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The Trouble That Tomorrow Brings

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Summary: When Dawn Summers begins her freshman year at Cal-Sci, the last thing she expected was to find something that felt a little bit like family: especially after what had happened with Buffy.

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Television > Numb3rs > Dawn - Centered(Past Donor)gemmiFR72222,16211178111,0091 Jun 0724 Sep 07No

Chapter 22

Typical disclaimer applies: not mine. Not even remotely mine.

A/N: Enjoy the update! I'm working on the next part, and it might actually be out fairly soon! Imagine that. *shakes head* Hope all is going well for everyone.


It was a relatively short drive, and before Charlie knew what was happening the car was pulling into a driveway and Xander was all but hopping out. Charlie took a second to gather his belongings before following at a much more sedate pace. He knew something was about to be revealed, and while part of him was desperate for any information to make the situation make some type of sense, he knew Don would be much more resistant to the idea. And a bewildered Don was not something Charlie was in the mood to even think about, let alone deal with, today.

Charlie heard a discrete cough and looked behind him, startling when he noticed Rona was there, looking at him with hands on her hips.

“Professor,” She greeted him with the utmost respect, while still asking countless questions with her eyes.

“Rona,” Charlie nodded to her before stepping out of the SUV and closing the door behind him, his laptop clutched tightly in his right hand.

“He’s with me,” Xander said to Rona, causing Charlie to do a slight double-take. He thought Xander would be over in the thick of investigators by now, flashing some type of credential around and trying to explain. People didn’t typically use Apocalypse in everyday conversation, so the explanation would probably involve other words, other sentiments.

“Okay,” Rona replied.

“How’d you get here so fast?” Xander questioned as the three of them began to walk over towards the law enforcement huddle.

“You’d be surprised how fast I can travel,” Rona said cryptically.

“Was Willow at all involved?”

Charlie knew that question meant something, probably significant, but it didn’t make much sense. So what if Rona got a lift from this Willow person—there were other things to figure out now, including why Xander and Rona seemed so at home in this environment.

“No, dad.” Rona rolled her eyes. “I drove—see that car over there, past the hedges? It’s mine.”

“Nice—“ Xander looked at it critically, as if decided the fate of the free world rested on his proclamation. “Want to teach Buffy how to drive? She can use all the help she can get.” Which, for some reason, sent Rona off into fits of laughter. And then suddenly, they were there, right by the group.

“Don?” Xander called out. “Agent Eppes?”

A figure began pushing through the crowd, and soon Don was in front of him. “Xander, my man.” Don smiled. “Thanks for driving my wayward brother down here, I appreciate it. Doesn’t look like it’s my case though.”

Xander took a deep breath, about to explain that it was in fact his, when a voice startled him. “Agent Eppes! I see you’ve met our outside consultant Xander Harris, with the Council?”

Don looked up, shocked, when his boss suddenly materialized in front of him. “Sir,” he said immediately.

“Oh, relax Don.”

“Yes sir.” Don replied, still trying to figure out exactly why his boss was at the crime scene—surely not just to introduce Xander to him, which lead to another thought.

“Outside consultant?” Don looked at Xander warily. “What exactly is going on, Xander?”

Xander looked at the group sheepishly before smiling widely and grinning: “Surprise!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Trouble That Tomorrow Brings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Sep 07.

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