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Buffy Z - Power Corrupts Saga

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 'Buffy Z - Super Saiyan Xander Saga'

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Anime > DB/DBZTDMasterFR2119224,92623122,5685 Jul 0324 Oct 03Yes

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Episode 22: Faith Goes to High School - Cordy's Secret

**Note - Episodes 1-21 Were in the 'Super Saiyan Xander Saga'**

Title: Buffy Z - Power Corrupts Saga
Author: 3D Master
Rating: 21 (Sex! The squeamy begone!)
Keywords: X-Over Dragonball/Z/GT, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angst, Drama, Action.
Summary: Power has an annoying habit of corrupting even the best.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters do not belong to me, but Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. Dragonball Z, its characters and the concept of the Saiyan race belong to Akira Toriyama.

Buffy Z - Power Corrupts Saga

Episode 22: Faith Goes to High School

Cordyʼs Secret

by 3D Master (

Author’s Notes: Well, here it is. The first Episode of the Power Corrupts Saga. The prelude to the third saga, which I won’t name yet. One thing is, in order to move through this at a decent pace, I couldn’t rewrite the entire episodes of S3/S6. Wouldn’t work anyway, it would be boring, so I thought how about just showing the difference, in short write almost all the scenes from Faith’s point of view, and leave most of the rest out, only pivotal stuff stays in. Over the course of the next saga, the history of Buffy Z is going to differ drastically from the actual shows. It’s going to be fun, I promise.

Faith closed her locker and sighed while she held the book for her first subject under her left arm. She looked down at herself and shuddered. How in blazes had Cordelia managed to get her to where this outfit? Leather skirt, white tank top that kept her belly button bare, and showed off some of her cleavage, and a leather jacket. Now the jacket was okay, and the top was doable, but the skirt! The skirt! Not to mention the ‘stylish’, platform shoes with a little bit of a heel. She had had every boy check her out, which wasn’t bad, but what was bad that every girl had done the same. She wasn’t shy of girls, but if even heterosexual girls looked at her, something just wasn’t right. Tomorrow she would put the pants back on, her own shoes. No matter how much Cordelia would scream, beg or threaten, Faith was not going to let Cordelia relive her glory days through her.

Faith turned around and looked around the corridors left and right. The architecture was modern and mostly in grey tones. Thank god Angel had enough money stashed away to afford a good school. She had the distinct impression that some of the ‘how horrible is the school system these days’ movies weren’t an exaggeration if this was considered a school with some quality standards. The place looked downright drab and boring.

Walking to her first class was horrible, the mostly younger people looked at her, some even suspiciously, and the whisperings as she passed, which, courtesy of her Slayer enhanced hearing, she mostly understood word for word. Some snide comments, some admiring, some crude, some speculative, in any case, she hated it. Finally she walked into the classroom of her first class - English - and sat herself down toward the rear. She looked around the classroom with dread, boys and girls sat strewn about, all fifteen, sixteen, and at most the occasional seventeen-year-olds. On average they were two years younger than she was. The seventeen category was doable age wise, if Faith wasn’t mentally far older than she was physically - abused by your parents, becoming a ruthless killing machine, saving people’s lives from more horrible killing machines, than going evil and killing people, followed up by over a year of imprisonment had that effect on people. Faith had always felt she could relate more to the two to three year older people that, miraculously it seemed, were her friends. She felt like being dumped in with a few naive little kids.

Faith sighed deeply, of all the horrors, the whispering conversations, ninety percent of them about her, and all perfectly decipherable was going on even here in the classroom. Finally, thankfully, the teacher came in. The young woman - Faith guessed about twenty-eight - wore an orange business suit, with a yellow, smooth shirt underneath the jacket. Although high cut around the woman’s neck, the shirt was tight enough to give a general impression of her chest, the skirt fell smoothly around her legs. Now if that were in black, Faith mused, perhaps she could reconsider wearing skirts. The whole ensemble, right down to the white high heels, give the woman something sexy, feminine, and an air of being professional, and in control. She had a great face to, and almost all of the boys in the class had stopped whispering about Faith, she noted, their attention - at least for the moment - fixed on the beautiful teacher. The girls’ whispering about Faith stopped as well, instead they whispered some hateful comments about the teacher. Faith could see herself liking the woman, if she kept the attention of the others on her instead.

“Hello, for all those who haven’t had me yet, I’m Ms. Seaver. Ah, I see we have one brand new student this year, Ms. Faith Williams,” the teacher said, looking around the room, until she settled on Faith. Damn, the woman must have recognized her from all the photo’s published in newspapers and such. “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” Ms. Seaver asked gently.

Damn, there went the possibility of Faith liking her. “I prefer not to,” Faith told her, with a light bitter edge to her voice.

“It’ll make things easier if everyone knows you, you know, you’ll be sitting with the other students here in every mandatory class,” Ms. Seaver explained, her tone of voice told Faith that she didn’t give her a choice.

Resigning to her fate, Faith got up out of her chair, silently admiring the woman. The fact that she could make Faith do this with nothing but the inflections of her voice was quite an accomplishment. The boys and girls turned around to regard her. Of course just because Faith had to do something didn’t mean she had to like, or be nice about it. Faith put on a bright smile, gave the class a cute, almost shy wave, and started, happily, “Hi, I’m Faith Williams. Yes, I am eighteen years old.” Some faces looked surprised, after all, how could Faith know what they had been speculating about while whispering. “Yes, I am the same Faith Williams that was on the news a few months back, you people really should watch it more often, or pay better attention, try reading a paper too, that’ll help.” The faces of her fellow students fell some more. “Yes, I spent a little over a year in jail for murder one, yes, I actually did commit the murder. My hobbies are stabbing things through the heart, dismemberment, torture, in short: violence.” The faces had turned positively white by now, as Faith casually with a happy tone and a bright smile explained who she was. The teacher just kept looking at her, apparently she looked straight through her farce. Time to bring in the big guns. “And if any of you violate my personal space . . .” Faith now turned her most terrifying gaze upon the teacher, while keeping the smile brightly on her face, but turned her voice ice cold, letting just a hint of a growl creep in, “I will kill you.” Faith smile didn’t waver as she paused letting that sink in, then she continued, her eyes turning back to nice girl, and once again using her bright, ‘oh, happy me’ voice finished, “That’s about it.” She sat back down. Not once she removed the practically goofy, bordering on lopsided smile - *Thank you, Xander.* - from her face.

The students had turned back around by now, none daring to look at her wrong. Ms. Seaver swallowed heavily, and muttered, “Uhm, right, n-now t-that that’s over with. L-let’s start the first lesson.”

Faith grinned with satisfaction. *There,* she thought triumphantly. *That should keep them out of my hair.*


Faith opened her locker and sighed in frustration. How could they have done this to her? She stood there for a moment, letting all the chatter from the people around wash over her. Finally, ready to move onto her next class, she was about to walk away, when a boy stepped in front of her and looked up at her. Faith looked down at him.

The sixteen-year-old suddenly smiled and stuck out his hand. “Hi,” he said, “I am Archie.”

Faith raised her eyebrows and said dumbfounded, “Archie?”

The boy kept his hand out and said nervously, “Short for Archibald. My family name is Butterworth.”

*Man, this kid really hit the jackpot with a crappy name like that,* Faith thought idly, and then told him, “What do you want?”

The boy, smaller than the average sixteen-year-old, wearing clothes that Cordelia would classify as ‘loser’, pulled back his hand slowly. “Well, friendship?” he said, hopefully.

Faith walked past him, going to her - and incidentally his - next class. The boy wasn’t exactly an adonis, in fact he was just on the other side of the line of bad looking. The boy followed her. “Which part of ‘I will kill you’ didn’t you understand? Not to mention the pointed walking away?”

“Mandatory class, we have to be in the same place,” Archie told her with a wide grin, as they walked side by side. “And you’re bluffing. Even a grazing punch could land you back in jail.” Faith looked down at the boy slightly surprise. “I do read the papers,” he clarified.

Faith looked back forward, frustration running through her. She looked around and saw boys and girls checking her out, as well as eyes and ears on the two of them. As well as a few people who looked at Archie with resentment. “You just want me to protect you.”

“Who me?” Archie said innocently. “Look at me, I’ll take every friend I can get.” Faith looked at him suspiciously. “All right fine, it did cross my mind, but it’s not the main reason.”

Faith kept looking at him, until she looked up at the ceiling and screamed, “WHY ME, DAMN IT!? WHAT CRUEL JOKE DID YOU HAVE IN MIND, YOU ELECTRIC-EYED FREAK!?!” An electric spark charged around a clock, and Faith hung her head in irritation. “Oh, don’t gimme that crap.”

Archie tucked on the sleeve of her jacket and when she looked down at him angrily he said, “One ex-psychopathic, murderer, with schizophrenic tendencies and an ugly loser. Two outsiders together, we’re a match made in hell.”

As they walked, another boy walked by, and said, “Hiya, babe. Wanna go out on a date wi . . .”

“NOOO!!” Faith screamed in his face, causing him to back off, like a scared bunny rabbit. She turned back to Archie and told him, angrily, “This is all your fault, if you weren’t so insistent on calling my bluff they would keep away from me.”

“I that a ‘yes’?” he asked, once again offering his hand.

Faith looked at him for a moment, and then decided. She shook his head and said softly, “Fine, friends.”


Faith adjusted her backpack over her right shoulder, as she opened the door to the hotel. “I’m back!” she called out loud. She walked further into the lobby and looked at the scene. Fred was off to the left behind the counter, looking a little fearful. Angel was running all over the place, shouting bordering on hysterics. Wesley was reading through some books and Gunn was trying to do what Angel told him to. “Damn it, what could be wrong with Cordy!?” Angel almost screamed.

Faith hesitated a moment, before deciding keeping the secret entrusted to her by Raiden and Xander was no longer an option. “I know what’s wrong with Cordelia.”

The words needed a second to register, but then Angel and Wesley were with her at breakneck speeds. “You know what’s wrong with Cordy!?” Gunn and Fred came toward Faith a little slower.

Faith nodded, and announced with a pained voice, “She’s dying.” Now Gunn and Fred crossed the distance as rapidly as Angel and Wesley had before.

Angel and Wesley paled, as Fred blurted out, “No, no, no, that can’t be. Not Cordy, I like Cordy!”

“H-how!?” Wesley managed to ask the practical question, looking fearfully at her.

Faith looked Angel in the eyes deeply and explained with a low voice, “It’s the visions, Angel. Every time she has one, more of her brain cells die. That’s why she’s training with Xander and the Gravity Gym, to make her mind strong enough to handle them.” The gang looked at her in shock. Faith continued, “I don’t know how much the training has benefitted her, but before she had only a few more months to live, if the number of visions didn’t change. She’s seen doctors, magicians the whole lot, no one could help. Xander was her last hope once she found out about his true self.”

Wesley quickly made a decision, “We have to talk to her, we’ll go to her house.”


