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Two Lives, Three Dads?

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Summary: What if Buffy Summers was really the daughter of Dean OR Sam Winchester? Yes, Dean OR Sam.

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You Sly Dog

Two Lives, Three Dads?

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, but to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke. The idea hardly belongs to me, too since this is a challenge I took.

A/N: Placing Buffy in Supernatural verse. Season 3 takes place in fall of 2005. Dean 26, Sam 22, Buffy 17.


They had arrived in the city of Angels because there was word of people going missing, but then suddenly showing up. The problem? The ones who went missing were young, but when they showed up, they were old. This was no ordinary case of missing persons, but Dean and Sam weren’t ordinary people. They were used to this, cases that were far beyond normal. But when they arrived and started doing some research, the reports stopped. Some other hunter must have stopped it, so Dean and Sam decided to take a little time off before heading to the next case in another town.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” Sam sighed as he shook his head. They had been out all day looking for someone. They didn’t know her name, or her address or anything personal like that. What they did know was that the young woman was a spitting image of their mother.

That couldn’t have been a coincidence, right? In their line of work, thinking of things like a coincidence got a person killed.

But Sam was not shaking his head at the fact that someone was running around Los Angeles looking like a younger version of their mother. No, Sam was shaking his head because Dean was flirting with a hooker.

“Ah, c’mon Sammy,” Dean laughed. “How often goes this happen?”

“Just drive,” Sam pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Some other time, sweetheart,” Dean gave the woman a smirk and drove off. After gaining some distance, he shoved Sam a little, “Just a little harmless flirting. And hey, she approached me.”

“We’re supposed to be looking for--” Sam stopped as he realized he didn’t know what to call the woman. A demon? A spirit? A shifter? They had no idea who she was? Maybe--maybe she was just someone who looked like their mother. “If we’re looking for something supernatural, where would she go?”

“Are there any local haunts around here?”

“It’s Los Angeles, Dean. How many could be around here? We’d have to go to the motel so I could look them up.”

“No time, she could be long gone.”

“We could try that diner she was coming out of. See if anyone there knows who she is,” Sam suggested.

Dean sighed as he weighed their options. Go back to the diner where there might be a clue, or just keep driving around, seeing nothing but hookers. While the latter seemed nice enough, it wasn’t helping their search.

“Diner it is, then.”

“You’ve got two in your section, Anne.”

“Thanks Billy,” Anne smiled brightly. Taking out her pen and pad, Anne made her way over to the occupant filled booth and greeted the two men.

“My name is Anne and I’ll be your server today. Can I get you gentlemen any drinks to start off with?”

Dean and Sam placed their menus on the table and smiled at Anne. Sam spoke first, “Actually, we had a question?”

“Ask away?”

“There was someone here earlier today. She was short, blonde that came down to her shoulders. Uh, sweatpants and a hoodie.”

“Oh, you must mean Buffy!” Anne said after taking a minute to think. A lot of people dined here, but they had to be talking about her.

“Buffy,” Dean tested the name. It didn’t work for him. Who named their kid Buffy?

“Yea, she used to work here, actually. She got me this job.”

“Do you know where we can find her, maybe?” Dean asked. “She’s our cousin and something’s happened back at home.”

Anne started to answer, but replayed what the guy had just said. “She’s your cousin, but you couldn’t give me her name? And you don’t already have her number or address?”

Sam glared at Dean, who struggled to find an answer. “W-We didn’t say we were good cousins.”

Anne was not as stupid as people thought. Yes, she and a bunch of others almost let vampires feed on them because they thought they would live forever, but that wasn’t her anymore. She knew about the supernatural world and would not be tricked by it again.

“Okay look,” Sam took control of the situation. “We aren’t related, and we don’t even know her. But she looks like someone we know, our mother.”

Dean reached into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. He pulled a picture of his mother out and showed it to Anne. She looked at the picture and her eyes widened. Okay, so maybe they had a pretty good reason for finding her. If this woman were their mother, then Buffy would want to meet them. So, if they were normal, they probably didn’t know about Buffy’s life. Or, they knew but didn’t think she knew.

“Are you willing to tell us where she might be?” Sam asked.

