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The Dark Slayer

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Summary: The adventures of Faith if things had been a little different.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)AnubisFR1814,325181,7275 Jun 075 Jun 07No
The Dark Slayer


Lord Anubis

Author’s notes: I’m using the BTVS novel Go Ask Malice for a lot of the background info on Faith. If you haven’t read it I recommend that you do so, it may seem a little weird but it does reveal a lot about the slayer that you probably didn’t know. Once again my partner in crime, the guy who keeps me from going off the deep end, deserves a lot of the credit for helping me get this story rolling. Thanks to Ash’s Boomstick, who’s known by a lot of names at a lot of places.

Now as always any comments, suggestions, ideas, complaints, whatever will be read and taken seriously. Give me a lot of reviews since I live off them. Now enjoy.

Chapter One.

‘Welcome to Sunnydale.’ Faith read the sign as she sat hunched down in the uncomfortable bus seat and slowly shook her head at the feeling of utter distaste slowly filling her senses. ‘Should read welcome to the doormat of Hell.’ She thought silently. Her slayer senses were already going berserk with the overloading feeling of demonic energy that permeated the town; the Hellmouth pumping out enough energy that anyone with a mystical connection would be easily overwhelmed if not prepared.

Feeling her guts clench with a tiny wince Faith focused her mind inward, using her unsteady control over the Slayer Essence to slowly dampen her senses until the pain went away. She didn’t have full control over the Essence, at least not yet, but with the practice that she put into it every day since becoming a Slayer she was getting better at it. A month ago she wouldn’t have been able to do anything, now she was able to override it to an extent, who knew what she could do given enough time.

Glancing up over the seat in front of her Faith noticed that quite a few people seemed to wince at the same time, as they pulled deeper into Sunnydale. For a moment she was confused as to what could be causing so many people to be in pain at the same time. ‘Maybe it has something to do with the Hellmouth?’ She thought to herself. Shrugging she put it in the back of her mind to ponder over later, its not like she had any way of getting some hard evidence on the matter anyway.

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for riding Greyhound express, we’ll be stopping shortly at the Sunnydale depot in just a few moments and after that we’ll be heading on out for all points north. If you are leaving us here please remember to collect all baggage and personal items before you leave the terminal. Once again, thank you for riding Greyhound express and we wish you a pleasant evening.” The driver said into the microphone positioned by his seat just for that purpose. The way he said the standard message indicated that he was bored out of his mind and was just doing his job by rote.

‘Bout damn time we got here.’ Faith thought to herself as she stood up and grabbed her backpack from the overhead compartment, glaring lightly at the preppy boy in the seat across the aisle as he started to rise and reach up to help her with the backpack. He quickly sat back down as she continued to glare at him.

Sitting back down in the seat she watched through the window as the bus navigated the windy streets through the sleepy little piece of suburbia that hid a dark secret. In a few short minutes she’d be at the bus stop and then she’d have to figure out what to do from there. She had nowhere to go, her resources were nearly tapped out from buying the ticket to LAX and the bus trip had almost wiped out what little remained after that.

With a horrendous screech, that grated on her enhanced senses severely, the air brakes on the bus engaged and slowed the large vehicle enough to make the tight turn into the Sunnydale depot.

Grabbing her stuff Faith jumped out of her seat, somewhat edgy from spending so much time cooped up in such an enclosed space. Her instincts, honed to a fine keen edge from years of over use, alerted her to the attempt almost before it happened. Spinning around she grabbed the outstretched hand by the wrist and twisted it sharply, the young man who had been sitting across from her the whole trip screamed as he felt his bones moving in an unnatural direction.

“Bitch, you’re breaking my arm.” He shouted as he tried to keep her from actually doing that.

“Next time you try and grab my ass you’ll be lucky to pull back a bloody stub, got it?” Faith smirked as she increased the pressure to the point that everyone on the bus could easily hear the bones creaking as they came within millimeters of being shattered.

