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The Prime of our Youth

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This story is No. 3 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: No. 3 in the series "New reality, new lives, new family". Willow, Lisa, Xander and Rupert fight their way through the horrors of High School, and may occasionally terrorize a teacher or two! Chapter 3 has been almost completely edited! (Temporary Hiatus)

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Stargate > General
Stargate > Willow-Centered > Theme: Humor
pezgirlFR1338,324057,3897 Jun 0726 Jul 07No

another grueling school day

Disclaimer: i don't own anything in this story

A/N: Willow 15 (junior year at high school)
Rupert 17 (Senior year at high school)
Lisa 15 (freshman year at high school)
Xander 18 (senior year at high school)

The room was completely dark; there were no signs of life whatsoever, but there were signs that something had been in the room. The floor was covered in all kinds of junk from sweet wrappers to clothes and sheets of lined paper to Playstation 3 disks.
The stillness and silence of the room was abruptly interrupted by a sudden burst of light which filled the room; making it look a lot messier than when it was dark, the door had been opened and a tall blonde woman stood in the doorway, she moved her hand to the wall and switched on the light.

“Xander?” the woman glided over to the bed in the room and nudged the figure under the covers. “School time!”

A low and sleepy moan came from beyond the covers followed by a groggy, “Go ‘way, Mom.” Sam smirked at her son’s refusal to get up and as usual she grabbed the covers and ripped them off her oldest child and only son; she folded the covers quickly and with ease and put them on foot of the bed.

Xander lay on his stomach with his face pressed into the pillow, the very soft and warm pillow; he cringed and moved his arm around to search for the warm, snug covers; his hand only touched air.

The dark-haired eighteen year old groaned turned over onto his back to glare at his mom, then he smelt the delicious aroma of food, “Waffles?” he asked groggily, his glare fading.

Sam grinned brightly, “Yep, and getting colder by the minute.” Food always got her son up no matter how tired he was; so she wasn’t the least bit surprised when the teenager jumped off his bed and made a mad dash for the stairs.

The blonde exited her son’s room and made her way downstairs, she stopped half-way down, stooped and picked up an untidy pile of clean towels that Xander had, unfortunately, managed to knock down from the banister above her.

Shaking her head in exasperation she folded them up quickly and draped them over her right shoulder; then she continued down the stairs and into the dining-room where her husband, Jack, was eating his Froot Loops. Her son was wolfing down a pile of syrup-soaked waffles with a half-drunk glass of orange juice sitting in front of him. Her daughter on the other hand had a slice of toast in her hand and was reading a magazine looking a bit pale and tired, the younger blonde looked up from the magazine and smiled sleepily at her mom, “Hi, Mom.”

“Morning Elisabeth,” she didn’t miss her daughter’s wince or her faintly indignant look, “Mom! It’s Lisa.”

Sam gave her a maternal look and corrected herself, “Morning, Lisa.” ‘Lisa’ was her abbreviated and preferred name; had been since her daughter was nine years old. Lisa popped the last piece of toast into her mouth and faced her mom looking hopeful, “I don’t have to take the School Bus, do I?” she really hated the school bus, she hated the fact that, somehow, she always ended up sitting in the back near to a guy who got bad travel sickness.

Willow and Rupert took the bus with her but they always sat together as siblings usually do and so she usually sat with the sick-kid and the Jackson siblings sat in front of her or behind.

She was hoping that her brother could take her in, but he had early Baseball practice sessions; so that left her to take the bus. There was no point in asking her aunt and uncle because they work to do; classified work.

“If you’re ready in the next hour you can catch a ride with me,” replied Sam as she draped the towels over one of the chairs. “I’ll drop you off where the bus stops, okay.”

Lisa grinned, feeling relieved, then she asked, “Are Uncle Daniel and Aunt Janet taking Will and Rupert to school or….”

“We’re picking them up from their house,” she informed her daughter. Sam had phoned Janet to make sure that Willow and Rupert knew they were being driven to school so that they wouldn’t have the repeat performance of what happened over a year ago which involved Janet having to drive around the town to find Lisa who had already walked already into school. Janet had ended up being pretty late into the SGC; but Jack had understood and hadn’t brought it up since.

Lisa grinned as she downed her brother’s juice- Xander glared at her- and jumped up from the table and ran to the bathroom two steps at a time to get ready for school. Xander scowled as he peered at his now-empty glass, he sighed feeling exasperated and then grabbed the glass before leaving the table briefly to get a refill of juice.

A few minutes later Xander jogged upstairs and grasped the bathroom door handle before trying to open the door- ‘trying’ being the operative word as the door was locked and obviously occupied by another person, namely his annoying little sister who was, and always had been, bent on making his life as aggravating as possible. Lisa had been in the bathroom for ages, he rapped on the door with his knuckles, “Lisa! Can I at least get five minutes in there today?”

