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FFA Drabble Collection.

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Summary: Answer Fic-For-All Challenges, Hope you Enjoy. (Mostly Xander Centric.)

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If it's not an Old bus then...

If not an old bus then…


(A/N) FFA Challenge accepted, I am trying to get as many Fic-For-All challenges out of the way before the next year rolls around on us.

If you want any particular pairing please let me know and I’ll see what I can do (Xander X-Overs are the most likely to be accepted.)

Thanks for reading and reviewing.



Xander squeezed the trigger on the P90 and let the chattering gun announce his dislike for his opponents for a moment before taking his finger from the trigger.

He couldn’t understand peoples’ obsession with fully automatic weapons, while it was fun to cut loose with several hundred rounds toward your enemies the majority of those rounds were almost guaranteed to hit somewhere around treetop level or higher. What you used were short controlled bursts to turn your enemies into fertilizer.

Turning the deadly weapon towards his next target, Xander squashed the slightly queasy feeling he got as the Jaffa jerked in step with the five sevens impacts on his armored torso.

As the last Jaffa collapsed to the ground, Xander looked back at Colonel Dixon with an apologetic grin.

“Sorry about that sir, SG-1 should be right through there.”

Taking a moment to calm himself, the seasoned veteran nodded as the remainder of the team moved into position around the door.

Inside was one of the most terrifying Goa’uld in the universe and from best estimates he had held the flagship team for well over six hours.

Double checking the position of his men, Col. Dixon nodded to Harris and lifted his own rifle as the huge gold doors slid back, allowing the team to stare as the dark cloaked figure spun and glared at them.

“WHO DARES!” the shadowed form growled before a storm of 5.7mm armor piercing rounds tore through the air at him.

The entire team checked fire after a moment as the rounds stopped harmlessly, inches from the form.

“Bow before me mortals and I shall spare your pathetic existence.”

Xander growled as yet another lame villain quote was used, despite all the excuses he had used on his friends back in Sunnydale the truth was he had just gotten so tired of the same bad villain quotes he had fled for his sanity… Right to the SGC and villains that broke every evil overlord rule in existence.

“Okay Micro-Bus, Where is SG-1.”



This is the start of a story, you can use it if you like to build into something BIG!

I write this (And Hopefully Others.) to answer FFA Challenges.

P.S. If it’s not an old bus, then it must assuredly be… Anubis. (Very bad pun, I know, but I thought it was humorous.)

P.P.S. Who can tell me which SG Team Xander is in?

I do not own SG-1 or BtVS.

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