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Brave Snake Hissing

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Summary: Dru decides that she needs a new childe, one that will be all her very own. She finds him in England... Contains Violence & sexual suggestiveness.

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeLucindaFR15714,2552228,7553 Jul 0314 Jan 06Yes

Bold Snake Plans

author: Lucinda
main characters: Severus Snape, Drusilla
sequel to 'Brave Snake Hissing'
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Severus Snape (property of JK Rowling) or Dru (property of Joss Whedon).
distribution: Twisting, OADNT, Paula, Jen & Cat if they want, anyone else please ask first.
note: AU post season 5 BtVS, AU post book 3 for Harry Potter.

Severus knew what had happened to him. He'd been turned into a vampire, by Drusilla. The demented vampiress who was now his Sire, his keeper, guide, and authority in the new world of shadows and blood that he'd been dragged down into. She was also his murderer, which should have made him far more angry than he felt. Perhaps it was because in killing him, she'd released him from the Dark Mark.

How could he be too angry when she'd freed him from the evil bondage of Voldemort? Even if it had been replaced by a form of bondage to her... not that they'd tried that after he'd been turned. He had the feeling that if she wasn't trying to break him and figure out if he would make a strong willed childe, it might be much more enjoyable. A small corner of his mind observed all of the changes in his thoughts, the way he was reacting now and compared them to the way he thought he would have reacted last week. There was so little known about how and why the personality of a vampire changed, only theories and guesses...

He wasn't quite the same, although he seemed to still be unquestionably Severus Alexander Snape. His memories were intact, or at least as much as they had been previously. He almost wondered if his food preferences would remain, but then again... Vampires couldn't eat solid foods, only blood. Unless the bits of learning carefully gathered were wrong, in which case he might be able to make a few careful experiments. He considered his new diet. Blood. His sense were so much sharper now, enabling him to hear someone's heart beat as he stood there, smell the blood through the thin barrier of their skin, and the taste of it... So many depths and flavorings that he'd never dreamed of before.

"Dragon childe, what are you thinking of?" His Sire's voice was soft, and had he still been mortal, he might not have heard the melodious sounds of the words in the darkness.

He could feel his lips twisting into a slight smile. "Considering my new life, mother. So many things have changed, after all."

Her cool fingers trailed over his face, feathery light touches like walking into a spider web. "Are you angry? Do you wish that I hadn't made you my very own?"

Severus hadn't been her childe more than a few days, but he already knew enough to know that this was a dangerous question. "I am considering how much there is about vampires that remains unknown to wizards. And how pleased I am that Voldemort no longer holds power over me."

She made a little sniff, as if she was displeased by the mention of Voldemort. "Nasty old snake... all weak and bones. Sheds his skin, his past, all his power... Is the little boy that dangerous? I do not like the nasty old snake, and I do not share."

He resisted the urge to sigh. Drusilla was dangerous, more so for her madness. "I would not want you to share with him. As for the boy... Harry Potter is a young wizard, not too different from many others. He has a talent for flying, and a gift for finding trouble, but... It has always been my suspicion that the real threat that he poses to Voldemort is the fact that Voldemort fears him. When you fear something, that fear makes you vulnerable."

Looking at the stars, Severus was aware of Drusilla swaying, humming as she moved under the stars. She claimed that they spoke to her. What was more of a puzzle to him was the way he was reacting. He knew that the 'nasty old snake' was Voldemort, the Dark Lord, yet... mention of the Dark Lord that had once been his master and then his nightmare did not cause the same sour panicked dread that it had before. It still caused an unpleasant feeling, rather sour, but not the same fear. The same fear of Voldemort that had made the wizarding community so vulnerable to his power... It might be one of the more subtle changes about his new life, but it just might be a very useful one.

Suddenly, he had an idea. It was dark, and devious, and it might be very dangerous, but if it could work... "Mother? How well do you think we could control our hungers? Enough to not kill people in a school full of annoying children?"

"How annoying? May we tell them that they have been bad, and shall get no supper?" She smiled, seeming almost innocent. "Perhaps just a few sips... What did you have in mind, my dragon?"

"I have a job at Hogwarts, a school for magic. If we can control our hunger, if I return there when the school term begins..." He paused, licking his lips as he savored his plan. "Perhaps we can find a way to gain enough power to destroy Voldemort?"

"Ohhh...." She smiled, clapping her hands in apparent delight. "Such a plan. We will hide in plain sight. And then, at the right time... we crush the nasty snake. Oh, wonderful. Will this school be a suitable place for me to live?"

Severus smiled again, remembering how she would have her arrogant moods, and insist that she was a princess. "My sweet mother... Hogwarts is in a Castle. You will simply love it."

"A castle... yes, that sounds like a very good plan. We shall go there." Drusilla smiled before spinning again, laughing at the stars.

With such a delightful, infuriating sire, eternity would run the risk of being very long indeed. Fortunately, he was a patient man, and there were always other ways to learn.

end Bold Snake Plans
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