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Second Chances

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Summary: Sometimes you get second chances. sp/x (brief) x/s *now with fanart*

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestershdwslayerFR1548,01932011,39211 Jun 0713 Jun 07Yes

Chapter 4

a/n: Before you read, this was a dream I had and just had to write it out. So if you don't like it don't read it. This is the last chapter.

Sam was in his bedroom, sitting on his bed staring at the stack of boxes. It had been four years since Xander died. He had left Dean that day, never looking back. He was back at Stanford now. When he had first come here, he had packed all of Xander's things in boxes, storing them in the back of his closet. He never had the courage to look through his things. Now he thought he did.

He got off the bed and opened the first box. It was full of pictures from Xander's life, before they met up until the fight with the demon. He picked up a picture of him and Xander, cake all over there faces with matching cheesy grins. It had been their three year anniversary. He put it down and picked up another of Dean and Xander. In the picture Xan snuck up on Dean and jumped on his back, scaring the crap out of Dean. Those were good times. He thought as he looked through the rest of the pictures and moved onto the next box.

The next one was full of clothes that still smelt like Xander. Oh god. He closed the box and quickly pushed it away, trying to get his emotions under control.

He opened the last box, full of Xander's letters, books and a black journal. He picked up the journal and just stared at it. Should I? It's really all I have left of him.

He flipped through the pages and found the one Xander had written about the man of his dreams. He laughed. You were mine too Xan. He got to the entry about the fire. God, it seems so long ago, like a different life. He put the journal back and closed the box.

All I have left are these things. He thought. And Connor and Jess. He stood shoving the boxes back into the closet. It's not enough.

He cleaned up and got ready to meet his friends for lunch.


"Hey Con, Jess." Sam greeted them as he walked into the Diner. "How you guys doing?"

"We're fine bro." Connor answered for the both of them. "So are you excited about graduating next week?"

"Yeah. Yea, I am." Sam answered. "I even have an interview at one of the local law offices here in a couple of days. It's in the bag." Sam finished smiling.

"Good for you Sam, I'm glad." Jess added in.

"So are we going to party or what?" Connor asked.

When they just looked at him like he was a nut, he clarified. "I mean the night of graduation, hello."

"Yeah. What did you guys wanna do?" Sam asked.

"Dude, it your graduation. You get to pick." Connor answered.

"How about we just go to a bar and get some drinks? I'm not up for anything wild."

"You never are." Connor laughed. "But whatever you wanna do is fine with us."


one week later

Sam made his way off the stage, heading towards Connor and Jess.

"Hey guys." Sam gave his best cheesy grin.

"Hey. Congratulation man. You did good." Connor said giving him a hug.

"Yeah." Jess said stepping up and kissing his cheek. "Xan would've been proud."

"Thanks Jess." He said smiling down at her. "What do you say...."

"Hey Sammy." Dean's voice cut him off.

Sam spun around to face his brother completely shocked.

"Dean! I haven't seen you..."

"In four years." Dean said cutting him off again. "Yeah, I know."

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked.

"I heard you were graduating. So I came." Dean said stepping forward. "Just wanted you to know that I'm proud of you Sammy."

Sam stared at him for a moment, then pulled his brother into a hug. "Thanks Dean."

"Hey Dean, you wanna get drinks with us?" Connor asked.

Dean turned a questioning looked toward Sam.

"Come on big brother." He said putting an arm around Dean's shoulder and walking out the door.


Sam and Dean had caught up, and things were looking alright. They were drinking and having a good time.

"Ugh, who put this song on?" Dean asked as "Second Chances" started to play on the juke-box. "Whatever. Who's turn is it to get the drinks?"

"I'll get 'em." Sam said standing up and walking to the bar. "Four beers please."

"Thanks." Sam thanked the bartender while hooking his fingers around the beer bottles. He turned to walk back when someone slammed into him, making him drop the drinks.

"Hey man, sorry." The guy said bending down to pick up the glass. "Let me get you another round."

"No, it's alright." Sam said bending down to help. "I got it. Thanks."

"You sure?" The guy asked looking up at Sam.

"Xander?" Sam asked breathlessly.

"Huh?" The guy asked.

Sam looked at him taking everything in. He had the same chocolate eyes that told you exactly what he was feeling. This has to be some kind of dream. He looked exactly like his Xander. Maybe a little older. But it was an exact replica. Sam kept on staring and the guy smiled. Oh my god that smile.

"Hey buddy, you ok?"

"Yeah... sorry. I'm fine." Sam said standing up. "I'm Sam."

"Well it's nice to meet you Sam." the guys said and shook his hand. "I'm Alex."

Sometimes we get second chances

Sam watched as Alex walked away.

And sometimes we never make it past the first

"Alex, wait." He called out. When Alex turned around and smiled he asked. "Can I buy you a drink?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Second Chances". This story is complete.

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