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When One Door Closes...

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Summary: Z has a talk with Sky after Dru’s betrayal.

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers SPDCowasWhiteasMilkFR719810165331 May 0731 May 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own SPD.


Z watched him from the corner of the room. He looked drained, even more than Jack who had gone to bed early, exhausted from his long day with Sky and a toothbrush. She couldn’t understand why he was still up, or perhaps she could. She could imagine what it would be like to have Jack turn on her the way Dru had done to Sky. The feelings coursing through her would have been horrible.

Frowning she got up from where she had been sitting and walked over to him. He knew that she was there, she could tell. His body had tensed and so she waited for him to make a move or to say something. The only move he made was a pathetic glance to the side almost as if he was trying to avoid her.

“I’m sorry, Z.” His voice was barely audible, but she took it as a sign and sat down by his side. Wetting her lips she let out a deep breath that she didn’t realize she had been holding.

“It’s okay,” She told him. It was true, he may have said some really insensitive things, but deep down, she knew he had been confused.

Sky shook his head. “No it’s not,” he said finally looking her in the eye. “When I implied that Jack didn’t know anything about having a best friend, I inadvertently shot you down too. I didn’t realize it until I saw you walk away.”

Z glanced down at her hands. “I wasn’t upset with you. I was more upset that Jack didn’t defend himself,” she said quietly. Turning towards her, Sky frowned and slowly covered her hands with his. He was about to reply when she beat him to it. “I got over it quickly though, Jack didn’t need to prove himself to you, me or anybody. He knows what’s in his heart and that should be good enough for us.” A wistful smile played at her lips. “Besides, he proves it in his actions every day. Who are we to ask for more?”

Sky nodded. He knew she was right. He had learned a little of what Jack was truly made of this morning when they shared a good laugh over the violation of Jack’s toothbrush. A smirk came over Sky’s lips, that was a memory he was more than happy to keep. “You’re right,” he amended.

Z sighed and looked into his eyes. “You know, there is always room for more than one best friend.” The smirk dropped from Sky’s face. He wasn’t exactly sure how to interpret her statement. “I will always be there for you, Sky, you know that right?”

Sky sat there staring back at her. He didn’t know what to make of it all. Z had Jack, she always would. He couldn’t understand how he would even begin to fit into that equation. She and Jack were a team. He had even thought of them as a clique. It had always been ‘them against us’ in Sky’s mind, it was obvious in how he and Jack always clashed. Even Bridge had issues with Jack on some occasions. Z had always seemed to fit in better, but he had even questioned her motives before. It was beyond him why she would even want to be more than a team mate with him, let alone a best friend.

Sky shook his head, as if to clear some of his thoughts. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to catch the pained look that crossed over his companion’s features, and was startled when she suddenly stood up and strode out of the room leaving an angry Sydney in her wake. Apparently she had seen what set Z off, it was enough to make him a little nervous.

“How could you, Sky!” Sydney ranted catching him off guard.

Sky frowned. “‘How could I,’ what?” He muttered.

“She offered you friendship, and you blew her off. Get your head out of your butt, Einstein,” Syd raged. “Dru wasn’t even half the friend that Z is. She may be a bit of a slob, but she’s one of the nicest most caring people I know.”

Sky shook his head. “I didn’t blow her off.”

“If that’s what it looked like from here,” Syd stated, “I can only imagine what it looked like from up close.”

“Pray tell, how did it look?” He asked sarcastically.

Sydney huffed. “You were shaking your head ever since she said that ‘there’s room enough for more than one...’”

Sky didn’t even listen any further, he just put his hands to his forehead. He didn’t mean to blow her off. What had he done. Ignoring Sydney and her ranting, he took off after Z.

It took a while, but he finally found her. She was standing in the dark looking out of one of the bases many large windows. Even from where he stood, he could see how her cheek bones seemed luminescent reflecting the lights of the city. He had made her cry. Cursing himself he stood back almost afraid to go to her and then he took a deep breath and continued forward.

He didn’t even give her a chance to comprehend what was happening, instead he approached her from behind and gently drew her towards him and enveloped her in his arms. He heard her whimper and felt her try to pull a way, but he refused to let go. He dropped a kiss into her hair and clung to her tighter.

Finally he felt her relax. “Why are you doing this?” she whispered as she let her arms settle around his waist.

Sky smiled, pulled back and guided her face up so that he could see her eyes. “I don’t like seeing my best friend in pain,” he stated simply as he watched a smile creep onto her face.

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The End

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