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Merlin's Memories

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Summary: Merlin sends Daniel Jackson on a more domestic quest.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry PotterMaabConnorFR13110,461393,64231 May 0731 May 07Yes
Title: Merlin’s Memories
Series: I may write a sequel someday, but for now this is it.
Rating: PG
Pairings: none
Category: crossover Harry Potter/SG-1
Season/Episode: 10/ after The Shroud (SG-1)
Spoilers: The Quest 1 and 2, The Shroud, tiny ones for Lifeboat, Heroes, The Movie, Avalon. Harry Potter, HBP compatible.
Warnings: character death (no major characters)
Summary:. Merlin sends Daniel on a more domestic quest.

Notes: I’m writing this on pain pills… so it should be interesting! LOL! Many wonderful thanks to my betas MedievalBaebe and pzlady!! Also, both of my betas had issues with some of the HP characters calling Daniel “Mr. Jackson”, so I’m going on record saying that yes I meant to do that. It’s a Britishism and I’m standing by it. Furthermore, for those of you here at TTH who don't know me, a gen fic is an unusual thing for me, I'm mainly a slash writer; and while this is my first story on this site, please keep that in mind should you decide to track me.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this except for the situation! Before you think "Lawsuit" please be advised, I own NOTHING you would want!

All that said, on to the STORY:


Daniel was so happy to be out of the infirmary, thrilled to be back on Earth. It had been too long. Too long breathing recirculated air; too long without sunlight. He stepped out of the mountain, into the sunshine and just took a moment to breathe. He smiled when he heard birds singing, he’d never realized how much he missed them.

He drove back to his house, all of the windows down, radio blaring, arm out the window, fingers playing with the breeze, smiling until his cheeks hurt. He spent a few hours in his yard, reclaiming the small beds from the weeds that had tried to take over, mowing the lawn, just working under his own sun, on his own slice of his own planet. It felt damned good.

“You should try growing some sage over here, the soil is perfect for it and you can use all the protection you can get your hands on.”

“Oh no,” Daniel let his head drop. “I thought you were gone, Merlin.”

“Very nearly. This is a lovely garden, but you need more herbs.”

“I don’t need herbs. I buy herbs from the grocery store like a normal person. What are you doing here?”

“There’s something I need you to do.”

“Something you need me to do? Merlin,” he caught himself before he raised his voice to what was essentially an invisible friend, “I just got back from the last thing you needed me to do. What is so important that you’re showing up here, after you were supposed to be gone?”

“I need you to give a large chunk of my memories to a Champion.”

“A Champion?”

“Yes. He is a Champion for a part of your world which you cannot access, but there is something buried in my memories that he needs.”

“OK… if I can’t access this part of my world where he lives… how am I supposed to get to him to give him your memories? And how the hell do I give him your memories?”

“You need to call your man at the Pentagon, tell him that you must speak to the Prime Minister of England.”

“England? Merlin, I get that you haven’t been on Earth for a long time, but I can access England just fine.”

“You will then tell Mr. Blair that you need audience with Minister Scrimgeour.”

“And he’s the Minister of what?”


“WHAT?!” Daniel inwardly kicked himself for raising his voice. Then, in a moment of brilliance, pulled his cell from his pocket and pretended that he was talking to an actual person. “What?” he repeated.

“He is the new Minister for Magic in England.”

“Magic… real magic, doesn’t exist.”

“Most on your world would argue the same about aliens.”

“OK, I’m not cleared to know about this… how do I manage the meeting?”

“Just get to the Prime Minister’s office.”

“You’re not going away, are you?”

“Think on it this way, if you manage to meet with The Boy Who Lived, you will lose a significant portion of my memories that are in your mind.”



“Daniel, why do you need to meet with the Prime Minister?” Paul looked dumbfounded.

Daniel sighed as he picked up his wine. “It has to do with the last mission.”

“When you had Merlin’s memories?”

“They weren’t just his memories, Paul. It was more than that. It’s like he was in my brain, with me. He kept me safe. I wouldn’t be home without him. And the weapon never would have made it to the Ori galaxy if he hadn’t helped.”

“You are aware you sound like you’re suffering from multiple personalities?”

“Need I remind you of when I had half a ship of aliens in my brain?”

“It wasn’t half a ship.”

“Felt like it. And yeah, I know how weird this seems.”

“You do?”

“How many times have I lost my mind now?”

“Good point. OK, what, exactly, did he say?”


Daniel didn’t want to know how Paul had managed to get him into Number 10 Downing Street without ending up in a rubber room. He just knew that he owed Paul… he owed Paul BIG TIME.

“Minister Blair,” Daniel smiled and held his hand out. “I’m so glad you were able to meet with me.”

“Dr. Jackson, the Ministry of Defense speaks highly of you.”

“That’s good to know, thank you.”

“I was under the impression you would be joining the research team on Atlantis?”

“Well, with the new threat of the Ori, it seemed like a better idea to stay here.”

“Ah, yes, the Ori, I was briefed on them. To be totally honest the M.O.D. is handling most of our interaction with the SGC.” The Prime Minister paused as his secretary came in. “Ah, Mr. Shacklebolt, there you are. Dr. Jackson, would you like some tea? Coffee?”

“Coffee sounds wonderful, thank you.” He smiled as the tall, bald, black man filled a mug for him. “Thank you Mr. Shacklebolt.”

“Was there anything else, sir?”

“That should be it, thank you.”

“Of course, sir. And, sir? You have a meeting with Mr. Kensington in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you Mr. Shacklebolt.” He waited until his secretary was out of the office. “Dr. Jackson, what was it you wished to speak to me about?”

“Well, sir, cutting right to the chase, I need to talk to the Minister for Magic.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I have recently… come in contact with someone who has… intelligence for one of his… people.”

“May I ask who your source is?”

“Honestly, sir, I doubt you would believe it.”

“Try me, Dr. Jackson.”

Daniel felt the stir at the back of his mind as information flooded into his consciousness. “Sir, the Magical world was founded by the Ancients. One of the most notable Ancients, at least to Earth culture, was Merlin.”

“I remember that report from when your team did a recon mission in Glastonbury.”

“Exactly. Are you also aware that Merlin was one of the founders of the Magical civilization here on Earth?”

“I was.”

“You were? That’s good. So, this information that I have, it’s from an Ancient database… of sorts.”

“Alright. If you’ll give me the intel, I’ll pass it along to the Minister for Magic.” Blair thought he was doing a wonderful job of not banging his head on the desk. He hated having to deal with his magical counterpart, and the thought that the magical world was going to have any interaction with the SGC made him desperate for a good, stiff drink.

