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An excessively random encounter

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Summary: A Buffy/Ghastly's Ghastly Comic crossover made under the influence of too much alcohol. Short, too.

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Comics > Ghastly's Ghastly ComicJoanieTBFR151362016227 Jun 077 Jun 07Yes
Buffy does not belong to me. Neither does Faith. Those two belong to other people, like Joss Whedon.
Little Peep belongs to Ghastly, whose actual name I don't know, who, again, is not me.


Faith was happy. She’d just had a good, hard night’s worth of slaying, and was riding the slaying high. If it wasn’t for her image as the bad-ass slayer, she’d probably be bouncing along like Willow on a sugar rush.
The street she was not-quite-bouncing along was dark and empty, as it always seemed to be just before or after hellmouthy stuff. It was convenient for her, as she rarely had to explain anything to anyone, but it was still a bit odd.
She paused suddenly as she saw something waiting by a bus stop.
Faith had never really bothered to do the whole Watcher thing and learn the names of every nasty thing out there, so it wasn’t surprising that she didn’t know what the little green thing was, apart from odd. She hadn’t quite seen anything like this little tentacled blob. It actually managed to look cute, somehow. Still, she was a slayer, so she strutted up to it, noting the large eyes that turned to look up at her.
While her first instinct was to attack, due to the simple equation of slayer plus demon equals messy death, she reminded herself that not all demons were evil, and the thing hadn’t attacked her yet, even though it knew she was there.

Just as she thought that, of course, the thing moved. Faith’s hands began to move in what would have been painful, if not lethal ways, until she realized that the little demon’s tentacles had simply risen up into the air, and didn’t seem to be doing anything. She frowned, but the thing didn’t do anything else, just stood there with its mouth open and its tentacles in the air.
Faith just raised a brow and looked at it. No way she was just going to walk off now. Whatever the demon was, though, it still didn’t move. Eventually, Faith gave up on waiting it out.

“What you doin’?”

“Tentacoo wape!”

The End

You have reached the end of "An excessively random encounter". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking