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This side of normal

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Summary: Harry visits some relatives he didn't know he had. (Smallville/HP)

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
EffieFR759,05213810,88812 Jun 0720 Aug 08No

Chapter One

Title: This side of normal
Crossover: Harry Potter/Smallville
Author: Me, Effie
Disclaimer: I own nothing yada, yada, yada. Several companies own Superman and its many incarnations including the recent Smallville and JKR owns Harry Potter and the various companies that have bought rights, etc. I am in no way affiliated with any companies or authors. Yada, yada, etc.

“BOY!" Vernon Dursley called, at the top of his lungs toward his freak-of-nature nephew Harry James Potter. The sully fourteen year old looked up from sweeping.

“Yes, Uncle Vernon?” He rasped with a voice full of something, not quite tangible. Vernon narrowed his eyes and thought over the tone for a brief second. Vernon didn’t like it. It sounded like something or whatever --Ah yes!—angst! Vernon Dursley narrowed his eyes even more. Vernon believed he appeared intimidating; Harry thought his uncle had gas and wisely decided to scoot a ways away. Vernon grinned, believing it added to his maniacal, dangerous, threatening looks, but Harry thought it was his uncle suppressing the urge to pass gas until he was alone. At least Harry hoped so because the last time Harry was caught in the room with his uncle and cousin… Let’s just say that Harry would rather fight Voldemort and 3 Death Eaters alone than go through that experience ever again.

“Your Aunt Martha wants to see you, this summer.” He stated spitting strongly. Harry looked confused, he had no idea he had another aunt. His face must have given him away, “Idiot! Martha is your mother’s second cousin twice removed on her father’s mother’s third cousin’s side of the family! You’ve met her twice, you were five and sick, I remember because she smacked me when I refused to give you a bigger cover. The other time was with her.”

Harry nodded, wondering if ‘her’ was his mother, and was mostly confused about his relationship with Aunt Martha. “You’re going to visit her. You have two days.”

“Two days?” Harry squeaked incredulous. Vernon didn’t bother to answer. Harry dropped the broom (ignoring the screech his aunt gave behind him as she was eavesdropping through the kitchen window) and rushed up stairs. He didn’t know what to do. Looking at his owl, Hedwig, he decided to write. His letter was lengthy and angsty with the heralding news.

“Hedwig, girl, I need you to take—Hey where are you going?” Harry demanded as his owl flew away. As loyal as Hedwig was, she did not dare touch the letter. “Hedwig!” Harry grumbled and looked at his note, he was sure Sirius would care right? He was his godfather and he asked him to write but what now? Hedwig didn’t care. Harry brooded.

Hedwig later returned and a great battle ensued. Harry conquered but not before being nipped and scratched a mere 2 dozen or so times. Later in life, when Harry was beyond senile and insane, his autobiography recounted the tale on page 641 and took up 17 pages, an instant hit. The chapter became a book into itself, his enemies retold the story as if they had seen the owl itself attacking and a successful motion picture, in both worlds, but that’s another story.

Hedwig flew away in shame but with the letter. Harry proceeded to pack just in case, and most likely situation, him getting sent to his ‘aunt’.

Sirius’ reply was brief but enough to startle Harry.


I’ve talked to Dumbledore. Your mother’s protection will still extend with Martha since she is from your mother’s blood. I’ll be seeing you, as the Yanks don’t really care much about an escaped deranged convict that people haven’t seen in a year.

In fact, I remember your aunt, lovely girl.


Wait a minute, Yank?

Harry quickly ran downstairs to interrupt the pre-dinner meal the family was so fond of.

“What is it boy?” Vernon inquired sure that it involved Martha.

“Aunt Martha is a Yank?”

Petunia’s face tightened and contorted. “Yank! Have you no respect? I thought that at least we’d taught you some semblance of manners! Yes, Martha is an American! Go! Get out of my sight; I don’t want to see you until dinner! Just wait until…”

Harry left, ignoring his aunt’s raving calls. He smiled; he’d never been out of the United Kingdom before.

Two days later, Metropolis International Airport

Martha Kent, Jonathon Kent, and Clark Kent tirelessly waited for the arrival of Martha’s nephew. It had been years since Martha had heard or seen anything about Harry so she had decided to invite him and was eager to see him again. When a thin, messy haired boy arrived into view, Martha knew it was him, Harry was the exact (well, almost) copy of James.

“Harry!” Martha excitedly called as she ran forward with the other two males following.

Harry looked up and smiled. His Aunt Martha had not been what he was expecting, in fact, it was the exact opposite; Harry had been expecting another Aunt Petunia but what he had ended up with was rather a lovely older woman that looked like she’d give you cookies before yelling at you. Harry felt his shock warm his frozen heart, not that Harry had much of one.

He looked behind her and noticed the two others standing behind her, looking at him with the same amount of interest. “Hello, I’m Harry, Aunt Martha.” He introduced because he felt it was necessary.

Martha gave a small shake of his head. “You haven’t stopped calling me that have you?” Harry looked uncertain of what to say. Martha frowned. “Didn’t Petunia tell you?”

“Uh, I just learned you existed to say the truth.” Harry explained nervously.

Martha frowned but nodded. “I’m going to kill Petunia,” She muttered quickly under her breath. Clark looked sharply at his mother and knew this was one of the rare times his mother was indeed angry. “That’s all right Harry. I'm Martha, cousin or aunt but you called me that the first time you saw me. I’m now sure why but it stuck. This,” She said pointing to the older man, “is my husband Jonathon.”

