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Between Love and Hate.

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Summary: 12 Kingdoms. Youko and King En are investigateing The Shadow Syndicate. Will it lead them to Taikei and King Tai? Will they be in time to discover the ancient evil that is breaking free of it's prison and save the 12 Kingdoms? King EnxYoukoxAllen

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Anime > Twelve Kingdoms, The(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1545,751019209 Jun 077 Jul 07No

Whispers Of The Shadow Syndicate.

This is the first Fan-fiction I ever started to write but still haven't finished I am posting the chapters here but the story is on temporary hold.

It is a slight crossover with the tv series Escaflowne, but it is almost entirely 12 Kingdoms. It piks up after the end of both TV shows. If you haven't seen or read the 12 Kingdoms you probably won't know what is going on, there is just too much to explain. Sorry. The good news is that these are wonderful shows and I highly recomend them and I think you can rent them through Netflix or something.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twelve Kingdoms or Escaflowne (except on DVD)


Kinpa Palace shone brightly in the morning light. Queen Sekiraku, also known as Sekishi or Youko to her friends, looked out upon the gardens. For a queen she was very plainly dressed in a black robe. Her red hair was pulled up into a low ponytail. It fell down her back in a crimson cascade of hair. Her royal sword Suigu lit from within with a blue light. Unsheathing it Youko looked down at the blade; for a moment, all she could see were her own emerald green eyes looking back at her. Then another picture took it’s place as Suigu started showing her visions. She saw the people in her country being killed violently. Then she saw herself and the attack that was made against her own life. She saw what really happened. Kantai happened to notice the concealed toki weapon of the men who had come for an audience with her, and arrested the men. Then she saw an alternate possibility of the men slipping past and attacking her she saw a vision of herself lying dead in a pool of blood. Then the ghastly image faded and she was left alone to her thoughts.

She pondered the problem facing her children. Then she smiled as she realized she had just thought of her people as her children. Just as Enho had suggested she should. This place has changed me so much. I have come a long way from the girl I used to be back in Japan. I only hope I can continue to improve and hopefully someday I will be the queen these people need and deserve. Instead of the pathetic, useless one I have been. She thought remembering the problem with the traitor Shoukou and how her people had to suffer because she knew nothing about his treachery.

“Your majesty, Rakushun and Shoukei are requesting an audience with you. They are right outside.” Youko’s Gyokuyou. Asked from the doorway.

“Yes,” Youko smiled brightly. “I have been expecting them. Please send them in, perhaps they would like to share a breakfast with me.” Gyokuyou bowed and exited the room to immediately be replaced by two of her closest friends. Shoukei a young woman with long blue hair who was about Youko’s age of 16 (at least physically) and Rakushun, a rat hanjyuu who was currently wearing his human form, he was tall with silver hair. She was briefly surprised that he was in human form he usually preferred to go about in his giant rat form. It was the form he was most comfortable with even though most of the people in this world seemed to frown upon it.

“Shoukei, Rakushun, it is so good to see you both! How are your studies going Rakushun?”

“Oh, They are going alright Youko, fall break just started today So I don’t have any classes for the next 2 weeks.”

“He is at the top of his class!” Shoukei stated making Rakushun blush.

“I am not surprised. Rakushun is very wise.”

“Aw, Will you two stop it!” Rakushun cried out his face turning an even darker shade of red. Together Shoukei and Youko laughed.

“I am sorry Rakushune, but it is only the truth. Oh I thought you would like to know, the new school is well under construction. It should be ready by winter time.”

“That is very good news.”

“Join me for breakfast?” Eagerly nodding they went to the patio where the servants had prepared a variety of foods for them. Together they ate and laughed enjoying each others company. When everything was eaten however, Rakashune and Shokay became very serious.

“We were glad you asked us to come and see you today because we have heard something that is making us very concerned.”

Yoko sighed she had an idea of what was coming. “We have heard that there was another attempt on your life. Is that true?”

“I am afraid so. They are calling themselves the Shadow Syndicate and apparently they are after all kaikyaku and taika in all of the kingdoms. King En has also had someone attempt to assassinate him as well. People who are Kaikyaku and taika are being targeted in many kingdoms whether they are senine or not.”

“My goodness, what about Suzu? The last I knew she was journeying to visit Queen Sai.” Shoukei asked concerned for her friend and fellow courtesan of Youko’s royal court.

“Kantai chose several men from the Royal Army to go with her she should be safely in the Sai Royal Palace by now. She planned to visit for a while so try not to worry about her. Queen Sai will keep her safe. Rakushun I am not sure how to tell you this so I will just come right out and say it they seem to also be targeting hanjyuu as well.”

