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Summary: Dawn and Sam have issues, and unfortunate experiences when it comes to life. Story abandoned but an authors note explains what the end would be.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR1558,6880173,0315 Jun 0710 Jun 07No

The landslide will bring you down

Wednesday Night Continued
Dawn watched Buffy install added security features around her apartment impatiently. “I hope I’m gonna get my bond back after you’ve made so many holes in the plaster.”

Buffy resisted the urge to hit Dawn on the head with her hammer. “Perhaps you could make me some coffee?”

“It’s only decaf.” Dawn warned, putting the kettle on the gas range. “I still don’t get why you’re here. I thought you were Nancy Drewing the werewolf killings.”

“Chloe’s back in investigation mode. It’s not like before, Dawn when it was just me the one and only chosen one in Sunnydale unless you count Faith who either was back-stabbing me, in a coma, or in prison. I can delegate. You’re my first priority.” Buffy frowned at the quantity of instant coffee Dawn spooned into the mug. “Ew that’s too weak.”

“Yeah, well you might spill it on my carpet and leave a stain. You’re so freaking klutzy.” Dawn stared at the kettle willing it to whistle.

Buffy threw the hammer back in the cardboard box and counted to ten. “I like what you’ve done to your apartment all the pot-plants – very green thumbed of you. I never knew you were so Seymourage with plants.”

Why would Buffy know anything about her? She was never around to find out. Dawn took out milk from the fridge. “Its full cream.” She warned.


Sam didn’t expect to see Dawn Summers in the Council training room on Thursday morning. The whole place buzzed yesterday about the posters distributed outside in the street proclaiming her to be a whore. God, was it true? Did the guy have kids?

Dawn was clearly made of sterner stuff than Sam realized for there she was in the training room, clad in shorts and a t-shirt running on the treadmill.

“Good morning.” Dawn jogged steadily on the treadmill.

“Hi.” Sam stepped on to the tread mill beside her for his customary ten minute warm up. Did he bring up the fact some nut case was accusing her of being a home wrecker? No way. “You notice the air conditioning’s improved a whole lot?”

“Yes, building maintenance finally got their act together.” Dawn’s glossy brown pony tail swung backwards and forwards as she bumped up the speed on her tread mill. Buffy advised Dawn to stick her nose in the air and ignore all gossip today and for once big sis offered decent advice.

Dawn found herself the nine day wonder of the New Watchers Council to be replaced as the favorite topic of conversation when it was discovered the Head Alchemist embezzled the Christmas Club funds the previous year.

Two weeks passed since she broke up with Oz, she hadn’t been laid in fourteen freaking days. Dawn was climbing the walls like a Siamese cat in season. She decided to seduce Sam, this verged on being ethically wrong as she was far higher up in the New Watchers Council feeding chain than Sam, but the final exams weren’t set or marked by her so it wasn’t like she could fail him if he proved to be useless in bed.

Dawn never encountered anyone useless in bed before but she understood some guys were complete sexual disappointments and she’d been lucky so far. And the best part of everything was that Sam would be assigned to work with a slayer somewhere very foreign and far away at the end of his training completion.

“Is something wrong?” Sam’s uneasiness with the way Dawn stared at him contemplatively grew steadily in the past half hour of working out with her.

“No everything’s big with the normalcy in life’s vale of tears. Uh, you doing anything tonight?” Dawn asked innocently. “Because I’ve got things at my place you might find interesting. Come over after you’ve eaten.” She didn’t feel like cooking some fancy dinner in this heat wave.

“Things?” Sam couldn’t work out what the heck she meant. Magical items to help him save Dean? The latest blockbuster DVD release? “Yeah, I’m free, I guess.” What things? Hey, stop the press! Was Dawn coming onto him? What if she wasn’t – sexual harassment accusations - these were dangerous times to be living in.

“Great, I’ll give you my address then.” Over the first hurdle nifty, Dawn guessed seducing a guy wasn’t that hard after all, she hadn’t thought it would be.

Authors note: Or rather groveling apology
first thank you so much to those who reviewed I don't deserve it.

Arggh I give up! I am so sorry gentle reader. I can’t do angst (this story was an experiment in writing in depth about a heroine other than Faith) and I realize I’m just turning Dawn who I really like as a character into a whiny little bitch.

I am getting the feeling of zero chemistry honestly between Sam and Dawn whereas I think she and Oz would be smoking hot.

So this is how the story would end. Sam and Dawn have sex. Dawn appreciates Sam’s dick is bigger than Oz’s and does not perform oral sex because Dawn does not put icky things in her mouth. They use condoms of course. Because they are safe sex practicers.

Buffy would kill Oz with much regret.

It’s been Oz not poor Nina who has been committing the murders. Yeah, Oz has turned evil - it’s a werewolf inevitability.

Sam would share with Dawn how he needed to kill his werewolf one night stand, his own dead Mommy issues and leaves for Portugal.

Dawn would finally forgive Buffy because Sam made her realize that family comes first.

Oh and Jo and Sam save Dean.

Please excuse me for not finishing this story properly but I can’t. (collapses sobbing in frustration) (no - not really that's what I made poor Dawn do all the time)

Heigh ho – back to writing repetitively about Faith.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Landslide" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jun 07.

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