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When Cordy Met Dean

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Summary: Mexico had two things, giant cockroaches and Dean Winchester. Cordelia Chase wasn’t sure which was worse.

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Supernatural > Cordelia-Centered(Moderator)KaylaShayFR1312,8031172,13531 May 0731 May 07Yes
Title: When Cordy Met Dean
Author: KaylaShay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, BtVS or any of the characters represented in this fic.
Thanks: SierraPhoenix, Saturn, Ava and Demona

Note: Written for spn_btvs challenge #9. Also, was meant to be a backup fic-a-thon for Kiwikatipo who never received hers.

Story Notes: The concept for the layout of the fic is from the movie "When Harry Met Sally". The following years and ages are represented and the idea stemmed from something Cordelia said in the episode "Anne".

Summer of 1998 – Cordy is 17; Dean is 19
Late 2005 – Cordy is 24; Dean is 26
Summer of 2007 – Cordy is 26; Dean is 28

CORDELIA – Season 3 – Episode 1 – Anne
Oh, I can't believe you brought that up. Las Palmas was the nightmare resort. They order you around and make you have organized 'fun'-- and I used sarcastic quote marks. Plus the fact there are cockroaches in Mexico big enough to own property. It was all about dread. How was your summer?


Part of the Supernaturally Twisted collection. For more versions of this manip, click here.

Summer 2007

“Five, four, three,” the camera guy’s voice went silent as he held up his fingers to tick off the two and one and then signaled the couple on the couch in front of him to start.

Silence… The couple on the couch shifted a bit and gave each other pointed looks. Apparently the female won the battle of stubbornness because the male started to speak.

“Well, our first meeting was-- explosive,” he said as he threw a sideways glance at his wife. “It all started two years ago…”

Late 2005

“What’d’ya think is causing this Dean?”

“I don’t know, Sammy. If I did, we’d be out there killing it,” Dean said as he stood up with his beer in his hand. “Look, why don’t I go question a few of the ‘locals’ while you keep looking through dad’s journal. Maybe we missed something.”

“Just don’t get too involved,” Sam said.

Dean responded with a look that obviously meant, “Who? Me?” before he wandered off into the crowded bar.

Dean was aware that something was wrong only a moment before it happened. A female chest had blocked his path. The chest was attached to a dark haired bombshell who was glaring at him.

“Dean Winchester. Of all the…” then her voice cut off.

Normally, Dean considered himself ready for anything, but this, he was not the least bit prepared for. The sudden kick to his balls dropped him to his knees. Had it not been for the explosion of pain, Dean would have fought back.

“Son of a bitch! What’d’ya do that for lady!?” he shouted at the woman.

Her response left his spinning head confused, “As if you didn’t know.”

Summer 2007

“Ow! What’d’ya do that for?” Dean reached his hand up to rub the already bruising spot on his arm where Cordelia had just hit him.

“Because you’re not telling it the right way idiot,” she said as she folded her arms across her chest. “If you’re going to tell it, at least get the facts right.”

“But that was right. You kicked me in the balls, never told me why, and the rest is history. Sammy was there, he’ll know I got it right.”

“Well,” she conceded, “you are right about one thing, Sam was there. But we definitely didn’t meet for the first time in some rundown bar where I kicked you. Let me tell this story the right way.”

As Dean looked at her with a puzzled expression, Cordelia began to tell the real story…

Summer of 1998

Daddy had let her go to a Mexico resort for the summer. Well, he actually demanded that she go once he learned she was openly dating Xander Harris. The lectures she had endured from both her mother and him about her “duties” as a Chase were taxing. Now, as she lay in the warm sun on a Pacific coast beach, she was torn between where she really wanted to be.

As a Chase, she was expected to be upper class, proper and to never think for herself. She would be expected to marry for wealth and status and maintain that illusion of the perfect life. But illusion was all it was because Cordelia knew what really went on in the world.

Demons, vampires, creatures of the dark; they were all very real and very deadly, and she, Cordelia Chase, helped fight them. Granted, she was no Buffy, but she did try to help. It made her feel like her life meant something, that she could accomplish so much more than being eye candy for some jock.

Then there was Xander. He irritated her, he was a school outcast, his parents were known for their drinking… and the list could go on and on.

Cordelia let out a sigh. She was reclining on a beach chair in a Mexico resort city and musing over this. Sure, she was still torn between being back in Sunnydale where she could try to help, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t relax just a bit. She closed her eyes and purged all the thoughts from her mind.

It was pleasurable for all two minutes when, inevitably, her sunlight was blocked and two male voices invaded her silence.

“Come on, Dean, we told Dad we were going to the library. This is not the library.”

