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Summary: Just a home for some pairings that strike my fancy.

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Saving Space(Miss Kitty Fantastico/ Steve McQueen)

Disclaimer: Neither House nor Buffy characters are mine.
Title: Saving Space

McQueen knew he'd end up in hell. He had after all knowingly and intentionally set in motion the Stacy-House affair. All he had to do was give House a reason to keep coming back and he knew Stacy would want House again. It worked perfectly and at the time he was genuinely entertained but now he only felt regret. Apparently the Universe likes to save space when creating dimensions which is why the mouse hell dimension is the cat heaven dimension. So there he stands facing the Scoobies' cat with his regrets and nowhere to go.

Miss Kitty Fantastico smiled inwardly as she got ready to pounce on the particularly clever mouse.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking