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A Life Even More Less Ordinary

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Summary: Xander finds out his dad isn't his biological father

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Charmed > Xander-CenteredazulambarFR718141175,4361 Jun 071 Jun 07Yes
Title: A Life Even More Less Ordinary

Author: Azulambar


Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own no part of BTVS or Charmed

Xander sat in his car, looking up at the red turn-of-the-century house that loomed above him. He had spent the last thirty minutes trying to work up the nerve to go knock on the door, but still was not ready. It was strange to be so scared with no vampires around, but then it's not every day you meet long-lost family.

It had been just after graduation when his mom had pulled him aside and told him the truth about his father. She told him she was dating another man when Xander was conceived, but by the time she realized she was pregnant they had already split up. Apparently his real father was not the type to settle down. So when she met Joe, fell in love and got married, she decided it was best to let Xander think Joe was his father. She must have thought he would make a better father figure.

It had been such a relief to find out that Joe was not his father. And he had been so excited about meeting his real father that he set out immediately afterwards on a summer road trip to try to track him down. He had not even taken the time to tell Buffy and Willow about his news, only that he was going on a road trip. His plan was to tell them all about it after meeting his father. At least that had been the plan. After two months of dead ends, he still had no idea where his father was. It seemed his mother was right, his father never seemed to stay anywhere for longer than a few months. The best Xander had managed was to track down children from his father's first marriage, three girls, his half-sisters.

So now Xander sat outside his sisters' house, trying to muster up the courage to go and introduce himself. But what do you say to family that have no idea you exist?

“Alright, Xander” he said to himself, rubbing his hands together as he got down to business. “Let's figure out what you're gonna say, then get up there and get this over with.” He took a deep breath and tried his first conversation starter.
“Hi! My name is Xan...” He trailed off shaking his head. That wasn't right, they would think he was a door-to-door salesman.
“Hello...uh...” Hmm, then what? Think!
“Hi so uh my name is Xander Harris and I think I am your brother.” Was his next sarcastic attempt. “Ha! That'll go over well!”

He'd think of something to say; but right now he felt silly sitting out here in the car doing nothing. He got out of the car and began the trek up to the front door. Maybe he could come up with what to say before he reached the door if he walked slowly enough.

Slowly he crept up the steps to the first landing, pondering to himself, “Should I lead off with my name? Or mention our dad first? Maybe start up a conversation, then subtly work in the fact that we're related? Why is that old lady staring at me?

Xander was shaken from his deliberation by the realization that he must look strange climbing these steps so slowly, as evidenced by the suspicious looks he was receiving from the neighbor lady next door. So he smiled at her and waved. She waved back, looking no less suspicious, in fact maybe a little bit more so. “Whatever, lady, you don't scare me. I deal with vampires on a daily- nightly- basis.” he muttered under his breath.

Hmm – vampires, he had almost forgotten about those. It was a safe bet his sisters would have no idea that those exist – or demons or witches, for that matter. Hopefully, he will get close enough to his new family that he will be able to tell them all about his secret life in Sunnydale. On the other hand, it might be nice to have people in his life that were not magical. In fact, he was really looking forward to normal conversations about the music and movies instead of stakes and crossbows.

He finally reached the door, and raised his hand ready to knock. Except he had never worked out exactly what he was going to say. It was too late now though, they would be suspicious of him if he just hung out on the porch. They might think he was a burglar or something.
A petite brunette, just about Buffy's height answered the door. She was kinda cute in a – ooh wait! Sister! Ew!
“Hi -uh – are you Piper, Prue, or Phoebe Halliwell?” Brilliant, Xander! Couldn't come up with anything better to say?
Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Who wants to know?”
“My name is Xander Harris, my father is Victor Bennet. I think I am your brother.”

The End

You have reached the end of "A Life Even More Less Ordinary". This story is complete.

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