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How Come...?

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Summary: Dean asks his father a series of questions when John is getting ready for his date. Years later late at night Sam asks Dean some questions.

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Supernatural > GeneralChosenfireFR151950031,35431 May 0731 May 07Yes
Title: How Come…?
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Week 8 Self-Gratification
Word Count: 1021
Characters: John, Joyce, Dean, Sam, Buffy, Dawn
Pairing(s): John/Joyce, Dean/Buffy,
Spoilers: BtVS preseries, SPN preseries
Summary: Dean asks his father a series of questions when John is getting ready for his date. Years later late at night Sam asks Dean some questions.

A/N: Finally I’m am having fun with this prompt and writing it the way its meant too. So this is the sexual one, fun, fluff and all around Winchester/Summers romance. ENJOY :D (and comment)

She had been Mary’s best friend, her college roommate. He had met them both at a bar, danced with her and ended up dating Mary.

Joyce Parker had been out of his league even then.

College had ended though and John and Mary had gotten married and moved away and Joyce had become engaged to a guy that she claimed to love and John was vehement in his hatred of.

She had refused to see the bastard that her boyfriend was and when she became Joyce Summers the friendship between the three had started to fade.
Joyce had her life in L.A with Hank and John and Mary had a child on their way and a new house in Lawrence, Kansas.

After Mary had died John had gotten a call from Joyce and he had been talking to her for years before a hunt had lead him to L.A

Seems she had finally wised up and her and Hank were separated. She had two little girls, Buffy who was two years younger than Dean and just as ornery and energetic. Dawn was two years younger than Sam and at 2 she was already capturing hearts.

John buttoned up the dark blue shirt he had just purchased and critically went over his appearance in the mirror. He had shaved this morning and for a single father of an eight and a four year old he looked damn handsome.

“Daddy,” Dean came to stand beside him looking up at him with inquisitive green eyes. His hair had been washed and still was wet on his scalp but still he managed to look sweet and endearing, he was a pro.

“What kiddo?” John asked reaching for the rarely used bottle of cologne he kept stashed in his traveling case.

“Why did you buy a new shirt?”

John smiled spraying a little of the concoction on his body “Cause when a man wants to impress a lady he has to look his best.”

Dean puzzled over that than asked “Why are you putting that stuff on?”

John sprayed some quickly on Dean who wrinkled up his nose in disgust telling his oldest son “Cause girls don’t like the smell of oil.”

Dean snorted and John should have been wary of the sudden glint in his eyes “Dad,” Dean implored softly.

“What Deano?” John sighed rolling down his sleeve to hide the cut on his forearm turning back to his son.

“Why do you always have to go to the bathroom before you have a date with Buffy’s mom?”

John nearly chocked struggling between embarrassment and amusement. Finally he gave Dean a wide grin “Because sometimes when your around a beautiful woman your jeans get too tight.”

Joyce had ended their relationship when John refused to tell her why he disappeared so much. He had taken the boys on a new hunt and she had gotten back with her husband. For awhile they had been a normal family, two girls, two boys, and a mom and a dad. But John couldn’t leave the hunt behind and Joyce wasn’t going to keep waiting for him to talk to her.

Ten years later it was 13 year old Sammy who was asking the questions.

They were back in L.A and John and Joyce were barely speaking too each other. It was another job and the first thing the boys had done was fine the woman they had almost called mom and her two daughters who had been the closet things they had had of friends.

Didn’t mean Buffy and Dean weren’t, they were talking enough for everyone. Those two had had a chemistry since they had meet and years apart had only matured it into something else.

The two had started off fighting like cats and dogs and had ended up making out in the backseat of the Impala every chance they got. If it wasn’t the Impala it was the school, her house, his house, and sometimes on occasions a graveyard although Dean had shorwn Sam to secrecy.

John and Joyce had chosen to ignore the budding relationship just the same way they ignored each other day after day.

They had been dating since the moment Buffy had hopped into the front seat of the Impala Dad had given Dean and declared Led Zeppelin rocked.

“Dean,” Sam asked softly of his brother who had just gotten settled in his bed “how come Dad and Joyce aren’t together anymore?”

Dean groaned rolling over to face his brother who laid in the other bed “Go back to sleep Sammy.”

A couple minutes past than Sammy spoke again “Dean.”

The older Winchester brother nearly growled “Because Joyce is too good for him that’s why.”

“Oh,” as he was just getting back to sleep Sam pipped up again “Dean how come you always sneak off with Buffy when Dad’s not here?”

Dean smiled against the pillow “Because Buffy’s a cheerleader.” he felt it was a good enough answer. “Anything else you wanna know?” he was tired and cranky and his ears were wet from his shower.

“How come you always take a shower after you get back from your dates with Buffy?”

Dean snorted rolling his eyes to the ceiling and smiled brightly “Because baby brother sometimes a mans pants get too tight.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Sam pouted.

Dean rolled his eyes “You’ll understand when your older Sammy boy and shut up and go to sleep.”

The End

You have reached the end of "How Come...?". This story is complete.

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