Cordy’s place
A short while later

Wesley, Faith and Angel stood in front of the door, and Wesley knocked. There was no answer, but Faith’s and Angel’s super human hearing picked up something unusual. They gave each other a startled look and then kicked the door in. The three of them ran into house, Wesley understanding and not commenting on the other two’s actions. The living room was empty, or so it seemed. Moments later Phantom Dennis made a fork he picked up from a plate point to the bathroom and jab hastily. The three embodied people ran quickly toward the bathroom, opened the door and . . .

Cordelia sat there, slumped against the wall, blood flowing from several wounds, face covered in boils and blisters. She was half dressed and the clothes she wore were partially shredded. Cordelia cried, looking down at herself and then up at the three new comers. “Why are they doing this, Angel?” She asked in between her crying, tears flowing from her eyes. “It was never like this. I figured out they’re evil, but this . . . this is just sick. Why? Why can’t they just leave us alone to lead our lives?”

“We’ll get to the bottom of this, Cordelia?” Angel said softly. “I promise, we’ll make it stop.” He gently picked Cordelia up, wincing as he saw Cordelia’s pained expressions whenever he touched a tender spot. “We’ll get you to the hotel and bandage you up.

Wesley nodded in approval, and said, “Faith, go get Lorne, he might have some insight in this.” Angel looked up at Wesley with a mixed impression.

“Right,” Faith said as she started going ahead of the two men, who were gently looking out for their friend. She caught herself, and turned around. “Uhm, where do I find Lorne?” Faith asked suddenly.

Wesley pulled out pen and paper, scribbled on it and then handing it over, saying, “This is the address.”

“Ok.” Faith dashed off to go find Lorne.

Cordelia looked at Angel, as she was carried along and said, “There is a key. I th-think you’re supposed t-to go get it, and a demon with boils.”

“Just relax ok, Cordy?” Angel said with deep concern, looking into Cordy’s eyes. “I’ll go get the key once you’re safely in the hotel.”


Faith stepped into the entrance of Caritas, and got assaulted by demonic essences. Faith grimaced, her instincts screaming at her to kill. She calmed herself down some as she approached the safety check, and the two big vampires guarding it. Cordelia was important, she had to get Lorne, the demons would have to wait.

The vampires each stretched out a hand and stopped her, pointing at a locker in the wall they said, “Weapons.”

Faith looked at them from one to the other, narrowing her eyes. Just as she was about to dust the two, Lorne called from the other sides. “She’s ok fellas, come on in, Faith,” Lorne called with a smile.

The vampires retracted their arms and Faith walked inside. There some demons did recognize her for what she was and they went rigid and tried miserably to look casual. “Hiya, Hot Stuff, what brings you to my humble establishment?” Lorne asked with a wide smile. Faith finished her inspection of the club and the demons, and two humans inside a moment later, she quenched her anger and instinct to kill.

“Cordy’s visions are going haywire. From the wounds on her body, I think the wounds she sees being inflicted on the victim are inflicted on her as well,” Faith explained with hurry. “You’ve got to come and see if you can figure this out.”

“Coming right away,” Lorne said with a concerned face.


Lorne placed his hands at either side of Cordelia’s head, and concentrated, telling her to relax. Suddenly Cordelia tensed and Lorne got blasted away from her. Cordy screamed and a moment later her arms were burned red and purple.

Some time later, Lorne looked up at the rest of the AI gang, pushing a cold sack of ice against his aching head. “Really well done, almost indistinguishable of the real thing, but these don’t come from the Powers. They’re done by a demon.”

“Could you determine from who?” Wesley asked the green-skinned man.

“No need,” Angel told them with a grim look. “There can be only one.”


Lilah sat leisurely behind her desk, until Angel entered her office with a loud crash of the breaking window. Lilah looked up, looked at the glass and said, “Darn, I just had this place vacuumed out too.”

“Cut the crap, Lilah,” Angel said with barely restrained anger. “You did this to Cordelia! Admit it!”

Lilah looked at Angel with a satisfied grin, turned her stool lightly to face Angel, her feet remained on the desk. “And such a lovely fate too, experiencing all the pain, suffering, and the physical wounds of the intended victim. It’s rather inspired, don’t you think?”

Angel dashed forward and slammed his hands onto her desks, leaning over it he looked intensely at her. “I think you wanted these.” Angel placed the key and the flat circle with a hole on her table. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip your head of right now.”

Lilah wasn’t phased one bit and she calmly told him, “If I die, your precious Cordelia dies. You see the visions can kill. He’s ordered to let Cordelia experience a victims death if I turn up missing or dead.” Lilah picked up a glass that was filled with expensive champagne and took a relaxed sip. Angel looked at her with a deep rooted, intense anger.

“If she dies, I will torture you to death,” Angel hissed threateningly.

Lilah got up, slowly circling the desk as she said, “No, you won’t. Last year I might have believed you, but not this reformed Angel.” She reached him, entered his personal space and looked up at him sweetly. “Fortunately, we have a rather urgent matter, and I would be willing to call my man off, providing you do this for me.”

“What!?” Angel asked her helpless, his anger bore into her.

Lilah smiled up at him sweetly, and handed him a file from her desk. “He’s the son of one of our wealthiest clients. He wants him back, very badly. He’s innocent, and contained by a demon. You’ll need those to get to him. Free him, you’ll be doing a good deed, and helping your friend from her pesky vision problems.”

Angel flipped through the file for a short while, before looking up from the papers. Looking intensely in Lilah’s eyes, he growled, “You better not be lying to me.”

“It’s the truth, I swear,” Lilah told him, her open hands up to show her innocence.

Angel then grabbed the key and plate, and left.


A motel room
Just outside of Las Vegas

The man thrust inside the heavenly vagina with all his might. God, she was tight. Granted a little cold, but that didn’t matter, the blonde underneath him was simply heavenly. He fucked her with all his might, and to his slight astonishment she matched him stroke for stroke, moaning, groaning, and even growling out her approval and pleasure. Where had she been all his life? He grunted as he sped up even more, groped her left breast with greater brutality. His right hand tightened around her side with enough force to bruise an ordinary girl. Her inner muscles contracted and fluttered around his erection, milking him hungrily.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me harder, big boy!” the girl exclaimed with relish, tightening her legs around his waist just a little more, urging him onward. He complied eagerly, ramming his hard rod deep into her juicy vagina, smashing his pelvic bone on hers and her clit feverishly, each time sending a jolt of pleasure through the girl.

“Oh,” he moaned, ramming harder, the final stretch was in reach. He breathed deeper as he started on his last leg. The girl underneath him moaned out her approval, and he blurted out, “Oh, god. I’m gonna cum. You’re so hot, baby.”

“Ooh, thank you for the compliment,” the girl said, as her legs tightened a little more, and her hands rubbed across his back, as her arms pulled him to her, and her cunt started tightening and releasing with increased rhythm and vigor.

“Yes, oh, god, here it comes,” he groaned out loud, he pumped harder, he groaned and huffed. Then a low moan escaped his lips, while he thrust downward with all his might, impaling his cock inside her pussy deeper than ever before, stimulating her clit at the same time. As her inner muscles gripped him, he came, eyes closed, he shot his sperm deep inside her. The semi-fluid splashing against her uterus and quickly filling up the rest of her cunt.

The girls face suddenly changed, ridges formed on her forehead, her irises turned an unholy yellow, and her teeth elongated. The girl-revealed-vampire sank her teeth inside her sex victim. The man’s eyes shot open in surprise and shock, too much into the throws of his sexual peek to register any pain. At the same time her nails sharpened and dug deeply into the man’s back, together with her tightening legs she held him immobile. The vampire drank from his delicious blood this way. As his blood hit her taste busts, she went over the edge. Her eyes rolled up in her eye sockets as she exploded into her own orgasm. Moaning as she thirstily drank from his intoxicating blood, her vagina erupted with sexual desire and tightened itself with even greater intensity around his erupting cock. With every ripple of the vampire’s sexual release her vagina milked the man’s cock even more. The combined sensations sent the man in a state of frenzy he’d never felt before. Too entrenched in her and his pleasure to be alarmed at his quickly weakening state, his orgasm exploded into new heights. As his brain started lacking oxygen his pleasure centers got stimulated to new heights, and his cock spewed forth more cum with renewed vigor, a lot of it shooting past the vampire’s uterus and into her throbbing womb. The sensations caused the vampire to cum a second time, and she rode out that one with pleasure, her cunt fucking up and down with intensity, even after the man died on top of her, and she was effectively humping a corpse.

About a minute later, Harmony’s second orgasm finally subsided and she sank back down into the bed with satisfaction. “Hmm,” she moaned in contentment, her tongue snaked out and licked up some of the blood that had spilled on her chin. She pushed the corpse off of her, and it tumbled onto the floor. “Aah,” she moaned out, stretching out her arms, and enjoying the sensations going through her body as she rubbed her back into the bed. “Now that was good.” She stayed there for a few moments before leisurely getting up from the bed. She grabbed the guy’s clothes and went through them. Wallet, great! Nicely filled too! Keys, ooh keys! Lotus?

Harmony blinked a few times and walked to the window of the seedy motel room and looked across the parking lot. Her vampire vision allowing her to read the brand names on the back of the cars. Finally her gaze fell on a beautiful sleek red sports car, bearing the name ‘Lotus’ and on the other side Esprit. “Ooh, goody!” Harmony bounced up and down, her naked breasts bouncing along. “Cool car, I have a cool car!” She stopped bouncing and looked back at the dead man. “Cheerleader instincts!” she called out proudly. “Now this is definitely the way to go. Fuck ‘em and drain ‘em dry! I’m so smart! Who else would have thought to drain them at the height of sexual passion, and too think I just thought he was a hottie! I bet any guy would be happy to fuck me and make a blood donation without too much prodding! After all, I /was/ captain of the Sunnydale High cheerleader squad!”

Harmony smoothed out her face to a human one. One time her blouse had gotten caught on one of her fangs, bye, bye expensive clothing, uh, uh, she would never made that mistake again. After that she quickly put on her clothes. She started with stylish boots and a short skirt and finished with a colorful, tight blouse that left her back bare. Last but not least, she put on a black feminine leather jacket. She checked her watch and then smiled, “With that race monster I can get to Las Vegas with time to spare before the sun comes up.” Then Harmony was off.


*There,* Harmony thought with a grin. *I’m here. Gambling capital of the world, legal prostitution, in short: the city of sin. Where better for a vampire of my infamy to be?*

“Now, to find a quick way to make a buck, perhaps I should sire some minions so they can go pick pocketing,” Harmony mused, looking around at the pretty lights. Harmony blinked suddenly, “Wait a minute! Prostitution, that’s it! I get money for fucking some guys, how much better can you get? They better have some class, or I’ll drain them instead!”

After looking around for a short while, she found what she was looking for: a brothel that was still open, it could mean only one thing. She parked the Lotus and looked at the building. It was run down, and in the worst part of town. Harmony grimaced, then told herself, “Buck up, Harm. You can do this, it’ll be only temporary until you find some place where you can really make some money. Run a strip club or something.”

She walked up to the door and knocked hard. Moments later a man opened, her hearing didn’t pick up a heart beat. He was a fellow vampire, as expected. Once the man realized she was like him as well, he growled at her, “What do you want!?”

“I’m Harmony Kendall, and I’m here for a job,” Harmony said, and walked forward past the head vamp. Before he even knew what was going on, Harmony had slipped past him and into the house.

“Listen, I already have enough whores working for me, so get out,” the vamp told her with no uncertain terms.

Harmony couldn’t believe it, especially seeing the sorry state of his whores, as they came peeking out of their rooms to find out what was the racket. At this hour virtually all of the clientele were demons, or vamps, and most of them just raped a woman, then had her for lunch, and be done with it, instead of wasting hard earned money on prostitutes. So, almost all of the twenty whores present could come out to look. “Listen buster, I don’t think you quite realize who you’re dealing with here,” Harmony accused him, her finger poking in his chest a few times. “Look at me, I was the captain of the cheerleader squad in high school, I know style, can you say that of them? They don’t know sexy when it hit them in the face, and I on the other hand can get any man I want to. I’d be your greatest asset, I could teach them some decent dress sense that would have every man drooling over their bodies. I after all am the vamp who seduced the Slayer of Slayers. Speaking of slayers, I went toe to toe with one and survived, I actually came this close to beating her.” Harmony indicated with her fingers how close. “I already had her sister kidnapped and everything, if my minions weren’t a bunch of traitorous blundering fools, I would have bagged myself a slayer. In short you need me.”

“Who the hell is the Slayer of Slayers?” the pimp vamp called out incredulously. Then he folded his arms across his chest and added, “And if I had a buck for every time I heard a demon tell me he survived an encounter with a Slayer, almost, or completely killed her, I’d be filthy rich.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” Harmony told him insulted, her own arms going across her chest. “You are calling me a liar!” Harmony slapped the pimp across his face with indignation.

“You bitch!” he yelled and vamped out, and attacked Harmony. He punched her in her chin, making her reel back. Then she vamped out as well, and lashed out, ripping the pimp’s shirt and leaving a few gashes. Harmony pounced, and the pimp recovered attacking at the same time. Suddenly Harmony just grabbed him and turned around as fast as she could and ran forward, ramming the guy in the wall. She revealed a stake from with her jacket and plunged it through the pimp’s heart. Harmony had learned some time ago, if your minions can betray you, you better be able to kill your own kind at a moment’s notice. The pimp looked shocked and then Harmony grinned as he turned to dust.

Harmony looked at the pile of dust and became aware of the fearful whores behind her. *Man! I should have done this from the get go, my very own brothel!* Harmony thought with an evil grin, then got an idea. A high class one would make much more money. She turned around, still vamped out and smoothly threw the stake in the air. As it came down, she fumbled several times with it before she had it firmly back in her hand. “Anybody got a problem with me taking over?” she asked as menacingly as Harmony could muster, which wasn’t much, but it was enough it seemed. The vampire whores backed away, shaking their heads, and mustering a few shy nos. “Good,” she said and walked over to the first whore and looked her over. “Ugly,” she judged, and staked her before she could put up a defense. She continued onward like this all through the brothel, judging, ‘no class’, ‘loser’, ‘stupid’. In one room there was a demon having his way with the vamp whore, and she broke his neck from behind, before he even knew what was happening, the vamp got the label, ‘doable’ - for the mostly heterosexual Harmony that was the highest praise. In the next room Harmony found a well-trained, well-muscled, sexy human male, tied to a rack, and being whipped by a vampire mistress. Realizing she could enslave him unconditionally, as long as he had only one absolute mistress, she staked the vamp.

Harmony picked up the whip and whipped the shocked man hard across his chest. She walked forward and cupped his straining, tied off erection and squeezed, hard enough to hurt, soft enough to stay erotic. She bent forward and looked the man in the eyes with her yellow eyes and whispered in his ear. “Who is your mistress?”

Harmony felt his erection grow and strain against the leather bondage it was in, as he blurted out, “You are, my blonde goddess, my true mistress. That was so hot watching you dus . . .”

“Shut up!” Harmony yelled at him, and punched him across his jaw. “You answer only my question and no more. I don’t want to hear your tripe, got that!?”

“Yes, mistress,” he said gasping with erotic tension and pain.

Harmony breathed over him, making a show of studying his face, licking her lips and fangs. She saw his eyes widen in fear and anticipation. She moved down to his neck and found several bite marks, and tiny scars of his former mistress. She teased them with her teeth, hearing him gasp with desire in response. Harmony moved further down, letting her hand move across his chest, twisting each nipple viciously. The man gasped, his body moving up, moving his erection forward. She finally reached his erection, and stepped back. She whipped him around his erection, on his legs, and chest leaving more red welts around, some burst open and bled. The man dared not to say the safety word, conflicted in pain, fear and desire, part of him wanted to, part of him didn’t, his logic told him this mistress wouldn’t listen to it anyway. Then he got the shock of his life. The golden-hair goddess undid the leather tied around his erection, and released the suddenly pressure-less erection to the air, and then engulfed it with her mouth. She sucked it expertly, careful initially not to touch him with her fangs, she swallowed his erection into her throat. Only a few sucks and licks were enough to send him over the edge. When she felt him twitch she quickly slid her mouth upward until his tip rested squarely in her mouth. When she felt his jizz fill her mouth, she bit down on his penis, mixing his blood with his cum, the ultimate mixture. The man screamed out his pain and pleasure, making the remaining whores cower in fear, if they had notions of escape while their new mistress was busy it was quickly quenched.

Once he was finished, Harmony removed her filled mouth from his penis and moved upward. She worked his sperm and blood into the sides of her mouth, so she could whisper. “I’ll bet the pile of dust never did that for you, hmm?”

“N-n-no,” he whispered back in fear, he was certain he had never felt so much pain and pleasure at the same time. To his mixed horror and enjoyment, he felt her right hand painfully, but erotically grope his balls and flaccid penis, that was already reacting, becoming harder again.

“That’s because she was never your mistress, she was just the slut who performed her job,” Harmony whispered to him again. “A true mistress will think of your pleasure as well as her own. Although yours is much lower on the ladder, she will reward you when you’ve been good. Would you like me to be your true mistress?” The man nodded bug-eyed. “Good, then this will be our covenant. Do not swallow!” Harmony kissed him, and pored his own semen and blood mixture into his mouth, then started a passionate French kiss with him that she let last for several minutes. Then she pulled back, each of them having about half of the mixture in their mouths. Harmony smiled before she opened her mouth and let him see. “Swallow,” she ordered, and she watched him swallow. She signaled him with her hand and he opened his mouth - empty. Then she swallowed herself, and complimented him, “Very good. Now you will be mine forever and ever, for all eternity.” The man’s eyes widened after a moment, realizing what she meant.

“No, please don’t, I’ve got children, a wife, she knows I’m here, because she’s not capable of giving me this,” he told her in desperation.

Harmony grinned and told him, “Then you shouldn’t have come to soulless, demon-inhabited corpses of pure evil for your pleasure. I bet your wife thinks dusty was just a woman. Let’s remove those marks of her. I’m your mistress now.” Harmony purred as she used her nails to cut away the scarring, making him bleed lightly, the scent was intoxicating. “Don’t complain, this is what you’ve always wanted, always craved for, or you would be with a human mistress.” Then she sank her fangs into his neck and sucked deeply, drinking his copious flowing blood. She found his erection and massaged it again, feeling its throb quickly becoming less as she sucked away the blood need for the action.

To the man’s horror he felt his body react to the erotic embrace, because Harmony made sure it was. His previous mistress always stopped, sooner or later, but his new blonde goddess didn’t, and the more he felt his life ebb away, the more aroused he got. Finally, when everything had dimmed, and he was weaker than he ever was, she stopped sucking.

He watched as she slit upon the palm of her right hand with a nail, and let her blood drip on his lips and face, holding the hand not even an inch above his mouth enticing him. He resisted the urge at first to suck the blood into him, the last core of his morals making one last valiant effort. Harmony would have none of it, and he heard her speak, “Drink my pet, you know you’re mine. You cannot resist me, I am your mistress, this is what you’ve wanted all along, admit it, at least to yourself. Drink and be my slave forever and ever, drink and fulfill you deepest desires.” She was right, and he moved up, latching onto her wrist and started drinking from the tangy blood. “That’s right!” he heard her encourage him, saying dirty depraved things to him, making him suck harder. “You’re mine now, and you know it. For eternity, forever, you will do everything I tell you, you cannot resist. Always, you will be mine, I’m your mistress, you’re my slave. My good obedient slave. I am your dark golden-haired goddess, you belong to me and no one else, you will worship me, you will worship the ground beneath my feet, you will lick the ground clean before I walk on it, if I so desire. You are nothing without me, nothing at all, you love me more than life itself, mine to mold in whatever I want. Mine, mine, mine, and mine alone. If I die, you’re nothing, worthless, you’ll kill yourself if I’m not around because you wouldn’t have the right to live without me. You’re mine forever, my sweet, my pet, my slave.” Finally he died and Harmony extracted her hand from him. Perfect. With his personality traits and hammering into him, he was hers and hers alone, the demon inhabiting his corpse soon should take that over, she’d have her own perfectly, obedient slave.

“Ooh, I’m such a good actress. I should get an Oscar for that!” Grinning Harmony returned to the main lobby. Finding the telephone was easy, the yellow pages next to it, more so. She opened it up and soon found what she was looking for. “Girls!” she commanded and the four remaining vampire whores quickly came running. “Haven’t you always dreamed to go up in the world?” The whores looked at each other not understanding. Harmony placed her finger on an ad, ‘High class escorts, and brothel - we’re the best, the most classy and discreet.’ “Tomorrow night we go up.”

Harmony realized something, this had gone easy. Where had she heard that again? Biology class: survival of the fittest. Sunnydale was the hellmouth, demons had more power there. The most vile of the monsters and demons were attracted to it, the most powerful ones trying to absorb its energy, or to open it up to destroy the world, it was where the Slayer of Slayers resided as well as the Slayer herself, and she thinned out the crowd easily, everything that couldn’t cut it would die, or flee, only the most powerful ones remained. In Sunnydale she may have been in the lower ranks of the food chain, but here there was no Slayer, no super powered, super evil demons. Las Vegas she could rule. Queen H had a nice ring to it.



Angel had used the key and ring and had reached the dimensional pocket in which Wolfram & Hart’s client was held. It was basically a cave, Angel could see down a short stretch of cave, stairs hewn out of the rock, ending in a circular room, orange with the glow of fire. He walked forward, almost reaching the circular chamber.

A demon, all greyish blue, with a shiny exoskeleton stepped in front of him. With a sweet voice the demon said, “Hi, I’m Skip.”

“I’m Angel, I take it you guard him,” Angel said, pointing to the man contained in a cage of fire, the man itself constantly aflame.

“You’re a vampire, how come you smell like you fight for the powers?” the demon asked him with a sweet voice.

“Because I do,” Angel answered him. “How come he doesn’t scream?”

“Oh, he screams, my will just keeps it from being heard. There are only so much ‘Oh, God, it hurts. Make it stop, please!’ you can hear, before being terribly bored with it,” Skip explained pleasantly, Angel nodded in acknowledgment. “You are aware that he’s deserved what he gets, right? You have to be really bad to get this as a punishment.”

“Sorry, but a friend of mine is going to die if I don’t bring him with me,” Angel told the demon.

“Well,” Skip said philosophically, “I guess that means we fight.” Skip threw a punch, that Angel dodged. Then Angel smashed his fist into Skip’s chest and he flew across the room and crashed against the cave wall before dropping to the ground. Skip looked up quite astonished. Training under eight gs of gravity had its perks, even though Angel wasn’t very proficient using his chi yet. He knew if Faith were here, she probably would have shattered the demon’s exoskeleton with her first punch, but she had homework to do. Angel ran over to Skip who had gotten up by that point. He threw a right that Angel blocked, and followed up with a vicious kick to the stomach that sent the vampire to the ground in pain, skidding to the cage of fire. Skip tried to crush Angel’s skull, but he rolled aside and kicked Skip’s other leg out from under him. By the time Skip got up he got a devastating kick into his rump and doubled over. Angel followed up with an elbow to the demon’s neck, then grabbed the demon’s head, and pulled him off his legs and rammed him down upon his knee. Angel then grabbed Skip’s neck and smashed him up against a cave wall, his feet dangling a foot above ground.

Angel vamped out, trying to convey his seriousness, and told Skip, “I can kill you and I take him, and I can let you live and I take him, what’ll it be?”

Skip nodded and answered, defeated, “Take him.” The cage of fire disappeared, and the man fell to the floor, still a bit black ash on his body from the fire.

“Good choice,” Angel reverted to his human self, and dropped Skip. “Let’s go,” Angel ordered the man. “Trying to escape will lead you to your demise.”

“Ok,” Billy answered with an evil grin.


Several hours later Angel, Wesley and Faith were in the industrial area of LA. Several meters away from them a few limousines stood. Lilah stood next to one with a grin, a few body guards stood behind her. “So,” she said, “I see you have succeeded.”

“Stop the visions, make her better,” Angel told her. Lilah turned back, made a signal, and a demon in the car returned a gesture.

“Done,” Lilah told him.

Angel turned to Wesley, who pulled out a cell phone. A moment later her put the phone away, and nodding, he said, “She’s better.”

Angel pushed Billy forward and kicked him along, causing Billy to stumble. They watched as the bodyguards took Billy, and cut the rope that restrained his hands.

“It’s just business,” Lilah commented and turned around, heading for the car.

“Just business,” Angel nodded, then turned to Faith. “Faith,” he said.

Lilah turned around at that comment and watched with astonished eyes. Faith stepped forward, pointed her hand at the demon in the car and fired an energy ball before anyone could do a thing. The ball shattered the window, exploded and a moment later the inside of the limo was covered in blood and gore, some of it running down the outside of the door as well.

Lilah and her bodyguards looked at the dead body with astonishment, and back to Faith, Angel, and Wesley. Again that firing energy balls without a spell! This couldn’t be considered good. Lilah was even more shocked when she found Angel standing right next to her.

“Lilah,” Angel said calmly, looking the lawyer straight in the eye. “You ever target Cordelia again, you’re dead. You’ve played that card once, and never again. Got that?”

Lilah nodded solemnly. Then the Angel gang turned around, got in their cars and drove off.


Las Vegas

“So how are we going to get invited in, mistress?” one of the four remaining vampire whores asked, as Harmony and her new slaves walked along the better part of time. They passed buildings of different sizes, the one they were going to had a lovely, front garden.

Harmony stopped irritated, she should have done an IQ test first. She looked up in frustration and answered, “It’s a brothel, a public place, automatic invitation to anyone, moron. Public place, invitation standard, got that, sweetums?”

“Oh,” the vampire answered, embarrassed. The group continued walking.

Harmony looked at her new sex toy and slave, and told him with a grin, “At least you have some intelligence.”

The male, that she had decided to name Dis, as opposed to her ‘harmony’, took one of her arm and put gentle kisses on it, and he answered growling, “I live to serve, my goddess.”

Harmony grinned, squatted his hand away, saying playfully, “Stop that, we’ve got work to do.” They had reached the entrance and Harmony pushed the bell. Moments later it was opened by a beautiful woman in her forties.

“Come in,” she said, with a dazzling smile. “We fulfill your hearts’ desire.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Harmony told her, took one step passed the door frame, vamped out, causing the woman’s eyes to bulge out. Harmony drained her dry before she could sound the alarm. Her minions vamped out and joined their leader inside the building. “Contain this place, girls. Guard exits and entrances. Dis round up the whores in this place, leave those who are with customers, we don’t want to drive away our already existing payment plans. I’ll go find this woman’s room, get the girls to me. I’ll decide whether to turn the girls or keep them human there. I bet some of the demons would prefer a real woman over a vampire.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the five vampires answered and dashed off to do her bidding.

“Ooh, goody,” Harmony whispered to herself, and went to find the madam’s room.

Two hours later, half the whores were on their knees looking at her terrified, the other half lay strewed around the room, waiting for possession and resurrection as an undead creature of the night.

“Alrighty then,” Harmony said and turned to the living humans. “Things are going to be great around here people, why the glum faces! There’s only been a change in ownership, you will continue your jobs.” Some of the girls look back and forth between the imposing vampire and themselves. “Oh, wait,” Harmony said happily, and she shifted her demon visage that to her human self. “See, I’m not going to eat you. You will continue having your jobs here, you’ll do the exact same work, only the customers will expand to include demons as well.” The girls looked even more terrified. Harmony placed her hands in her sides with a pout on her face. “Why the long faces? Nothing’s changed. You’ll still have sex for money!”

The girls looked uncertain, until the most brave one, took two knees forward and said, a little timidly, “Let me get this straight? There will be no eviscerations, or otherwise people getting hurt.”

“Exactly!” Harmony answered with a grin, and elaborated. “No pain stuff, unless of course you like that, or something, no eviscerations, no killing, no draining, if you like to try, you might let a vampire drink some blood, but he or she’ll know that the punishment for trying to drain you dry is a pile of dust, always condoms, no pregnancies, just like before, only know you have more than one species to satisfy. Some of them might a bit rough, so you might have a few bruises, but nothing permanent or debilitating, I assure you, I don’t want to lose all my cash cows, now do I?” The girls seemed a bit uncertain, some of their minds could be seen turning over ideas. Harmony continued, “It isn’t like you can tell anyone about us, you know. The ones who know already do, and won’t care, the ones who don’t, will lock you up in a padded room. So, do we have a deal?”

The girls looked at each other for a moment, and then the bravest said, “Deal.”

“Great!” Harmony exclaimed.

Another five hours later some of the ones Harmony turned had risen. Realizing she would be forced to put down the rules multiple times over, seeing as the rest hadn’t risen yet, and wouldn’t anytime soon, it could take days, she decided now was as good a time as any. She sat on a throne she had put together in the mean time, wearing an extremely revealing rubber dress, that if it were made out of normal fabrics would be considered royal. “Listen up,” Harmony told her new children. “You are still whores, my whores to be exact, and you will continue to work. We will get our blood from a blood bank. Unless the customer asks for it, no drinking from him, and under any circumstances no killing. That privilege is for me, and me alone, in the rare cases I see a real tasty snack. I do not want to lose good paying customers, got that?”

One of them with the most guts, got up from her kneeling position and took a step forward. “Who are you to order me around?”

“Dis,” Harmony said with a wide smile.

Dis stepped forward and picked the insolent by her neck with one hand, and lifted her clear of off the floor. “She’s your goddess, your mistress, your mother, your sire, you are her childe, you thank your unlife on her, you should be flattered to lick the ground beneath her feet.” Dis squeezed tighter, causing the girl to gurgle, “And if that’s not enough, I’m hers, which means I dust you the moment you try anything. Got that?” The vampire nodded and Dis let her go.

“Good boy, Dis,” Harmony said with a wide grin.


Days later, night

The dark-haired boy was lost in thought as walked along the dark alley. He had only just started film school, but now he already was home sick. Not to mention he missed his best friends, and potential girlfriend. Then suddenly a sharp pain lanced through his side, and he was pushed up against the wall. He yelped out loud, and squinted his eyes in pain. Once he opened them, he looked at seven grinning visions of horror. He was terrified instantly.

“You seem tasty,” the vampire holding him grinned, then it opened its mouth, revealing razor sharp fangs, ready to sink into the boy’s neck.

At that time he turned to dust, after which a wooden stake clanged to the floor, and a feminine voice called out, “And you seem dust.” The remaining vampires turned around at the approaching brunette, who pulled out a knife and motioned them to come at her.

The boy looked with incredulously. With the vampires out of the way, the girl became visible to him. She was dressed in leather leg-hugging pants, a low-cut shirt and a black leather jacket that seemed tailored specifically for her. The boy’s eyes widened as he looked at the sheer beauty following. She was a perfect moving killing machine, a graceful and almost sexy dance of death. One vampire she kicked and doubled over. Jumping over him, she kicked out at another vampire, who lost his head to the kick. As the vampire and severed head flew through the air, both turned to dust. The girl continued turning and sliced her knife through a vampire’s neck, severing its head as well and it too turned to dust. She ducked underneath a swipe and countered with an uppercut, that send the monster flying meters through the air. When it landed it crashed into some wooden trash and promptly turned to dust. She caught the fist of another vampire, twisting the arm and then with a yank breaking it, the vampire screamed out in pain. The one doubled over had gotten up, and she kicked him in the chest causing him to stagger back. The one with the broken arm she threw against a wall, and followed it with a kick to its head, which promptly shattered under the impact. As the dust settled, some pieces of the wall bounced loudly on the floor. Only two were remaining. The freshest one threw a punch that the girl grabbed easily. Unseen by the boy the vampire’s eyes widened in shock. The knife was then stuck through its neck, the point coming out the back. The girl pulled the knife back, grabbed the vampire’s head, twisted it violently and courtesy of the hole made by the knife, not only the neck broke, but the head was twisted clean off. The vampire turned to dust afterwards.

The boy watched the whole scene with growing amazement, and admiration. The girl walked over to the last vampire, that snarled out loud, “YOU BITCH!”

“Yep, but not yours,” the girl quipped with a grin. The vampire attacked enraged and got the knife in its heart. The girl pulled it out quickly, and seemed about ready to do something else, but then she looked astonished as the vampire seemed to start to burn from the inside out, screaming in pain, and then also puffed away.

