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Scaring Snyder

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Summary: Principal Snyder demands that not only do the ‘volunteers’ dress up, but in such a way that they are scary to some group.

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Star Wars > GeneralDukenFR71350162,3561 Jun 071 Jun 07Yes
As usual, I own nothing.

BtVS/Old Republic SW

Boy’s Locker Room, Monday
It was after first period gym and the entire group was complaining about how someone, no one had a clue who, had pissed the Troll off enough to assign the entire male half of the student population escort duty on Friday. Miss Chase was the only girl assigned, for laughing too loudly when the duties were assigned during the assembly last Friday. Off in one corner, Jonathan grinned. Raising his voice, the boy offered a suggestion. “Why don’t we scare Snyder?”

Assent murmured throughout the room. “How?” One of the jocks asked, and nobody had a response.

Xander piped up. “Clones of me? Maybe it will scare him to death.”

Gagging noises echoed loudly through the space, until Jonathan spoke up again. “What if I said it would work without those ugly shirts? Helmet’s too, easy face-making.”

Tuesday Afternoon, Costume Shop
Ethan Rayne looked dawn at the list in his hands, before moving back to the two boys in front of him. “This many?” The order they were placing was massive, as if the…

“Whole male half of the school.”

…had been told to dress up.

Friday Night
Principal Snyder looked at the group of students before him. “This is not what you were told to do!” The little man yelled at the ranks of white armored students, each with a color trim on their armor. The only two people not in white were the head male troublemaker and Miss Chase.

“Sir, we are scary.” Xander protested. “They’re all clones of me.”

The troll’s head whirled around and glared at the boy, whose armor was brown with green trim. Livid, the dictator stomped over. “And you find this funny?”

Cordelia snickered again, her blue skin and two appendages hanging from the back of her skull hiding her identity from everyone not in the group.

An Hour Later
Larry picked himself off the ground and brought his blaster up; the calming green and blue glow on the wall to his left made him relax fractionally. “General Secura.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Scaring Snyder". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking