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The Force

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Summary: Dawn understands what it means to join the Force

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredDragonSFR732,0590104,6068 Jun 0711 Jun 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

The Funeral

Disclaimer: Just in case you missed it on the first chapter. I DON'T OWN THIS. OTHER PEOPLE DO!

It was funny watching your own funeral. It was also funny due to the fact that you don't have a body to bury. But the Scoobies had done this before, so they were not worried. They were saddened but not worried. They paid the funeral parlor for the coffin, it was a nice one too. They called their friends and all those that knew Dawn.

It was a somber experience. All the people dressed in black, makeup ruined by tears. The funeral was at night. It was so that the Spike and Angel can come. It wasn't at a full moon, so that Oz and his pack can come. It wasn't on a Tuesday or in the time of May. Dawn considered it very lucky for her to die on January. Most dangerous plots and such don't happen until Spring.

She watched as the funeral proceeded, many coming to watch her casket. They knew there wasn't a body and were saddened that she died. The Scoobies spoke about her, each telling a tale about the brave Dawn. None could hold in their tears or rage. Many were restrained from going after the drunk driver. Willow had to be knocked out and placed in an anti-magic circle to keep her from seeking vengeance.

When the funeral ended all departed. Dawn wished she could tell them that she was all right but she couldn't. The rules were strict and the beings behind the rules even stricter. It didn't stop Dawn from making jokes about them.

Dawn went to Willow's house. She had some things to do before she left permanently.

She found Willow surrounded by candles and books. Willow wanted to bring her back to life. But Willow shouldn't bring Dawn back to life.

Willow started chanting, tears still dripping down her face. Willow promised not to go after the drunk driver but she didn't promise not to bring Dawn back.

"Stop," whispered Dawn in Willow's ear. Willow froze in mid chant.

"Dawnie?" She whispered, eyes widening.

"Yeah, can't stay long though."

"Dawn I'm going to bring you back." Said Willow determined.

"No." Dawn said firmly. "Don't. My time is done here. I'm only here to stop you from making a mistake."

Willow shook her head. "I have to. The gang misses you, I miss you. We need you."

Dawn smiled, even though Willow couldn't see it. "I know. I miss you too. But you have to let go, Willow."

Willow sobbed harder. "Dawnie.."

Dawn placed her ghost like finger on Willow's lips, stopping her from talking. "Let go Willow, accept it."

Willow nodded. She knew that Dawn was right. She was just tired of her friends dying that she was willing to risk everything to bring her back.

"I have to go, there's someone else I have to visit." Dawn gave Willow a hug and left.

Willow rubbed her shoulders and sniffled. She crawled into bed and wrapped herself into the sheets. She was grieving and all left her alone.

Dawn floated away. She had some more work to do.

She went to her sister's house.

Buffy may be a strong warrior but she was still human.

Dawn found Buffy punching a punching bag. The poor bag was in near ruin with rips and tears.

"Buffy!" Dawn shouted, trying to get her sister's attention. Buffy paid no heed and continued working out.

With rolled eyes and an exasperated sight Dawn walked right through her sister's body, causing Buffy to stop.

Buffy did stop and looked around. She tensed, as if waiting for an attack.

"Buffy Anne Summers!" Shouted Dawn in her best mom voice. "You pay attention!"

Buffy eyes narrowed on the spot where Dawn was standing. Her eyes softened when she realized who it was.

"Dawn?" Asked Buffy with hope in her eyes. "Are you a ghost?"

Dawn laughed a little. "No, I'm not. I'm just here to stop you from killing the drunk driver."

Buffy frowned and started to speak, only to be stopped by Dawn's voice. "I know what you are planing. I know you could get away with it."

"But he killed you!" Protested Buffy. "We're slayers, we slay things."

"Buffy, he's human and also you must allow the court to decide his fate." Dawn said to her older sister.

Buffy huffed, arms crossed on her chest. "But..."

"No buts." Said Dawn dryly. She lowered her voice. "The driver is younger than me Buffy, a kid who went joyriding while he was drunk. It may be his fault for being careless but don't punish him for that."

"Oh?" Buffy snapped, voice raising. " Then we're just going to let him just go to jail and be alive?"

"No." Buffy closed her mouth with a snap. Dawn continued. " He's willing to go across the state to other schools and speak about what he did. His speaking will raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. He's going to do something good Buffy, he will pay for his mistakes."

Buffy scuffed the ground with her shoe. "It isn't fair Dawnie, you're gone and we're not going to get you back."

"I know." Dawn stepped towards her sister and hugged her. "I will be fine and so will you."

Buffy wiped a tear from her eyes. "Go get'm girl!" She said in bravado.

"You know I will." Dawn smiled at her sister before disappearing.

She went to her gravestone and knelled on the grass.

"So, you ready?" Dawn looked at Doyle.

"Yeah, let's go." Doyle took her hand and together they disappeared.

It turned out she had a job in a galaxy far far away.

A boy needed a guardian, a protector.

This time she will play the elder sister and protect her little brother.

Palpatine needed a sister to stop him from falling.


Remember kids, don't drink and drive. It's dangerous. Even you adults, be careful on the road and that when you are behind wheel you have to be responsible.
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