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By the hands of the other

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Summary: Willow in England after her little dark episode meets the cutest little 2nd cousin ever and rescued him from the Dursleys. Gen-ish Fic. Canon Pairings if any at all.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredCadenceCascadeFR1811,9401344,1628 Jun 078 Jun 07No
Disclaimer: I own a computer and a car. And every single expansion pack of the sims2. Nothing else. It all belongs to JKR and Joss

A/N: this is in the Buffy timeline, HP time is so screwed up by me so in the beginning, as in right now, the year is 1999 and the setting is graduation in late may. In 2 months or so Harry will be born to Lily and James Potter. In approx. 18 mo. Voldy will attack at Godric’s Hollow, the boy who lived will emerge and go live with his magic hating muggle aunt. At the end of season 7, Buffy, Harry will be 4 ish…

A/N^2: Willow’s mom Shelia is Petunia and Lily’s first cousin. Their moms are siblings.

Willow looked at Giles blankly, the officer that had placed a blanket around her shoulders moving away to check on some one else in the aftermath of the graduation ceremony. “They’re dead Giles. My parents are dead” Willow choked out.

Willow had never been particularly close to her parents, but they were still mom and dad. And they were dead. Eaten by the former-mayor-snake-thingy actually. She hadn’t known that they were coming to the ceremony; in fact she didn’t even recall telling them about it as they had been on the lecture circuit for the past 6 months.

Giles held Willow in his arms as she cried, never noticing as Angel came, watched for a few heartrending moments, and left for L.A. Xander came and found Buffy standing under the tree. “Fire bad, Tree pretty”.

Two months later Willow sold her childhood home and stored all of the things she wasn’t taking to college at her family’s vacation home in Massachusetts, registered that as her main residence and moved in with Buffy and her mom until the dorms opened in 2 weeks.

College started with a bang, Willow was just more subdued than, say, Buffy. Xander was dating Anya, Oz was there for her, and Buffy was looking for someone who could handle a slayer, but Willow felt extremely disassociated from everyone, even those closest to her.

Buffy met Riley, Oz ate Veruca and tried to eat Willow, in a not fun way, left Sunnydale, and Willow noticed that she had been noticing Tara during their witch-y sessions. Faith came, stole Buffy’s identity for a while, Spike joined the “thing” named Adam for a while, then Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander came and kicked evil’s collective ass in the form of Adam and the Initiative. By the end of freshman year if Buffy hadn’t been there and needed her help, Willow would have grabbed Xander, girlfriend-napped Tara, and left for her summer house on the other side of the country.

Willow got more and more involved in the magics, Dawn came, life was normal, or as normal as Sunnydale ever really gets. Joyce died and Xander, Buffy, and Dawn all mourned together, the only good, real parent any of them had ever known; Willow simply bottled up her emotions. Glory came, Buffy slayed, the portal opened, Buffy jumped.

Buffy died, was brought back by Willow who was quite sick of death, thank you very much, and became very depressed. Warren shot at Buffy, missed and hit Tara instead, killing her. Willow had had enough death and went all “Darth Willow” and almost ended the world.

If she had to endure such pain she would rather end it all and she didn’t want anyone to go through the pain of missing her so she would kill everyone at the same time. However, when Xander told her she would have to kill him first she couldn’t. Everybody had to die at the exact same time or people would miss others and feel sorrow thusly negating the whole reason why she was doing this.

Willow collapsed, and for the first time since her parents died, allowed herself to grieve.

She went willingly to the Coven in England, wanted, needed desperately to learn control and limits. The time she spent there did her a world of good, away from the hellmouth the energy wasn’t as frightfully tainted, in fact, to a hellmouth born witch any energy not on the hellmouth felt incredibly pure.

She was healing, slowly albeit, but healing. She wrote emails to everyone back home, updating them on her progress, the replies back were positive and encouraging. A lawyer contacted her from the states. It seemed that she had some family in England wanting to know about her and wanted to see if she’d be interested in meeting them. She responded and got an address and phone number.

Meanwhile in Little Whinging, Surrey, England

Petunia Dursley was not a happy woman. That freak had not finished all his chores and her Dudders had had to stand on a non-spotless floor in his own home. Her Dudders had just turned 4 and was having his 2nd birthday party tomorrow. The first one, earlier today, had been for all his friends from daycare and the neighborhood. The second one was for her and Vernon’s friends, because Dudley was such a wonderful child that of course all of their adult friends would want to come to his 4th birthday party and bring him gifts.

That freak was about 6 months younger than Dudley and while Dudley was certainly worth the hassle, not having to worry about another huge birthday party in a few months was certainly a relief. After all, that boy really wasn’t worth it and if you never gave something to someone they would never miss it.

Petunia had been furtively trying to find some family member of hers that could take Harry from their house. Petunia’s own parents were dead, her mother had a sibling, a sister, who Petunia could not find anywhere, even though she had a solicitor looking for her, and her father’s only sibling, a brother who wasn’t really related by blood.