The boy stayed open-mouthed against the wall of the alley as the beautiful girl walked up to him, putting the knife away. “Are you okay?” she asked concerned, looking down at him. He just looked up at her mouth agape, drinking in the beauty in front of him - the beauty that had saved his life. “Hey!” she called out insistently, her eyes filled with concern. “Are you okay?!”

The boy shook his head suddenly, jolting from his trance. He straightened up and answered, “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

When he didn’t immediately do anything but drink in the primal beauty, the girl told him, “You shouldn’t be out at night you know, and if you must, stay to public areas. This city is filled with demons, and vampires, and stuff.”

“Uh, ok,” the boy stammered, then got a grip on himself and stuck out his right hand. “I’m Zack, thanks for saving my life.”

The girl smiled a radiant smile, took his offered hand and retorted, “No biggy, it’s kinda my job, killing these things I mean. I’m Faith.”

Zack grinned, he was slowly getting his cool back and said, “Faith, nice name. Never thought vampires were real.”

“Yeah, well, they are,” Faith told him, and stayed standing there getting a little nervous as he just stayed standing. “Uhm, were do you live? You should get going you know, not being out here at night, remember? Perhaps you would like me to walk you home, protect you from the big bads out there?”

Caught staring, Zack quickly improved himself, “Uhm, yes, that way. And I think I could use the extra protection. I am a man and all, can defend myself, but seven on one just isn’t fair.”

They started walking in the direction he had indicated, and Faith smiled at him, saying, “Depends on what you’re doing.” He turned his head, and looked at her confused. Faith looked at him, and wiggled her eyebrows slightly. She managed to look so sexy with that suggestion, Zack had to quickly shake his head to get rid of the impromptu visions of seven naked women, strangely all resembling the girl in front of him, crawling over him, kissing him anywhere they could.

Zack grinned, as they walked out of the alley and turned right onto a slightly better lit, and bigger road. “You are beautiful,” Zack told the brunette with a smile.

They continued their trek, and Faith looked at him, smiled and said, “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself.” Faith looked him over. She didn’t have x-ray vision, but if past experiences taught her anything she made a pretty good guess about what lay beneath, and it wouldn’t be bad. His face was pretty handsome as well. “So, what made you come to this city?”

“How do you know I came here?” Zack asked startled, as they walked along.

Faith grinned at him for a moment, and explained, “No one born here would be out and about in this part of town at this hour.”

“Oh, right,” Zack said, looking around for a moment, and realizing how empty the place really was. “I enrolled in film school a few weeks back.”

Faith raised her eyebrows, as she asked, “Actor?”

“Writer - director,” Zack answered shaking his head. “So what about you?”

“I kill things,” Faith told him with a self-conscious grin.

He looked at her with nervous look for a moment, and then asked, “So . . . vampires, any tips?”

Faith smiled, and counted off on her fingers, “Wooden stake through the heart, direct sunlight, fire and decapitation kills them. They don’t like garlic, but then most people don’t either, only works if you use it as part of a spell. Crosses burn them, and keep most away from you, especially younger ones, older more powerful ones don’t really care if they get burned a little and will probably just smash it out of your hands. Holy water burns them, and they can’t come in unless you invite them, so don’t invite anyone unless you’re certain about them . . . oh, wait, if you can get them to drink holy water, that’ll kill them as well.”

“Cool,” Zack said, and though of something. He gestured left, and the two of them crossed the street as he asked, “So what about the knife?”

Faith thought for a moment and answered, “I don’t know. I know there are some magical weapons here and there that can kill vampires as well, but this knife was forged only about a month ago. I don’t get it either . . .” Faith was silent for a moment, then mumbled to herself, “Ask Wesley, he should know.”

“Wesley?” Zack picked up, and trying to be casual, partly succeeding, he asked, “He your boyfriend?”

“Nah, friend of mine. Don’t have a boyfriend,” Faith answered absentmindedly, her mind returning to the mystery of the knife’s ability to kill a vampire through the heart.

Zack jumped for joy inside, and then stopped. He turned left and looked up the building that contained his apartment. “This is me.”

“Great,” Faith said with a smile, not quite certain why she lingered.

Gathering all his courage the shy boy asked, “Wanna come up? Drink some coffee, or tea, or . . .”

Faith had regarded him while he almost started blabbing, the decision was quickly made, “Haven’t I told you about the not inviting part?”

Zack grinned and answered, “I figured, if you wanted to kill me, you would have done so already. Plus: you saved my life, killing seven vampires in three seconds flat. I wouldn’t be able to stop you from killing me anyway.”

Faith grinned sexily and told him, “Love to come up.”


Zack flipped on the light in the apartment he shared with three others. He held the door open and Faith walked in, and looked over the mess of a typical college kids’ apartment. She smiled as she took off her jacket and hung it over the couch.

“Uhm,” Zack started nervously as he took off his own coat. “Don’t blame the mess on me, there are three others I share this place with.”

Faith grinned at him, and told him, “Won’t, promise.”

“Ok, coffee, tea, something else?” Zack asked as he made his way to the small kitchen to the left.

Faith grabbed his arm, and pulled him back into an embrace, as she said, huskily, “Something else.” Then she kissed him passionately. Zack was uncertain at first, but quickly got into the spirit of things and he enclosed her with his own arms. “Bedroom,” Faith murmured, as her tongue did all kinds of wicked things with Zack’s. He nodded and maneuvered the two to his small bedroom. A single bed, a closet, a book case and a desk is all that fit in it, without forfeiting half a meter leg room between bed and the rest. The two found themselves sitting on the bed, continuing their kisses, for a few moments. Faith’s hand reached gently between Zack’s legs and found a starting bulge there. Satisfied, she broke the kiss, got up, and pulled off her shirt, revealing her breasts.

Zack looked at her in astonishment, his eyes looked on her breasts. “Take off your clothes,” Faith suggested softly, as she started unbuttoning her pants. When Zack complied with a jolt, Faith smiled and asked, “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

Zack blushed, and nodded, too flustered to speak, as he busied himself with undressing. This was already better than his fantasies and they hadn’t even started yet.

Faith smiled broadly at him. God was she beautiful. “Don’t worry, I’ll make this real good for you.” Zack nodded hopefully, as Faith thought things over. It just had to be a virgin, she guessed this time she could do this properly, not throw the guy out in his birthday suit. For Faith this was more than lust. Granted it was part of it, she hadn’t had any in over two years, for the average slayer that was long, for someone of Faith’s caliber it was extreme, for a Slayer of Faith’s caliber it was down right an eternity. She needed release and she needed it quickly. But that was just the beginning of it. For over a year Faith had been able to think about things, mull things over. Her time with Xander and her subsequent reaction had been one thing, as well as her sexcapades before ever coming to Sunnydale. She had always fought to keep her father and mother from winning. To her disgust she had found out, they had won after all. Oh, she could enjoy sex, but the moment an unquantifiable thing entered in the picture she got scared. Unquantifiable until she stewed in prison. She had finally found out; with Xander she had felt it, or rather had started to, had begun to, feelings, sensations, and then had thrown him out before she could truly explore what it was: passion. She fucked, she had a fantastic time indulging in her lust, but not once had she dared to feel passion. She was determined to change that tonight. She had already started the first step, deep, burning, needy, passionate kissing before she had even undressed, and she was going to take it from there.

Once they were both naked, Faith squatted down, and went between Zack’s legs. Zack, sitting on the bed, just looked astounded at her. Gently she cupped his balls with her right hand, and moved toward his by now rock hard cock. Faith looked into his eyes, and was astounded. She had never seen a guy look at her like that, not even Xander. He looked at her with worship, with astounding, surprise, mixed with lust, and passion. He wanted her badly, and Faith gave him a smile.

Gently Faith snaked out her tongue and ran it up the length of his penis. She had done this before, but never this slow, never this loving, never to saver, to taste a manhood. If she did it, it was to get him hard quickly so she could plunge him into her, usually she didn’t need to, a quick jerk off, a little showing off skin and men would be ready. Faith was amazed. He tasted musky, heavy, but clean. She remembered downright dirty cocks. Once she reached the top she closed her lips around the head, giving it a half kiss, half suckle.

Zack gasped, muttering out, “Oh, gawd.” Faith smiled pleased, and took the cock back in her mouth in the same manner, this time she kept it there, and gently ran the tip of her tongue around the head and the piss hole. Faith detected a slightly salty taste; he must have peed recently. Undeterred, Faith continued to lick the knob, while gently suckling it, her fingertips gently holding his rod in position. Zack breathed heavy and less and less controlled. Once satisfied with the head of Zack’s erection, Faith gently sank her mouth lower, taking more of the cock in her mouth. It made one hand superfluous, her left hand stayed at the bottom, while her right gently started to fondle his stomach. She enjoyed the sounds coming from the boy, who she was giving the blowjob of his life. She swivelled her tongue gently around his dick. She moved her head up, and then down, her tongue never stopping the teasing of his shaft. Her tongue went from soft touches, to hard pressure and back again, never once giving Zack the chance to get used to her ministrations.

Having had enough of the upper part, Faith suddenly plunged downward, and with a quick swallow, took him in completely. She reached the root of the fantastic penis moments later, and sucked harder, passionately letting her tongue swirl all around. Her left hand had replaced her right, while her right went down to her vagina, and gently started playing with it. Breathing through her nose with some difficulty, she swallowed several times, massaging the upper part of his cock with her throat muscles. “Ooohh, oh, goooaawwd, woawww,” Zack gasped out with unfamiliar pleasure. This was incredible. “Hhhaaah, Faaaitthth. You . . . so good.”

Faith grinned inwardly, at the praise. She loved this! She loved the taste, she loved how she could feel his cock throb in her mouth, Slayer enhanced senses increasing the sensations, allowing her to feel the blood beating in every vein. She loved her body’s reactions, her nipples were rock hard, and her vagina was wet. Two of her fingers were inside her folds, gently exploring and stimulating. It was begging for the cock that was now in her mouth.

*Time to add some more friction,* Faith thought with a smile. Sucking a little harder she moved her head up slowly. Once on top she stopped sucking and moved down again, with a swallow she reached the root again. Down there she massaged the cock with her throat and tongue, suckling gently. Then she went up again, sucking hard, causing Zack to hiss out his approval. After that she went down again, and back up, slowly, bit by bit increasing her speed until she was hobbing her head up and down. The sensations coming from her lips and tongue, the taste detected by her taste buds, the throbbing in her cunt stimulated by her fingers, it was all so sexy, so good. She could hardly believe the difference in quality, just by taking it a little slower, holding her lust back a bit, letting her passion and desire take front seat.

“Ooaaahhh, goood, Faaaaiithhh, sssttop,” Zack whimpered, trying to stay sitting upright as Faith’s mouth became a merciless attack on his self control. “I-I c-caan’t, hmmm, I’m . . .nnggrroa . . . gonna . . .”

