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The Force

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Summary: Dawn understands what it means to join the Force

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredDragonSFR732,0590104,6008 Jun 0711 Jun 07No


Disclaimer: Just in case you missed it on the second chapter. I DON'T OWN THIS. OTHER PEOPLE DO!

She was transported to a bright area full of mists and what not. It was all very boring. She was then transported to a building with a huge line. She waited in the line for a day until she meet with a represenative who then sent her to another line.

It was all very annoying.

On the bright side she didn't have to deal with St. Patrick. His line is enormous. There were so many dead people in line. He wasn't even done with the dark ages yet. Weighing a person's life was hard and one could not decide on certain deeds. He did get through the line quicker with the huge book of his but some people do slip through and cause chaos.

Dawn luckily was taken to the place she was suppose to go to.

Dawn was in a place that was like a huge temple with a lot of monk like people around.

She had to admit the light sword thing was spiffy.

She waited in a hallway, waiting to be seen by some 'council'. She had a healthy various about councils.

The Watcher Council messed up her sister many times.

Finally a small green being stepped towards her.

"They are ready for you." The small being bowed and opened the door.

Dawn walked in the room. Her eyes saw many aliens. At first she thought they were demons but after consulting her other half she learned that they were peaceful aliens.

"Hi." The twelve aliens nodded their heads in welcome.

There was much awkward silence.

"I am pleased you are here. Our Order usually does not employ help from other galaxies." Said one, a small grey fellow with long ears.

"We hope you will be able to avert a disaster for us." Said another, with blue tentacles.

"Thank you." Said Dawn, still a bit flustered.

"Our attempts to fix our time line has been disastrous at best. Many a time it gets worse." Said a small lady, human.

"This approach is new, I hope you are up to the task."

Dawn nodded again. She was a bit perplexed about her task and why she was chosen.

"Um, guys?" The twelve Jedi looked at her.

"I know you have a version of me in your version of the universe so why not use me from your universe." That was a headache to say.

"You are the best choice. We have seen the other versions of you and picked you, Dawn, because you are the best for the job."

How flattering, there must be a catch somewhere.

"We need you to help Palpatine become good." At that Dawn raised and eyebrow. She had read Palpatine's file and most of his versions were evil.

"You must be kidding."

"We do not kid." The guy looked at her with intensity. "We would have done it ourselves but we cannot interfere."

"Then what do you call this?" Dawn waved her hand about.

"We are not interfering, you are."

"Joy." Dawn deadpanned with lacking enthusiasm.

"Your task is very important." He looked at her ominously. "Do not fail."

Dawn rolled her eyes. She had been through enough apocalypse to know that all you need was a good ax and a direction in order to advert it.

"Right. Let's do it then."

Honestly one would think after surviving on the hellmouth one would be above dramatics. Then again they probaly practiced their lines in order to make them seem more spiffy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Force" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jun 07.

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