“Actually, sir, it’s not that simple.”

“Of course not, Dr. Jackson.”

“You see, the intel, is… in me.”

“In you?”

“In my mind. I’ve been promised that the magical world has a way to retrieve it without… turning my brain to oatmeal.”

“I see. And you need to meet with the Minister?”

“Actually I need to meet with… someone called The Boy Who Lived. He’s the one who is supposed to get the… intel.”

Blair ran a hand roughly through his sandy hair; he really wanted a stiff drink now. “How long are you in London?” he sighed.

“As long as you need me.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


Kingsley quickly detracted his Extendable Ear and got his desk ready to go to lunch. He stopped Daniel as he was exiting the Minister’s office. “Dr. Jackson?”

“Yeah?” Daniel stopped mid-step.

“I need your contact information for the Prime Minister.”

“Oh, right.” Daniel jotted down his cell number and the name of the hotel where he was staying. Then he walked out of Number 10 Downing.

Kingsley made sure that Mr. Kensington was all settled in for his lunch meeting and then walked to an alley a few blocks away and Apparated to the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix.

“Kingsley, I wasn’t expecting you for lunch,” Molly Weasley smiled.

“I’m here on official business, Molly.”

“Should I call Arthur?”

“We need to call all of the Order.”

“Oh dear.” She ran to the fireplace and called the twins first.


Daniel was just heading out of his hotel for dinner when he spotted the Prime Minister’s secretary. “Mr. Shacklebolt?” he called.

“Ah, Dr. Jackson, I was just coming to find you.”

“Did the Minister need me?”

“We need to have a word with you. Quiesco.”

Daniel saw a flash of purple and then the world went dark.


“Are you certain this is the only way we could have done this?” Arthur asked as Kingsley managed to manhandle Dr. Jackson’s sleeping form into the back of the Ministry car.

“Arthur, I’ve told you, he has information for Harry. How else do we manage this without breaking our cover?”

“I have no idea, but you said yourself that he’s attached to the American military.”

“Unless they can do a serious locator charm, they won’t find him. Now drive.”


Daniel’s head was pounding, that pain was the first thing he knew. Next came the panic. He remembered seeing the Prime Minister’s secretary, then the flash of purple light, then nothing. He moved his hands slowly. He wasn’t tied up, that was a plus. He was lying down on a soft mattress of some sort, a pillow under his head, a light blanket over his frame. He’d never been tucked in during a kidnapping before.

“Mum, he’s coming round,” a male voice said.

“And playing possum,” the same voice said from the other side of the room. “Come on, mate, up you go, no harm done.”

Daniel opened his eyes to see a mass of bright red hair backlit by firelight. And freckles, lots and lots of freckles. “Where am I?” his voice cracked.

“I am sorry about the imposition,” Kingsley walked into the room.

“Mr. Shacklebolt, why have you abducted me?”

“No, no, not abducted,” the red head who was still looming over him, said quickly. “This is to keep you safe as much as it’s to keep our Harry safe.”

“Harry? Who is Harry?”

“He’s the one you were talking to the Prime Minister about.”

“Oh honestly,” a woman bustled in. “All of you hovering about, back up Fred! Give the man room to breathe. I’m so sorry about them,” she smiled at Daniel. “Would you like some tea? I’ve a fresh pot here. I know how the sleeping charm makes you thirsty. Used to have to use it on my Bill, he’s the oldest, had colic something terrible, he did. Oh, listen to me, blathering on. Please, have some tea. For goodness sake, Fred, give the man some room!”

“Sorry mum.”

“Alright then, tea for everyone.” She poured from a blue and white flowered tea pot into six mismatched cups.

“Let Dr. Jackson chose his own mug, Molly. I’m sure he thinks he’s some sort of prisoner at this point,” Kingsley pointed out.

“Right you are, Kingsley. I can’t apologize enough for this, Mr. Jackson.” She rolled the tea cart over next to him. “Please, help yourself.”

Daniel frowned, but stood up and took a simple mug. “Thank you.”

“Do drink it all down, it’ll help you feel yourself again. Boys, is your father back with the Headmistress yet?”

“Not yet, mum, I’ve got my eye on the floo.”

“Thank you, George, get yourself some tea, dear.”

“Thanks mum.”

“So… why am I here?”

“You were talking to Minister Blair and you mentioned that you had intelligence for The Boy Who Lived,” Kingsley prompted.

“You weren’t in the room for that.”

“Kingsley used one of our inventions,” the twin closest to Daniel smiled.

“The point is,” Kingsley said as he shot Fred a reproachful look, “that you wouldn’t get to Harry through the Ministry. He and the Ministry are at odds. We’re your best bet to get to him.”

“Harry, he’s this Boy Who Lived person?” Daniel asked.

“He is,” Kingsley nodded. “We just need to make sure that you’re not a threat to him, then we can arrange for you to talk to him.”

“M…my source said that he’s a Champion. Why does he need protecting?”

“We’ll go over all that after the Headmistress arrives,” Molly smiled.

Just when the silence was getting really awkward, there was a bright green plume from the fireplace and a tartan-clad, older woman appeared. “I came as quickly as I could,” she said as she stepped out of the hearth. “Where is he?”

“Dr. Daniel Jackson, I would like to introduce you to Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.”

“Nice to meet you,” Daniel said with a confused frown.

“Minerva, would you like some tea?”

“Oh, I’m afraid I haven’t time. I’ve just slipped out after dinner, but we’ve special defense class in twenty minutes. I wish there were time for pleasantries. Dr. Jackson, I need to speak to you rather quickly, there are ninety-seven students who will destroy my school if I’m not back as quickly as possible. I do hope you understand.

“This,” she pulled a vial of what appeared to be water, “is Veritaserum. It is the strongest truth potion in the world. With your permission, I will administer three drops to the rest of your tea there, and then we will question you as to your information for Harry. Is that agreeable to you?”

“What if I refuse?”

“We will erase your memory of this evening and you will not meet with Harry.”

“No harm, no foul?”

“Something like that, yes,” she smiled gently. “I can promise you that it will not hurt, no matter which choice you decide.”

“I need your assurance that you won’t ask me how I came to this information.”

“I’m afraid that we cannot do that, Dr. Jackson. How you came into this information may be vital to our cause.”

“I got the information through a classified source, I cannot tell you.”

“Then I am afraid that your information is useless to us. We cannot be certain that you are not an agent of You Know Who.”

“I don’t know who.”

“Your decision, Dr. Jackson?”

Daniel took a deep breath, about to decline and take his chances with the Ministry’s official approach, but Merlin’s tingle at the back of his mind became insistent. Daniel gave a silent warning to the Ancient not to mention anything that was classified Top Secret, and stepped back. “Headmistress, I swear to you on the Old Rites, the Laws of Merlin, that this information is vital to The Boy Who Lived. By the Prince of Enchanters, I swear this to you, no harm will come to the boy.” Just for effect, Merlin let a wave of power, just a small one, roll out from Daniel’s body.

Minerva put the Veritaserum back into the pocket where she’d hidden it for the trip.

“Headmistress?” Fred questioned.

“I’ll see if I can get in touch with Potter. Molly, would you do the same please? See if we can’t get to Harry through Ronald.”

“But Minerva-“

“No, he is to be trusted. Give us the room, please.”

“Headmistress-“ Kingsley started, but stopped himself when he saw the serious look in her eye. “I will be right outside this door.”

“There will be no eavesdropping,” she said sternly.

“Yes ma’am,” George said solemnly.

When the room was cleared, Minerva tried to unclench her fisted hands. “How long have you been back among us, my Lord?”

Merlin smiled, “You recognize me? Even in this form?”

“Sir, I have lived within Hogwarts for most of my life, the vast majority within the House of Gryffindor. I would recognize your power from any other, as would a life-long member of Slytherin House. Godric and Salazar were your finest students, their houses resonate with your power to this day.”

“That is lovely to hear. Thank you.”

“Why… why did you not return to us sooner?” She felt a pang of regret, of betrayal that the Wizarding world could be going through such dark times, and that the Prince of Enchanters would not come to their aid. That he could, yet chose to do nothing.

Merlin smiled softly. “Good Lady, I would have you know something precious. I am not truly here now.”

“But… I see you, I felt your power.”

“You, as Headmistress of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, should know, above all else, that all we see and hear and feel… all is illusion. I am… a guest of Dr. Jackson for a time. I cannot share with you the details of how this came to be, but I can tell you that he is a Champion of this world and that he is worthy of your trust and that of your Savior. Please, bring The Boy Who Lived to us.”

“For what purpose? Do you know how he can defeat You- Voldemort?” she forced herself to say the name.

“As the Prince of Enchanters, I can impart him with great wisdom. I need only to see him and have him take the knowledge from this mind where I now live.”

“But, sir, what will that do to you?”

“Probably leave two of us for him to bug the crap out of,” Daniel muttered.


“No, sorry, Daniel again. He’s not usually so chatty. It takes a lot of energy for him to come forward like that. But he thought it was important that you know.”

“He said that there was much he could not say.”

“That’s true. There are details that are not for your people to know… for your world to know.”

“But then how can he impart this great wisdom on Harry Potter?”

“He tells me that there is… a spell that will just kind of… pull the memories out of my head?”

“The Pensive spell, yes.”

“Does it hurt? Because the whole head-sucking thing…”

“It’s painless,” she smiled indulgently at him. “We should hear back from Potter tomorrow. Is that amenable to you?”

“It is, yes. And thank you, Headmistress, for hearing him… and me.”

“You are most welcome Mr. Jackson.”

“Will you be there for the… transfer?”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Then I’ll see you then.”

She smiled as she turned and opened the door. “You may all come back in. I must take my leave, or the precious few students we have left will run rampant on the school. Let me know when you hear from Potter. Good day to you all.” With that she turned, tossed a pinch of green powder in the fire, which turned the flames green as she stepped in and called, “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Office of the Headmistress.” Then she was gone.

“What did she say?” one of the twins asked, wide-eyed.

“That she trusts me,” Daniel said. “And, that I may give Mr. Potter what he needs.”

Kingsley sighed deeply. He had rather hoped that this Dr. Jackson, with his ties to U.S. military, would turn out to be… well, nothing. He’d only brought him to the safehouse to do his duty to the Order. He’d been hoping for a quick Obliviate and to wash his hands of the whole situation. And now there was a military Muggle with access to Harry Potter.

“I should get back to my hotel,” Daniel said as he reached for his jacket.

“You should stay here,” Molly corrected. “You have knowledge that Harry needs, that makes you a target to any Death Eaters who may know your purpose. We can keep you safe here.”

“I have to go. If I don’t check in with Colonel Davis, he’ll… send someone to get me.”

“You won’t be safe out there,” Kingsley said, his deep voice resonating.

“I can take care of myself.”

“Against magic? You’re a Muggle, what do you know of our world? How easily did I subdue you earlier?”

“Yeah, that was kind of embarrassing. OK, tell you what, let me make a quick call, check in, and then I’ll stay here. Sound like a plan?”

“How would you call?”

“My cell… sorry, mobile.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“Is that a real Muggle felly-tone?” Fred gasped.

“Telephone, Mr. Weasley,” Kingsley corrected out of habit.

“And it works without plugs?” George continued as though Kingsley hadn’t spoken.

“Yes,” Daniel frowned. “It’s a standard cell phone.”

“We don’t use such Muggle technology here in the Wizarding world,” Kingsley said. “And that won’t work.”

“Why not?”

“Muggle electronics don’t work when surrounded by magic,” the secretary informed him. “This house, in order to remain safe, is hidden by magic.”

“So… what if I go outside?”

“You would have to be protected,” Molly said. “Fred, George, would you accompany Mr. Jackson please?”


“He’s not a prisoner, Kingsley. He is our guest. And besides that, the last thing any of us need is for the Muggle military to come looking for us.”

“We’ll take him out mum.”

“I have to return home.”

“Of course, Kingsley. Have a good evening, and thank you for bringing Mr. Jackson to us.”

“It is my duty to the Order.” He held out his wand and Disaparated with a small ‘pop’.

“Well that was cool.”

“Wait till you feel it,” Fred grinned. “We’ll take you out somewhere easily defensible, but far enough away from any magical place that you should be able to… call. Step in close, between me and George. Back in a bit, mum.”

“Be careful!”

Suddenly Daniel felt like he was being squeezed through a tube that was three sizes too small. He felt Fred and George on either side of him, squishing him even more. Just when he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore, it stopped. They were standing in a city, in an alley that was a dead-end.

“Mr. and Mrs. Granger said that mobile felly-tones work better in cities than in the country,” George smiled broadly.