Faith grinned. She increased her sucking, and tonguing on his manhood. Her right thumb found her clit, and started stimulating it with abandon. Her left hand cupped his balls and squeezed gently. “OOOAAH! YEESS! COMING!” Zack yelled out loud, his hands gripped the sides of his bed, he fell back in blissful agony, and instinctively thrust upward as his climax claimed him.

Faith had felt his cock twitching, and just as Zack called out his orgasm, she quickly pulled up her mouth, leaving only the knob in her mouth. His cum sprayed out of his cock, splattering the roof of her mouth and rapidly filling it up. She caught his upward thrust without too much difficulty. The sensation of his seed filling her mouth and its taste sent her over the edge. As the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth, her cunt contracted around her fingers, and a powerful, enjoyable, but in the end unsatisfying orgasm rocked her body. During her orgasm, she kept fingering herself, as well as squeezing his balls and sucking enticingly on the head of his rod. Zack’s lowered his groin back down on the bed, but to Faith’s pleasant surprise, he kept giving tiny thrusts upwards, with each thrust, and with each of her sucks another burst of his cum spurt forth. Filled with enjoyment she let his sperm flow into her mouth, only swallowing when it threatened to spill.

For twenty seconds he continued ejaculating, Faith swallowing thirstily. Once he finally stopped shooting his load, Faith sucked hard, and moved her still filled-up mouth upward. She made sure she cleaned his cock fully, her tongue teasing his piss hole, making him give up a little bit more cum. Finally she removed her mouth from his cock, leaving the cock clean, and her mouth filled. She held her head back, and opened her mouth gently, allowing her tongue to snake out, lick up the little excess that she hadn’t been able to keep inside from the corners of her mouth. She closed her mouth again and moaned, as she moved her tongue and the sperm around her mouth. Faith smiled as she did this, she had never before had the guts to play with it before. *Take that! You can’t break me!* she thought in vindication to everyone who had ever abused her. After that she continued to enjoy the texture and taste silently, grinning to herself, nobody would have a hold over her again. She shook Zack softly and watched as he got up with a little difficulty, and looked amazed as she opened her mouth to show. She played with his cum for a few moments, letting her tongue wiggle around sexily, than closed her mouth and swallowed. Then she opened her mouth wide again, grinning at the same time as she showed him her empty mouth.

Zack blinked several times, and whispered, “Oh, wow.” He looked even more astonished as the alluring female slowly and sexily got up from her kneeling position and gently moved forward, pushing him back onto her bed. “I, I’m bushed,” he told her embarrassedly.

“No, you’re not,” Faith told him softly, a wide smile on her face. Zack looked at her, helping her out as she moved further on the bed and maneuvered him so he had his head on his pillow, and she was straddling his stomach. Faith leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Without too much prompting her tongue was in his mouth and their kiss became more passionate. Zack didn’t care that he could taste himself, in fact he thought it was kind of arousing. It became even more so when he felt Faith’s right hand gently stroking his cock. Faith remembered Xander and Anya’s screams of passion, and some Anya’s dreamy recollections, and she gently exerted some of her chi into his cock. Zack’s eyes snapped wide with surprise, incredibly it suddenly felt like an electrostatic charge moved through it. His eyes widened in shock and looked into brown aroused eyes. It felt incredible, as if life itself was flowing in and around his cock. Moments later he surprised himself with a new powerful hardon.

Faith sat up, breaking the kiss, and slid backward. Quickly reaching beyond the bed, she found her pants. She fumbled with it and got out her wallet. Placing the wallet on the night stand next to the bed, she retrieved a condom from it. She quickly opened it, discarding the wrapping to the floor. In once swift experienced move, she placed the condom on the tip of his penis and rolled it down. She maneuvered her vagina above his penis, then bent downward and kissed the stunned boy deeply. Then she moved back up and lowered herself onto his cock. Having done this often enough, she found the tip quickly, and slowly slid herself down it. Her inner walls parted, making Faith moan as she pushed herself down. Two years without anything inside there, coupled with Slayer healing, made this an exquisite tight experience. Her muscles gripped his cock instinctively, and she had to consciously relax them. Every centimeter that went inside, touching her flesh, was pure bliss. Finally she had taken him in fully, sitting completely down upon him. Faith looked into Zack’s eyes with a horny look, as she relaxed her legs and arms. Her cunt tightened with anticipation around the welcome invasion.

Faith could wait no longer, it had taken too long, and she moved herself up, and quicky back down. She quickly found a pleasant, rapid rhythm of moving up and down. Her juices mixed with the lubricant of the condom, making the movements quickly more easy. Faith moaned out her pleasure, the familiar, pleasant friction finally returning to her nether regions. She felt like she was going to burn up, with every downward stroke.

Zack couldn’t take it anymore, she was so beautiful. He could see her breasts jiggle proudly, they seemed perfect. Ever muscles in her body was perfectly proportioned, never gaining the look of a body builder, but seeming tough and soft all at the same time, and he knew that was true. Her strong hands rubbing on his chest felt fantastic, her legs were tightened around his sides, he could feel their strength, yet it was like being wrapped in velvet. He just had to touch her. He moved his hands to grab her waist and squeezed gently in time with her movements. “Oh, yes,” Faith moaned in answer, her breathing slowly becoming more heavy, even though she was nowhere near tired. Zack moved his hands upward, feeling her flat stomach, feeling tiny droplets of sweat form. Finally he reached her breasts, he felt a jolt of pleasure course through his body as he started massage the soft, globes. He squeezed them, and got an encouraging moan from Faith. He squeezed tighter, starting to grope. With a grin he proceeded to twist them around, suddenly Faith hands grabbed his wrists, and stopped moving. She looked down at him, aroused, but frowning, a few droplets of sweat moving down her face.

“No twisting,” Faith told him, hoarsely. “You wouldn’t want me to twist your cock around, now would you?” Zack nodded, he let her breasts fall back to a natural position. Gently Faith starting moving again, changing tactics she undulated her abdomen back and forward, keeping an encouraging eye contact with the boy. Looking into the smiling eyes, Zack regained his courage and grabbed Faith’s breasts again. He began a gentle stroking and squeezing. Faith moaned out, “Mmh, oh, yeah, that’s it.” Getting more courage, Zack got up and kissed Faith’s right nipple. He felt the beauty gently shift position to better accommodate him, her arms embracing his back, gently stroking him there. Grinning he continued, switching from right to left breast. Occasionally gently suckling on a nipple, the slayer’s moans intensified. Encouraged by her moans, and the increase in her pelvic motions, he enthusiastically increased his work on her tits. Hungrily he kissed and licked them, while his hands roamed over them and squeezed, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly.

Zack’s instincts demanded he started thrusting upward, after a little wiggling to find the best way, he managed to get in a good thrusting rhythm. “Oaah, goawd, aaah,” Faith moaned, her cunt hungrily gripping the now counter thrusting pole deep inside her. “Use your teeth, baby. Gently,” she suggested to him. Zack hadn’t thought of that, and promptly acted on the suggestion. Gently he let his teeth graze over the wobbly flesh, and heard her moans and grunts increase. Pleased with the results he stepped up the pace. He put gentle nips, across both her tits, interspersed with simple kisses and an occasional full on bite. Faith’s hands moved up to his head, stroking his hair. She moved her body closer to his, her head moving just above his, occasionally resting her cheek or chin against him, making the act more intimate, more passionate. Zack’s reaction was to drive his erection harder and deeper into her as best as he could, he felt his release steadily growing closer. Faith’s movements also became more frantic as her peak rapidly came nearer.

Suddenly Zack got an idea, he took Faith’s right nipple between his lips, then bit down, just enough force that he thought she would feel it, without truly hurting her. At the same time he let the tip of his tongue flick over the outer tip of the nipple. Faith’s eyes flew open, her body tensed, her pelvic thrusts turned frantic and erratic, and she screamed out, “OH, GOD!! I’M COMING! YEAAASSS!! OAH!” Her screams, yelps and groans increased in pitch and volume, as she arched her back, pushing her breasts closer to him.

Zack was amazed, he felt the beauty tense, her thrusts increased in speed and power, but decreased in height, becoming almost an insistent grinding. The rhythmic contracting of her vagina, became erratic, also increasing in power. He felt her taut belly contract and flutter against his own, her screams of pleasure were music to his ears. When she threw her head in the back of her neck, letting out loud wails of pleasure, her entire body tensed tightly against him. He felt her body shake and thrash against him in the intensity of her orgasm. He was amazed, the feeling of this girl orgasming on and against him were fantastic. Faith’s body slowly started unwinding. Her body continued to move up and down, as it rode out the last of her orgasm, her inner muscles still tightening around his cock. It was then that he realized he had made her come, he and no-one else. The amazement over, replaced with euphoria he once again became aware of his own dire need. He thrust upward with all his need. The previous epiphany, made it so he needed only a few thrusts before he climaxed, and blew his load into the condom.

Faith’s gradually lessened, until finally they were barely more than a tiny movement. Head still leaning back, she commented, “That was incredible.” He grinned. With his strength zapped, his arms moved downward, and wrapped around her waist, holding onto her for dear life. Faith gently undulated her pelvis back and forth and up and down, savoring the impalement and sexual bliss. Hanging back like this she went over the previous events and grinned. Ever since her activation, she hadn’t been able to let go completely for fear that her strength would hurt her bed partners. She had no such problems today, she had simply pushed her energy down enough to make it impossible for her muscles to use their maximum power, thus she could move without restraint, pulling all her available power in the act of having sex, making her even breath hard, and sweat. Mix that with her finally letting her passion out, and this being her first time in two years, this had become mind blowing, and a first for Faith. Grinning at the complete release she had achieved, not thinking about anything else, she whispered, “Thanks, Xander.”

Faith felt Zack stiffen against her, instantly realizing he must have overheard she felt ashamed. *You stupid cow!* she thought to herself. She sat up instantly looking at the hurt eyes of the boy, who started to push her away. Faith quickly pushed against him, pinning him, and looked at him with pain in her eyes. “I’m sorry! I should never have said that, I’m stupid. You were fantastic, and I was not thinking about anyone else,” Faith blurted out, stopping Zack’s protest. She kissed him on the lips, then placing a finger on them, the sign of silence.

Zack didn’t seem immediately convinced, betrayal in his eyes. Faith placed her right hand on his left shoulder and gently her chi out. Zack gasped at the sensation. “What . . .?” he started, but his voice got stuck.

Faith then told him, “Xander is the guy who taught me this. It’s part of martial arts. I was not thinking about him in a sexual sense, I just thanked him, because this technique allowed this to become so much better, understand?” Faith pleaded with her eyes, she didn’t want to hurt him, she was no longer someone who hurt others just for the hell of it.

Zack looked at her hand and back up again, looking in the pained eyes of the beautiful woman, and back again. He repeated this, thinking it over, and said, “I understand.” He heard Faith sigh with relief, then she started to disentangle herself from him.

Zack tightened his grip around he waist and pleaded, “I’d like to stay like this.”