“Hold your horses, Sammy. We didn’t tell him we were going straight to the library. We’re in Mexico, at a beach resort. We’ll never have this chance again.”

“But Dad was counting on us to research the resort’s history, and we can’t do that from here.”

“Where better to research a place’s history than from its present, Sammy?”

“If you two are done now, I would like my sunlight back please,” Cordelia interrupted in an exasperated tone.

She glared at the two boys through her sunglasses. One was a few years younger than herself and in that tall, gangly, growing into his body phase. The other was slightly older than her and had a cocky air about him, like he knew he looked good and that every girl within miles would fall at his feet. Both were dressed in shabby, non-beach clothes. If it wasn’t for the obvious sunlight shining down on both, she might have been worried.

“Hey there,” the older boy said as he stepped out of the light. “Didn’t mean to block your light. So, what’s there to do around this place?”

“Do I look like I want to talk to you?” she asked in a put upon tone.

“Come on, Dean, let’s go,” the younger whined.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming,” he said and left Cordelia’s beach space pleasantly empty.

Later that evening, as Cordelia packed her shoulder bag for a night out in the city, she gave herself a derisive snort. She had packed two stakes, a cross, a holy water squirt gun and a small silver dagger she had purchased as a souvenir. She even found herself dressing for ease of movement while not losing her fashionable look.

“God! I’m turning into Buffy,” she said aloud to the mirror. “But I don’t want to die,” was added in a small but steady whisper.

Smiling at the reflection as she pushed her breasts up a bit, she said, “Let’s go out and forget about Xander Harris for one night.” Then she walked out the door.

It was several hours later, on her way back to the hotel, that Cordelia heard the sounds of a fight coming from the nearby alley.

‘This is not Sunnydale,’ she told herself. ‘It could just be an actual gang fight, nothing supernatural about it.’

However, her thoughts didn’t convince her. She cautiously approached the entrance and was momentarily stunned by the sight before her.

The two boys from the beach that day were fighting with giant cockroaches. Well, the cockroaches were actually demons, but they closely resembled a cockroach. They were holding their own, but from the cuts and scrapes Cordelia could see, she knew it was only a matter of time before they lost. She found herself thinking frantically, ‘What would Buffy do?’ Then she grew angered at herself for thinking it until an idea sprung forth from the anger.

Thankful that she hadn’t been spotted, Cordelia crept back toward the street. She had remembered that particular demon species from a book in the library, and the only way to kill them was with fire.

She quickly bought the first lighter she found from a street vendor. He looked gleeful counting the wad of money she had thrown at him, but Cordelia could care less.

Approaching the alley, she reached in her bag for one of the items that was not survival gear: a can of travel hairspray. She saw that both boys were tiring, especially the younger one. She needed to act quickly.

“Hey uglies!” Cordelia shouted in the alley. It effectively stopped the fighting for a few moments. All the demons and both boys turned to stare at the interloper.

The apparent demon in charge made a guttural sound that closely resembled, “Slayer!”

Cordelia smiled wickedly. “As if! I wouldn’t be caught dead in what she wears.” Then she turned to the boys and said impatiently, “This is a rescue, so get with the running.”

The younger one kicked free of the inactive demon and made his way towards Cordelia. The older one landed a solid hit to the demon nearest him before heading her way.

“Look sweetheart, we don’t need to be rescued. We were doing just fine on our own,” he said as he caught up to his younger brother.

“Tell that to them,” Cordelia shouted back, pointing at the charging demons. “Get behind me! Now!”

The boys complied out of self-preservation when they saw her bring the lighter up to the spray can.

“I hope this works,” she mumbled as she pressed the button down. She silently cheered as a small flame shot forward toward the demons. The demons stopped their progress and backed up. Cordelia kept moving backwards out of the alley with they boys guiding her so she didn’t trip.

“It’s almost empty,” she hissed back at them.

“Then throw it, and we run for it,” the older one said.

Following the command, Cordelia threw the lighter and can away and turned to run. The demons hesitated before retreating back into the shadows of their chosen nest to await their next victims.

Cordelia and the boys didn’t slow down for several blocks. Finally the younger one spoke up through gasps of breath, “I don’t think they’re chasing us.”

“Great,” Cordelia huffed out, “my calves are killing me.”

“Dean, what should we do now?” the younger brother questioned.

“We need to call Dad and go back and kill those bastards, Sammy,” Dean replied.

“You’re not calling anyone yet,” Cordelia said with her arms crossed. “You need those cuts taken care of. My hotel is just over there.”

She watched as Sammy’s eyes widened at the sight of one of the ritzier hotels in the city. Dean just snorted. “What are you, some kind of female Richie Rich or something?”

“Or something,” Cordelia responded.

