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Daddy, Can I Watch?

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Summary: College Age AU, Lindsey and Dean are friends, but Lindsey has a secret pastime he wants to share with his best friend. Basically a flimsy excuse for some extremely kinky PWP.

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Chapter One

Title: Daddy, Can I Watch?
Characters: Spike/Lindsey/Dean/John
Rating: NC-17
Summary: College Age AU, Lindsey and Dean are friends, but Lindsey has a secret pastime he wants to share with his best friend. Basically a flimsy excuse for some extremely kinky PWP.
A/N: A request from my friend, Vamptastica.
WARNINGS: Father/Son, Consenting Adults with Daddy!Kink. Ya'll know what's here. DIRTYBADWRONG.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, don’t sue
Beta: Denied Heaven

Dean didn’t know what Linds was going on and on about, but he’d just had to go through about a dozen different oaths and variations of swearing to secrecy to even get in the front door. Sometimes, he had the weirdest friends.

You’d think a guy in pre-law would have a level head on his shoulders. But with the way he was acting now, all quiet and secretive, you’d think that he was walking Dean into the proverbial lion’s den. They were just hanging out with Lindsey’s old man, after all. Guess the guy must have a load of valuables or something he was paranoid about.

The kitchen was huge, shining with that unearthly metal tone as Linds poured them a drink. He didn’t usually go for wine, but this was smooth and had a bit of a punch and Dean found himself going for another glass just as Lindsey’s dad walked in, hidden for a moment in the shadows of the room.

He’d met William, or Spike, before. Dean hadn’t believed the guy was Lindsey’s old man, with the stark blonde hair and razorsharp expression. But they had the same color eyes and the same sense of humor and Dean took it at their word. But tonight…

He couldn’t help notice the toned chest and stomach under the open silk robe, the matching gray pajama pants clinging to him as he slid up behind Lindsey, a possessive hand rubbing along the nape of the boy’s neck. It caused the brunette to shiver, dusky blue eyes hooded slightly at the touch.

“Did you tell him about the games ready for tonight, pet?”

“No, sir.” The hand disappeared down Lindsey’s back and he suppressed a shiver as he looked at Dean, flushing hard. “He’s cool, though. Made him swear not to talk and to let us know if he freaked out.”

“Good boy.” He purred the words and something warm coiled in Dean’s groin, making him shift on his stool. Then that intense blue caught his eyes, stilling him completely as Spike made his way over. “And how are you tonight, Winchester? Like the wine?”

“Oh, yeah Mr.-” He still felt weird calling the man Spike, but the first time they’d met the blonde had insisted. He swallowed the formal title, smiling as he curved a hand around the stem of his glass. “Spike. It’s great.”

A long fingered hand cupped over his and lifted the glass between them, thumb stroking along Dean’s wrist as Spike took a drink. He left the glass suspended between them a moment longer, thumb circling as he considered the younger man’s face. “Good.” The next was spoken to Lindsey, even as Spike held Dean’s gaze. “Baby? Why don’t you come here and join us.”

Something like an alarm went off in Dean’s head, but Spike held his hand over the glass, stroking, soothing as Lindsey came around the island, trying to show a little of his standard bravado even as his eyes kept nervously flitting between his father and his best friend.

“You see, Dean,” Spike’s voice was low, calming. “Me and Lindsey, we have a very…close relationship. We’re all we’ve got, you see, gotta make sure those ties that bind are good and strong, yeah?” A hand slid into Lindsey’s hair, all cockiness melting from the young man’s face as Spike tilted his head towards him. “Don’t see nothin’ wrong with it, either of us. Just two blokes who like each other’s company. What goes on behind closed doors is no business but our own, true?”

What he’d been wondering since Spike walked in finally settled into stark relief, his mouth wanting to drop open in shock. These two…I mean they….whoa.

Not that either of them were bad looking by any stretch of the imagination, Dean and Lindsey had been fooling around since day one of meeting each other. And Spike had been the lead in quite a few memorable dreams Dean had woken up hard and sticky from. He wasn’t blind.

But this was something off the charts, here. No wonder Lindsey had basically made him sign in blood that he wouldn’t talk about anything he saw. Thought the guy was being overdramatic.

But as Spike’s hand curled around Lindsey’s hip, he understood that he was truly out of his depth here.

“Something wrong, kiddo? Cat got your tongue?”

Dean’s eyes shot up to Spike’s face, then to Lindsey’s, eyes guarded but talking to him anyway, asking him not to freak, to hear him out, to not hate him in the morning.

“No, sir. Just…kinda surprised? I mean, don’t know why I’m here, if you want it to be a secret and all.”

