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The curse strength brings

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Summary: At the end of the game, the winner reflect back, and mourns. Warning: Character Death.

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Highlander > Buffy-CenteredAmaiFR181395032,11912 Jun 0712 Jun 07Yes
I own nothing. Some days not even my brain, but all days I don't own Buffy or highlander. I just play with them, and then quietly put them back in their little boxes. I make no money off of it, I just have fun.

Hope you enjoy!

Time, once their exciting friend that posed no threat became their
enemy, and they envied the ones they killed, sanity rubbing raw with
time and quickenings, until billions of years of memories filled their heads
and nothing could ever be right

When they looked into eyes wide with shock as the head tumbled from
its accustomed place, or met another youth who was still excited by
the possibilities ahead of them they wondered what it would be like.
To be less jaded. But as the lightening stole their thoughts, and the
light in the eyes of the youth died away even as their bodies remained
the same even those hopes and dreams died.

And slowly, without purpose they fell, long past their time.




And in the last day for any immortal the two eldest, great friends,
faced off in the clearing, remembering everyone they had killed to be

They clashed, more experience than any but them could fathom giving their
blades a life

Ivanhoe and The Angel bit and swung and hissed until they were
covered in blood, and lost to the ground.

Broken, the challenger fell to his knees and with one last shared
smile she placed her hands on either side of his head, kissed his crown
and sent him towards peace.

And as his power hit her, his strength, his memories, the memories
of all the immortals to have ever existed, she cried out in pain.

And understood.

The prize did not go to the last one standing. They merely witnessed
it the most. Death had taken that prize from her hands and left her
standing in the field, burnt and battered but alive

Always alive

And the final hope died then, because she knew, more deeply than she
had ever known

There would never be another who understood. There would never be another
challenger. There would never be one who could send her into the abyss
to join with her people.

She alone.

She alone; forever.

Not an original idea, but my take on what the end might be.


The End

You have reached the end of "The curse strength brings". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking