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The Force

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Summary: Dawn understands what it means to join the Force

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own this. I do not in anyway own Buffy or Star Wars. So don't sue me cause you'll get nothing anyways. And this stuff is copyrighted anyways, so i can't own it even if i tried.

Note: I am such a dumb nut for not adding a disclaimer.

It was inevitable, she supposed.

Dawn watched the sky with dimming eyes. She could her her sister screaming. She could hear the other slayers yelling. She tried to laugh but coughed up blood.

Of all the ways to die, this was rather normal.

Dawn supposed that she would've died by some monster than a car. A nice blue car too without a scratch or dent. It was probably new but now it has a big dent and blood smeared all over it.

It was rather simple and normal. She didn't look both ways across the street. Her magic didn't warn her of the approaching car. Her amulet was tuned to bad thoughts not drunk thoughts. Willow would be worried and horrified. Willow was the one to enchant it and she probably didn't think anything normal would kill her.

Dawn slowly breathed her last breath. It was painful to breath, each breath brought out blood. She probably broke a rib and punctured her lung.

"It's okay," she whispered to Fai. Fai's eyes were brimming with tears.

"No, you can't go." Fai said loudly distrait.

"Nothing can stop this," Dawn smiled crookedly. "At least you guys can bury me without getting the police on you."

Being a Slayer does entail the risk of dying in rather painful and suspicious ways. Most corners were perplexed about the wounds, thus the Slayers bury their own. They even owned their own funeral home. That way they can bury their dead with the peace and dignity they earned.

Dawn closed her eyes. She accepted her death and knew she would be going to a greater place. Maybe she can continue to help her sister. She could be a guardian. She didn't want to just hang around watching people do their daily lives. That would be extremely boring.

She wondered what would happen to her body?

It was after all a shell, for she was not human. But she was respected and honored.

She was energy, a key. She was unnatural and different. She was a sister to the Slayer and a magic user. She was loved.

She closed her eyes and felt a warm feeling spread through her body. She death was suppose to make you cold, due to the loss of blood in your system and your body cooling. Then again, she was different so her death should be different too.

She melted away. Her conscious left, leaving her shell behind.

Her mind faded and was replaced with a greater intelligence. She saw and understood. She could see more than ever and know more than ever. She was a library and was full of knowledge.

She was home. She was in a place where she was ripped away.

Her body faded away to the surprise of the Slayers. None was left but her necklace and her bag. She was gone, nothing to be left.

But they remember her, and forever they will cherish her.
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