“Dean can we go just for a bit to clean up?” Sammy asked his brother.

Dean looked over and saw the bleeding cuts and gouges on his younger brother and gave in. “Okay, we’ll go long enough to clean up, then we are calling Dad.”

She heard Dean sigh as Sammy started talking animatedly to her, “I’m Sam Winchester, and that’s my brother Dean.”

“Look, those were cockroach demons. It’s going to take more than a pellet gun to kill them,” Cordelia explained once they were inside the door to her room.

“Cockroach demons?” Sam asked at the same time Dean blurted out, “Pellet gun!?”

“I’m not Giles so don’t ask me their real name. I just know that the book I was looking at said they could only be killed by fire.”

“What book was that?” Sam asked, his mind turning.

“As if I would remember that. Hundreds of ‘bump in the night’ books and you expect me to remember the name of one of them?” Cordelia huffed out.

“Hundreds? Where-“ Sam was cut off by his brother.

“This is not a pellet gun,” he said waving the shotgun sideways in front of her. “You’re sure that torching ‘em is the only way to get these bastards?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she shuddered slightly at the thought of that bug guy that she and Xander had killed which had prompted her little bug demon research.

“Look, thanks for the info, but we need to get back out there,” Dean said as he rummaged through his pack.

“I’m coming with you,” Cordelia said matter-of-factly with more confidence in her voice than what she felt.

“Sammy, take the pack, call Dad and wait for me outside,” Dean instructed as he turned and passed the bag to his brother.

“But--" Sam started to protest.

“Just do it. I’ll be out in a minute,” Dean cut him off with a clipped tone.

Cordelia stood still as the door shut with a click and Dean turned around to face her. Part of her was ready to fight for her right to help while the other part was nervous that he might try something with her now that little brother was gone.

“Look,” Dean started with a smooth voice, “thanks for saving our butts back there, but I can’t let you come with us. I couldn’t stand it if anything were to happen to you.”

"Cut the witty repartee, will you?" Cordy snapped as Dean made his way closer to her. She backed into the bed to keep some distance from him, but she lost her balance and fell backwards.

“You’re hot you know,” Dean said as he leaned in closer to her.

Cordelia found herself emotionally confused. Her mind knew she should be shoving this unknown guy away from her. Her body was responding to his actions, however, and that excited her. She found herself saying, “I guess you aren’t so bad yourself. In a scruffy sort of way that is.”

Dean reached down and trailed his fingers up one of her arms, prompting her to raise it up behind her head. “Who you calling scruffy?”

“You,” she said as she started to lose her focus due to the movement his hand was making on her arm. Her heart was pounding ferociously as he leaned ever closer to her face. Only a fleeting thought of Xander’s face in her mind kept her from lunging forward, but it appeared that he was going to make the decision for her.

As Dean leaned forward to kiss her, she heard a clink as metal touched her wrist. "Sorry darling, but I don't do jail bait."

Cordelia lay with one wrist cuffed to the bed, and Dean placed the key on the room desk before letting the door shut behind him with a click. Somehow, she vowed to herself, Dean Winchester would pay.

Summer 2007

“…and that’s why I kicked him in the balls seven years later,” Cordelia finished with a dramatic flare.

“Now wait just one minute! That’s not the way it happened,” Dean blurted out. “Next time sweetheart, I tell the story. The right way.”

With a slight smile gracing her lips, Cordelia responded with two simple words, “As if.”

Any action by Dean was cut off by a slight cough from behind the camera. “Um, I don’t mean to interrupt or anything, but,” and the camera guy hesitated for just a moment.

“But what?” Cordelia questioned, letting her voice rise just a bit.

“Um, it seems that the camera malfunctioned, and we lost the whole segment. Um, I guess we’ll need to film this again.” The camera guy actually took a step back as he saw the looks sent his way from both Cordelia and Dean.

“What do you mean there was a malfunction?” Cordelia stood up and started advancing toward the guy.

“It wasn’t-- I mean, I didn’t--," the camera guy stumbled toward the door. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not the one that touched it! I just made sure you were in frame the whole time!” Hasty footsteps could be heard down the hall outside the room.

“You had too much fun with that,” Dean said as he came up behind Cordelia and drew her into a hug.

“I know, but now he will never suspect we never intended for this to be recorded anyway.”

“I love the way you think,” Dean said as he reached over to give her a lengthy kiss.

“Just don’t think you’re off the hook for not remembering the first time we met bucko,” Cordelia said in a stern voice. “You’ve got a lot of kissing to do to make up for that fact.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Dean said as he snapped off a salute and followed his wife out the door.

The End

You have reached the end of "When Cordy Met Dean". This story is complete.

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