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Rifts Shadow War

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Enter The Rift". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The War in Rifts Earth is about to begin in earnest, everyone wants to know who the main players are.

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Chapter One-Alexander LaVelle Harris

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of this. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and RIFTS belongs to Palladium and Spiderman belongs to Marvel Comics.

General Kurt Smith sat in his office in the Ticonderoga. He was slowly going through the reports his nephew Johan had gathered about this group that called itself the watchers.

Kurt had finally had enough time to go through these reports as everyone else was too busy trying to rescue the Commander Harris, his people and the New Navy Forces that were rifted with them.

Greetings uncle.

This first report is about the Alexander LaVelle Harris. He's the head watcher. The man in charge. This information was available for the asking by just having my Avatar request access to the information.

You'll find now that you have the same access that you could request the same information.


Alexander LaVelle Harris. Born in Sunnydale California. He grew up with Willow Rosenberg and Jesse McNally as his best friends from Kindergarten to High School. They met Buffy Summers in their sophomore year. That's when Xander discovered the big secret about the world beneath the surface and about what goes bump in the night.

Xander Life changed when he had to stake Jesse. From that moment he dedicated his whole life to the fight. For him it was personal. That first year he was possessed by the Primal spirit of the Hyena. It was the Alpha. It choose the strongest person and Xander on his own while confronting four bullies was hands down the strongest willed in that Hyena habitat. He finished that year by helping The Slayer prevent the rise of the master and prevent an apocalypse. During the struggle he used CPR to bring Buffy back to life. From then on a little bit of the slayer spirit merged with his.

The next year he was again possessed during the Halloween incident in 1997. This time the possessing spirit was an older version of himself. The name of the soldier he gave was Harris. He survived the possession because it wasn't so much a possession as simply gaining ten years experience in one day. The day to day memories may have went away but the skills stayed and as he continued the nightly crusade with the slayer they became honed by the constant combat he went through ever night. He also discovered the consequences of saving Buffy's life with the introduction to Kendra. Hooking up with Cordelia while facing down the Order of Taraka. They also gained another friend Oz, Willow's new werewolf boyfriend. It was during this year that his DNA was slightly altered when he joined the swim team.

That year he faced down Angelus to save Buffy's life yet again while she was in bed in the hospital. They lost Miss Calendar and Kendra to the Aurelius vampires. They also prevented another apocalypse that Angelus set in motion.

In 1988 and 1999. Met Faith broke up with Cordelia. On his own he prevented some zombies from blowing up the High School and opening the hellmouth and during that night he saved Faith's life and lost his virginity to her. Stopping the apocalypse on his own that night may not have been the highlight of his evening. With the help of his friends they prevented the mayor from bringing on yet another apocalypse after ascending into a true demon a sixty foot giant snake demon. Again it was his plans that carried the day and it was his soldiers training that came into play to train and organize the graduating class when they faced the mayor's demonic forces.

In 2000 he was the heart that joined the strengths of Giles ,Willow and Buffy to defeat Adam. It was also that brought the ex vengeance demon Anya Jenkins or better known as Anyanka the Patron Saint of Scorned Women into his life. Love life that is. It was the year Dawn Buffy's sister showed up as well. It also was the year that a chipped Spike joined the Scooby gang. Buffy on the other hand gained another boyfriend Captain Reily Finn of the Initiative that created Adam in the first place.

The year after 2001 was the year for facing Glorificus they lost Joyce and a few weeks later Buffy again for the second time. But in the process they killed a Hell God.

2002 they lost Willow significant other Tara to a bullet in the back and almost losing Buffy again in the same shooting Warren almost got the apocalypse going on his own.It took everything to prevent his best friend Willow from becoming Darth Willow and stopping her from destroying the world.

The hits and kept on coming and the monsters kept growing bigger and stronger this time it was the First Evil. He lost his eye to Caleb the First Evils' preacher he also left Anya at the altar. The destruction of the old Watchers Council and the killing of the Potentials saw the gathering that activated all the potentials in the world to fight and defeat the First Evil and his bringers and the Turok Han Vampires.

