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To heal the ache

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Summary: Love was painful even to strong people

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: MethosDragonSFR772,057028,4648 Jun 0723 Jun 07Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own this. There, I said it. Geez, so serious this site. Then again I understand and punch myself for not remembering. Buffy is not mine, nope, never. Also this stuff is copywrited, so I can't own it anyways.

She was scared. She was angry. She didn't want this to happen but it did.

He ran. He ran away from her.

Was it her fault?

She loved him. His daring, his abillites, his voice moved her. He was her angel her protector. To her he was the person that made her feel alive.

It was ironic due to the fact that he was dead.

She wished she had pictures to remember him by. She wished she had something to remember him by. She had memories but those fade in time. She didn't want to forget.

She wanted to run after him and get him to come back.

He left an ache in her. He left a gaping hole that couldn't be closed. She could love no other for he had stolen her heart.

She had tried to soothe her heart by killing. She patroled and killed. She staked, choped, and snapped demons into hell. Freshly made vampires died instantly under her fast hand. Older demons ran afraid of her.

She wasn't the Slayer for nothing.

After a month she couldn't take it anymore. Her friends tried to help her but they could do nothing. She fell so hard for Angel that she couldn't climb out.

She went away. She went onto a plane with the blessing from her watcher, Giles.

She arrived in another country, a place to relax.

It was anything but restful.

It was there that she found HIM.

A man that wasn't a man. Alive and yet not alive. Someone who was impossible different. Someone that eluded the Watchers.

She encountered him and thought him a demon. She stabbed him with a stake and left him for dead. Imagine the surprise she got when she saw him again.

Their next meeting was far more peaceful. She threatened him with a sword and got her butt kicked. The other man was far more skillful with the sword.

Instead of killing her he explained who he was.

He was part of a group of beings who could live forever. He did elude that they could die but did not specify how.

He let her live and he disapeared. She watched him walk away in curiosity.

The next few meetings were better. They talked and reminisced.

She learned about him and how old he was.

He learned about her and offered his help.

They gained a mutual understanding to each other.

She all but forgot about Angel and dreamed of Methos.

"Do you wish to drink coffee?" Asked Methos, a rugged smile adorning his face.

"It's a date." Whispered Buffy with a crooked smile.

It was interesting. Neither could afford to love, for both have been burned.

One lost love to time, the other to danger.

They were perfect for each other.

Perfect in their own morbid way.
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