“They were right.” Daniel pulled out his cell and dialed Paul’s number.

“Daniel, where the hell have you been?! I’ve been calling you for hours!”

“Sorry Paul, I’ve been out of cell range. I’m calling now to check in.”

“Did you meet with the Minister?”

“I met with the Prime Minister, yes. But I have a new source.”

“A new source? Daniel, what are you not telling me?”

“The situation here is more volatile than we thought it would be.”

“Are you alright? The Odyssey is in orbit, I can beam you out.”

“This is my cell phone, Paul.”


“I’m fine, I’m with… well, I’m with the good guys. The mission is ahead of schedule. But the catch is that I’m going to be out of cell range for at least a day. I need you to promise me that you’re not going to… pull me out. I’ll contact you again in… let’s say thirty hours. Give me a one hour window though.”

“Daniel, what’s going on there?”

“Nothing I can tell you about, I’m sorry.”

“Daniel… we just got you back. Promise me I’m not going to have to call Colonel Mitchell and tell him you were killed on a mission he knew nothing about.”

“You’re worried about Cam? Wow. Weird since you and Jack live in the same city.”

“Oh shit.”

“Paul, breathe, I’m not planning on dying.”

“You never plan it, Daniel, it just happens! A lot! I should have sent you in with back up.”

“Paul, stop! I’m fine. There is no need to worry. I will contact you again in thirty hours.”

“And if you don’t contact me in thirty-one hours and one second, I’m calling the Odyssey and having them pull you out.”

“OK. Talk to you soon.”

“You’d better.”

With that they hung up.

“That’s brilliant,” George said softly. “I wonder if there’s a way to make those work on magic. Out in the field there’s not usually a floo.”

“And owls take for bleeding ever,” Fred picked up. “But if we could make those work-“

“-On magic rather than electrics-“

“-Then we could seriously help the war effort.”

“And hold a handy patent.”

“Jack’s right… if that’s half as freaky when Sam and I do it… we should watch out for that.”

Fred and George just smiled in tandem and spoke together, “Ready to go back?”


Daniel was convinced several times over that he was not a prisoner in the odd house. He was given free reign, with three notable exceptions; he wasn’t to go to the basement or the attic or the master suite on the top floor. Oddly enough, he also wasn’t to make any noise in the front hall, and never move the cupboard doors on the landing… the cupboard doors that were firmly latched with several complicated-looking locks that he doubted even Sam could break. But besides that, he was welcome to any room he wanted.

Mrs. Weasley, who insisted on being called Molly, cooked an amazing dinner, enough for an army, he thought as he helped to set the table. And then it seemed as though an army arrived. And the vast majority of them had bright red hair.

There was Bill, the aforementioned colicky baby, now fully grown; his lovely wife Fleur, who was delighted that Daniel was conversational in French; then there was Charlie, the next eldest in the Weasley clan, who had odd burn marks on his neck and arms; then the purple-haired young woman who only introduced herself as Tonks; Mr. Weasley, Arthur, was the father of the large clan, arrived just before dinner was served, he looked tired but friendly.

“Is this all of us tonight?” were the first words Arthur spoke as he came through the door.

“Yes dear,” Molly responded. “Though we may have Ron, Harry, and Hermione in tomorrow.”

“That would be lovely.”

“And Remus is due in on Friday,” Tonks piped up.

“Excellent news,” Arthur’s smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

In fact, as Daniel looked around, he realized that there was an overall feeling of sadness and depression on the group. It was a quick and harsh reminder that these people were living in a war zone. A war that, for all he knew, Daniel Jackson couldn’t help fight.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Jackson,” Arthur said, when he saw Daniel.

“Please, call me Daniel.”

“And I’m Arthur. Wonderful to meet you. Kingsley told me that you’re a Muggle?”

“He even has a felly-tone,” George piped up immediately.

“We saw him use it, it doesn’t even need a plug,” Fred agreed.

“Ah, fascinating. Might I have a look at it?”

“After dinner, Arthur, right now we need to feed our guest,” Molly scolded gently. “Honestly, get this man started on ecclectronics…”


Daniel only managed not to annoy every witch and wizard in the room by listening to the gentle nudges of Merlin in the back of his mind. But the energy it took for his mind to keep the two consciousnesses separate and functioning was exhausting. He didn’t even bother to wait until a reasonable and polite hour to go to bed, the moment the dishes were in the sink, just claimed jet lag and dragged himself up to the room where he’d awoken.

He fell onto the soft bed, half of his mind wondering at the world he was visiting, the other half of his mind amused beyond belief; all of him more tired than he could ever remember being. His head was just barely on the pillow when he passed out from exhaustion.


Harry was filthy and tired, but it was his turn to take first watch, so while Ron and Hermione were able to slip into sweet exhaustion in the tent, Harry just had to make himself as comfortable as possible on the spongy ground of the moors and try not to fall asleep.

Just when he was worried he was losing the battle to sleep, the alarm stone in his pocket heated gently. He pulled the parchment tube from his pack and reached into it for the newest message from HQ. Then he read it three times over, never quite believing his eyes. He’d been searching every nook and cranny of the country for four months now and he’d only managed to find one more elusive horcrux, and still had no idea how to destroy it. And now, from nowhere, without warning, help had just appeared? No warning, no prophecy. Just some random Yank showing up with vital information. But from the letter McGonagall had sent she trusted this intelligence implicitly. And she wanted Harry, Ron and Hermione to return to headquarters at once to meet with this Mr. Jackson.

He had learned the hard way not to trust gifts like this. He hadn’t learned when Cedric had died, even though he should have. He’d learned it hard the day they’d lost Sirius. It had been hammered in when Dumbledore had been murdered. And then again when they lost the ever-smiling face of Seamus. And yet again, when Harry’s own smile had become so terribly deformed by a well-aimed cutting hex. He was battle scared and battle weary.

And now he had some thinking to do.

He let Ron and Hermione sleep until the sun rose, and when they questioned why he hadn’t woken them for their shifts, he just handed over the parchment without a word.

“So… we’re going back to headquarters?” Ron looked so hopeful it made Harry’s heart break just a little.

“Hermione, are we sure this message is secure?”

“Well, we don’t think that the Death Eaters have any idea about the system. And even if they did, in order for the activation stone to work, they would have to know where she keeps it. And no one knows that. It has to be genuine.” There was the same spark of hope in her eyes, echoing what he saw in Ron’s.

Harry sighed and flicked his wand, packing and clearing the campsite. “Alright. We go.”


