumbledore for an answer.

If it was possible, his twinkling seemed to intensify. Causing all of the occupants in the room to shrink back slightly. The man was too happy for his own good. He looked more like a kid in a candy shop then a headmaster for a prestigious magic school.

“Oh for Pete’s sake.” Severus growled officially cutting off the annoying silence. “Harry, meet your sister.”

Willow blanched and Harry’s brow was furrowed. Neither knew how to react. They did, however, do the first thing that came to mind. Harry sat back in silence and Willow yelled.

Sure she was mad. What they didn’t think to tell her yesterday? “What do you mean he’s my brother?” She yelled at Snape. “I guess I should be glad you didn’t tell me this weeks from now. But, was it too much to ask for you NOT to drop a bombshell on me two days in a row? You people are unbelievable. And what’s with the twinkling eyes, Gandalf?” She turned and pointed at Dumbledore. “Do you think this is funny? How would you like to find out that you were adopted? I thought people who adopted children really wanted them. You know how my parents were like? They traveled without me. They left me in a house, alone, on a Hellmouth.” She finally sat down. And looked between her ‘brother’s’ shocked face and Dumbledore. “Where’s the twinkle now, old man?”

Snape hadn’t moved from his spot. He just stood in shocked silence. Never in his life had anyone dared to put both he and Dumbledore in their place and without taking a breath nonetheless. Potter had remarkably stayed silent through the whole tirade. Although he was certain the boy had just as much anger as Willow. Anger that would probably only be intensified as this conversation went on. At the very least, the Lily’s children were not taking it out on each other, yet.

Harry watched in morbid fascination as Willow laid into his professors. He could feel her anger rolling off of her, the moment Snape tactlessly dropped what she had termed as a ‘bombshell.’ He was mildly surprised that she didn’t have any anger toward him, and was slightly shocked to see Professor Greasy Git not standing up for himself at her accusations. There was more to all of this, he could feel it. Something they haven’t said. Perhaps another bombshell. It unnerved him, and he could tell by meeting his sister’s eyes that she was feeling the same way. Taking a deep breath he broke the uncomfortable silence with an almost emotionless consideration. If she was having problems keeping her cool, then he vowed he would stay strong for her. After all it seem’s as though she too was just dropped into this mess. “What aren’t you telling us? It’s impossible for me to have a sister. There are no other Potters”

Snape finally moved, and took a seat on the couch next to Dumbledore. The air was thick, and because he was absolutely certain one of Potter’s hexes could slice right through it, he kept his hand on his wand.

“She’s not a Potter,” he said, finally meeting the boy’s gaze. “She’s an Evans.”

Harry’s eyes flew back to Willow’s. She seemed like she was mildly surprised and slightly confused. Not that he couldn’t blame her. Finally her confusion seemed to win over her silence and she spoke. “Wait, Potter?” Her eyes moved from his to Snape’s. “He’s not your son?”

Harry’s jaw hit the floor. Or at least he assumed that it did, because she was now watching him with a sort of fascination. So he closed his mouth with a snap and pulled at the collar of his shirt. It seemed to be getting hot in here.

Willow’s mind tumbled from one thing to another. She had so many questions. Yet, the biggest seemed to be ‘Who was Lily Evans.’ Harry looked well and truly horrified and she couldn’t blame him. Once again she stood and glared at the two older men in the room. “Get out, both of you.” She told them with a deadly calm in her voice. Harry’s eyes were on her. She could feel his panic and his hurt. She just wanted some alone time with him.

Snape nodded, but it was Dumbledore who spoke. “I really think we need to sort this o...” He didn’t get a chance to finish. She silenced him and pointed to the door.

Harry watched in awe as his sister successfully kicked both men out of her rooms. Merlin she was powerful. He did not miss that she shut Dumbledore up with just a flick of her wrist and a muttered word.

“You’re wandless?” He asked.

She didn’t answer. Instead her stature which moments before seemed so proud and strong seemed to falter. She was just a young woman, he could see that now, and she was just as scared as he was. Standing he walked over to her and placed a hand on her left shoulder. She smiled up at him, but the pain in her eyes was unnerving.

Willow could tell that she already would grow to adore Harry. Much in the same way she could tell that Oliver Wood would be a good friend to have. She could feel it. She could not explain it, but there was a strong love bond between her and Harry. She wondered if he could feel it as well. She studied him, thoroughly this time. He had her nose and her eyes. Smiling, she lead him to the couch that had been recently vacated. “Tell me about our mom.” She said softly.

Harry eyed her. He was still disgusted with the fact that his mother at one point chose Snape, but that was hardly Willow’s fault. She may be a bit hardened like her father, but the care that he could see in her eyes was anything but. Unlike Snape, this girl was able to show that she had a soul. Heartless, she was not. He smiled at her sadly. “I never got to know her. She and my dad were killed by Voldemort when I was a year old. She died saving my life.”

Willow nodded. That would explain the love bond that she felt. She sat silently waiting for him to continue.

“She has living relatives in the Muggle world who are nothing to be desired.” He smirked. “They are pretty much the worst muggles on this planet. I really hope you don’t want to meet them. Other than that, all I can say is that you resemble her.”

She smiled then, and this time it reached her eyes. They way Harry had spoken to her of their mother was a blessing. He showed no malice towards her, even though she knew he was horribly sickened by the fact that her father was his potions professor. “I wish I could have known her.”

Harry smiled sadly. If he couldn’t have his parents, at least he had Willow. She intrigued him on many levels proving that she is just full of contradictions. How she could be both cheerful and sad in the same moment, as well as powerful and meek. He assumed it was because of how she grew up. Then a thought occurred to him. Maybe it was a clue. Sitting on the couch next to her, he took her hand in his. It was much smaller than his own, but the connection he first felt with her was still there.

“Can you tell me about where you grew up.” He asked.

She gave his hand a squeeze and proceeded to tell him everything. Including the not so sugar coated parts, such as: The Master, Angel, Oz and Tara, Warren and Rack, Glory and finally the fall of Sunnydale. He listened with a rapt contemplation as she wove her story. He was proud of her, that was certain, but he was sad for her as well. She had lost so much, and her adoptive family didn’t even care. Shaking his head, he actually mulled over the possibility that the Dursley family wasn’t so bad after all. At least they didn’t try to burn him at the stake. He wondered if Snape even knew what she had gone through.

He was about to ask her when a nock sounded at the door. She waved the hand that wasn’t in his in the direction of the door and Oliver walked through. Harry threw a smile in his direction at his friend.

Oliver stopped in his tracks at the sight of his two friends on the couch. He was expecting to see Willow there, but Harry was a bit of a shock. Then again She had told him that her mother’s name was Lily Evans. Damn, who’d have thought Harry to have a sibling. “Harry, good to see you. I see you’ve met Will.”

“Good to see you, too, Oliver.” He stated giving Willow’s hand a squeeze. “She was just telling me about Sunnydale.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow and smirked in Willow’s direction. “You need to be careful what you say around the youngin’s, they get nightmares you know.” She snorted and Harry sent three pillows flying at his head causing Oliver to chuckle. “I’m kidding Harry! Come on you two, it’s time for dinner.

Willow’s eyes widened. She hadn’t realized it had gotten so late, and to think she had missed dinner the previous evening. She had to admit, food did sound good at the moment. So without a fuss she allowed Oliver and Harry to drag her to the Great Hall.

I hope you like it so far! Tell me what you think.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Whistle Down The Wind" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 May 07.

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