Petunia’s grandparents were dead as well; her paternal grandparents actually couldn’t have children and had adopted her father and another boy who was her bachelor uncle. There were no blood relatives then from that side and the letter from that headmaster man had said that Harry had to live with a blood relative.

Her maternal grandparents had died leaving two daughters, Petunia’s mother Rose and her sister Jasmine. Petunia had met her aunt Jasmine, and her daughter Shelia, only once when she was 6 and Shelia was 17. She knew they lived in the U.S. but that was all and that was it. There were no more relatives. Her father’s branch of the Evan’s family would die out without carrying on the name unless her uncle got in gear, but that was highly unlikely as he was in his late 50’s.

Petunia had been looking for her Aunt Jasmine and descendants ever since that boy did his first bit of freakishness. Finally about two months ago her solicitor had contacted her and said that they had found out that Jasmine Timmons was deceased and her daughter Shelia Rosenburg was also deceased and Shelia had an adult daughter but they were having trouble finding her as well.

The sooner they found her cousin’s daughter the sooner that boy and all his freakishness will be out of her house.

Willow was unsure as to whether or not she should contact her newly found relatives. On one hand family was important and she had none left, on the other hand she was still in magic rehab. She called Giles.

Giles said that he would go with her to meet these new relatives; he could be her uncle or best friend’s dad or something to that effect. With that Willow called her new relatives and found out that her mom’s first cousin was named Petunia who would love to meet her, could she come over for supper sometime this week?

On the chosen Thursday, Willow and Giles showed up at number 4 Privet Drive in Little Winging, laden with gifts for Petunia, her husband Vernon, and their son Dudley.

They were greeted at the door and before long awkward conversation about their lives dominated the gathering, Willow making sure to not mention anything supernatural. Willow and Petunia looked at photos of various family members while Vernon sat and drank brandy and kept offering it to a non-interested Giles.

Willow gave her gifts to the appropriate people and when asked about her future plans stated that she intended to go back to the U.S. and live in California for a few years and then move to Massachusetts where she owned a small home, surprising Giles who had not known of this plan.

Petunia asked all sorts of questions, like did Willow like children, did she ever want to have any one day. Willow answered that she liked kids and yes was eventually planning to have a few even if she had to adopt. Petunia took that to mean that Willow couldn’t have kids.

Petunia was getting excited; perhaps Willow would take the boy! She asked Willow to give her a hand in the kitchen and once in there began to fabricate a lie that would make Willow want to take him.

She started out with mentioning Lily and the fact that Vernon and Lily had never gotten along and that’s why she didn’t mention Lily in front of him. Petunia told Willow that it had only gotten worse when Lily had married a ne’er-do-well named James Potter and had a baby boy named Harry. She told the story of Lily and James’ tragic car accident from the drunk driving and Harry subsequently coming to live with them.

When asked where he was, Petunia replied that he was at a neighbor’s house, and that he spent much of his time there. Petunia implied, not at all subtly, that her husband, who she could see Willow was not impressed with, was very emotional abusive towards the boy because he had hated his parents so. Petunia used every bit of acting ability she had as she expressed concern for her nephew.

When Willow asked why Petunia was staying with Vernon instead of grabbing the children under her care and hi-tailing it out of there, Petunia replied that she couldn’t do that to her son, couldn’t make him grow up without a father. Willow was getting the picture rather quickly; the only problem was she wasn’t getting the picture that Petunia was taking pains to create, nor was she taking a hint. Finally Petunia just straight out asked her if she would take Harry.

Willow was taken aback. She had come to dinner expecting to meet some new relatives, not take any home with her. Willow asked if she could meet him. Petunia told Vernon that she and Willow were going for a walk around the neighbor hood. Giles looked as if he wanted to go also but wasn’t asked.

Petunia walked Willow to Miss Figg’s house and introduced Harry to Willow. Willow took one look at green eyes and messy black hair and fell head over heels in love. The fact that he was painfully thin and tiny for a three year old when Dudley was huge for a four year old only served added to her suspicions about her new cousins.

Willow made the decision right then and there that Harry was coming with her. Saying nothing either which way to anyone at the moment, however, she picked up a tense Harry, rested him on her hip, and guided his head onto her shoulders. He stayed tense for a few more moments and then relaxed a little. Willow carried him back to Petunia’s house, thinking furiously.

Giles wouldn’t be happy but screw Giles. Willow was a 21 year old woman, she was not in any way incapacitated, she owned her own home in Massachusetts, she was not lacking in funds and she had computer skills that had grabbed several corporations’ attentions even when she had been in high school. She had also been offered a full scholarship to 4 separate universities including Oxford. She could find a job anywhere, go to school anywhere, do anything she wanted to do and she wanted to make sure that this little boy that she was related to was safe from stupid people.

The End?

You have reached the end of "By the hands of the other" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jun 07.

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