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Two Wrongs Make A Right

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Summary: Somewhat silly BtVS/Star Wars crossover, taking place directly after the events of 8.04 (so comics spoiler alert). Changing the past can have consequences no one anticipated, as our two villains are about to discover...

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Star Wars > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersBeerGoodFR151322058869 Jun 079 Jun 07Yes
Title: Two Wrongs Make A Right
Author: Beer Good
Word count: 300
Rating: PG13
Warning: Character death... somehow. And silliness and general whining about changed continuity.
Characters/Pairing: Warren/Amy, Greedo
Disclaimer: If I were Joss, this would be canon. Think about that. Luckily for everyone, Joss Whedon owns the Buffyverse characters, George Lucas owns the Star Wars ones, and I have no say in their fate and make no money.

Warren and Amy vanished in a flash just as Buffy and Satsu were about to jump them (much to the Slayers’ chagrin; Buffy wanted very much to hit them, and Satsu, well, she just really liked watching Buffy jump).

They reintegrated in a bar. To be specific, a bar with the weirdest clientele anyone of them had ever seen, which is saying quite a lot for two Sunnydalians. Amy’s legs wobbled as she got her bearings. “Damnit! Trust Buffy to turn up at exactly the wrong second and save her precious Willow.”

Warren’s mouth opened with a sound like someone speaking from the bottom of a jar filled with pickled pig's feet – that’s what you get with no lips and charred lungs. ”Where are we? This place looks familiar.”

”Um...” Amy looked around. ”Some demon bar, I guess. I was aiming for Los Angeles, something must have gone wrong with the teleportation spell when Willow was set free...”

“Oh! I know where this is! ” Warren’s lack of face lit up in what qualified as a smile. “Cool!”


“We’re in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine!” Warren looked around, pointing so enthusiastically he dripped gore all over the place. “There’s the droid detector, and the table where Luke and Obi-Wan met Han, and... Wow! Figrin D’an is playing tonight!”

Amy just stared at her suddenly very geeky boyfriendcorpse.

“You know? Star Wars? Episode IV? You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?”

"...OK. Whatever. I need to rest up and recharge, and then we can get back to...” Suddenly she looked over his shoulder in alarm. “Uh, sweetie... some thing is pointing a gun at us.”

He looked around and chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry babe, that’s just Greedo. He's harmless; in canon, he never shoots firs-“

The End

You have reached the end of "Two Wrongs Make A Right". This story is complete.

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