Spike quirked an eyebrow, bringing Lindsey in tight against him as he murmured in his ear. “Seems you were right, darlin’. He’s damn loyal.” He looked back at Dean, tone warm and curling down the young man’s spine. “Sorry, just seem to be taking this quite well. Lindsey was afraid you’d run away hating him or some shite.”

Shrugging, Dean took another drink, now wishing he had something stronger. “Believe me, I’ve seen some crazy shit in my time. Most of it so scary that I’m probably scarred for life. This?” He motioned between the two men. “As long as it’s not hurting anybody, you do what you gotta do.”

“Never a truer bloody word.” There was an air of respect and thanks in Spike’s tone, before turning to his son, rolling him around so they were chest to chest. “You sure know how to pick ‘em, pet.”

“Why do you think he’s here, for moral support?” Lindsey smirked, eyes going to Dean with a little more confidence this time. “I’ve…got this thing, man. It’s no big deal if you won’t do it, but,” He paused, clearing his throat. “Was wondering if you’d like to watch. You know, me and Dad.”

Dean’s dick almost jumped right out of his pants at that prospect. He coughed, eyes wide with disbelief. “You, huh?”

Lindsey backpedaled a little, holding a hand up. “Like I said, you don’t have to do shit, Dean. I’m serious, just walk out that door and all I ask,” He spared a glance at Spike, whose fingers were reassuringly stroking the small of his back. “All we ask, is that you don’t tell anybody. But I thought I could trust you and, well,” He licked his lips, a small smile curving over one side. “I was really hoping you’d take us up on the offer.”

Dean sat back a little, taking in the sight in front of him. Spike in cool silk, the look of someone who knew the moves and just when to use them, and Lindsey in rough jeans and a tight t-shirt that set off those soft denim eyes. “I was your first choice, huh?”

Lindsey opened his mouth, but Spike was the one to answer, fingers squeezing that hip a little to keep his son silent. “Seems my boy has gotten quite an eye for you. Never stops chattin’ me up about you, what you boys did that day,” He grinned at Lindsey and the younger man turned his face away with a smirk. “Likes tellin’ me about your nights, too.”

Now that got Dean’s attention. He shifted on his seat, trying not to adjust himself too blatantly. Lindsey’d talked about foolin’ around with him. To his dad. And now, they were asking him into a threeway.

Shit, at least he could say his life was never boring.

“So, Dean my boy,” Spike brushed past Lindsey to drop a manful shoulder along Dean’s back. “Lindsey has this kink, shall we say. And he’d like you to help him out with it. That’s why you’re here.”

Lindsey leaned back against the cabinets, thumbs hooking into his belt loops as he looked at them both and licked his lips. Dean got the sudden impression he was putting himself on display and when the other boy splayed his fingers out, framing the package that was barely even hidden in his threadbare jeans, Dean was more than certain he was right.

Then lips were at his ear, brushing so softly that it sent electricity through his spine, and Spike breathed along the shell.

“How’d you like to watch me and my pretty boy have some fun, yeah? I’m sure it will be worth your while.”

Dean’s cock jumped so hard that he thought it was going to break the zipper and he lurched forward, stomach clenching with lust. “Oh fuck yeah, fuck yes I will.”

The satiny laugh in his ear poured down his neck and he swore that it was some tangible thing, rolling down his throat heavy and thick. “Exactly what I was hoping you’d say. Come on, baby boy.” He held his hand out to Lindsey, who took it without hesitation.

“Let’s show your little friend what Daddy can do.”

He couldn’t remember when the word “Daddy” became hot, but holy shit he was standing and whipping his shirt off as they went upstairs, his skin burning away in the sudden heat and he was sure as hell going to need something to wipe down with, from the looks of those two. Dean was more than aware of what Lindsey was capable of, but it seemed he had learned from a master.

And holy hell, he couldn’t wait to see what Spike had to show.

The bedroom was huge, filled with heavy wood and lush fabric. He really had walked into a lion’s den. Spike whispered something in Lindsey’s ear, so quiet that Dean couldn’t even guess what was said until his friend nodded and went to the bed, stripping off his clothes as Spike did the same.

“Get comfortable, pet, you’re gonna be here for awhile.” There was a promise in Spike’s voice and the younger man felt his heart shoot up in his chest a little, thumping wildly. His fingers suddenly felt thick, clumsy as he went for his fly, pulling his jeans off as quickly as he could without looking like an idiot. And then there was that long fingered hand curling around his wrist again, pulling him along, propping him up on a pile of pillows.

Lindsey crawled up next to him, a small, mischievous smile curving his lips as Dean tried to get comfortable and flashed him a small, nervous smile. “You’re gonna love this, man. Promise. Just relax and do what you feel like, alright?”

Swallowing and nodding, Dean clapped a hand on Lindsey’s shoulder in a strangely friendly, neutral gesture. “Whatever you say, Linds. I trust you, you know that.”