“Got it!” He screamed as he fell to the ground on his knees unable to cope with the pain.

“Good.” With that Faith released her grip on his wrist and walked away, no longer giving a damn about what happened to him.

The few other passengers on the bus wisely stepped out of her way as she moved down the aisle. She could hear the whispered words as easily as if they were shouted through a megaphone, Slayer senses come in handy in situations like these, the passengers whispering among themselves. A few snippets seemed important enough that she took note of them.

“The slut could have hurt him.”

“Good for her, guys like that need to be taught a lesson.” A woman’s voice carried just for her to here it. Faith was actually shocked enough that it threw her stride off just a bit, it would be the first time in a long time that someone had actually approved of her actions. It was kind of nice.

Of course it wasn’t meant to last since the next comment brought her back to her expected reality. “Who does that girl think she is, hurting such a nice young man like that?”

Steeling her resolve against the voices Faith kept on walking until she was off the bus and away from the depot. Not even waiting for the driver to open up the luggage compartments on the underside of the bus, not that it would have mattered since her every worldly possession was in her backpack.

Walking tall and proudly Faith moved smoothly through the small crowd that had been waiting at the bus depot, probably there to pick up loved ones or to get on the bus themselves. For a brief moment she felt something akin to sorrow that no one was there for her, that no one had ever been there for her, before it was ruthlessly quashed beneath her resolve to not care about such things anymore. She didn’t need anyone, she was the Slayer, she could do anything she damn well pleased.

Glancing around at the happy couples who were reuniting with their loves ones Faith scoffed at the sentimentality that that weakness exposed, to leave yourself open to so much pain simply to have a warm body to come home to. She noticed something that seemed a little out of place, a tall black man who appeared to be at least in his early fifties, late forties at the youngest, was talking to a young girl who couldn’t be more than fifteen. It wasn’t the fact that he was older, or black that made her look closer it was the way the young girl was standing. She had her hands clutching her duffel bag strap so tightly that Faith could see the fingers turning white from the strain from fifty feet away.

‘Damn pimps, always trying to pick up some fresh meat.’ Faith sighed as she considered what to do. She could just walk away and forget that she ever saw anything but that’s what she had always complained had happened to her, everyone had just kept on walking away never taking the time to look. Letting out a harsh breath, that she hadn’t even known she was holding, she silently cursed the conscience that her watcher had instilled in her.

“Hey stud, you looking for a real woman or you too scared to take anything more than the little cherry like her.” Faith sauced as she sauntered over to where the duo stood. The man looked up at her, his eyes roving her body undressing mentally without a second thought and just the feel of his gaze upon her body made her want to retch but she forced the feelings away and pushed her ample endowments out to the point that they stretched the fabric of her shirt nearly to the ripping point.

“Oh ho, the little girl thinks she’s a big enough woman to take me on?” The black man sneered as he hungrily stared at Faith as she moved closer. The young brunette was stunning in her black leather pants that hugged her curves to the point that they appeared to be a second skin, her torso skimpily covered in a red tank top that was low cut enough to reveal more cleavage than any woman her age had a right to.

“Oh I can handle it well enough, are you man enough to try it though?” Faith smirked as she gave a pointed stare at the man’s crotch making it evident what she was looking for. ‘God how dumb is this guy. How can he not see the contempt I have for him.’

The man leered at Faith for a few moments longer, most of his time spent focused on her chest, a not uncommon occurrence for her when dealing with members of the opposite sex or even the same sex. Glancing back down at the young girl he’d been buttering up for the past five minutes he gruffly said. “Get lost girl.”


“I said get lost!” The man ordered as he gave her a non-too gentle shove.

Stumbling back on the high heels she wore the girl looked between the two of them and slowly turned to walk away into the night looking completely lost. For a moment Faith felt like she should run after the girl and offer to help her but she had something better to do for the next few minutes.

