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Two for the backroad

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Summary: If Faith is Dean's kind of girl then why the hell is she flirting with Sam?

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester(Past Donor)ebonypsycheFR151688021,0258 Jun 078 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer: See all the shiny people in this story? Not mine. They belong to a bunch of people who I don't even know. At all. It's sad really.

The first time Sam sees Faith, it's obvious to him that she's Dean's type of girl.

She's sexy, hot and there like a presence that you can't ignore and by the time she was done with you, you can't remember why you wanted to. She's harsh, blunt and unapologetic about being either. She's well...Dean's type of girl.

So Sam can't understand for the life of him, why Faith walks past Dean and winks at him.

Or why Dean's gloating about the fact that he got the number of some girl named Buffy.

Dawn has a theory that Dean wants Buffy because she's blond and that Buffy wants Dean because he's unattainable.

"So it's Fang all over again." Faith comments as she reaches into Sam's bowl for peanuts even though he's pretty sure that her bowl is still at least half full. Sam doesn't get it, but Buffy's glaring their way and Dean looks confused so he laughs anyway. Faith looks at him for a second before shrugging and asks about the demon which is the reason the Winchester brothers are there for to begin with. And laughs as she informs him that it's not a dangerous demon because "dude, even I know fonorhnwhrhsek demon when I hear one and those avoid humans in general."

So Sam issues a challenge.

And doesn't attempt to feign surprise when Faith proves that she was right.

After all she hangs out with a watcher in training.

Angel might just be the most annoying creature to have ever existed, Sam thinks. He's tall and brooding and...dark. Plus he's a vampire.

Sam has to ask Dawn why despite all of this, both slayers seem to brighten when Angel's around. And ignores the knowing gleam in her eyes when she shakes her head and tells him that it's too long of a story.

He also finds a kinship with Xander Harris and his boyfriend Spike (also a vampire. Sam decides that he might just have to look up the definition of a vampire slayer) and is only slightly mollified when they inform him that despite all of the charm "Peaches" ( a name he makes sure that both he and Dean use often) has, nothing will ever become of it.

The strand of peace is torn away though when Xander mentions that both girls have been down that road.

Sam is too tired to be surprised when he sees Faith, Buffy and Dawn at his dad's funeral, blending in with the few hunters that were able to come. Buffy makes her way to Dean's side, helping him not cry.

Dawn asks how they're both doing.

Faith just stares.

"I lost a dad too." The words aren't a condolence by any means and it's the only thing that reaches him.

It doesn't mean that he doesn't notice the shadow that crosses over Buffy's eyes. But it helps him in his decision not to look into it.

Sex with Faith is everything that he imagines it would be and everything he had told himself he doesn't want- Hot, hard, dirty and empty.

He's not surprised when he hears her slipping out of bed and zipping up her jeans.

He is surprised when he feels her kiss his cheek.

He knows even before Ash hands him the address that he's going to see her again.

Sam just doesn't count on seeing her as she rips off the head of their lead. It's slightly unsettling.

But then she grins in his direction and the only unsettling thing is the urge to kiss her. So of course, he does. And it's like a new discovery and mystery while coming home at same time.

"Feel like making out after we kill this demon?" a voice interrupts them. Dean's eyes are saying everything Sam used to tell him as well as relief of a burden that Sam knows he's going to ask about when this is all over. Buffy is leaning on Dean with a her own smile laced with peace that he's sure is for Faith.

Dawn is the only one who says exactly what she looks like she's thinking.

"I knew it."

The End

You have reached the end of "Two for the backroad". This story is complete.

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