He jumped backwards in shock as the door actually opened immediately; his blonde-haired sister skipped out of the bathroom. She curled her lips up slowly into a haughty smirk, then continued on down the stairs, bouncing giddily in her lavender dress.

Xander, unlike his sister and mother, was not a morning person and although he loved playing Baseball he hated the early-morning sessions that he had to get up extra early for. His dad played baseball with him a lot; just like he did with his deceased older half-brother- Charlie- when he was alive, in fact his dad had been the one to introduce the sport to him at a very early age. Apparently, he had very good reflexes and was great at hitting the ball. His dad had taught him well.

Smiling, now, he walked into the bathroom and hoped that he wasn’t going to be late for his baseball practise; the traffic was pretty bad sometimes and his luck hadn’t been holding out for the last few days. In the last few days he had failed yet another test; had gotten on the wrong side of a new teacher and had gotten into a fight with two jocks over a girl they had been picking on. He had better control over his impulsive emotions than a lot of kids his age but he just hated bullies; even worse than bullies he hated guys that hurt girls. His family had always taught him to never hit a girl and to understand the meaning of integrity and other good human values.

He’d love to sic Uncle Teal’c on them, that guy would flatten them… or maybe he’d never have the chance to- people like them were cowards and were usually scared of a fight that they had a disadvantage over. The jocks would be running with their tails between their legs the second they laid eyes on his biggest and scariest uncle.

Of course, the fact that he had beaten those guys up- and won- because he was defending a girl had no impact on the Soccer coach that the jocks were training under or the Principle that he had been sent to. He was lucky that they didn’t suspend him from school for putting those two out of the game for a while; unfortunately he had been given a month detention with one of the school’s most hated teacher- Mr Ryan.

Xander snorted derisively, he had been given a month of detention and had almost been suspended in his first week back at school and his senior year; that was bad even for him. His parents weren’t to happy when they found out; but they gave him a break when he had explained the reason why he had gotten into the fight in the first place, his day after that had gotten a little better after he played baseball with his dad and had ate a few of his mom’s homemade cookies. Cookies were one of the few things that his mom could make; his dad usually did the cooking.

After Xander had spiked his dark hair up slightly and washed his face with a wash cloth he exited the room and entered his bedroom, he manoeuvred his way across his room after locking the door; his sister was always going on and on about how much of a pigsty his room was. His only defence was that he was eighteen year old boy and like most eighteen year olds his room was extremely untidy. When he came out of his room ten minutes later he was dressed in a plain red t-shirt and blue jeans, his sunglasses hung from the neck of his shirt and grabbed his dark-blue coat from the banister. He basically radiated coolness- not too cool, but cool enough to not be a geek; he took after his dad more than his mom. He was as wisecracking and was bordering on being a cynic.

Xander grabbed his sports bag as well as the bag he went to school with and walked across the hall after turning his bedroom light off; he walked down the stairs occasionally two at a time and jumped from the forth step up to the bottom of the stairs with ease. He walked through the kitchen and his mom planted a kiss on his cheek, “Good luck in your Baseball session, Xan.” Then she added, “Try not to get into anymore trouble.”

Looking sheepish, he hugged his mom and jumped as he heard his dad speak, “Defending a girl is good thing to do, Xander, just try not to get into trouble for it.”

It was times like these that Sam wondered whether that type of fatherly advice was good; yes defending people was a good thing but she didn’t want him outright expelled for school violence and she also didn’t want him thinking that violence was the only answer. She didn’t worry too much because she knew that her son was a good person and would never unjustly hurt an innocent person.

“See ya later, kiddo,” Jack with a quirky smile. “Knock ‘em dead at the practice.” Xander nodded with an identical smile on his own face.

As he turned to leave the room he saw his sister glaring at him slightly. Unlike her he had his own car- something that Lisa was a little jealous of; unable to resist the temptation of revenge he gave her a smug look making her glower at him and go slightly pink in the face.

Sam caught the look between her two kids and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Lisa and Xander both had a healthy sibling rivalry thing going on and although they rarely admitted it they were very close.

As Sam heard the front door close she double-checked that Lisa was ready to be taken to school and grabbed her car keys; it was time to pick Rupert and Willow up.

Five minutes later Jack, Sam and Lisa stopped outside the Jackson house and waited for the door to open and the kids to come running out; Janet and Daniel had had to go into work early for different reasons and so they had to leave their kids at home.
The door opened and Willow stepped out of the house before securing her backpack on her shoulders; she waved energetically and had a bright smile on her face. She then looked exasperated and turned back to look towards the house, they didn’t hear what she said but it was obvious as the redhead’s older brother stumbled out of the door breathlessly and then closed it.

Willow shook her head and gestured in a ‘hurry-up’ kind of way which made her brother give her an irritated look as he caught up to her; they both ran up to the car and Willow opened the door, slipping inside next to Lisa who was her best friend despite the fact that they were in different years. Rupert sat next to his sister and they all shifted slightly because they were crammed in the back seats together.

Willow tied her long red hair up in a ponytail and let some hair loose to frame her face; she turned to Lisa as she car drove towards their school, “Leese, did you remember the-

Lisa rolled her eyes exasperatedly, “Yes, Will. I remembered to bring the study notes you gave me.” She bent over slightly and unzipped her bag which was on the floor by her feet, she rummaged around hurriedly and finally pulled out a few full pages of notes about the Black Death; the worse disease of the mid-fourteenth century. The sheets were A4 in size and the notes went over both sides of every page.

Lisa shook her head in disbelief, “How in the world did you manage to write three pages on the Black Death? You’re not even in my class.”

Willow put a ‘duh’ look on her face and said, “I researched the topic on the Internet. I thought you might need them.” Then she pulled a face. “Besides, the class I was in covered the topic, like, three years ago.”

Lisa shook her head with slight amusement. Of course Willow would remember that; she was the only person Lisa knew that would remember a school topic that happened three years ago. Why was she so surprised that her buddy could remember the subject in so much detail when so much time had passed? She should be used to it by now. Willow was the brainiest out of the four of them; her older brother was not so far behind her in terms of intelligence. But their strengths lay in different subjects: Willow excelled in Math, Science and Computer class most of all while her brother excelled in Languages, English Lit and History. Contrary to his sister’s love for computers he loved books, he hated computers and would much rather look at a paper page than a computer screen which gave him a headache.

“Lisa, where’s Xander?” asked Rupert leaning forward so that he could look at her while talking.

“Baseball practice,” she stated with indifference. Xander’s Baseball practices were usually about two or three times a week; as much as she’d hate to admit it he was very good at Baseball- most sports actually, she and everyone else briefly thought that he was going to make his Baseball a profession.
But Xander was determined to join the Air Force Academy and said that his favourite sport would remain a hobby and a father-son bonding activity, he had always looked up to his father and now that he was close to graduating he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a soldier.

His parents had, predictably, been worried but proud at the same time, all that they had asked was that he should think it through thoroughly, but after he had he knew that he wanted to make a living out of being a soldier.
His parents, like he knew they would, backed him up and supported him all the way as had the other members of the family.

Lisa was jolted from her thoughts when the car stopped and her dad turned around, “Well kids, that’s the end of the line.”

Lisa took her seat belt off, lent down to grab her bag and opened the door to exit the vehicle; she stepped out into the temporarily-clear road and closed the door. Putting the bag on her shoulder she stepped onto the pavement.

“Thanks, guys,” said Willow cheerfully. She stood beside her brother who also thanked them for the ride in.

Sam smiled at Lisa, “Have fun!” Jack gave her an incredulous look.

“Fun? There’s nothing ‘fun’ about school,” he nodded knowingly.

Sam just looked upwards as if to say ‘Why me?’ and said, “Speak for yourself.” Their daughter rolled her eyes at their banter, they were just getting started. Lisa was just glad that she wasn’t sticking around for it- especially when they finished their banter and made cow-eyes at each other. Their banter usually ended in 'making up' together and at the first signs of her parents 'making up' she put a lot of distance between her and them.

Lisa shuddered slightly, it was just wrong in so many ways!

Lisa walked beside Willow who was now between her and Rupert; they could see the school buildings up ahead and fought the urge to groan. Another long year at High School! All those boring and uptight teachers, all that work and homework and not to mention the dinners at the canteen that looked unfamiliar- they usually had to guess what they were eating.

Willow smirked at her, “It’s not that bad, Leese.” Lisa gave her a sour look.

“You’re out of school at the end of next year- I got another three years to go before I can escape,” she pouted slightly. Not only that but she would be on her own once she was in her Junior year; hanging out with her buddies was the only school activity that she liked.

Willow grinned and chuckled, “’Escape?’ You make it sound like your going to prison.”

Lisa gave her a sarcastic look, “Uh, yeah, because it is a prison.” She paused for a second. “Well, something close to a prison.”

Willow just shook her head grinning; these were one of her very-happy days. Her clothes usually portrayed her emotional state at the time she selected the clothes. She was wearing a yellow long-sleeved sweater and a formfitting pair of blue jeans as well as a colourful pair of sneakers.

She had her own sense of style that she had perfected over the years and she practically never paid any mind to the teasing she was subjected to. She like what she wore and it was who she was. What was wrong with that?
So she very rarely ever let the comments from her classmates get to her.

Rupert had always ripped into anyone who upset her so many of them kept their thoughts and comments to themselves when he was around.

The three of them paused at the school gates for a second and then looked at each other; Lisa interrupted the silence, “Well, here’s to another gruelling year of High School.”

The three of them raised their fists solemnly, and then they cracked up humorously. They always did this when they were in their first week of school. Willow smiled brightly and then looked at her watch, “We’re going to be late if don’t get a move on!”

Oops! They each ran to their classes hurriedly.
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