“So do I,” Faith answered, but got off him anyway. Then she removed his condom and tied a knot in it, holding it up for him to see, “It would leak.” Disappointed Zack nodded, and Faith threw the condom in the wastebin she found next to his desk. She turned back to him, and smiled a sexy, predatory smile at him.

“Uhm,” he muttered, slightly fearful, “I don’t think I can get it up again anytime soon, technique or no technique, I’m exhausted.”

Faith grinned. “Doesn’t mean we can’t do anything else while we wait for you to regain your strength.” Zack looked at her confused. “What do you say? Would you like to return me the oral favor?”

Zack just looked at her for a few moments, before tentatively saying, “W-well . . . I-I’ve never . . .”

“Just call me ‘teach’,” she said softly and laid back on his bed, twisting him on top of her. Feeling around a bit, she hunched back so her head lay on the pillow. She smiled at him encouragingly and he slid back in between her wide spread legs.

Zack admired the beautiful pussy for a moment; the pubic hair was neatly trimmed, showing a triangle of soft, short hairs, her pussy lips were bald. “Stroke the outer lips first,” Faith told him, and he complied. He felt them throb as he gently stroked Faith’s lips. “Pull them open with thumb and finger of one hand,” she instructed. Zack gently did as he was told, looking in wonder at the flower in front of him. With his other hand he started stroking her inner lips. “Yeah,” Faith said huskily. “You can use the fingers in between to penetrate, or stroke me, or use your other hand if you prefer. Remember, every woman is different, what works with me, might hurt another, every time is a new exploration.” Zack nodded and gently pushed in his index finger, enjoying the sensation of her wetness coating his skin. He gently pushed deeper, feeling her walls contract gently. He pulled the finger back out and gently pushed it back in. “Start using your tongue, and start exploring, take note of my reactions,” Faith whispered, enjoying the sensations already.

Zack nodded and gently moved his head down. He hesitated for a moment before gently running his tongue across the upper part of her cunt, stimulating her inner lips. Faith breathed in sharply and Zack took it as a good sign. She tasted pretty good too so he licked again, adding a second finger into her pussy and gently moving them back and forth. He decided to twist them a bit, spread them out, stimulating her walls. He grinned to himself as he heard her moan, and felt her legs tighten next to him. He placed his lips against the upper part of her opening, kissed and flicked his tongue inside and back out again. Faith groaned with desire, her pelvis slowly starting to undulate. Zack reached with his remaining thumb for her clit. Faith realizing what he wanted to do, said, “Not yet.” Zack looked up, just as Faith looked down at him. “Don’t go for the clit immediately, I’m still aroused, so no problem for me, but don’t go for it immediately. Let a girl get hot enough first, touching her clit not this throbbing for attention too early can be quite unpleasant for her. Depending on how much you want to torture the girl balancing her on the edge or how long you want to make it last, wait longer. Learn enough about a girl, and you can have her tether on the edge for an eternity, one little flick across her button with the tip of your tongue in that state should be enough to send her crashing over.”

Zack nodded, filing the information away, and continued with eating her out. His fingers became more energetic, and he licked and gently sucked with more enthusiasm by the moment. Faith lay there enjoying herself, praising her luck for such a natural. Zack then gently pushed his thumb on her clitoris and gently rubbed it, moving in tiny circles. “Oh, yeah, keep going, don’t stop,” Faith encouraged him, as she moved her lower body uncontrollably. Zack removed his fingers, and used his mouth fully on her cunt, licking and sucking, fully enjoying the taste of her juices. After a few more minutes, Faith movements became more wild. “Zack,” she gasped out. “Put your fingers back in, palm up, keep licking.” Zack complied looking up over Faith tummy, seeing her writhe on the bad with her eyes closed. “Now, oh, move them up, mmh, crone them, a few centimeters, OH YES!! THAT’S RIGHT!! MMMNHH! G-SPOT, GOAWD! KEEP OH, YEAH, OH, YEAH, GOING!” Amazed Zack suddenly felt her insides wettening up even more so than before. Her juices practically came pouring out, her moans turned to screams. Zack decided to step up the pace. As he licked and sucked faster, he plunged in a third finger and sped up the movements on Faith’s G-spot. He increased the pressure on her pleasure button somewhat and moved it faster as well. Faith groaned out her approval. Quickly he removed his thumb and took her clit between his lips, sucking gently he flicked his tongue over the small knob of flesh. Faith bucked, screamed, and climaxed with all the strength her powered down state allowed her to use. Zack continued, and for nearly half a minute he had her orgasming, her juices flowing out and onto his chin and bed.

Finally Faith shuddered to a halt. “Oh, god, you’re good,” she gasped out in bliss. Zack lapped up some of her juices, taking his fingers out of her cunt, and finally sticking out his tongue to try and get the juices on his lips and chin. “Give,” Faith said, pointing at his hand, and stretched it toward. Incredulously he saw her getting up and starting to suck his fingers clean. “Hey, don’t stop now,” Faith told him after a few moments.

Zack looked perplexed at her, “But didn’t you . . .”

Faith interrupted him, smiling, “Our button doesn’t go all the way to off, it’s just tuned down a bit. No pun intended. Besides, you’re not ready yet, I think.” Zack blinked, then grinned approving and dipped back down.

By the time Faith exploded into her third climax, Zack had gotten aroused as hell again, and he had a raging hardon. He moved up, positioning himself perfectly for penetration, instincts guiding him. Faith tensed a little, then said, “Hold on.” Zack watched her grasp her wallet, moments later she had fished out a second condom and place the wallet back. Before he knew it, he was wrapped up and ready. “Go for it,” Faith said huskily. Zack grinned and started moving forward.

“How do you want it?” Zack whispered, drinking in the site of the beautiful naked Faith lying spread and ready.

Faith bit her lower lip. Why was she so nervous? She wanted this, more than anything else at the moment. She wanted to feel him on top of her. He was not here to rape her, and even if he was, she could simply pick him off her with ease. “Don’t know,” she admitted in a hoarse whisper. Zack looked up into her eyes stunned, and was even more stunned what he saw there. Was that fear? The beauty that had taken his virginity with such passion and abandon was afraid . . . of him?

He lowered himself to just above her torso, not touching her. His right arm snaked underneath her and held the small of her back, while his left stroked her hair gently a few times, before landing next to her head. Looking deeply into her eyes he whispered, “Something wrong? Did I . . .?”

Faith contemplated what to do, then decided, she would fight. She moved her face upward and kissed him on the lips, and went further so her mouth was next to his ear. “I . . . have been . . . abused in the past . . .” She felt his body stiffen with shock, and decided not to sugarcoat it. “Raped even . . . I’ve never let anyone take control. I was always . . . on top. Never let myself feel the passion either, just lust before today.” Faith felt a weight lift off of her, as she admitting that. She lowered herself back down, looking up into Zack’s eyes, waiting for his reaction.

Zack looked down at her, into her eyes, she was not kidding. She seamed afraid of his reaction. Realizing just what she was giving him, he felt incredible, happy, good, and also concerned, fearful. She was giving him her virginity in a way, and far more than that. He had never done this before, if he screwed this up, would he hurt her even more than she already was? He lowered himself down upon her body gently, and kissed her, gently at first then hungrily. Breaking the kiss, he looked in her eyes, they were better, but still afraid. “You certain . . .?”

Faith was certain, now more than ever. “Yes, take me,” she whispered. He nodded, placing his erection to the entrance of her vagina, using his left hand to guide it and gently pushed inside. He felt her cunt tighten before he was even inside. He looked up at her, waiting, he had no intension of forcing himself inside, too afraid he might seem to her like another rapist. Faith looked into his eyes, grateful for waiting. *No more,* she thought at herself. *No more afraid.* She relaxed consciously and nodded up at him. He smiled and then she felt him push inside. She gasped as she felt her walls part to admit him entrance. He waited for a moment, once he was halfway in, then taking a new breath he pushed in the rest of way. He put power behind the push, but he made sure to stay gentle. He heard her moan as his belly touched hers, and he groaned himself. She felt so incredible around him. He pulled back slowly, and then pushed back in. He repeated the performance, slowly increasing his speed until he was thrusting in and out of her in a leisurely rhythm.

When pleasure overtook her fear, Faith realized she was just lying there like a rag doll. Not one to just ly and do nothing during sex, she ran her hands up his chest, enjoying the sensations of his straining torso. Eventually she wrapped her arms around his back. Moaning she started to thrust back against him. When Zack felt that, he groaned, moments later Faith cunt started to contract rhythmically around him. Unable to control himself anymore he lunged forward with all his might, quickly retracting and repeating the movements with the same gusto.

“Oh, god, yes,” Faith moaned out loud, in time with Zack’s thrusts and groans. “Fuck me!” Faith called out loud, riding up against him. “Harder!” Zack complied, the need inside him growing, forcing himself into her hot cavity with greater strength and speed. Faith suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist, hooking them on his ass. Faith moaned in satisfaction, as she felt his pelvis being captured against her legs. Zack felt himself being wrapped in a fantastic embrace, her strong but soft flesh sending shudders of desire through him. Faith moaned as she felt him throw in the last of his strength and managed to make his pounding even more devastating, increasing her pleasure as well.

“Oh, god, so good, you’re so tight, your body feels so fantastic,” Zack groaned into her hear.

His groans turned Faith on more and she yelled out, “Oh, wow! YES! FUCK! FUCK ME HARD! HARDER! MAKE ME COME!” The two thrust into each other with everything they had, their climaxes rapidly coming closer. His cock pounded into her, throbbing with desire. Her cunt gripped his cock over and over. His pelvic bone massaged her clit with every down thrust. Their groans increased in pitch. Their moans became louder. Their yells became more hoarse. Finally neither could hold on anymore, and the two of them orgasmed together. Their bodies tensed against each other, each releasing moans of bliss. They stayed in their mutual peak for almost half a minute, before they collapsed against each other.

Zack breathed heavily against her breasts, exhausted. He lifted his head, and looked into her glazed eyes of bliss, and then kissed her deeply, quickly turning it into a passionate French kiss. Faith returned the kiss in kind, poring her fire into it. After a minute, Faith broke the kiss and whispered, “Condom.” He nodded and slowly pulled out, and removed the condom, throwing it into the wastebin alongside the first. Faith turned the two over, him lying on his back, so she could snuggle up. “Thank you,” she whispered, moments before the two fell asleep, both of them having a contented smile upon their faces.


The next morning Faith closed the door to Zack’s bedroom behind her. “Well, well,” a voice startled her. Faith turned around and saw a guy in the kitchen making himself breakfast. He was older than Zack, more around Xander’s age.

“Uh, hi,” she greeted him.

“Had a good time?” he asked with a mischievous grin.

Faith smiled back self consciously and answered, “Very good.”

“Want breakfast?” he asked, turning away for a moment to grab another slice of breakfast.

Her stomach growled now that he mentioned it. “No time to wait for it. People are expecting me.” He grinned in answer and placed his plate forward on the counter and gestured to it, as he grabbed himself a new plate and starting making himself breakfast all over again. Faith smiled, quickly crossed the distance and started tearing into the sandwiches.