They closed the Hellmouth and as a result it destroyed his hometown Sunnydale.

After a small time to recuperate it saw the Scoobies in charge. They recreated the Council and saw him go to Africa. Only this time he was the one in charge. One of the first things he did was rescue Leila in Egypt and setting up training for the Slayer and Watchers in his domain.

The ritual that was supposed to restore his sight as a thank you from the tribal elders resulted in reunification of his soul and the creation of his primal pack.

to continue see the story
Just another Rift or is it?

Xander Harris -------------Watcher

True Name : Alexander LaVelle Harris

Alignment : Scrupulous


Intelligence or-------I.Q.:18
Mental Endurance---ME.:24
Mental Affinity------MA.:22
Physical Strength---PS.:30
Physical Prowess----PP.:28
Physical Endurance PE.:36
Physical Beauty-----PB.:17

Attribute Notes: All his physical and all his other attributes are at the superhuman level.

Size: Six feet, one inch tall (1.82 m) male, Human Primal , Sea Titan

Mega damage capacity M.D.C.: 580
PPE.:176 , ISP. :141
Experience Level :12th level special forces

Natural Abilities:
Hyena senses-basically the same as the dogboys. see rifts or will later updates

Psionic Powers-Master level-more details later as the story develops and he discovers what he can do.

At the the moment same as the dogboys.
So far we have the following.

Psionic Powers:

Super Psionics:


The ability to totally interface with any machine. That means the person who uses this power knows everything there is to know about the machine. From the schematics, to how to operate the machine and all about the history of the machine. All at eighty percent skill level.

Auto Defense Mind Block-

This ability is an automatically activated power that kicks in whenever someone tries to scan or mentally assault the individual who has this power.

So far that's it for the Super category.


Detect Psionics-



Is the ability to feel or be aware of the emotions of either people or animals and super natural beings. In a limited sense it can be used like a lie detector.

Object Read-

Enables the psychic to receive impressions and images from an object. Regarding its use or history and last owner.

See Aura-

note: Mind Block will hide the presence of psychic abilities, the potential magical energy and possessions by a supernatural force.

All things, organic and inorganic, have an aura. The aura has many distinctions and can be used to see or sense things invisible to the eye.
Seeing an aura will indicate the following:

-Estimate the general level or experience.
-The presence of magic.
-The presence of psychic abilities.
-High or low base P.P.E.
-The presence of unusual human aberration which indicates a serious illness, non-human, or mutant, but does not specify which.

Sense Magic-

The ability to sense magic, whether near or far and to follow the emanations to pinpoint their source.

Presence Sense-

This will alert the psychic to the presence of supernatural and magical creatures.

Sense Evil-

All creatures radiate their alignment, good or evil. A psychic will automatically detect supernatural evil without effort. This power however will indicate the general number of supernatural evil. The intensity of the evil and pinpoint the general location of the source. He can also track it down by how close it is to him

Sixth Sense-

This gives the psychic a precognitive flash of imminent danger to himself or to someone near him.
The psychic cannot be surprised by a sneak attack from behind

Total Recall-

The psychic remembers every word he reads. Specific blocks of information can be recalled in perfect detail.

See the invisible-


This section is still under further investigation.

His Skills aren't listed, but what has been observed is as follows

Martial Artist level combatant.
Boxing and wrestling were observed as well.
see the battle records with General Mark Winters for further analysis.

Pilots Power Armor and Robots Elite
Pilots the Semper Fi Power Armor and the Terrain hopper Scout Power Armor Elite

Pilots the Giant Hover
Pilots tanks and APCs-Land Rover.

Skilled with swords and knives
Archery and crossbows

Proficient in many twentieth firearms.

He is a sniper level marksman

We'll have to consider this information incomplete until we rescue him and his party. Until then this will be an open file.

Captain Johan Smith

Intelligence Division. Juicer Department.
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