“So you think you’re going to ‘handle’ me?” The pimp asked.

“Only if you’re packing something down there bigger than my own finger, if not I’m walking.” Faith teased as she lightly ran her nails down the edge of her shirt drawing his eyes back to her cleavage. ‘God guys are so easy to distract, show’em a little flesh and they’re drooling all over themselves.’

The man hooked his thumbs into the belt loops of his jeans, framing his crotch with his hands in the process, and jerked his hips forward in a lewd display. “Oh I got what you’re looking for, enough to make you beg.”

‘Doubtful.’ Faith thought as she forced a sexy smile onto her face. “Why don’t we go someplace a little more private?”

“Direct to the point, I like that.” The pimp smiled evilly as he began to back off slightly angling towards a nearby alleyway. “C’mon girl, we got some fun to have.”

Feeling the bile in the back of her throat Faith walked after him shifting her backpack lightly on her shoulders to a more comfortable position. Once they were in the alley and well away from the point where anyone could hear anything she spoke up. “Whoa there big boy, no need to go any further.”

“What’s the matter, scared of the dark?” The pimp taunted as he moved closer to her, encroaching in on her personal space until he had forced her back up against the brick wall of the alley.

“Nope.” Faith smirked letting her full power come to the fore. With a move that seemed to be blindingly fast she grabbed the pimp by the shoulder and tossed him across the alley to slam into the wall with bone bruising force. Walking forward Faith dropped the backpack she’d been carrying. “Oh, did that hurt. Want me to kiss it better?”


“Queen bitch to you asshole.” Faith smiled down at the pimp who was slumped on the ground lying on his stomach. Knowing that the man was probably armed she decided to not take any chances, with a quick kick she forced his body into the air and with a forearm strike sent it crashing back into the unforgiving pavement.

Kneeling down she grabbed the disabled pimp by the belt and hauled him easily off the ground. “Now are we going to be nice or do I have to play ping pong with you as the ball and the walls as the paddles?”

“I’ll kill you, I swear I will.”

“Sounds like someone needs to learn a lesson in manners.” Faith mentioned as she threw the man with ease into the brick wall. The impact was enough to drive the air from his lungs, leaving him lying on the ground desperately heaving in an attempt to fill his lungs up with air.

“Gonna stay down now or do we need to do this again. Cause I gotta say, not feeling tired whatsoever.” Faith commented as she marched over to the terrified man’s prone body.

Shaking his head wildly the black man tried desperately to form the words that would stop the girl from hurting him again.

“Must be so sad, a big strong man like you, who only hurts young defenseless girls is now on the receiving end of a major ass kicking.” Faith laughed harshly as she kneeled down beside the man and began to roughly pat him down for any weapons, finding none which was surprising, she quickly set to work robbing him of any and all cash he had on his body.

“Man, must have been a bad night for you if this is all you have.” Faith said holding up the thick roll of bills in her hands before the pimps eyes. “Now I have what they call a dilemma, what do I do with you? I could just leave you here but I’m betting you’ve got an idea just what happens to humans in alleyway’s like this at night don’t you.”

The sheer terror in the man’s eyes was enough of an answer for her. It made sense that anyone who spent enough time in Sunnydale would eventually learn something about the going ons in the night and as much as she might have just liked to leave him to his fate in the darkness here she wasn’t that cold.

Grabbing the pimp by the arm she dragged his body out of the alleyway, stopping only long enough to draw and throw a stake with eerily good aim into the half hidden chest of a vampire who had been watching them since they walked into the shadow filled area. With a small sound the vampire dissolved into ash and Faith continued, after snagging her backpack as well, on her way with the pimp being dragged roughly over the uneven ground.

As soon as they were clear from the alleyway but still out of sight of most people Faith dropped the arm she’d been using as a handle. Turning to the terrified man she kneeled down. “I’m going to leave now and I’m never going to see you again, right?”