Daniel was up before most of the household, he took his time in the shower and then went to the kitchen. He was lucky enough to find a tin of coffee, but couldn’t find a coffee pot, or a plug. He took a pot from the cupboard and sighed in relief when he found a French press; at least he wouldn’t have to strain coffee grounds from his cup. It took some doing to figure out the ancient gas stove, but he managed enough to boil water for coffee.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I’ve overslept,” Molly bustled into the kitchen in a long, knitted dressing gown.

“It’s not a problem, I managed,” Daniel smiled at her. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Where on earth did you find that press?” she stared at the gleaming glass.

“It was in the cupboard behind the coffee pot,” he gestured to the wild-west-looking pot on the stove.

“Sirius did so love his coffee in the mornings,” her voice was wistful.


“This was his house,” she gave a painful smile that Daniel knew all too well.

“How long ago did you lose him?”

“Going on three years now. He was Harry’s godfather. This is all Harry’s now. Mind you, I don’t think he much wants it.”

“You cared for him.”

There was the sad smile again, “Harry didn’t have the best of childhoods, Arthur and I do try of course, but there’s always the feeling that he keeps himself distant. He didn’t do that with Sirius. He loved Sirius like a father… or perhaps like a favored sibling. They had such short time together.”

“Where are his parents?”

“Harry’s? Well of course you wouldn’t know, you being a Muggle and an American to boot. His parents were murdered before his second birthday, murdered by You Know Who.”

“The Voldemort person Headmistress McGonagall spoke of?” he saw her shudder at the name.

“I’ve never really been able to stomach hearing that name. Dumbledore always said it without fear, but I’ve never managed. He’s so terrible, so evil, and the stain of that evil… well it’s shrouded most of my life. We, as a people, don’t say his name. Don’t even print it in the papers.”

“That’s a lot of power you’re handing over to him.”

“That’s what Dumbledore said,” again, the sad smile. “And I do try. Encourage the children to say it. Harry and Hermione are the best at it of course, but then they weren’t raised in our world.”

“They weren’t raised in the Wizarding world?”

“No. Hermione is Muggleborn, and Harry was raised by his Muggle aunt and uncle.”

Daniel was going to ask why Harry had had such bad childhood if he’d been raised by family, but was cut off by three distinct popping sounds, followed by Molly jumping up with an enormous smile on her face.

“Ron! Hermione! Oh and Harry dear!” She gathered the three into a group hug. “Oh I’m so happy you’re back, and all in one piece. Sit down, I’ll make you all a nice fry up, you must be starved. Would you like a shower first? Fresh towels in the linen closets.” She was a bustle of activity, starting a massive breakfast and moving to touch one of the three every few seconds, assuring herself that they truly were there.

Daniel took a moment, while Molly was running reign on the kitchen, to look at the newcomers. None of them were children, even though they were young. The tallest boy was a red head, and clearly one of Molly’s brood; his bright blue eyes looked relieved to be in the kitchen, brimming with a mist of tears when his mother brought him into a tight hug. The girl had a mass of brown, curly hair and warm brown eyes that held a spark not unlike Sam’s. Then there was the shorter boy, that must be Harry Potter; he had a thick mop of unruly, jet black hair, bright green eyes behind his round, silver-framed glasses; there was a lightning bolt shaped scar in the middle of his forehead and a second, nasty-looking scar that stood out against his dark stubble, it started at the top of his right cheek and ended at the left corner of his chin, making it look like he was scowling and unfriendly, it was a serious face that framed those tired eyes.

“Actually, mum, a shower sounds heavenly,” Ron smiled.

Harry had been staring at Daniel, they had been studying each other. “You must be Mr. Jackson.”

“I am. But, please, call me Daniel. You’re Mr. Potter?”

“I am.”

“Harry, dear, you and Daniel can talk later, go on up and get yourself a bath and when you come down, you can talk over breakfast. Go on now.”

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley,” Harry’s scarred smile was lopsided and menacing, but his eyes held a softness for the woman.

“They look like they’ve been through the wringer,” Daniel observed after the trio were out of the room.

“They have,” Molly sighed. “Oh but how I wish this war had never been, that they could just be children. Oh I know the Ministry says they’re adults, but none of them are yet eighteen.”

“I thought eighteen was the age of adulthood in England?”

“Oh, for the Muggles, yes it is. But our children finish their education at seventeen, most of them. Terrible thing for war to fall on ones so young. Mind you, I’m proud of all of them.”

“Wars are usually fought by the young,” Daniel said, as he made himself another cup of coffee. “Some say it’s the bravado and righteous indignation that leads them to fight.”

“And what do you say?”

“I’ve seen too many of the young die. There’s nothing glorious in war, even when it’s necessary.”

“You’re a soldier then?”

“No, but I work with the military.”

“And you’ve fought?”

“More than I ever wanted to. But some good has come of it.”

“We’re all far too busy trying to destroy this world, if you ask me.”

“I’d have to agree with you on that one.”

“They’re here!” Fred and George announced in unison as they bounded into the room.

“I know they are, come get yourselves some breakfast.”

“I hope we get a chance to visit a bit-“

“-Before we have to open the shop.”

“Oh, certainly you boys can wait on that a bit, just for today. We so seldom see them anymore.”

“Sorry mum-“

“-Free enterprise waits for no one.”

“You two own a shop?” Daniel questioned.

“Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes,” Fred proclaimed proudly.

“We’re a joke shop.”

“The best joke shop in the country,” Molly smiled. “And some of their ideas have been used by the Aurors.”

“The Aurors?” Daniel questioned. “Those are the Wizarding police, right? Tonks is a member?”

“That’s right,” George smiled. “See, Fred, he wasn’t asleep in his pudding last night.”

Fred just elbowed his twin and reached for the toast that Molly had just put on the table.

“Fred, we’re waiting for everyone for breakfast!” Molly scolded. “This is the first time those three have been home in four months. Now be a dear and put a warming charm on the ham.”

“Yes mum,” Fred did as he was asked, but didn’t look happy about it.

“So you guys have to use those wands? To… focus the magic?”

“Some really powerful witches and wizards can do wandless,” Fred said around his toast.

“And there are potions for nearly everything,” George picked up.

Daniel perked up on hearing that. “Tell me, does sage have anything to do with protection?”

“Oh yeah, sage is a fairly normal protection ingredient.”

“It’ll work, even for Squibs and Muggles. How’d you know that?”

“Something I picked up along the way,” Daniel smiled, even as he felt Merlin laughing in the back of his mind.