That was all Lindsey needed to hear. Flashing Dean another smile, he turned to look behind him and watch his father crawl up behind. Spike ran a hand up his spine, onto his nape, and Lindsey shivered, eyes falling closed.

“Your friend comfortable, baby?” Spike pulled Lindsey up to his hands and knees by the hair, a move that stole both of the younger men’s breath. It was like everything this man did was fucking liquid, sex and heat, making so much as a look in Dean’s direction turn him to a loyal follower. Something told him that if Spike asked him to do something, no matter what it was, he’d do it without question.

That should be damn scary, but at that moment, Dean honestly couldn’t give a shit.

Lindsey pressed back against Spike, craving the contact, licking his lips before answering. “Yeah dad, he’s more than ready.”

Those long fingers yanked at Lindsey’s hair, not enough to hurt but enough to make him arch and hiss. “Now now, baby boy. What do you call me when we’re on this bed?”

A pleased smirk grew on Lindsey’s face, eyes still closed, voice rough and low with lust as he spoke. “Daddy. I’m sorry, Daddy, it won’t happen again.”

“Damn right it won’t.” A sharp smack landed on Lindsey’s flank and he yelped, rocking back and forth against the burn as Spike petted and stroked the reddening skin.

“Oh, fuck me.”

Dean hadn’t realized he’d spoken until the words hung in the air, Spike’s laser blue eyes cutting into soft green as he maneuvered Lindsey at a better angle. Now, the Winchester boy could see every last thing they would be doing, once the ball really got rolling.

Spike was smirking, a rolling chuckle in his chest as he took hold of Lindsey and started stroking him, making the younger man gasp and rock gently into his father’s fist. “Want to show your little friend how Daddy does you up right? Show off how well you take my cock?”

“Oh god,” Linds was shaking now, arms trembling slightly as he tried to stay on his hands and knees. “Yes Daddy, want to be a good boy.”

Leaning over that gorgeous, tanned back, Spike grabbed the lube on the far nightstand, tossing it at Dean. “Gonna need it, sweetheart. Should be a long night.”

Of all the things to feel a flush creep up for, Dean wouldn’t expect it to be this. But he felt himself blush along his cheeks, his neck, picking the tube up and squeezing some onto his palm.

That was the moment Spike changed positions, moving in front of Lindsey with a hand fisted in his hair. Rising to his knees, he rubbed the wet tip of his cock along the plush lower lip of his son’s mouth, before popping it in to the sound of a welcome moan as the young brunette started sucking.

“God, you’re fuckin’ born for it, aren’t you, boy.” Spike rolled his hand in the thick hair on Lindsey’s head, pushing his hips forward gently until there was a slow, hot rhythm of Lindsey’s mouth sucking him in, Spike’s cock pushing itself inside. Every once in awhile Lindsey would make some noise, a few soft, muted whimpers, but every time Spike would just shush him and run a thumb over one smooth cheekbone, earning himself a shiver and a quiet compliance as Linds would continue to work around the thick length in his mouth.

The whole lurid scene was playing out right before Dean’s eyes and he couldn’t rip his gaze away, entranced and shocked at the sight. He’d never been this hard, unsure if it was because of the fact he was getting his own private sex show, or because it was too wrong for words, but whatever the reason he was hard as a rock, throat dry and sore from his shallow breathing.

His slick hand wrapped around himself and started stroking almost as if it had a mind of its own, the cool gel hitting his hot flesh so fast that it made him hiss. He was burning up, watching the two men in front of him with rapt attention, not wanting to miss a second.

Spike slid down under Lindsey, making the boy straddle his hips as he pulled him down for a steady, hot kiss that left both younger men trembling. “So hard for Daddy. You get that hard just from having my dick in your mouth?”

“Yes, Daddy. You taste so good.” The words were childish and more than a little dirty, but Lindsey’s voice was at that pitch Dean knew well, that pitch where he’d give anything to sink into that tight ass, or have Lindsey fuck him to hell and back.

Judging by the current situation, hell didn’t seem that unlikely an option anymore.

Grabbing the lube from beside Dean, Spike handed it to Lindsey with an arched brow. “Why don’t you prep yourself for me, pretty boy. Get yourself nice and slick.”

Lindsey nodded without question, opening the tube on command and squeezing a good amount out on his fingers. He tossed the tube back to Dean with a wink, then reached behind himself, rubbing and pressing his fingers into himself with a gasp.

Dean had to grab the base of his dick to stop himself from coming right there. His friend was arching, pushing his fingers in deeper, working them inside himself, Spike digging his fingers into his thighs as he urged him on.

“That’s it. Such a good little boy, stretching yourself out nice and wide for Daddy. Need the room, don’t you? Make me so thick and hard for you, just like a good baby.”

Dean moaned and his head fell back, stroking hard on his dick as Spike spurred Lindsey on with those fuckin’ filthy words and Lindsey’s needy sounds. When he opened his eyes again, he found Spike looking right at him, a pleased smile on his face.

“Don’t play too hard, we haven’t gotten to the main attraction.”

“Think if I busted a nut now, I’d still be able to get off again watchin’ you two.” And he almost believed it. Lindsey had definitely learned his tricks from his father, but there was something about Spike that Dean seriously believed could not be replicated. A kind of…deadly confidence, like he knew you were going to do what you were told. Or else.

When he’d gauged that Lindsey had had enough prep, Spike worked the squirming boy off his hips and settled back behind him, rocking his hard length between the round swells of Lindsey’s ass. “Want that cock inside you, pretty baby? Feel it fill you all up?”

Lindsey kneaded the sheets, breathing heavy as he tried to find his voice. “Yes Daddy, need you inside me so bad.”

In a flash, Spike had Lindsey up on his knees, flush to his chest as he cupped his throat. “Gonna come on Daddy’s cock? Like a good little whore?”

“Fuck…Daddy please, want you to fuck me.” Lindsey’s voice was reedy, his neck straining against the strong hand there. “Push that cock inside me.”

“Just what I wanted to hear.” He shoved Lindsey down to the mattress again, almost too rough, but Lindsey sure as hell didn’t seem to mind, body shaking as he propped himself up on his elbows, ass pushed up to Spike’s questing fingers. The images these two threw out only got hotter and hotter, Dean’s balls heavy and aching between his legs as he cupped them and stroked his rock hard cock.

“Gonna stuff you all up, baby boy. Just relax for me.” And then he was finally, finally pushing inside and Lindsey was mewling and Dean was bucking up into his own fist and goddamn if things got anymore intense, Dean was sure he was going to fucking die.

Spike was sure as hell trying to take his time, but Lindsey was desperate for it, pushing himself back onto the older man’s cock with more than a little youthful enthusiasm. Eventually Spike broke, his pace increasing as he gripped Lindsey’s hips, pounding him hard and fast.

Dean’s hand had long since taken on a mind of its own, flying over his slick length as he watched with hooded eyes, lips swollen from biting on them so much. “Goddamn, so fucking hot…”

Lindsey’s arms gave out, his whole upper body pressed into the mattress as Spike pounded him, cooing and grunting the whole way. His fingers dug in hard to the younger man’s hips, hands occasionally petting down his back, before one palm settled onto Lindsey’s shoulder blade, pinning him down as he drove in.

Lindsey cried out, fingers digging into the sheets as he was held down and fucked. “Daddy, Daddy please, too much, gonna come on your cock, please…”

“Can’t wait to see you, baby, screaming on my dick while you shake and come all over yourself. Come on, let Daddy see how good he makes you feel.”

That did it. Lindsey froze and then exploded, bucking so hard Dean thought he was going to pitch Spike right off. But the other man held on, eyes rolling up in the back of his head as Lindsey sobbed out his orgasm.

“That’s it, cry it out baby, sound so pretty when you cry.” Spike held on tight and thrust in one, two, three more times before he started to come, balls flush with Lindsey’s ass as he shot deep into the boy. All the while, Lindsey shook and whimpered, his eyes fluttering open wide and mindless to catch Dean’s.

The orgasm hit Dean like a truck, body locking up so tight he thought he was going to break something. He jackknifed, head thrown back as shot after shot rushed out of him, limbs and stomach jerking and twitching as if he’d been shocked.

When he came to, both men had relaxed, skin sweaty and slick as they were curled up on the bed. Spike was behind Lindsey, petting down his chest, Lindsey’s eyes heavy and sated.

Spike lifted a brow as Dean turned his head, petting down Lindsey’s side. “Did you enjoy that, pet?”

A broken laugh was all Dean could manage, Lindsey laughing at him as he tried to speak. “You couldn’t tell?”

Dean got a genuine smile out of Spike then, looking down at Lindsey with a contented look on his face. “Anything for my boy. Can’t say it wasn’t fun, of course, but Lindsey’d been dyin’ for an audience.”

“And I was right, it was fuckin’ awesome.” Lindsey stretched, smirking at Dean. “Although, if you’re ever up to joining us, I can always ask daddy if you can sleep over.”

Dean snorted, shaking his head at Lindsey’s childish tone. “Hey man, if your dad says it’s ok, I’m down.”

Linds looked up expectantly at Spike, getting a long, slow kiss in answer. When the kiss ended, Spike held out a hand to Dean, pulling him in closer, the three of them pressed up against one another, skin hot and sensitive.

“Your little friend can stay over as much as he likes.”
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