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The Courtship of Kagome.

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Summary: Kagome decides enough is enough. Inuyasha dosn't love her so she needs to accept it and move on. It will be difficult but everyones favorite hentai is willing to help in any way he can. Kagome x Miroku WIP

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The Harvest Festival part 2.


I still don’t own anything. I have no money and I make no money from writing this. My only joy and reward are the accomplishment and joy of writing not to mention reviews. Thank-you everybody who reviews. And to those of you who don’t please do.

Light from the bonfire cast the village square in a bright orange light while the light of the moon and stars bathed the forest beyond in silver. Bright and cheerful music continued to play even thought the night was waxing late and all of the young ones had been sent to bed. Most of the women of the village sat exhausted from dancing the night away with the young lord, his soldiers, the men of the village and a certain perverted monk.

Sango and Kagome were the only two still on their feet and dancing. All of the running and fighting of demons had really built up their strength and stamina. Miroku watched them as they danced with yet another couple of soldiers there was a strange light in his eye. It had been there all night, ever since he had seen Kagome and Sango in their new kimonos. He was pleased to see Kagome smiling brightly and yet was jealous that he wasn’t the one to make her smile.

Deciding that it was his turn, he stepped forward and cut in to dance with Kagome. “Good evening Miroku Sama.” She stated with a smile that made his heart skip a beat.

“Lady Kagome, are you enjoying the Harvest Festival?”

“This is much better than last year.” Kagome stated. “I am a little worried about Inuyasha though. Normally he would be dragging me back here after I was gone for a few days. Or sitting and waiting for me to get back.” Kagomes’ eyes clouded over for a moment as she wondered if Kikio had pulled one of her tricks on him and taken him to hell.

“Try not to worry about it Kagome Sama.” He stated with a smile as he pulled her closer to his body. “He can take care of himself. I am sure he is fine. He will be back soon. Much better to enjoy the evening and the,” Miroku coughed, “company you are with.” He then arched an eyebrow for her amusement.

“Thank-you Miroku Sama. I really am having fun I haven’t danced in a long time. This reminds me of that social dance class I took before falling into the well.”

“There is a class to teach dancing?” Miroku asked in surprise.

“Hai. We learned all kinds of dances from around the world.”

“Really, would you teach me some of these dances Kagome Sama?”

Kagome flashed a brilliant smile that had him melting where he stood. Taking his hand she dragged him away from the main dancing area for a little more privacy. Much to the consternation of the next soldier who was about to try and cut in.

Kagome started teaching him different dances she had learned from the Two-step and the Foxtrot to the Salsa and the Tango. She then showed him a couple of line dances. Which, he declared to be fun but not nearly as much as the dances where he could hold her close. He then pulled her into his arms and started dancing one of the dances she had just taught him.

Sango stood in the shadows and watched her blood sister and friend dance in the silvery light of the moon. A smile graced her lips as she saw him hold her close without copping a feel. They really looked good together. *They would make such a great couple. If only.....*

A loud slap sounded in the night and Kagome turned to storm back into the village. “Baka Hentai.” Sango hissed under her breath. *Maybe I am putting my hopes in the wrong man. Maybe I will have to find someone else to sweep Kagome off of her feet and keep her here with us.* Suddenly Miroku stepped forward and grabbed Kagomes’ hand. Spinning her around her pulled her up against his chest.

“Please forgive me Kagome Sama.” He whispered. “Old habits die hard.”

Kagome and Sango both blinked at these words. “Are you saying that you are trying to change this aspect of yourself?” Kagome asked in shock.

Gently he reached up and brushed his thumb gently over her silken lips. “In a manner of speaking my lady. In a manner of speaking.” This said he leaned forward and pressed his lips to her cheek in a lingering kiss.

When he pulled back, he was delighted to see her blushing in the light of the moon. She had a bewildered look on her face and for a long moment she just stood there in shock. *She is so beautiful in this light with that blush on her face. Kagome was made for moonlight.* “Lets go back to the village and show off some of these new dances you have taught me Kagome.” He stated before she could start demanding answers from him. From the look on her face she had about a million questions she wanted to ask him. He knew that she would most defiantly either start with why he kissed her or what he meant when he said in a manner of speaking.

He just wasn’t ready to explain just yet because he didn’t completely understand it himself. He only knew that he wanted to be allowed to touch her like that without being slapped. Her and no one else. It was a shock to his system to think this way and he really needed some time to decide if he had gone temporarily crazy. *Could I possibly survive without my daily dose of flirting? That is what helps me to keep my mind from the fate sitting in my hand.* Putting these thoughts aside he gently pulled a still confused Kagome with him back towards the village. *I can answer these questions later. It’s not like she isn’t still getting over Inuyasha. There is still the question of if she will be able to move on from him when he returns. Or will she forgive him and fall in love with him all over again?* Miroku found himself dreading Inuyashas’ return. If nothing else he wouldn’t be able to flirt so boldly with the jealous and possessive hanyou at hand.


