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Only Willows Bend

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow starts to think maybe their time with Anita isn't as precious to her as it is to them when work starts to get in the way of family life, with a new power surfacing that no one understands Willow needs Anita more than ever! (Part of Anita Mommy Ch.)

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR182329,516139055,11610 Jun 0719 Aug 12No


He looked calm, almost serene. The blankets were pooled in her lap, the low lighting shining against his blonde hair. She knew she
should panic, alarm bells should be going off right now…

But there was nothing but the steady hush of the wind outside, and rhythmic thumping of her heart.

“Master?” the word was soft and so full of question. Adonis nodded a brief smile upon his face.

“I have searched long for someone powerful enough to pull me away from her…to save me.”

Willow shook her head, staring down at her small hands, “Save you?”

His happiness pushed at her, his eagerness to get away to be free.

“I don’t understand-those people-“

“She is killing them, “he came around the bed, sitting on the edge, his body angled toward her. Those amazing blue eyes were
shinning, “She wishes to gain power, and so she kills them and takes it away. Once they are all gone she will be free to kill me
without consequence.”

The child shook her head eyes confused, “I don’t understand…why? How did you find me?” a flicker of fear slid through her
eyes, “What is she? Is she coming here?”

Adonis frowned, “I gather she will be soon…since I am no longer hers she cannot feel me. But in time she will be able to trace us
yes…”His expression was apologetic, “I am sorry for involving you…But you are my only chance at salvation.”

Willow sighed, wanting to be angry with him but feeling in her heart that she could not, “What did you do?”

Adonis kneeled suddenly, on the floor beside her, bowing his head onto the mattress, “I have tied our souls together, I cannot live
without someone to serve, “ his eyes were shinning with tears when he looked up at her, “My great great grandfather was a wealthy
man, very successful. He fell in love with a gypsy woman and begot a child. A child that he did not claim, he sent them away
threatened to kill them for their witchcraft. His wife was a very jealous woman, but he loved her. It was her wish to send them away
and so he did. She too came from a wealthy family. It would bring shame to him if others found out that the woman he lay with was
suspected of witchcraft.” He swallowed, his eyes taking a faraway look “ His gypsy lover placed a curse on the family, that he would have no living children…only the one he sent away.” The boy dropped his head sadly, “And they did not…They bore six children all of
whom died mysteriously…twins Jeremy and John who died before they were eight…Kathleen who was killed in a riding accident at the
age of ten, Jill who died at two, she choked to death on her dinner…Daniel their eldest at fifteen grew ill, and passed a year later. No
man made medicine could cure him.”

Outside the wind grew louder, “In desperation he sought out a witch doctor, to place a curse on the woman who harmed them. To
be a protector however unwilling…They had only a ribbon that she left behind, and they were not sure if it even worked…Time
passed and their longing for a child pushed his wife to lay with another…A girl was borne, Annabelle. Upon their passing all of their
wealth was left to her and her husband whose name was Edward. He was a kind man, but she was very spiteful, and very jealous.
They gave birth to one a child, a boy who they named Maxwell.”

“Was that your dad?” Willow asked softly, Adonis nodded slowly, “Yes…Annabelle was even jealous of him, she was cruel so much
so Edward feared for their sons safety it seemed she was going mad…One day a woman appeared, she was beautiful with the most amazing blue eyes…” he gave her the full force of his gaze, “She was hired to be a maid, and for some reason Annabelle trusted her
fully. The girl’s name was Jezarie an unusual name for one at that time, but it fit. For she was unlike any other that they had seen
before. She cared for Maxwell, protected him…She became his only friend; they were close in age separated only by a few years. When his mother died he enlisted in the war. His father was proud of him, but knowing that the family had bad history he feared for
his son’s safety. The week before he was to leave Maxwell slept with Jezarie…His father found them together, the family loved the maid, but they could not forget their rank and Edward was livid. There was a fight…Edward struck Jezarie, cursing her. And knowing
it was wrong the hurt they did to her, Maxwell did not defend her…” At this Adonis had tears in his eyes, “Maxwell angry at his self
and his father left to war…he never came back.” The first glittering tear trailed down his pale cheek, “Edward lived alone for years,
just him and his slaves and his money…”

“What happened?” the tiny witch blinked, “You’re here…”

“When I was borne my mother told me about my father, she spoke only good things about him…She took me there when I was a
child of three…she left me…” he sniffed softly, “Edward took me in…he never told me what happened, but he was good to me. I think
he was regretful for what happened…he loved my dad, he’s told me so, I was treated like a son, and my childhood was a happy one.
I never knew where my mother went, she never said anything…”

He sighed, “It turns out my father did not die in the war, he was ashamed of himself for hurting the one woman he loved he ran
away from her not knowing…He married another, my mother left me to find him. She knew he was alive she stayed with me until I
was big enough not to be a bother. Edward loved his son and lived in regret so much my mother knew he would accept me…But
because of the curse she was bound to protect him. It is how she came to be with him as a child…It is why she left me…to find him
and protect him…She lived as his mistress taking the beating for his children…watching him love another…”

“What about you?” Willow’s heart hurt for him, “Didn’t you miss her?”

“Yes,” he smiled sadly, “Very much so, when Edward died she came for me, but by this time resentment had turned her heart ugly.
She wished only to hurt him. And knowing that he had a child, he could not know would hurt him…” his voice changed, becoming
darker, “And knowing that his child would be cursed to be a slave, would hurt him more…”

“I don’t understand.” Willow frowned.

“Our family’s protector were Jezarie, the child of the gypsy woman my great great, grandfather lay with. The one who cursed him,
my mother loves me I know this. But I was part of a plan, a plan to end a curse. They could not live happily until they were free, but they could not be free until the family had another protector from the Gypsy line. My mother wanted to cause as much damage as
possible, what better way than to have one of their own descendants do the protecting?”

“She placed a seal on me; I was to be the last, the only protector for our family. Never to age, never to be free. I had to watch in
the in between as my descendants grew larger and larger spreading out all over the continent. My mother pulls the strings, she is
tied to me as my master, and she created me. Over time I think the power has been calling to her. She wants it all for herself…She
started to kill them all, children…adults…if there blood is the same as ours, they have just a little bit of magic…I have been able to
convince her to keep them alive, but it will not be for long…”

“But my mom we did a spell we know where she is!” Willow remembered happily, “They’ll catch her-“

“It was a trap young one,” he looked apologetic, “I could not have them hurt her, she is too strong right now, I needed you-“

“A trap-did they get hurt?”

Adonis looked uncertain, “I don’t know-“

Willow flung the coverlet back, “I need to go home! My mom will be worried, Delia-“

There was the sound of breaking glass below, followed by a strong burst of power that knocked the air out of her lungs. Adonis
took a step back his eyes wide, “What is that…” Willow gasped, trying to breathe.

The look on Adonis’s face was fearful…”Mother…”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Only Willows Bend" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Aug 12.

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