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Strange Neighbors

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Summary: Buffy is living next door to House and working with him at the hospital. What happens when they both start to realize they like each other? Pairings: Buffy/House - eventually, and Chase/Cameron.

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-CenteredSmilieFR1521,0701156,28513 Jun 0717 Jun 07No

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the Buffy characters or any of the house characters. I OWN NOTHING!!!!!...none of these characters are mine.

Authors Note-This is my first story I've ever written. If you have ANY advice on how I could make it better I'm all ears. Yes I know Buffy and House seem out of character and the others will probably too. I'm not good with the whole sarcasm thing, but I've tried to make it as funny as possible.

Time line-This takes place After the End of Days. After the hellmouth is destroyed Buffy doesn't forgive the others for kicking her out. So she goes off and finally takes control of her own life. She does what she's always wanted to do volunteer in a hospital so why not it be Houses?

Summary-Buffy is living next door to House. After The End Of Days she is fed up with the others and takes off by herself. They act like they hate each other from the beginning, but secretly like each other. Plus House doesn't take to well to the fact that they'll be working together.

Chapter 2

************Buffy wakes up early in the morning and gets ready for the day. She goes and takes a shower and puts on all of her make-up. She gets some breakfast and leaves her house. She parks her car in a parking lot and goes inside of what looks to be a hospital. She goes up to the main desks and asks.

“Excuse me do you know where I can find Dr. Lisa Cuddy?”

“Yes She’s working over in the clinic today…it’s right threw those doors” The receptionist points to a set of double glass doors.

“Thank You” said Buffy and she goes into them and bumps into a woman. “Oh I’m so sorry”

“No it’s ok that was my fault…you don’t stand in front of doors” She says and laughs.

“Well I need some help do you know where I can find Dr. Cuddy?” She asks.

“ I sure do you’re looking at her ” Cuddy replies. “ Who might you be?” she asks then.

“I’m Buffy Summers the new intern. I’m supposed to start working today”

“Oh yea excuse me I’m so sorry I forgot that you were coming in today we’ve been extremely busy.” She then said and takes a good look at Buffy. “ How old are you again?”

“I’m 25…why is that a problem?” She asks her concern. She has a worried look on her face thinking they might not like how young she is.

“No it’s not a problem…I’m just surprised someone your age has already graduated college with a degree in medicine. You must work very hard.” She says with much Pride in her voice.

“Yeah I started college, but I had to drop out once to take care of my little sister after our mother passed away.” She says with sadness on her face and Cuddy feels like an idiot for bringing it up.

“ Oh honey I’m sorry I didn’t know,” She says sadly. “ That must have been so hard.”

Buffy looks at her and nods sadly. “It was I was working a job and was taking care of her. I had so much going on then…. she was feeling neglected all the time and almost got taken away by the child care service .It was a hard time for all of us.”

Cuddy Looks at the poor girl and realizes she has had a hard life. She sees so much in her eyes they almost look old…too old for a 25 year old.

“Well now don’t you worry because everything’s going to get better…now what do you say we go and meet the other doctors?”

“ Yeah lets go” Buffy says and they go off in search of the rest of the team. Unknowingly though, Buffy is about see the man that haunted her dreams all last night.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Strange Neighbors" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jun 07.

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