Kagome smiled as she watched her friends. They stood in Jinenji and his mothers home. When Inuyasha still hadn’t shown by morning, the friends decided that they would go to visit them. They knew Inuyasha could find them when and if he ever came back.

The presents Kagome had brought went over well. Sango hugged her like crazy, Shippou went nuts over the candy and hacky sack, and Miroku smiled like she had given him a million dollars. When her back was turned, he placed the photos in his robes next to his heart. Jinenji, was the most touched. He cried tears of joy.

“You have brought me the most beautiful present.” He stated to her. His deep and sorrowful voice didn’t sound so sorrowful anymore. “Please come with me I want to show you something.”

Curious Kagome followed Jinenji out into the forest and over to a hollowed out log. They stopped a short distance from the log and stood waiting. Jinenji had put down a small scrap of tuna that she had brought for Kirara. Kagome couldn’t help wondering what were they waiting for?

A few moments later she had her answer. The most darling black and white two-tailed firecat poked its head out of the log and mewed at them. It was mostly black with white feet and markings like Kirara had.

“Oh! How cute!” Kagome knelt down and held out her hand in friendship. “Here kitty, kitty.” She tried coaxing it over. The kitten walked hesitantly up to them and stood regarding Kagome for a long moment. Kagome had the distinct impression she was being judged so she sat patiently while the fire neko regarded her. At length the kitten continued forward and sniffed her hand. The next thing she knew the kitten had jumped up to her shoulder and was cuddling up to her neck.

Jinenji smiled. “How sweet. I thought that the kitty would choose you.”

“Choose me? What do you mean Jinenji?”

“She chose you as her new owner. Her last owner died and she was all alone. I was trying to take care of her but she wouldn’t choose me. I am so glad she chose you.”

“I’m her new owner?” Kagome asked in shock and wonder. *Maybe if this kitty can transform like Kirara then this will solve the problem I have of hanging onto Inuyasha. I wonder if I can get her through the well if Buyou would get along with her? I’m sure mom wouldn’t have a problem with it.* “Do you know what her name is?”

“Her last owner called her Shebalba.”

“Shebalba?” *Isn’t that the land of the dead for the Aztecs? Or was it the Myans?* “Could I call you Sheba? It’s the name of a beautiful queen.” The cat seemed to consider this for a moment. At last it mewed and cuddled up to her again. “So Sheba it is then. Let’s introduce you to the others.”

Sango blinked in surprise when she saw the little two-tail cuddled up to Kagomes’ neck. “Kagome chan? Where did that fire neko come from?”

“Jinenji says this kitty chose me as its new owner. Her name is Shebalba but I just call her Sheba.”

“It’s a black and white. It is really something that it chose you. Black and whites are notorious for being very choosy with their owners. They are very protective of their owners.”

“Sango would you tell me about how to care for her. I have never owned a fire neko before.” Sheba jumped down and inspected everybody as if to decide if they could be trusted around Kagome or not. Finally Kirara came forward and the two cats had an instant friendship. Together they started scampering about like the playful kittens they were.

“Oh they are so cute!” Kagome gushed as she watched them. Finally looking up she looked around for Inuyasha. “Is Inuyasha back yet?” *I thought he would be yelling at me by now for leaving the village without him.* From the look in Miroku and Sangos’ eyes she knew that he still hadn’t come to catch up with them. “He still hasn’t caught up with us? He has never been away this long before, even when he was with Kikyo.” Sadness was quickly engulfing her. *What if he has decided to stay with Kikyo and not come back to us? What if Kikyo tried to drag him to hell with her again?* This thought dissipated the sadness instantly and replaced it with fear and concern for his safety.

Instantly her kitten was on her shoulder again and looking around for what was bothering its new master. Absently Kagome gently petted the tiny creature soothing it and being soothed by it.

“It will be alright Kagome.” Sango stated even though she too was becoming worried for Inuyashas safety. “Let’s take the kittens out for some training and see how much Sheba already knows.”

Kagome was delighted when Sheba transformed and allowed her to fly upon her back. *That solves the problem of me not wanting to ride on Inuyashas’ back anymore.* Together Miroku and Sango set up some targets for Kagome to shoot from Shebas’ back. Kagome was was a lot easier to shoot from Shebas’ back then from Inuyashas’.

Once they were finished Miroku, Sango, Kagome and Shippou all sat in the field and watched the two fire neko’s play fight each other. None of them said anything but they were all thinking about the same thing; Inuyasha and when he was going to return.


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Courtship of Kagome." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jun 07.

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