The man just nodded sharply in reply.

“Cause if I ever see you again, …, well let’s just say you won’t enjoy the encounter.” Faith shrugged when she couldn’t come up with a suitable enough threat. Deciding that actions spoke louder than words she dipped a hand into her belt and removed a 500k-volt mini stun baton from a pouch built into the belt. The size of the baton was obviously far too large to have come from the belt pouch so for a brief moment the pimp was staring at it wondering how it was possible and the next moment he was howling in pain as she drove the stun baton into his crotch and flipped it on.

The voltage wasn’t enough to kill him, at least not easily, but it was still enough to cause his muscles to spasm as the energy coursed through his body. With a final, vengeful, jab Faith pulled the baton out of the man’s crotch and turned to walk away. Leaving the defeated pimp to fend for himself.

Swinging the mini stun baton on its strap Faith felt a thrill of exhilaration scream through her. For her entire life she had been used and abused by those who were in a position of power over her and now thanks to her Slayer abilities, plus some judicious help from some small technological items, she was the one with the power. Grabbing the stun baton as it swung upwards Faith mentally ordered the magical pouch to open and she slipped the object back into the interdimensional pocket that the pouch opened into.

Out of all the magical items that she had found in her time as the Slayer this was the only one that she had actually kept, the rest being sold off or destroyed depending on how dangerous they were. A leather belt with eight pouch like compartments on the exterior and fifty-six more compartments on the inside that each contained a bit of a magical extradimensional pocket that allowed her to carry around an inordinate amount of gear with ease. Of course there were some heavy limitations on the belt but it still gave her the ease of the ability to not have to carry everything in a backpack or duffel, just toss it into a belt pouch and go from there.

Quickly and methodically Faith began to count through the roll of bills she’d snagged off the pimp. Thankfully this guy seemed to be the type that kept the money in order, low denomination bills on the outside of the roll and higher ones closer into the middle. Years of living off the streets and pick pocketing what she needed had given her a mental acuity ability to quickly count money.

‘One thousand seven hundred and eight-six dollars, damn, that’s more than I had in a long time.’ Faith thought as she pictured just what she could buy with that amount of money. ‘Maybe I can get some new clothes, not that hand me down crap from the Salvation Army store.’

“Things are definitely looking up.” Faith commented aloud as she started off on her search for a half decent hotel. She had been going to stay at the first fleapit motel that she came across but now that she had a little money burning a hole in her pocket she felt like splurging on some decent accommodations.

Of course this would be when life, fate, whatever decided that she had had enough happiness and needed to be reminded of her place in life. The tattoo on her bicep, the one she had never wanted or had a choice in receiving flared to life as its unholy magic’s seared her body with pain. Gasping with pain as the energy coursed through her body it was all she could do to keep from collapsing to the ground. The tattoo seemed to flare eve stronger for a few more seconds before retreating into its standard dormancy, its magic exhausted for the moment.

Exhausted from the pain Faith slumped to the ground her back against a nearby wall as she tried to bring herself back into a state of control over her own body. That damnable tattoo of hers, a nice little present from the Father, which would be with her until either her death or his and even then she wasn’t so sure about what would happen. Until that day came she’d trudge along and hope for the best. It was all she could do.

Pushing herself to her feet she glanced up and down the street to see if anyone had see what had just happened but like always no one was around to see her in a moment of weakness. For a split second she was undecided over whether she actually wanted someone to have see her like that or not. Deciding that that argument could lead to no where good Faith ruthlessly shoved it to the back of her mind and set off again in search of a decent hotel. From where she was standing she could see a promising looking building towering over some of the lesser structures a few blocks away.

Walking for a good twenty minutes Faith finally reached what she hoped to be her final destination for the night. Thankfully it turned out to be a hotel and not an office building. Taking a quick look at her appearance in a nearby window she wondered what kind of reception she’d get in an obviously higher-class hotel than she was used to. ‘Only one way to find out I guess.’

