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Dealing with Life

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Summary: Fate must love mini Jack. Or hate him. Clone Jack wants to do something useful, becoming a dragon rider was not one of them. Eragon crossover

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Chapter One

TITLE: Dealing with Life

AUTHOR: Hk-Revan

CATEGORY: Crossover/Action/Adventure/Drama/Angst

SUMMARY: Fate must love mini Jack. Or hate him. (Eragon crossover)

SPOILERS: SG1 - definitely up to Season 7 Fragile balance. Eldest, second in Inheritance Trilogy.
Will be focusing on Mini-Jack, with very little to do with the rest of the SGC.
Disclaimer:. MGM/UA, Gekko Productions et al. own all things Stargate SG-1. Time line: After Season 7 "Fragile Balance" for SG1 (the mini-Jack episode)

It was a weird book, Eldest. Jack had been interested at this book after someone dropped the book Eragon on his foot. After cursing and kicking said book, Jack picked it up and read it. The book was vaguely like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. It was about dragons, elves and a weird creep like the System Lords. What really attracted Jack’s attention was the fact the words in the book were similar to Latin. Some form of ancient that he could barely understand. Not that he could really understand ancient, Daniel mentioned there were many dialects and his was one of many.

Daniel must be drooling over some artifact or another.

At that thought, he felt saddened. He really missed his team, missed kicking snake butt. It was barely half a year, and already he was bored. He walked with the book clutched in his hands he walked passed empty hallways. It was afternoon all the kids were gone. He had detention and borrowed the school’s copy. He just started reading it when the bell rung. He walked past posters and chattering teachers.

He did not want to be here. He wanted to be in action again, to fight and know that he was doing something useful. He wanted to be useful, or and adult. He would give anything to back under the mountain saving the galaxy with his teammates and friends.

Problem was there could only be one O’Neill. That O’Neill was the original, the only reason he was not scrapped was the Old O’Neill wanted him to have a better life, besides NID would have loved to dissect him. He shudders.

The government built him a new identity, so NID could not find him. A nice solid background so if he got in trouble, they would not discovery he who was and spill the secret.

Sighing, Jack leaned against the wall and dropped the book. His leather jacket engulfed his slim figure making him smaller than before. He decided to wear a dark ensemble, to fit his mood. Normally he would be more cheerful but after being almost kicked out for attacking a group of jocks, he was a bit bitter. He flexed his gloved hand, grimacing.

On the bright side, I have a motorcycle.

Apparently, after becoming emancipated and getting a nice allowance, he was able to get his drivers license and a motorcycle. A bit used but it was the closest he would get to a jet other than a roller coaster. To complete the ensemble, he bought a leather jacket. He also bought leather gloves and a leather messenger bag. Yes, he had a leather fetish, not as severely as the Tok’ra but a nice healthy one.

Growling, he trudged on, slowly walking towards the exit of the school. After all, no one knows he’s here.

“Hey You. Jack. You twerp, get back here.”

He did not recognize the voice. The threat was there, adult voice. NID?

Not waiting to find out he ran, if bullies oh well, if some disgruntled parent oops, if teacher uh oh. If NID, run like hell.

He heard the heavy pound of feet and the sound of zat barely missing his head. He ran and shoved the door open, falling onto soft ground?

Jack blinked; he was lying on grass in a dark area.


His senses screamed and he moved out of the way as a sharp something slammed into the ground near his head. Looking up he smelled, rather than saw a dark figure trying to get his sharp weapon out of the ground. He shifted from clown mode to soldier mode. Years of black ops training and survival instincts allowed him to live this long and this intact. He fell back on instinct, on his innate feelings. He was a survivor, a soldier. He can’t die now.

Moving quickly, he kicked the figure hard on what he hoped was its genitals and again as it collapsed. It whirled and swung its blade at Jack. Jack ducked and heard the loud thunk as the blade was caught in the tree. Jack tackled the figure, snagging a blade, gasping slightly. It was a bit larger than a normal blade, not even that sharp, but it will do. He swung the blade, slicing the muscles and hamstrings. He had to jerk the blade out of the wound, he was right it wasn’t that sharp. The figure screamed as it went down. The flailing arms, slammed into Jack’s head sending him back. Lights danced and nausea rose as he slipped off the edge, unable to keep his balance. Jack slid and fell, down a cliff side and slammed into a rock. He groped for something to hold on, something to stop the spinning. He touched a smooth object, nice and cool to the touch. The last thing he saw a sparkly thing, smeared with his blood. He passed out.

I am in so much trouble, Jack’s gonna kill me.


The Urag, growled. It failed in its task. It knew it would die. Limping the Urag went to join its companions, did not notice the blade sliding between his ribs or the death cries of its companions. Did not notice the blue dragon land next to its tall rider.

“Saphria, is there anyone else here?” The brunette rider asked its dragon.

No, it appears it was a random scout party. We should head back.

The rider climbed on the dragon, settling himself on the saddle. With a huge whoosh, the dragon leaped into the sky.

They did not notice the boy that lay crumpled on the ground, hidden by an overhang. If they did, things
might have gone much easier for both of them.


So, first attempt at Jack fic. Love the min- Jack. Hope they put him back into the series. Let's see how Jack lives in a land where guns don't exist.

Like Eragon too. Show love and review. PLEASE

Also can someone tell me how to make the italics work?
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