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The Concerned Citizen

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Summary: Ava wasn't taken by the demon all those months ago, nope, someone else found her first, someone who made her an offer... morbid humour.

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Supernatural > Ethan-CenteredSkoellyaFR151972037342 Jun 072 Jun 07Yes
Ava wasn’t taken by the demon straight away all those months ago. Nope, someone else found her first, someone who made her an offer… There may be spoilers if you haven’t seen the second season of Supernatural. I have no idea why this came into my head, but...

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they belong to their respective owners and I’ve just borrowed them for a little while.

"Oh my God, this cannot be happening. Please tell me this can not be happening," Ava spoke to herself as she approached the bedroom door, her breath catching as she finally swung the door open and saw the blood. "Brady!" Then she screamed as she saw a tall figure leaning over his bed. "Who are you? Get away from him!" She screamed again as he was suddenly thrown against the wall, and she instinctively knew she had caused it. Angry, scared tears began to fall but she nonetheless stared ferociously at the stranger.

"Hey, It wasn’t me, I didn’t kill him," The man groaned as he got up and backed away to the corner, hands tight behind his back. If Ava could cram any more thoughts into her already overloaded head she would have been surprised at the British accent. "I’m just a… concerned citizen…" He winced at the fumbled cover story, "on holiday from England"

"Then why… why are you here? What happened to him?" Ava clawed her hands through her hair as she walked tentatively to the bed. "Brady…"

"That, kid," The man began with a distasteful look at the fresh corpse, "was the work of a demon, and a bloody powerful one," he added as an afterthought "even little miss perfect Slayer would have trouble with him."

"What? But that- that’s impossible, I mean that’s just impossible we were going to get married and-"

"My love, I think you’ll find the impossible is very much real if you noticed that you just threw me across the room without so much as blinking," As Ava seemed unable to respond Ethan advanced closer, his stainless leather loafers squeaking slightly as he trod on the blood soaked carpet, "which makes me wonder what this particular yellow eyed demon wanted," he suddenly looked down as he remembered a prophecy he had read long ago. Oh, great. An apocalypse. And not the usual type either. This one could stick… but if he befriended the special child… a plan began to formulate in his mind. One he could accomplish far from Sunnydale. "But, ah, of course, this information could be valuable indeed to old ripper," He suddenly glanced up to Ava and smiled charmingly. "I’m sorry, I’ve been terribly rude. My name is Ethan Rayne. I’m sorry for your loss,"

"I… I…" His face was frozen in an understanding smile- grin almost. She took a deep breath as she turned to stare at Brady again. "Ava. I’m Ava."

"Ava." He repeated and advanced until he was barely a step away. "How about we go downstairs and you can tell me all about yourself,"

"But… Brady…"

"Oh, I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere," He gave the corpse a cold glance. Honestly, these silly attachments kids had nowadays.

"How can you say that! We were going to get m-married and next year I was going to apply for an internship and he was getting promoted at work and I never should have left because of a stupid dream-"

"Dream?" Ethan pressed with interest. Prophetic dreams… only more confirmation of impending doom. This was not going to be a good year, he just knew it.

"I…" she trailed off again before she noticed the jar held in Ethan’s hand tucked behind his back. The clear jar filled with a red liquid. She backed away quickly. "What’s that?"

"What? Ah- oh." He held the jar to the light. "That." He pronounced. "Is blood."


"Whose blood?"

Ethan merely raised an eyebrow at the stained room and waited for the fact to process.

"You were taking Brady’s blood!" She yelled in outrage. "Why? Why is this happening?"

"Well, I wanted to try out this new summoning ritual I found, won’t bore you with the details, which requires the blood of a man slain by a higher level demon," he announced but he raised a finger and pointed it towards her. "But I have found something much better. You, my dear, have power. A very strong and unique power."

"I do?" Ava struggled between her emotions and her desire for knowledge about what the hell had happened to her.

"Yes." Time for the strike. "Want to learn how to use it?" He shrugged apparently apprehensive but his eyes pierced hers, judgingly. At one time he would have felt guilty for manipulating a girl at this vulnerable time but it was about survival. The one thing he’d always been good at. And he admitted to himself he didn’t have much of a conscience anymore.

"You were just- why would you help me? Why would I want you to help me? You’re stealing my fiancée’s blood, you crazy British-"

"Because when it’s the next apocalypse you can repay the favour," It was a purely selfish statement, but Ava somewhere inside respected it as brutally honest. That is until her brain registered the meaning.

"Apocalypse!" Ethan scratched his ear at the high pitched shriek. Ava pointed at the corpse on the bed. "He’s dead and now you’re telling me everyone’s going to die?"

"No." Ethan said after a moment. "Just most of humanity- if they get it right this time,"

"Oh." Ava said. She suddenly felt rather shaky as emotion drained from her. And reached to steady herself on the wall.

"Come on kid, I think I noticed some whisky downstairs. You could probably use a drink, take your mind off things…" She nodded weakly as he steered her from the room. Then he added, slightly sourly "Just do not vomit on me."

The End

You have reached the end of "The Concerned Citizen". This story is complete.

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