Jonathan stepped forward to shake hands. Harry shook it weakly but was glad that it wasn’t an overly vigorous shake. “Harry, you can call me Jonathan, if you want. Nice to meet you finally.” He said with a grin. “I wasn’t there when Martha went off to see you, I had to stay and take care of our son, Clark. Clark,” His father intoned in the Remember-You-Have-A-Secret-Identity tone.

Clark smiled nervously before nodding to his father. “Harry,” He greeted politely. He reached for a handshake.

“Clark,” He replied meeting his hand. He suppressed a wince as his hand was squeezed. Merlin, his cousin shook as hard as Hagrid!

Martha was beaming all throughout the small exchange. Harry was such a different boy but he was going to need new clothes. The poor boy, Martha felt her blood boil, oh yes, she was going to murder Petunia. Until then Harry was her first concern outside her immediate family.

“Come one boys, the ride back is a long one!” Jonathan looked rather happy to be leaving Metropolis.

“But mom,” Clark complained, “Harry hasn’t seen Metropolis!” He winced inwardly; he hoped Harry didn’t think he was a whiner. He recalled the incident with the red meteorite and nearly winced externally.

Martha frowned, Jonathan sighed while looking at Harry. The boy looked at them with so much expectancy. “We don’t have the money for it Clark,” He looked at Harry and sighed before giving a small smile to both boys, “but I don't think it’d hurt to spend a little more time here. Right Martha?”

Martha smiled. “Of course not. Harry do you want to? It’s all up to you.” She stated hoping that the boy didn’t feel pressured.

Harry smiled widely. It was one of the first times family had asked what he wanted to do. He smiled wider, and was once again glad his dad was loaded; this would give him some time for souvenirs.

“Please!” He cried enthusiastically. “I don’t mean to impose, but I can pay for the stay if it gets too late.” The Kents looked ready to protest but Harry held up his hands. “It’s no problem, really. Please? I’d sort of like to make it a gift for you inviting me for the summer.” Harry defended.

Clark stared, wondering how much money Harry had but decided he wouldn’t ask. That wasn’t something he’d been brought up to talk about, in front of his parents at least. It wasn’t like the Luthors, everyone knew how rich they were. He wondered if there would be a way to ask later or if Harry just had enough saved money to pay for a bit of extravagance.

Martha frowned and looked at her husband. Jonathan hadn’t expected that to say the least but he was their guest. “Martha,” Jonathan hoped to defer to his wife but she just as uncertain about the subject as him. Jonathan’s pride couldn’t take the blow until Harry spoke up.

“My Godfather gave me some money as a thank you gift for you. We don’t have to stay the whole day.” Harry conceded. “I’m just not really sure what to do with it. Um, he suggested a night out, I don’t know.” Harry sighed. He was already making a mess of things.

Clark looked torn. He wanted to stay but he knew his parents weren’t ready to take money. He sighed, he knew to them family was family and taking money from them wasn’t something they wanted to do. “If we’re going to see the town, we should head out.” Clark suggested hoping to break the mood.

“Right.” Jonathan agreed relieved to step away from the subject.

Harry shrugged and they helped with the luggage as they moved out of the airport. Harry frowned, he still didn’t want to keep the money, and it didn’t feel right. When the luggage was firmly secure (which wasn’t rather difficult seeing as Harry didn’t have much of anything), they all piled in. Harry added rather absently. “If you do ever want to go out though, alone, whatever or something different, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Martha nodded toward Harry and hoped that the subject would come up again.

Clark shook his head as he sat next to Harry. Would his parents ever change? He wondered, half amused. He looked over Harry.

“So Harry, what school do you go to?” He asked wondering where he went to school.

“Um,” Harry paused looking a bit nervous. “It’s a really great private school. Invitation only and my mum and dad went there.” Martha’s face seemed to brighten at the mention of Harry’s mother.

“I remember hearing something about that as a girl. It’s a very well kept secret isn’t it? Is there some type of rule that makes all of the students and alumni talk vaguely or avoid the subject? Your parents use to do that. I remember asking Lily, she told me the place was called Hogwarts of all things!” Martha laughed. The others joined in, Harry more relieved at that they thought the name was a joke.

He went along with it though since it wasn’t much of a lie, muggle laws and all. “Yep, I could get expelled for telling the wrong person.” He said half-serious. He didn’t really think he would but he never knew. He wished Hermione were there for the moment, she would probably know. He looked around with exaggerated movement, “In fact, I don’t think I should have even mentioned that!” He said in a loud exaggerated whisper. The interior filled with laughter.

Clark turned and smiled; he could grow to like his cousin.

The afternoon in Metropolis was a bit more eventful then anyone had expected. Harry had ended up buying a few souvenirs and taking more photographs, from a few newly purchased disposable cameras, than Clark thought possible in such a short amount of time.

There were names that Clark couldn’t catch, even with super hearing, in the few mumbles that escaped Harry’s mouth as he weighed what he purchased. Clark himself had bought a shirt or two while trying to get Harry to buy a few as well. Clark was a bit surprised to find the clothes that Harry was wearing were his usual set for the summer. He convinced him to buy a few form fitting clothes.

Eventually, they found themselves heading back to Smallville, with Harry eating an American style hot dog. All in all, everyone hoped nothing went wrong during the visit. Clark hoped no meta-humans or meteorites came up. Harry hoped no wizards or errant house elves dropped by unexpectedly.
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