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Lady Blue

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Down A Wide Road...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Spike is sent to deal with a potential problem when Sonja Blue's hunt for Lord Noir brings her to the attention of HouseAurelius. AUniverse.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Sonja Blue SeriesDavidFraserFR1823,222031,2209 Jun 0710 Aug 07No


Disclaimer: We own no part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and anything herein pertaining to Sonja Blue belongs to Nancy A. Collins. No infringement of copyright is contemplated or intended. (No resemblance to anyone living, dead or undead is intended either).
Title: Lady Blue.
Author(s): David Fraser (with Emily Louise Moore).
Rating: FR18. Don't ignore this!!
Feedback: Please. Any author craves feedback and we're no exception.
Note: By its very nature Crossover Fanfc is AU, so please accept that this Universe does exist somewhere.
Note: Timewise, this takes place after the book Darkest Heart.
AuthorsNote: One small image was inserted by our Beta reader; as payment for her hard work.


It is said that only in that moment of stillness, as Order ascends into Chaos, you can see the true face of 'She Who Cannot Be Turned Aside'.
~ from The Legend of Sonja Blue.

The coffee bars and trendy boutique's that lined this thoroughfare had closed their doors to business some hours before, and all that reminded the night-people walking past of their presence were the colorful posters showing images of frothy beverages and the mannequin's behind security bars as they gazed wistfully at the occasional passer-by; as they imagined the life they might have, if only they were truly alive...

William Fairchilde, known in some circles as William the Bloody, more commonly called Spike in these early years of the 21st century, paused at the top of the steps as he made his way up from the entrance of The Midnight Club. Searching through his duster for a packet of cigarettes; the action of lighting up and turning his back to the slight breeze making its way through the canyonlands of the cityscape, giving him the opportunity for his gaze to sweep his surroundings.

Satisfied that his senses detected nothing inimical, he turned to his left and made his way down the sidewalk towards the darker environs at the bottom of the hill on this eastern side of the city...

Spike had not had time to scout the location beforehand; the e-mail from Red only giving him the address this morning just before sunrise. Perusing a map and noting the various ways in and out of the area was not the same as actually being on the ground, and as the occasional streetlight in this section became fewer and further between he slowed his pace as he spotted a vacant lot coming up ahead.

Moving into the deeper shadows of a doorway, his hand removed the weapon from under his duster, turning his body slightly to muffle the sound as he prepped it; releasing the safety. Now he waited.

The low rumble of a powerful motor in low gear penetrated the night as it made its way from the south, turning on to this road as he tensed in readiness. Aware of the vehicle stopping opposite the vacant lot, he heard the engine stop and the sound of a car door opening as the driver got out. There was the sound of heavy boots walking across the road to the lot and the sound of a questioning voice. Red's information had been correct. It was a female; more than likely her...

The male voice which answered was cocky, and as Spike forced himself to relax, he breathed deep of the night air; the sudden stench of fur assaulting his senses. Moving out from his shadowed doorway he took in the scene quickly.

He had been outside the perimeter of their concealment and as he appeared the man who had been waiting for the woman stepped back from the circle of Weres that moved to surround her.

As he watched, he saw her features sharpen; shifting subtly. Not hesitating in the least, she moved; the turn of her wrist exposing a blade that shone bright in the darkness. A slash at the Were to her right brought a yelp of pain and the imprecation, "Silverrr..." The smile on her face was now feral amongst the darkness of her hair as she ignored the body that fell at her feet.

The Weres surrounding moved back, widening the diameter of their circle without giving the woman an avenue of escape. In the center, she revolved slowly trying to cover all angles, but Spike could see that things were about to become difficult. It was time to interfere.

The explosion of light and noise as the large Strayer-Voight thumped the base of his palm was as shocking as a sudden thunderstorm in their midst; the noise following direct on the flash as the .45 caliber jacketed hollow-point's introduced the high silver content of the bullets to the center of mass on the Weres.

His preternatural strength allowing him to control the recoil of the large automatic as he moved out into the middle of the road, he calmly worked his way through his targets, making sure to never target a body that stood between him and the woman; just in case a bullet did not splash inside a torso and exploded through to hit her as she stood calmly in the center of the destruction happening around her.

He was aiming and firing as fast as he could pull the trigger, and only two of the Weres were able to turn and face him before they were all on the ground writhing in pain and shock as the silver content of the bullets blackened their flesh and destroyed their nervous system. The man who had baited the trap for the woman stood dumbfounded in shock at the sudden turn of events, and was still gazing at the results of Spike's intervention when she moved to club him to the ground.

As they faced each other over the bodies, the last of which gave a shudder and stiffened to stillness, Spike lowered his weapon to hang by his side. She still had her blade to hand and he spoke carefully so that there would be no confusion, "I'd like to reload and put up my gun."

Her gaze giving no expression, which was an expression in and of itself, she nodded once; watching as he reached for a charged magazine.

Holstering the gun high on his left hip; readily available to his right hand in a cross-body draw, he let his duster fall to cover the weapon from view and faced the woman again, his blue eyes meeting the blood-red of hers; her pupils black pools of darkness. "We should get out of here, not even the local cops could ignore the noise of something like this."

She smiled at him, the image of her fangs retreating as she spoke. "We? We haven't even been introduced."

"Name's Spike." Indicating the human lying at her feet, he continued, "You didn't kill him, so I'm assuming you want to ask some questions, and this isn't really the place for some fun."

"Spike... Hmmm." She must have made a decision, as she continued, "For now, call me Sonja. As for questions..? I have one." Gesturing at the scene around them, "How come you were here, all ready to take part in this..."

Cocking his head as the sound of sirens began to come through the night air, he smiled at her. "Guess I've got time to answer one question, then I really think we must be going... The Master of HouseAurelius had word of this little altercation and bade me be here."

She remembered the Name from all the information collated by Erich Ghilardi when he had fancied himself as the natural heir to Professor Van Helsing. Leaning down to gather up the human by the collar, she considered her options; keeping part of her awareness on Spike as he policed up his brass.

She dumped her prisoner in the trunk; tying him roughly with a length of rope and stuffing a piece of oily rag in his mouth. Gesturing Spike to the passenger side of her car, she waited to see what he would do.


End of Prologue.
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