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The Fastest Man Alive

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Summary: The story of the fastest man alive, how he gained his power, and what he chose to do with it. Crossover with "Flash" comics and Justice League cartoon. Pairing will be Xander/Powergirl...eventually.

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DC Universe > Flash, The
DC Universe > Justice League
khadonFR1549,70302617,6176 Jun 0718 Jun 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or many of the concepts in this fic. BtVS, The Flash, and the Justice League all belong to other people but I won’t take the time to list them

Warnings: a little swearing, battles/fights typical of a BtVS fic or Flash comic book.


My name is Xander Harris and I’m the fastest man alive. As I run down the streets, dodging in and out of traffic to quickly for the eye to follow, I revel in the feeling of freedom that running now gives me. That no matter what happens the evils of this world will never harm or touch me because they simply aren’t fast enough to keep up.

I turn a corner and am once again forced to remember that the feeling of freedom is an illusion and that I have responsibilities that can’t be ignored.

It takes me a little less than four seconds to take their weapons, free the hostages, and leave the bank robbers tied together in the middle of the bank’s lobby. Then I’m out the door before anyone’s even realized what happened. I thought about grabbing a pen and drawing mustaches on their faces but I’m been trying to act more mature lately. After all, I’m an internationally recognized super-hero now and there are some standards that must be maintained. Or so I’ve been told. Superman might just have been trying to discourage me from stealing his cloaks and dyeing them pink. It’s kind of hard to tell when he’s messing with you because he just looks so god-damned honest.

It’s funny the way things have turned out. Years ago I was, in anger, given the title of “The Zeppo”, the useless one, someone whose only job was getting the donuts and getting smacked around. How things change. Now I can move at the speed of light, I stop bank robbers on the way to meet my girlfriend, and people all over the world wish they could be me. Its funny isn’t it.

It’s impossible to move as fast as I do and not have time to think. Time to look back over my life at ponder the critical events that lead me to where I am now. Back to the cruel words of my only friends and a bolt of lightning that changed my life.

My name is Xander Harris and I’m the fastest man alive.

This is my story.

Author’s note: This is my first BtVS fic, and crossover to boot, so I’m a little unsure of it. I’ll be combining bits of the comic books and the Justice League animated show for Flash’s friends, villains, and powers. Feedback is always appreciated but keep the critisism constructive please.
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