Entering the lobby of the upscale hotel Faith felt out of place almost instantly. The few people who were in the lobby stopped what they were doing to star at the young woman who crossed the lobby floor heading towards the check in desk. Most of them had barely veiled contempt for her street clothes and the others decided that she wasn’t even worthy of being looked at they merely went back to whatever they were doing before. Completely indifferent to whatever had brought her into contact with them in the first place.

Striding up to the counter like she owned the place Faith kept her mental defenses fully up, not wanting to let a moment of weakness show anyone in this place just how much it affected her to see how they thought of her so openly.

“Can I help you miss?” An older gentleman asked as he looked her over carefully and found her wanting.

“Yeah, how much for a room?”

“One hundred dollars a night.” The way he said it he either had doubts that she could actually afford that much for a room or he was sure he knew exactly how she had ‘earned’ the money.

“That’s fine, I’ll take a room for a week.” Faith said offhand, not caring what he thought of her in the slightest.

“Sign her then miss.” The clerk motioned to a registry close at hand.

With a quick motion Faith signed a large X in the place of her name, not wanting to leave an actual trail for anyone to follow. For a brief moment she was curious if the clerk was going to argue it out with her over her refusing to sign like everyone else that had walked through this place but in the end he didn’t have the stones to actually meet her gaze for any length of time. Grabbing a key off a nearby rack he tossed it onto the counter non-too gently. “Room 615. Room service is open from 7am to 11pm, bar stays open to 2am and maid service comes around a one o’clock. Any questions?”

“Yeah, room got a TV?”

“All of our accommodations have the normal menial pleasantries which includes a television with cable and pay-per-view movies.”

“Good.” Faith replied. Swiping the key off the desk she headed directly for the elevator.

The room turned out to be the standard one that was seen in many a hotel across the country. Sparsely furnished with a bed, dresser, table and a few chairs.

‘At least its clean.’ Faith thought as she let herself collapse onto the bed. For the first time in nearly a month she had a warm bed to sleep on instead of being forced to take to the streets to stay one step ahead of the Father who in his relentless pursuit of her had followed her through a dozen cites and states.

Grabbing the TV remote off the bedside table Faith flipped it on hoping to find some mindless drivel that would quickly put her to sleep. Skimming through the channels she caught an ad for her favorite movie. Pumped that she’d be able to watch it one more time Faith put the TV to the right channel and muted it, from the contents of the ad it seemed the movie wouldn’t start for another hour.

Snatching her backpack she carefully drew out a worn leather bound copy of the Chronicles of Narnia, a present from the Professor who had gifted to her after a particularly bad night of slaying. Faith was very careful with the book, from what Diane had told her it was a first edition print so that meant it was old and valuable.

Turning to the page that she had left on Faith quickly glanced around the room to make sure she was really alone, you couldn’t be too sure these days at least not when you knew about incorporeal spirits and demons. Finding nothing but herself Faith began to read, slowly, sounding out the words as she went for those that she didn’t know. She wasn’t the fastest reader; so many missed days of school due to her having to heal up from the latest round of beatings had prevented her from learning all the things that her fellow classmates had learned.

For an hour she read and in that time she immersed herself in another world, one of fantastical creatures and adventures, where good prevailed and honorable heroes were given a true heroes reward. Once she had finished her hour of reading Faith stretched out on the bed to watch her movie and imagine a world where she’d be hailed as hero and people would be nice to her, not ridicule her for her inability to read as well as them, or to beat her or taunt her cause she was different than they were.

Putting all those thoughts to the back of her head Faith knew that tomorrow she’d go to find the watcher assigned to the hellmouth, she’d report in and then things would get better. She’d have a new watcher to help her, to teach her and things would get better. They had to.

But for right now she wanted nothing more than to lose herself in the adventures of Connor MacLeod.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Dark Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jun 07.

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