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The Courtship of Kagome.

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Summary: Kagome decides enough is enough. Inuyasha dosn't love her so she needs to accept it and move on. It will be difficult but everyones favorite hentai is willing to help in any way he can. Kagome x Miroku WIP

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A Change In The Wind.

The Courtship of Kagome. Chapter 1 A Change In The Wind.

This story is on hold while I work on getting a better plott for it, I'm just catching up this site with the other for now. I plan to post the first three chapters this week. If you have any requests for this story of something you want to see feel free to leave it in a review, I might be able to accomadate you. I have been debating eventually giving Kagome slayer powers but I'm not sure.

I do not own Inuyasha. Any and all spoilers are possible.



Kagome dragged herself from her bed. It was time to face the world again and more importantly it was time to face “them” again. Her family from the warring states period. She just wished she knew what her place was there.

*A shard detector, and stand in for Kikyo.* Kagome knew she had been fooling herself all of this time. She really believed that Inuyasha loved her. He does love me; he just doesn’t love me. I knew he loved Kikyo. Her mind relived that moment not too long ago when Inuyasha left her in the middle of a fight to save Kikyo. She was fine. But still, he had just left her for Kikyo. *What am I going to do? I broke the thing it is my responsibility to get the jewel put back together again. I just don’t know if I can face him again. Live with him day in and day out and fight by his side and not make the mistake of loving him.*

“Kagome,” her mothers worried voice called out from the other side of her door.Gently opening the door she came in and sat on her bed running her fingers through Kagome’s dark black locks. “Sweetie what happened. You have been in here since you came back from the feudal era.”

“Mom.” Kagome sat up and threw her arms around her mother crying wildly. “I have been such a fool. Nothing happened per say...I just I really fooled myself into thinking that he would change his mind. That he would want me and not her. I knew that he wanted her but I really thought that if I gave him some time he would put his past behind him. I knew that he would always love her but I thought that if I gave him some time he would come to love me too. Last time I was there when he went to go see her again I realized...even though she is dead she is still alive. He is never going to feel for me the way he feels for her. The thing is he does love me and being with him and fighting along side of him confuses me more than I can say. I keep deciding that we will just be close friends that I can live with that but then when he carries me around on his back I feel so close to him. I feel like we belong together. I know I have to go back and keep working with him but I really don’t want to fall into my old habits again.”

“Oh my baby. I know that this feels impossible but there is somebody out there who can love you. You need to open your eyes and look around at your other options. If you don’t want to fall into your old habits don’t ride on his back. Make some space between the two of you. It will be hard but I know that you can do this. If it weren’t for the jewel, I would almost suggest severing all ties to least for a little while. I know in your case that won’t work. But love. You have so much to offer. I just know that there is someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. Come on I made your favorite for dinner.”

“Oden!” Smiling for the first time since she came back Kagome got up and joined her family for dinner. *I doubt that there is anybody out there as awesome as Inuyasha...but I shouldn’t make mom worry.*


It was a number of days later and Kagome was ready to go back least as ready as she could be. She didn’t want to wait until Inuyasha came to get her. She was wearing different clothing this time. She realized that she wore her short school uniform to flirt with Inuyasha. This has caused her a few problems in the past with the local people, but more than that with her uniform getting ruined from tares holes and blood.

This time she decided to go with black stretch pants under a wrap around skirt and a white peasants top. Her skirt was forest green with gold embroidered leaves along the hem. It was fuller than Sango’s skirt for easier movement while out and about in it. It also had two slits up the sides of her legs that were usually hidden in the folds of the skirt but revealed themselves when she ran in it. She really liked this combination and she had packed a couple changes of clothing one midnight blue and one that was a silver kind of sage color. The whole ensemble wasn’t authentic for the time period but it was a lot better than her miniskirt, and she wouldn’t end up looking like Kikyo in it. At least no more than she usually did.

She remembered to pack ramen for Inuyasha, candy and a hacky sack for Shippou, several cans of tuna for Kirara, some shampoo and conditioner for Sango (who fell in love with it when Kagome had shared her own). With that packed she hesitated. *What should I bring Miroku? I wish I could understand him better, maybe then I would know what he would be interested in...that is besides women.*

As she sat and thought about it she looked through her newly developed pictures. She had taken a camera and several rolls of film with her last time she was back and took pictures of everybody. She had even taught the others how to take them so she could be in several of the photo’s herself. Finally she decided to give Miroku a picture of him and Sango together and another one of him and her that Sango had taken.

“It is about time I visited Jinenji again.” She thought out loud. She had made a habit of visiting them as frequently as she could to check up on them. “I should bring something for him and his mother.” Lavender scented lotion and a small resin sculpture of a girl with a bird perched on her finger finished her packing. It reminded her of the time when she was helping him in the garden and all of the birds had come. She hoped he would like it.

She had done a lot of thinking in the time that she was home she felt it wasn’t right for her to keep running out on everybody to come home. She had responsibilities here but things there were a matter of life and death. Her friends needed her help and she had to be strong for them. She had spoken to her family and warned them that she would not be coming back as often. Nor staying for as long when she did come back. They had made arrangements for her to be withdrawn from school, at least until she could get things settled down. Fortunately she was now 18 and was allowed to do so. She promised that after things settled down she would find some way to graduate. As she walked out of the house to the grounds she found her family waiting to say goodbye to her.

Finally her goodbyes said and with tears in her eyes she walked with a determined gait. She was going to do everything she could within her powers to save her friends from Naraku. She just wouldn’t think about what would come after.