“For a Muggle, you know a lot. And you don’t react like most to magic.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Granger gawk at everything, and their daughter’s a witch.”

“Those are Hermione’s parents?”

“Yeah,” George nodded.

“But you don’t act like that,” Fred continued. “You’re interested, but not… you know.”

“Scared?” Daniel offered.

“Yeah, I guess that’s part of it.”

“Takes a lot to scare me anymore.”

“What is it you do?” Fred leaned forward, ready for a good bit of dirt.

“I was going to ask that myself,” Harry said from the doorway. He was clean and pressed and shaved now, his hair was still damp from the shower. But the scar that bisected his face was still new and angry-looking.

“I’m primarily used as a linguist.”

“A linguist?” Harry questioned, his eyes hard.

“I speak… a lot of languages.”

“And you work for the American military?”

“I do, yes.”

“Doing what?”

“Harry, don’t grill the poor man over breakfast,” Molly scolded lightly. “Come and have a seat, would you like some tea?”

“I’ll take some of that coffee,” Harry nodded to the pot as he sat beside Fred.

Daniel smiled as he passed it over, “Hope you like it strong, Cam says my coffee has given him half the hair on his chest.”

“Hear that, Harry, there’s hope for you yet,” George teased.

“Oh yeah, George, you’re such a bear,” Harry teased back.

Within moments everyone from last night, as well as Ron and Hermione, were settling in around the table and tucking into the wonderful tasting fry up Molly had cooked.

Daniel watched the interactions of the family that sat around the table. They were loving and teasing, most of the teasing was done by the brothers of course, and though he saw softness in Harry’s eyes that spoke of caring for everyone in this room, but the young man never smiled more than a slight upturn at the corners of his scarred mouth.

Just over an hour after the flurry of the meal had begun, most of the group was heading out through the fire to their jobs for the day. There were hugs all around, and even a few misty eyes as they said good-bye to the trio. It was strange to Daniel, for a moment, to see just how much faith they all put in three such young people. But then again, how many times had people looked to SG-1? War was war and every war needed heroes. It was just strange that this war’s heroes were so damned young. Merlin hadn’t been kidding when he’d called Harry, The Boy Who Lived, he wasn’t much more than a boy.

Daniel insisted on helping Molly with the dishes, but she wouldn’t hear of it, instead she sent them all up to the sitting room for the exchange. Daniel just hoped that he had had enough to eat so that his body would have the fuel for the talk they needed to have.

“McGonagall says that I should trust you,” Harry said as soon as the door was closed.

“I’m not asking for blind trust, Mr. Potter. May I call you Harry?”

“If you want.”

“Do you trust Ron and Hermione?”

“With my life.”

“Alright then. I’m going to have to ask you all to swear on your wands that you won’t repeat what’s said here. I would ask for an unbreakable vow, but since I’m a Muggle that wouldn’t work.”

“You seem to know a lot about magic, for a Muggle.”

“My source is a good one.”


“I can’t tell you that until I have your word.”

“Seems a little one-sided for someone who doesn’t want blind faith,” Hermione spoke up.

“That’s an excellent point,” Daniel smiled. He allowed Merlin to come forward.

“I swear to you on the Old Rites, the Laws of Merlin, that this information is vital to you and the war. By the Prince of Enchanters, I swear this to you, no harm will come to you or your side.” Just as he had before, Merlin let a wave of power, just a small one, roll out from Daniel’s body.

“You said you’re a Muggle!” Harry gasped.

“All will be revealed. But I need your word first.”

“Harry,” Ron spoke up, his face pale. “We should do it.”


“What he just said, mate, it’s old magic.”

“How old?”

“That’s the magic that holds Hogwarts together. Harry, it’s Merlin’s magic. And it’s an unbreakable vow… or as close as a Muggle can come to it.” He pulled out his wand and laid it across his palm. “I swear by my magic and my wand that what is said and done in this room today will never be revealed by me.” There was a small, warm breeze as the spell ended.

Hermione looked from Harry to Ron and back several times before she did as Ron had done.

“If you try to harm any of the Order, I will end you,” Harry warned as he pulled out his wand and swore the same oath.

“Thank you all,” Merlin smiled. “Now I will tell you that you are not speaking to Dr. Daniel Jackson.”

“What?!” Harry demanded, pointing his wand at Daniel’s heart.

“Two months ago I met Daniel, a normal human being who had managed to join our ranks. He came to me as a Champion, and I joined him in a fight that I had fought when I was still in my own body.”

“I don’t understand,” Harry shook his head.

“I joined with Dr. Jackson to fight in his war. But I am not unaware of what’s happening within the hidden world here on Earth. It pains me greatly that the heir of my student has turned to such darkness.”

“Your student?” Harry questioned.

“Yes, Harry. Have you not realized who I am?”

“I can’t say that I have, no.”

“I am Merlin, father of your magical world.”

“But Merlin is dead. You can’t be him. How could you be in the body of an American linguist if you’ve been dead for over a thousand years?”

Daniel came to the fore again. “This is the part where your oath is going to come into play. Merlin wasn’t human.”

“WHAT?!” three indignant voices called in unison.

“He was a member of a race of people very similar to our own. They were called the Ancients. They were nearly wiped out by a plague. They came here to escape the plague, but many actually had to ascend to a higher plane of existence. There was a war among two ascended races, and Merlin was a warrior in that war. That war is still being waged. I came into contact with Merlin in order to create a weapon that he had designed, a weapon that would fight the Ori –they’re the other, admittedly evil, race of ascended beings- and now… it seems like he’s decided to stay.”

“You’re saying that Merlin… Merlin is… an alien?” Hermione’s voice was disbelieving.

“Pretty much, yeah,” Daniel nodded.

“Then how did you meet him?”

“I will remind you of your oath, once again. What I am about to tell you is classified under section 11C9 of the National Security Act of the United States, and section G3449A of the UN’s International Treaty Alliance. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the exact classification here in the UK, sorry. In 1928 in Giza, Egypt, Archaeologists uncovered an ancient device, capable of instantaneous transportation to other planets by means of a subspace wormhole. I won’t bore you with the exact details of how it works, but I could get you a meeting with Sam, if you feel like you need the more technical version of events. At any rate, for a long time the government didn’t know what the device did, but they knew that it was important and powerful. Fast foreword to eleven years ago. I told you that I’m a linguist, but I’m also an archeologist and an anthropologist. I was busy throwing away my chances at an illustrious career, when I was approached by Catharine. I was offered a job for the Air Force, a job translating the cover stone. I wasn’t told anything about the device until after I had finished the translation. To make a long story short, a few days later, I was on another planet.

“Ten years ago Stargate Command was brought to fruition. I am a member of a team called SG-1 and I run the archeo-linguistics department on base. Last year we came into contact with the Ori and not too long after that, I began searching for Merlin’s weapon. I had no idea at the time that in order to get the weapon, I’d end up with an Ancient in my head.

“The thing is, Harry, that half of his knowledge is totally useless to me. I don’t have any magic within me. And whenever Merlin manages a little nudge, like he did earlier for you, it exhausts me. What Merlin wants, and I have to agree would be best, is if we give you the magical half of his knowledge and I keep the technological alien half of his knowledge. He assures me that you can do that without turning my brain to oatmeal… which sounds good.”

“You’re… you’re offering me the mind of Merlin?” Harry’s voice was awed.

“Magical knowledge does me no good. Frankly, it gives me a headache.”

“How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

Merlin spoke again, “Have you a Pensive?”

“Not here I haven’t, no.”

“I was hoping I could give you a memory that way.”

“I think it’s worth the risk, mate,” Ron said, just as much in awe as Harry. “I mean, think about it, you could have the knowledge of Merlin! Just think on that a minute, would you?”

“If you’ve been off the planet for a thousand years… how did you know about the war?” Harry challenged.

“I was an ascended being, living on a plane that is above this one. I have not turned my back on the world here that I helped to create. The device that brought me to Daniel Jackson was originally only intended to give enough of my knowledge to build the weapon.”

“What happened?” Hermione asked, fascinated.

“I went to the world where the transfer and the subsequent building of the weapon were to take place, to watch over the builder, to make sure that they did not damage themselves, and to make sure that they were not for the Ori cause. I was able to retake my physical body, which was waiting in stasis, so that I could interact with the Champion who came.”

“To make sure that the weapon didn’t fall into the hands of the enemy,” Harry nodded.

“That is correct,” Merlin smiled.

“So what happened that you went from passive observer to living within his mind?”

“This is where the story becomes complex. Daniel and his team were being pursued by the Orisi, the human-born leader of the Ori in this galaxy. My physical body was old, despite the best efforts of keeping it in stasis, I had slept too long. I could not build the weapon. But I could put myself into the machine. I could then put myself into the mind of the Champion. I could do that with Daniel Jackson because he had once been one of us, he had been accepted to the ranks of the ascended beings. His mind would accept me and my knowledge. At first he did not know what I had done, he assumed that my presence in his mind was just a byproduct of the machine’s purpose. He was unaware what I had done.”

“So he finished the weapon and you got stuck?”

“It wasn’t quite as simple as that, Harry. The Orisi did indeed catch up with Daniel’s team before the weapon was completed. And Daniel used most of the power I had given him to save the lives of his friends. He was left alone with the Orisi.

“I was the one who had put him in that predicament. I was the one who had… subtlety nudged him towards the weapon. I did it knowingly. I chose him as my Champion, I would not, could not leave him to die at the hands of the Ori.”

“You saved him?” Hermione smiled.

“In a way, we saved each other. I had been so caught up, for so long, I had forgotten what it was to have friends, to make your family… to love enough to die for it. He has given me that again. And so, I think, will you, Harry.”

Daniel suddenly stumbled and sat with a bounce in a dusty wingchair, only to sneeze rather promptly. “Sorry, I’m sorry. It takes so much to do that. I just… I need to sit down for a minute. You can talk to me, but I need to sit.”

“Daniel, if I were to take part of Merlin into my mind… would this happen to me?”

“No, it wouldn’t. Merlin himself left me a week ago. He saw to it that I was rescued and then he pulled away from me, taking with him… a terrible thing that was done to me while I was a prisoner of the Ori.”

Hermione conjured a glass of water and handed it to Daniel.

“Thank you,” he smiled at her as he sipped the water. “But his knowledge was left, it was hidden in my mind, but it was still there. I can only assume that he stayed nearby, to make sure that I got home safely, to make sure the Ori couldn’t come and capture me again. I also assume, since he waited until I was out of the infirmary and home, to come to me and tell me about you, that he came here and saw the situation.”

“He said that he keeps an eye on us, since he helped create our society. Why didn’t he help sooner?”

“Harry, you have no way of knowing just how long he has lived. The… scope of his life is beyond you… beyond me… and he’s in my head,” Daniel gave half a laugh. “Think about it, he has lived for thousands and thousands of years. Ten thousand years ago, that’s about when he first ascended, that was after an entire lifetime. And then for nine thousand years he was an ascended being. A thousand years ago he retook physical form in order to help King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, to establish much of the societal structure of England… and apparently to teach magic. And then he ascended again in order to fight the Ori. Think about that kind of length of life, Harry. Checking in on England and the Wizarding society even once every decade is like every time he blinks. And I’m here now, bringing him with me in a very real way. He’s trying Harry. That’s why I’m here. Why… we’re here.”

“Will it hurt?” Harry asked. “That much knowledge, will it hurt?”

“I won’t lie to you, it’s not comfortable at first. But then again, you’re not going to have the full scope of Merlin’s memories. He may duplicate a few of the memories that we both need, but you won’t have him, at least not on a permanent basis… I can’t guarantee that he won’t… pop in from time-to-time, but for the most part, this is a gift of magic… old magic, which I assume is important because he just shouted in my head. It’s strange, when he’s here, he’s… chatty. But when I was a prisoner to the Orisi, when she… changed me…” he had to stop for a minute, had to breathe through the memory of Adria clawing through his mind. And then he felt Merlin’s presence there, warm and reassuring, pushing the thoughts back. Letting him breathe again. “Sorry. It wasn’t a fun experience, to say the least. But he protected me through it. And then we came up with a plan that not only protected the weapon and got me home, but also sent the weapon to the Ori galaxy. We pulled the pin and threw the grenade into their house… essentially.

“He kept me safe, stayed with me when it was important. I can’t imagine that he would do less for you. That wouldn’t make any sense. He’s come a long way to get to you, Harry. He calls you a Champion. And from that look in your eyes, I think he’s right.

“Any more questions?”

“Too many to count,” Harry said honestly. “Could I talk to him… before?”

“That’s tricky. The Ancients have a policy, a very strict policy, of non-interference with the lower planes. That’s kind of why they kicked me out. But there are loopholes. For instance, as long as Merlin isn’t here physically then they can’t prove that he’s here.”