“Reid’s,” she answered without hesitation. And that wasn’t a complete lie. There was Reid’s Electronics store that was in between two other stores, and then across the street, randomly, was Reid’s Cemetery. After giving them directions, the two men, who she learned was Dean and Sam Winchester, left.

She was doing one sweep and then would be on the bus back to Sunnydale. That was the plan and she was sticking to it. She was only patrolling because she had given it up for so long. She tried to put her past behind her, again. But, like before, it came back and it bit her on the ass. That fight with Ken reminded her of her calling and how she couldn’t escape it. There was no use trying anymore.

“Are you gonna rise or what?” Buffy asked. She glared at the tombstone as she waited. After looking in the newspaper, she found two cases where the persons died of a neck wound. There was also blood on the mouth, so Buffy assumed that that meant the vampire made the victim drink. Which meant, the person was going to rise.

But, there was another person that was going to rise and Buffy had hoped she would be able to stop one before this one rose.


Spinning on her feet and dropping her arm behind her back to hide the stake, Buffy looked at the two men. She didn’t know them, and her spidey sense wasn’t going off, but that didn’t mean they weren’t evil. But, for some reason, they seemed familiar.

“Can I help you?”

She kept throwing looks at the grave behind her. Now would so not be the time for this guy to wake up.

“Your friend Anne told us where we could find you,” Sam answered her. Even though, when they found Reid’s, they saw the store first and then the cemetery. Being in the business they were in, the brothers chose the cemetery.

“What’d you need?” she gave them a critical eye. She hoped Anne was okay. She just started another life; a better life and she didn’t want the girl to suffer because of her.

“Don’t answer that,” a fourth voice spoke.

Buffy rolled her eyes as she recognized the voice. As a cheap bowler hat, jacket and some slacks. “Didn’t I threaten a few months ago, Whistler?”

“You did, but this was more important,” he shrugged.

“What’s going on and where’d you come from?”

Buffy turned to the two men, to see them both holding guns at Whistler. She was beyond flustered at everything that was happening. These two guys and now Whistler approaching her. Did they work for the Powers, too? She did not need this.

“I’m only here as a messenger from up above,” he pointed up.

“Up above?” Sam asked.

“You can’t expect us to believe that?” Dean shook his head.

“So you can believe it when a demon from Hell attacks your family, but not when a balance demon comes from up above?” Whistler smirked. He knew he hit a sore spot with that one, but he didn't have time to being playing around with them.

“What are you doing here, Whistler?” Buffy interrupted. She could see the two men were getting even angrier, and didn’t want any bloodshed happening, not until she beat up Whistler first, of course.

“These two here, they’ve been looking for you,” he nodded toward. “Dean and Sam Winchester. You look a lot like their mother and they wanted to know why.”

Now Buffy understood. “So what, in a past life I was their mother?”

“Not exactly,” he shook his head. Looking at Dean, “Dean, remember when you were 17, in San Diego? Met a nice blonde, Suzy?”

Dean nodded slowly as he lowered his gun. He didn’t know what she had to do with this; it was such a long time ago. But, that was the only time he went to San Diego, so it was a bit hard to forget it, especially the wild times he had with her.

“And Sam,” Whistler turned to him. “You were 18 when you met Michelle, right?”

“Sammy, you sly dog,” Dean turned to smirk at his brother.

“Shut up, Dean.”

“Okay, so they did the dance, but what does this have to do with me?” Buffy snapped.

“Here’s where it gets fun, for me, at least,” the demon smirked. “One of them, and I won’t say who, got pregnant. And since you aren’t their mother and you look like her--”

“Still not following you,” Buffy shook head. She turned to look at Dean and Sam, their mouths hanging out. “What, what happened? What is he talking about?”

“Buffy, what color is your hair?”

Giving him a look of disbelief, she held her hair between her hands. “Hello, blonde.”

“Your real hair color, kid,” he sighed.

“I’m a brunette,” she mumbled.

“And your eyes?”


“And wouldn’t you know it, Sam’s a brunet and you resemble Dean a little."

“I think what he’s trying to say,” Sam spoke, “is that you’re my daughter. Or Dean’s, but this can't be possible.”

“Wonderful,” Buffy sighed. This new information, on top of everything that happened in the past few months was too much for Buffy as she collapsed.


Continue? You betcha.. Considering I have to explain how a 22 or 26 year old has a 17 year old daughter.. Fear not.
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