Miroku sat with his back resting against the well. That bacca inu had done it again. He had gone off with Kikyo and left Kagome behind. He could have killed the dog when he had left Kagome open to attack to go save Kikyo. It was beyond his imagination why Inuyasha would choose anybody over to Kagome. *Kagome is so loving and beautiful. Her smile is like rays of sunshine chasing away the gloom on a cloudy day.* He would give anything to be given the love and devotion that young girl showed to that arrogant dog. Only he couldn’t let anybody get close to give him what he most desired. Why let them in if you are just going to be swallowed up by the void in your own hand anyway? If letting them in would only cause them more pain why let them in at all?

But he had let them in. Without even realizing it or understanding why he had formed a close attachment to all of the members of the group. Even the stupid dog who was even now still with Kikyo.

He had been gone a long time now. He didn’t want Kagome to come back and not have anybody waiting for her. She might turn around and leave again and never come back. That thought more than any other held more pain and fear for him. It was curious to him that he felt that way. He feared losing her even more than he feared the Kazanna. *What if she has had enough of Inuyasha’s constant inconsistencies? What if she never comes back?*

The power of the well and the blue light that only those with spiritual powers could see signaled Kagome’s return. Miroku leapt to his feet and turned to assist Kagome in climbing out of the well. He froze on the spot. She looked so different.

“Kagome Samma.” Miroku whispered in a shocked and reverent tone. He was trying desperately to hide what seeing her like this was doing to him. Thankfully his robes were loose. What happened to the young girl he had met? The creature before him was a lovely nubile young woman. He wanted nothing more than to step forward, crush her in his arms, claim her lips with his own and never let go.

Kagome stopped and blinked at the tone in his voice. It was so soft, yet there was a manly strength hidden beneath. It was almost a growl. She couldn’t help shivering and blushing at the tone of his voice and the way he was looking at her.

“M..Miroku Samma?” *What is going on?* Her mind shouted. *I thought he and Sango liked each other! Get a grip girl he is just being a perverted monk as usual. Don’t read anything into it.*

“Lady Kagome. You look so different.” So lovely. Stepping forward he took the bag from her without making any inappropriate moves. He had to concentrate all of his powers not to. He was afraid that if he did she would run off again. Even her bag was different, he noticed. This one was a bit smaller and was green and blue. Kagome could only blink in surprise. “I like your new look.” He finished lamely. Kagome only blushed more.

“How have you been?” She asked trying to change the subject.

“Truthfully Kagome I was worried that you wouldn’t come back this time. I am very glad to see that you have returned to us.”

“I’m sorry Miroku. It isn’t fair to you and Sango for me to keep running off. I just sometimes need some time away from...” Kagome didn’t expect saying his name to hurt so badly. Taking a deep breath she forced herself to finish. “From Inuyasha. I just have to come to terms with the fact that he has chosen Kikyo.”

“Kagome. I hate to say it but I do know he cares about you. He loves you.” It felt like a dagger in his gut to say so but he felt he had to remind her of that at least.

“I know. But he also loved Kikyo. I just need to get a little space between myself and him so I can change the love I feel for him to something more like friendship or brotherly love or something like that. I have to let him go.”

“You mean that you are going to leave us for your world again and not come back?” Miroku asked in a panic.

“No. I will finish this with you guys. I just mean I need to change the way I feel about Inuyasha...If that is possible. I had to come back. I can’t leave you guys.”

Miroku grabbed her hand and lead her over to a tree that they could both sit and lean against while they spoke. He didn’t even realize that it was the god tree that Kagome loved. “Why Kagome?” He asked and she could feel that the answer was very important to him.

“There are a lot of reasons. It is my responsibility. I was the one who shattered the jewel. But it is more than that. Traveling with you guys, fighting side by side, I can feel that we have all developed a bond that is as great or possibly even greater than my families. You guys are a part of my family now. You are all more than just my friends. Sango is like a sister to me, I cannot run out on her. Shippou looks to me as if I were his mother. Inuyasha, even though he can be a jerk sometimes, means the world to me.” Miroku could feel his heart crash to his feet when she said that, but her next words made it take flight again. “And there is you Miroku. I can’t leave you guys. I know I am not much help...but there are things I can do that no one else can. I promise that I am going to do everything in my power to destroy Naraku. So then we can all be free. Working together I know we can get rid of that curse in your hand.” Standing up she started running playfully back towards the village. “Come on Miroku! I want to go see Jinenji before Inuyasha starts his slave driving hunt for those shards! Last one to the village is a rotten egg!”

“A rotten egg!” Neither of us are any such thing! He thought indignantly. But he took off at a run behind Kagome losing on purpose just so he could watch her shapely curves as she ran.


Sango exited the hut to see her dear friend and sister running like the devil himself were at her heels. Instantly battle ready she took two running steps forward to protect Kagome when she saw Miroku run from the forest as well. At last she noticed the smiles on their faces as they ran and she realized that they were racing.

Sango breathed a sigh of relief. Not only because they weren’t being attacked but because she was worried about Kagome leaving and not returning. Kagome was like a sister to her and Miroku was like a perverted brother. She felt such joy and contentment watching them. It would be nice if Miroku would stop his philandering ways and fall in love with her. Then if Kagome would move on from Inuyasha she would be so much happier. A mischievous smile crossed her face as she decided to play matchmaker. *If Kagome and Miroku got married maybe she would stay here with us.*

In the distance Miroku caught up with Kagome and looping an arm around her waist pulled her into his arms and spun her around. She started laughing wildly.

*Maybe this will be easier than I thought.* Sango thought to herself. As soon as they stopped spinning there was a moment of peace followed by a loud slap. *Then again they need all the help they can get!*

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