“I don’t understand, why would they have those rules?” Hermione asked. “That doesn’t make any sense, if you can help, you should help. That’s just fair.”

“Life isn’t fair, Hermione,” Daniel said softly. “I’m sorry, but it’s not. And no matter how much you think it should be, it never will be. And it sucks.”

“No need to sugar coat,” Harry muttered.

“Sorry, these,” he tapped his glasses, “haven’t been rose-tinted in a long damned time. And I don’t think yours have been either.”

“Alright, let’s do it,” Harry nodded determinedly.

“You’re certain?” Daniel asked.

“I am.”

“Alright. Just remember, no oatmeal for brains.”

“Just hold still a moment. You make it sound like there’s a lot, so this may take more than one go.” He put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder, looked in the older man’s blue eyes, pressed the tip of his wand to Daniel’s temple, and began to pull out the first of a long string of memories.

And then in a white flash they were both gone from the room.

“What the hell are you doing? I have twenty more hours!” Daniel shouted when he realized he was standing on the bridge of the Odyssey.

“Where are we?” Harry asked, quickly hiding his wand.

“You were supposed to be in with Prime Minister Blair,” Colonel Paul Emerson looked shocked at the extra person they had beamed.

“Don’t worry, he was just given clearance through the Prime Minister’s office,” Daniel said. “But we probably should get him back down there. We were kind of in the middle of something.”

“How did we-? Daniel, tell me what’s going on!”

“Harry, welcome to the Odyssey. You are currently in geosynchronous orbit above Earth. Seriously, turn around, you can see the planet.” He took just a moment to witness Harry’s wonder at seeing Earth from orbit, to remember that awe in himself, and then he turned back to Emerson. “What’s going on?”

“We received word that you were in trouble, and that we were to beam you up to the Odyssey immediately. You weren’t in danger?”

“No I wasn’t in danger! I was in a very important meeting with Mr. Potter. Lieutenant Colonel Davis knew where I was, I have a check-in with him in twenty hours.”

“Wait,” Harry turned around, shock on his face, “how did they know where to find you?”

“I have a sub-dermal locator beacon in my arm, it’s standard issue,” Daniel said calmly.

“Send us back now!” Harry cried.

“What’s going on?” Daniel didn’t understand the sudden panic. If Harry were to panic, surely he would have done it when they first arrived on the bridge.

“If they could find you with that thing… then maybe the Death Eaters have found headquarters. They are in danger, we have to go back now!”

“Emerson, who gave the order?”

“Agent Jane Paris.”



“Harry’s right, send us back now, and have Agent Paris held as a suspected member of the Trust. Captain, I need your sidearm. Now, Emerson!”

In another flash they were back in the sitting room, Ron and Hermione had their wands out in an instant, both pointed at Daniel’s chest.

“Put those down,” Harry said. “We may be in trouble. Is your mum still in the kitchen?”

“She should be,” Ron said even as he was running down the hallway.

“You think they can use that thing in your arm to get around the Fidelius Charm on the house?” Molly was pale.

“I think they were willing to take the risk,” Daniel said, his jaw tight.

“What does all that mean?” Ron’s hands were shaking just a bit from the shock of Harry’s disappearance and then the heightened tension at the thought of Grimmauld Place was open to attack.

“It could mean that the Death Eaters have ties to the Trust,” Daniel sighed.

“What do we do?” Harry was all action.

“We go through with the transfer while all of us are here in this room. If your hiding charm has been broken, it’s best we don’t separate. Hopefully they don’t know why I’m here, but I can’t guarantee that. What I can guarantee is that their agent is in a cell by now, hopefully being questioned as we speak. You’ll let the SGC worry about the Trust, you worry about the Death Eaters.”

“Will that plan work?”

“Here’s hoping. But I want you all in physical contact with me, just in case,” he put a hand in the middle of the table. “If I am beamed out again, we all go.”

Harry took a deep breath and started the transfer again.


Two hours later both Harry and Daniel had a headache, but the knowledge had all been transferred. Merlin was now in both of their minds.

“I think that’s it,” Daniel panted. “Any more and you may just end up with me in there too,” he gave a small laugh.

“My head… I feel so… full.”

“You seriously have Merlin, the Merlin in your brain? That’s brilliant, that is!” Ron was smiling ear-to-ear.

“There’s other stuff in here too… stuff that’s not magic,” Harry frowned.

“I told you that he may give us each memories that we think should belong to the other,” Daniel took a drink of water. “He warned me about that, but his explanations were cryptic at best. I figure he just wasn’t willing to take any chances.”

“How do you feel, Daniel?” Hermione asked.

“Like the weight of ten worlds are off of my shoulders. He’s not here anymore, just me in my head, you have no idea how good that feels.”

“I remember how good it used to feel,” Harry gave half a smile, it was the biggest smile Daniel had seen out of him.

“Do you know now, Harry, do you know how to defeat him?” Ron bit his lip.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment, searching the vast amount of knowledge that was now stuffed into his brain. “I don’t know,” he said at last. “I think I know… I just…”

“Don’t know yet?” Daniel supplied, remembering when Jack had last had the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain.

“Yeah. That’s it exactly.”

“You will, give it time. Now I’m going to have to go.”

“But… what if they come?” Molly grabbed the collar of her shirt close to her throat.

“This is our war, Mrs. Weasley,” Harry said somberly. “Daniel has to get back to his own war.”

“I wish you were wrong. Listen, this is my cell –sorry mobile- number, and this is the mobile number for Colonel Paul Davis, he knows what I’m doing here. If you ever need me, just call.”

“Think I’ll ever get to see that view from the Odyssey again?” Harry asked.

“I think there’s a distinct possibility.”

“Well, if you ever need magic… you know where to find me.”

“Right, I just call the Prime Minister’s office and talk to the secretary. I just wish there was something more I could do to help. This seems kind of… anticlimactic.”

“You’ve given me what I need to win the war, and… even an odd reminder of what I’m fighting for,” Harry said softly. “It’s enough.”

“I’ll make sure the Trust isn’t another front coming for you, they’re in my world.”

“I appreciate it.”

“Any idea how I get back to my hotel?”


As soon as Daniel was packed up in his hotel room, he used his cell to call Paul and arrange for the Odyssey to beam him up again, the sooner he got back to the SGC the sooner he could deal with the possible link between the Death Eaters and the Trust. It was the least he could do to help the boy Champion of a hidden war.

The End

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