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Only Willows Bend

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow starts to think maybe their time with Anita isn't as precious to her as it is to them when work starts to get in the way of family life, with a new power surfacing that no one understands Willow needs Anita more than ever! (Part of Anita Mommy Ch.)

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)lckybrFR182329,516139055,18610 Jun 0719 Aug 12No


Hello all! I am back again with a new adventure for the Anita Mommy world! Here is insight to how Willow is doing in the Anita World and how hard motherhood is to jugle when you've got to save everyone and still have time to play with the kids at the end of the day. Take a look at the powers Willow has and how they are evolving as well as a few surprises. Tell me what you think, enjoy!


p.s Finally got a BETA thank you James who edited this for me!

This is Number three in the Family series, the girls are seven years old.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters they belong to Joss whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton, i am just borrowing them.

Only Willows Bend


Today was our day, our breakfast day, and the very first one since the idea was brought up.I bounced out of bed hurriedly brushing my teeth as the smell of pancakes and bacon wafted up the stairs. It was Sunday and I was glad 'cause as much as I liked school, once the kids found out who we belonged to, well we didn’t have very many friends left. Not even Claire and Daisy McKenzie. Claire had let me use her crayons on the first day of school; she sat at our table. We were supposed to be friends.

The reporters finally caught a picture of us with Anita; they were the same ones from the freeway a month ago. The first photo hadn’t been very clear; three girls and Anita glaring at the air because she couldn’t see who was taking the picture. But soon after, maybe three weeks ago, the same week we started school another one came out in People Magazine. We were going to the theatre with JC and Anita. She looked startled, but I guess it’s expected; the guy literally jumped out of a car, took the picture, jumped back in and took off.

Delia had framed the cover of that magazine and put it on the bedside table. JC had been holding her hand, Faith holding Anita’s hand with a bag of popcorn and I in JC’s arms, eyes partially closed. The headline read ‘Executioner plays house!’ The article had been full of speculation and condescending tones, not at all a pleasant read.

Anita had to give an interview, JC said it would cool the paparazzi down but it hadn’t. If anything it made things worse. Parents sent Anita letters, a lot of hate mail, that she put us in danger just for taking us in. Someone threatened to find us and take us away, after that we got our very own body guards. They parked outside the school all day long. Sometimes Fredo would come to the gate and slip us a candy bars when no one was looking.

After the parents at school found out, the kids didn’t want to hang out with us anymore, not even Clair and Daisy who had been so nice in the beginning. Now they and their triplet brother Danny teased us on the playground. Last week they ‘accidentally’ spilled paint on Delia. Well Danny did, he walked up to her turned the bottle over and said ‘Oops’. Anita hadn’t been happy, but we couldn’t exactly prove they were being mean to us because of what was in the magazine, most likely their parents told them not to talk to us.
But today is a new day and those other kids suck anyway, today was our breakfast day, and it was Nathaniel's idea. He said Sunday would start off our week and we’d start it off on a good foot and that way the rest of our week would be good too.

Faith was still asleep; the only thing peeking out from under the blankets was one foot, the rest lost under the burgundy comforter.

Nathaniel said I could put the biscuits on the pan!

“Good morning!” I exclaimed sliding to a stop in the kitchen and almost running over Micah. He caught me and swung me off my feet; my stomach erupted in butterflies and I went stiff for a moment before laughing and hugging him tight.

He kissed my nose then put me down, “Did you make orange juice like you said you would?” I asked bouncing on the balls of my feet.

He nodded smiling, “It’s in the fridge getting cold, what are you all excited about?”

Twisting my hands I shrugged still smiling, “I’ve never had a family breakfast before!”

“You’ve had some here.” He replied with a frown and I shook my head, “But this is a REAL breakfast with all of us eating real food not cereal.”

“Okay squirt.” He ruffled my hair then moved past me, “I’m going to go shower real quick why don’t you help Nathaniel and Anita finish up?”

Nodding I skipped over to Anita and threw my arms around her waist, “Good morning!”

She kissed my forehead, I liked when she did that, made me feel tingly. Anita still had an oversized t-shirt on and socks, we were also supposed to eat in pajamas- that was Faith’s idea since she though it silly to waste time changing before breakfast, she usually got dirty eating.

Nathaniel was wearing purple jogging shorts, his long hair in a high ponytail that danced when he moved.
The auburn haired man smiled at me as he stirred the pancake mix, “I want my hair up like Nathaniel’s…Please.”

Laughing the animator pulled my hair into a ponytail, the end of it brushed my butt; it had gotten a few inches longer in the past few months.

“Hello all!” Delia chirped happily, her hair freshly dried. I didn’t understand why she spent all morning in the bath just to put back on her pajamas although this time they were a different pair.

“Are you going to help cook?” Anita asked with an amused look at the seer. She sighed taking a seat.

“I so totally would but you know me and food, I think I’ll just watch and make sure you guys don’t over mix or something.”

I rolled my eyes and used my short ladder to climb onto the counter; Nate set a pan on the side of me and took out some pre-cut biscuits from yesterday night.

After I sprayed the pan I set the biscuits two inches apart in neat rows humming to myself.
Faith tumbled into the kitchen when breakfast was ready rubbing her eyes and yawning. Her hair was a tangled mess; she didn’t even look fully awake.

“I smell food.” She murmured blinking.

“That you did monster.” Micah replied pushing her towards a chair. I took a seat next to Cordelia as the grown ups brought all the food over. Pancakes and bacon and sausage and egg and hash brown and fresh orange juice!

Inhaling, my mouth watered at the smell of the still hot food. Faith didn’t even wait for everyone to sit down; she dug in like a starved animal muttering between bites to tell Nathaniel and Anita how good it was.

“I had a dream last night, “Cordelia started, “But I don’t think it was a normal sort of dream.”

“You think it was a vision?” I asked, sort of dreading the answer. If it was it was her first one since Faith's.

She didn’t look too happy either.

“I think so, but I’ll tell you more after breakfast, “she swallowed, “It would be best anyway.”

Anita frowned and opened her mouth to say something but the phone started ringing.

“I’ll get it.” Micah stood and picked up the phone.


I ate some of my eggs; they were good.

“Anita, “the animator cursed, “its Dolph.”

She grumbled under her breath and then stood to take the phone.

“Hello….” She turned her back to us; I wanted to tell her to tell Dolph to wait. He always took her away from
our together time.

“I was only eating, no…I can make it….just give me the directions.” There was a pen by the phone now and a pad. Anita was always getting called or having to save someone from an emergency, so Faith put them there just so we wouldn’t be running around when we need to write something down, which was a lot of the time.

She hung up the phone, an apology written across her face.

“I’ve got to go.”

We understood; we had to understand it was her job. Solve crimes, save people, raise zombies. I understood, she was a hero, and heroes were never free.

But watching her clear away her plate which hadn’t even been picked at, I didn’t understand why just this once she couldn’t have asked them to wait for her.
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