Halfway through her fourth of five sandwiches, a groan followed by a yawn made her turn around. A second guy, even older than the first, came stumbling out of a room. He looked awful, not in an ugly kind of way, yawned again, and noticed her. He made a quick double take, than looked from her to Zack’s room and back again. He continued walking forward again, his voice still filled with sleep, he said, “I take it you are the one who kept me awake last night?”

“Uhm,” Faith answered, with a full mouth. Not quite knowing what to say, she said, “Probably.”

The guy had almost reached the counter, looking back and forth from her and Zack’s room as he made is way, and commented, “Lucky bastard. Six . . . times?”

Faith looked at him slightly surprised, swallowed her bread and answered, “Two, and two oral sessions, I came three times.”

“Lucky bastard,” the guy said, grabbing himself a plate. “Three weeks, three weeks he’s here, it took me three months.”

Faith snickered at the half serious, ‘my life sucks’ attitude. Finished with her last sandwich, she said, “Thanks for breakfast,” and headed toward the door.

The first guy spoke to his roommate and said, “We’ll drag him to a strip club tonight, to celebrate his manhood.”

“He’s deserved it. And more,” Faith told them, and give them a wiggle with her eye brows, before she closed the door.

“Lucky bastard,” the two commented simultaneously.


Zack slowly opened his eyes. Incredulously he looked around, then panicked. She wasn’t here? Had she gone? Was it all just a dream? His eyes fell on a folded peace of paper leaning on something, ‘ZACK’ was written on it in big letters. He got up and sat down upon his chair. He folded the paper, and read it,

Hi, Zack,

I’m sorry if you were hoping for more. If I gave you the idea
there could have been more than a one night stand, I apologize.

I do not regret what happened last night, in fact I am glad I
did. It was the best sex I’ve had all my life. I thank you
for that. You were fantastic, and I personally think you’re

Thanks again for what you gave me,


Zack broke into a smile, and read the letter over several more times, then found a safe place to put it, for he didn’t want to lose it ever. When he turned back to his desk, he saw another piece of paper lying there, one that he had been working on himself, and had quit on in depression. He leaned over, got a pen, and read it over. There were two columns, one marked ‘home’ the other ‘LA’. Under home stood, ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘Mel’ (short for Melanie, his childhood friend, ex-girlfriend and possible girlfriend, again). To the home column he wrote, ‘no demons and vampires’. Then he turned to the empty column of LA, and wrote, ‘women hotter than the sun’. He was about to add ‘film school’, when he grinned, and crossed out the ‘home’ column.


Faith walked into the Hyperion Hotel with a satisfied smile, “I’m home!” she called out

Fred bounced up from behind the counter and looked relieved, “You’re here, you’re not in a hospital, or dead, or . . .” Fred quit babbling, as Faith smiled at her.

Faith was shaken from her revery by a male voice, filled with both anger and concern, “Faith, where the bloody hell have you been?”

“Relax, Wes,” Faith answered him, still mellow from the night.

Before Faith could explain however, Cordelia and Angel came bounding down the stairs and Cordelia accused, “Yeah, we were worried you were out killing again. Were you?”

Faith became angry and bit and Cordelia, counting on her fingers, “Evil henchman, coma, jail, living with an engaged couple. I haven’t had any in over two years. Where do you think I’ve been!?”

“You were out having sex?” Wesley asked shocked.

“Yeah, Wes,” Faith answered, still angry, her right hand scratching the back of her head in irritation. “Slayers have needs to. Saved a guy from some vamps, walked him home to be sure, was asked up to his apartment, and before you know it, mind blowing sex. Got a problem with that?”

“We were just worried, Faith,” Angel said soothingly, interrupting Wesley’s retort, trying to sooth over the tension.

Faith looked at him, and bit back, “Yeah, that I go all psycho again. Well, too fucking bad to disappoint you all, but I’m not, and never will again.”

Angel looked into her eyes, partially guilty, partially like an innocent puppy filled with concern for her health, Faith regretted her outburst instantly. Angel told her, “Just call next time you’re going to be out all night, ok?”

Cordelia looked completely blown away. “You’re just . . .”

“Cordy, she’s not a child,” Angel interrupted all soulful.

“But . . .”

This time it was Wesley, “He has a point, Cordelia.”

“With what?” Faith asked, empty hands outstretched to illustrate the point, before letting them drop to her side.

“Huh?” Angel blurted out.

“Call. With what?” Faith clarified, repeating the gesture.

Angel’s eyes widened, as did Wesley’s, their gazes briefly crossed, understanding between them without saying a word. “Oh, my,” Wesley said. “We should have thought of this, much sooner.”

Angel nodded, turning to Cordelia, he said, “You’ve gotten me one of those cell phone thingies, get Faith one too, will you, Cor?”

Cordelia sighed, slapping her hands to her sides in helplessness, and muttered, “Fine.”

“Fred,” Angel said gently, Fred jerked up, looking at him. “Could you call Gunn and say the lost sheep has returned?”

“Uh, ok,” Fred answered with a smile.

Faith remembered the last night, and called to Wesley, “Hey, Wes.”

“Yes?” he asked, turning back to gaze at her.

Faith took out the knife and presented it to Wesley. “When I stuck it into a vamp’s heart last night, it burned and turned to dust. I’ve got no idea why though, it’s metal, Xander forged it for my birthday.”

“Really? How intriguing,” Wesley answered, examining the knife with fascination.

“Yeah, got any ideas? I mean, Xander didn’t tell me it would kill vamps like that. It symbolizes Saiyan philosophy, I have a letter in which he explains it,” Faith explained a little timidly. Angel and Cordy watched the proceedings, as Fred was calling Gunn.

“Could I read it?” Wesley asked intently examining the knife and its carvings.

“Yeah, I’ll go get it. It’s personal though,” Faith told him, a little nervously. She really didn’t want to share Xander’s letter with everyone. Wesley nodded in understanding, and Faith ran up the stairs with a smile.

A short while later, after examining the knife in greater detail in his office, consulting some texts, and reading Faith’s letter, he was back into the lobby, presenting Faith the beautiful knife and the letter, which noone else had gotten to read. Angel, Cordy, and Fred came to hear what Wesley had found out. “Fascinating philosophy. I think I figured it out,” Wesley announced, with a serious face. “If Xander believed the philosophy hard enough, followed all the rituals one would require in his culture to forge such a knife, he may have imbued the knife with it. They are very good chi fighters, from what I figured out, so if the knife was also forged to act like some kind of conductor for it, in combination with some of the imagery, and the fact that some of it, and it’s layout is almost cross-like, with darkness and light coming together at the crossing beams, Xander must have inadvertently created a holy weapon, that can kill a vampire as if it’s a wooden stake. I wonder if it has similar effects on other demons.”

“Is there a way to find out?” Gunn’s voice startle them all, except Faith and Angel, the black man came in the front lobby, and grinned as he had managed to come in mostly by surprise.

Wesley mulled it over for a moment, and then nodding he said, “Trial and error, it would have to be used against them. If it does, one would have to wonder whether it works on beings of light in a similar matter. After all, both darkness and light are forged into the weapon.”

“Interesting,” Angel commented.


“I did it! I did it!” Cordelia screamed with incredulity. She looked down to the mat of the Gravity Gym, and grinned. She was floating a meter above it.

*Fantastic, Cordy,* Xander’s voice came over their link. *Try and fly around.* Cordelia nodded, and began to fly to her right, up, down, left, and slowly became more bold. After a minute Cordelia lowered herself down and said, “Whoa, that takes a lot out of me.”

*Yep,* came Xander’s voice a smile present. *We’ve focused a lot on your skill, you can float a few things with your mind alone, pure telekinesis, no magic. You can fly now, and raise you chi. Before we start giving you more skills, we’ll focus on your strength for a while. Four gs here we come.*

*What about three?* Cordelia asked slightly taken aback.

*You can handle four,* Xander told her with confidence. Cordelia smiled, and looked around the gym. Wesley and Gunn were sparring with each other, a gentle glow around the both of them. Faith had been incredible training them all in Cordelia’s opinion, not that she’d ever tell the slayer that. On another mat, Angel stood, gently motioning in a Tai Chi exercise. He stopped it, placed his fist next to his side and his body tensed. With a groan a chi flame burst around him, and he looked at his hands in accomplishment. In the last Faith was busy with her own training. Training robots flew around firing all kinds of energy pulses at her, while she jumped and flew around, avoiding getting hit, blocking hits, sometimes firing the very same pulse back where it came from, she smashed, and kicked the robots to pieces, fired her own energy balls, and more, all at a fantastic speed. Cordelia looked over at the status board, and saw Faith’s training ground indicating 50 gs.

In Cordy’s mind, she saw Xander avoiding one of Buffy’s blows, and take a quick look at the status board in Sunnydale. It showed only 42gs. Xander blocked a few more of Buffy kicks and punches, then landed one of his own that knocked her out. *Well,* Xander beamed with a smile. *It seems Faith is going faster than Buffy. Not too surprisingly really.*


Somewhere else in Sunnydale, in a basement, three young men, some people would call them geeks, sat around. One of them a blonde and another a short black-haired guy, Andrew and Jonathan, were reading a comic. A third, taller, also black-haired was playing a video game. When he lost, he turned to the other thoughtfully and asked, “Wanna take over Sunnydale?”

Andrew and Jonathan looked at each other for a moment, then turned to Warren and they said, “Sure. Why not?”

To Be Continued . . .

Will the three geeks be able to pull off their goal? Will Cordy become powerful enough to counteract the bad effects the visions are having? Will Faith get enough sexual satisfaction, find out next time on Buffy Z - Episode 23: The Trio’s First Attack.

Author’s notes: Well, there we have it. The first episode of the Power Corrupts saga. And we start right of the bat with three, count them, three sex scenes. I hope you guys liked Harmony’s inclusion, and the humor, I’m going to use her for some over the top humor. We’re basically going to see what will drive her back to Sunnydale, and some hijinx will ensue. As for Faith’s sex scene, you can see her scene has a purpose, she’s finally thrown off all the shackles of her bad childhood - when it comes to sex, at least. Give me feedback, or give me death! :D

The Evolution of Buffy Z:
The Fight with Loki: The fight with Loki, was there for the following reasons: I had to establish that the things Xander would be fighting were not going to be the weak things seen on Buffy and Angel. Xander was going to be facing far more powerful things, and that the demons in Hell were going to be far more powerful. That and this and its aftermath were the first extremely serious scenes. I want Buffy Z, to be as serious as the Buffy and Angle show, perhaps even more, yet at the same time remain filled with humor even cartoon style humor, giving it a whole new kind of mix of laughter, and seriousness.
Buffy's attitude: Buffy will go through a lot in the next two sagas. I won't tell too much, but you'll find that Buffy's attitude will change drastically and back again. Buffy's arc will be very dark.
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