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What A Strange Life We Live

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Summary: Dawn is a witch!!She leaves for Hogwarts during the summer to learn about the wizarding world.While picking up her school supplies she runs into Draco Malfoy!They become unlikely friends and then the fun starts

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyLemonsFR1342,342043,1743 Jun 0713 Jul 07No

Big News

I own nothing-if I add a character I will say so.

I know this was already posted-and here's the thing, I forgot my freaking password-and my screen name!!!And if you don't believe me, the other chapters will be out soon as my school year is finally over!!!I'm uber sorry about all of this-and thanks for criticism-this is my first story ever and I'm not going to beg for reviews but feel free to comment.
I will post a chapter explaining about how everything came about later.

Eleven year old Dawn Summers was pissed. Her sister kept shouting while she was trying to get some much needed sleep.


“WHAT!?!?” Dawn Summers yelled at her older sister.

“Come on outta bed. I got somethin’ to tell you.” Buffy said.

Dawn Summers turned over in her bed to look at her alarm clock. 10:00 a.m. “Ugh…fine, fine-I’m up.”

“Good. Now, I’ve decided that, well, that…” Buffy trailed off.

“Spit it out-what have you decided?” Dawn questioned.

Buffy took a deep breath.”Ok, well, I have decided to send you to a boarding school in Scotland…for witches and wizards…it’s called Hoggles or something like that. You start when your eleven and stay until you’re seventeen. You have summer and winter breaks when you can come back here for a few weeks. There is also a spring break, but you stay at the school for that week.” Buffy finished her babble and took another deep breath and exhaled.

Dawn Summers' jaw had dropped when Buffy said “Boarding school,” it fell to the floor when she said “for witches and wizards.” Dawn had turned eleven three months before school ended-that’s when she found out that Buffy was a vampire slayer and started reading every book she could get her hands on about the supernatural. Buffy and Giles didn’t really approve, but Dawn absorbed everything she read and remembered it-she had been a great help the past few months and no one could deny it.

Buffy picked up her sisters jaw and put it back on for her. “I know this is a lot for you to take in and school just ended a few days ago, but a wizard named Albus Dumbledore-he’s the Headmaster of the school-came and told me that you were a witch. He said he was sorry for not contacting us sooner and told me about the wizarding world. This decision is hard for me ‘cause you’re my sister and I’m gonna miss you lots. Your leaving to go to Diagon Alley, which is in England, with Dumbledore in two days and your gonna stay at Hogwarts for a few weeks to learn about the wizarding world. It’s not like Willow’s magic-she’s a Wicca-wizards and witches use wands.”

Dawn sat there dumbfounded until she realized she’d heard the name Diagon Alley before. “What’s Diagon Alley?”

Now it was Buffy’s turn to be surprised. She thought Dawn would freak out on her. “Hmm…” she thought, “those meditation lessons with Willow are working well.”

“Diagon Alley is located in London behind a wizard bar, muggles who know about magic aren’t allowed-muggles are non-magic people. The name of the bar is The Leaky Cauldron. It’s hidden by magic to muggles. It’s a wizarding shopping center, community, whatever you wanna call it.” Buffy replied.

Dawn could tell her sisters mind was on her sessions with Willow. “What Buffy doesn’t know about those ‘meditating’ sessions is that Willow was also teaching me Wiccan magic as well-I can float stuff, conjure food and clothes, and other average strength spells.”

“I’ve heard of Diagon Alley before.” Dawn said thoughtfully, “I must’ve read about it in one of the books.”

“You’re taking this awfully well you know.” Buffy commented.

“I know it’s just…this is nothing compared to what you do and it’s kinda cool…’cause you know, I’m magic and you keep trying to keep me away from magic and now it’s unavoidable!” Dawn blurted out.

Buffy chuckled “Dawn the others all ready know about it so you better get packing-it gets cold there so winter clothes and some nice outfits too-there’s three different balls this year. I recommend gowns because everyone else will have dress robes-they wear robes in the wizarding world-and you will be more beautiful than all of them.”

“Okay-dokey! When will I see you again?”

“Your gonna come back here a week before school so I can finish your self-defense lessons.”

Dawn smiled. Once her sister told her what really goes bump in the night, she started teaching Dawn self-defense against demons, vampyres…mainly everything. She had told Dawn that she wanted her little sister to be able to protect herself if she wasn’t there. Dawn was a quick learner and fought wonderfully with her long, lethal legs. Buffy had been on the receiving end more than once.

“Ok, Buffy.” Dawn said, giving her sister a genuine smile.

Buffy returned the smile “Well, I should go and make dinner-do you want The Chinese Dragon or Pizza Hut tonight?”

“Hmmm…I vote…Pizza Hut.”

Buffy turned around and went downstairs to order.

Dawn's smile faltered a little as she said “Ugh…I guess I better start packing.”
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