“I’m more worried about you Youko.” Rakushune stated. “I think you should organize a personal bodyguard. It is a standard practice for royalty to have their own personal guard.”

“King En dosn’t have one.” Youko pointed out. “I have Jyouyuu, Hyouki and Hankyo they protect me very well.” Youko smiled as she remembered the first time she saw the two giant youma who were keiki’s shirei. One was a wolf like creature and one was like a dog but both were giagantic. Then there was Jyouyuu, Youko’s constant companion. He was a spirit creature that resided within her very own body. He could take control of her body and fight to protect her with incredible strength and skill.

“But if Keiki is ever put under a spell again like he was when you first came here you would only have Jyouyuu.”

“Thankyou for your concern Rakushun, Shoukei; I assure you I will consider your suggestion. Now that, that is out of the way...Rakushun since you will be on Autumn break I wonder if you would care to accompany me to go visit your mother?”

“My mom?” Rakushune repeated surprised. “With everything that is going on you want to go visit my mother? We would have to leave Kay and travel to Coe. Without a king in Coe conditions are getting worse and worse there. With men looking to assassinate you I think you should stay here in the royal palace. It isn’t safe for you to go out there.”

“I thought you would be excited to go see her, you haven’t been home since you left to take me to En. It will be fine. I will go in disguise. I also intend on bringing Jyouyuu, Hyouki and Hankyo.”

“Why do I have the feeling you are planning something other than just a visit?” Shoukei asked slyly. “I think I had better go with you too.”

“Actually Shoukei, I wanted to ask a favor of you. It will be completely voluntary and perhaps a little dangerous but I was hoping you would take as many guards as you need and contact Koshou and find out anything he knows about what is happening with the Shadow Syndicate and more importantly what king or queen is sponsoring them.”

“What?” Rakushune cried out in startled surprise.

“Yes, when King En and I were attacked while I was visiting him. There were shirei and youma helping our attackers. I am glad to hear that it isn’t widely known that a ruler is behind the Shadow Syndacates actions? I would like to keep it a secret for as long as possible.”

“I’ll bet.” Shoukay agreed. “If the people knew they would all debate about which ruler was following the will of the heavens and which was risking Shitsudo by warring on other kingdoms. People could end up panicking chooseing sides all kinds of problems could come out of this. I will be glad to go. It will be good to see Koshou again. I will go in disguise only a couple of guards should go with me. More would draw attention and unwanted questions.”

“It is your decision, but however you choose to go please be carefull. Oh and one more thing. Taiki, the kirin of Tai, was also a taika I have suspicions that his disappearance may have been a result of the Shadow Syndicates actions. I could be mistaken but please keep your ears open to any thing that may indicate that I am right.”


Allen Shezar, Knight of Astoria, stood watching his sister Celena and her new husband enter the carriage to journey to their new home. She had fallen in love with a young scientist from the New Republic of Zaibach. He was going to be journeying to the other side of the world and it would be unlikely that he would ever see her again. The man had faithfully sworn to care, defend and protect Celena with his dying breath. Still that would not have been enough for Allen to approve of the union if it wasn’t for Celena. She loved him, and wanted to go with him. So Allen stood once again feeling his heart breaking. Once more a woman he loved and had sworn to protect was leaving him. First it was Princess Marlene, then Hitomi, a young girl from the mystic moon and a place she called Japan, and now even Celena.

The carriage drove away and soon Allen was left alone with his thoughts and the cloudy day. Walking down to the beach he listened to the calling of the gulls and the gentle lapping rhythm of the tides. His long blond hair blew out behind him as he sat down in the sand and watched the tide as it came crashing in.

*What am I going to do now? What am I, and what good do I do if there is no one to protect?* He thought within his mind. *Why am I even here?*

A strange light appeared out of the ocean along with a sudden summer storm. Instantly Allen was battle ready hand to the hilt of his sword. *Is it some kind of attack from some strange new enemy?* Allen thought running down the dock to get a better look at what was going on.

A loud crash alerted him to his danger a moment too late and he was swept into the ocean by a large wave. Struggling wildly against the currant Allen was swept out to the very heart of the storm. Desperately trying to keep his head above water another wave crashed down upon him plunging him under the water and into the murky depths. Churning and spinning in the wild currant Allen became disoriented and didn’t know what way was up or down. As he was being washed through the shoku all went black and Allen knew no more.

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