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Strange Neighbors

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Summary: Buffy is living next door to House and working with him at the hospital. What happens when they both start to realize they like each other? Pairings: Buffy/House - eventually, and Chase/Cameron.

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-CenteredSmilieFR1521,0701156,28513 Jun 0717 Jun 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the Buffy characters or any of the house characters. I OWN NOTHING!!!!!...none of these characters are mine.

Authors Note-This is my first story I've ever written. If you have ANY advice on how I could make it better I'm all ears. Yes I know Buffy and House seem out of character and the others will probably too. I'm not good with the whole sarcasm thing, but I've tried to make it as funny as possible.

Time line-This takes place After the End of Days. After the hellmouth is destroyed Buffy doesn't forgive the others for kicking her out. So she goes off and finally takes control of her own life. She does what she's always wanted to do volunteer in a hospital so why not it be Houses?

Summary-Buffy is living next door to House. After The End Of Days she is fed up with the others and takes off by herself. They act like they hate each other from the beginning, but secretly like each other. Plus House doesn't take to well to the fact that they'll be working together.

Chapter 1

Buffy comes up the steps with boxes in her hand. She takes a key out of her purse and opens the door. Right before she enters she sees a middle aged man leaving the apartment next to her. He sees her and frowns at her.

“Who the hell are you?” Dr. Gregory House Asks.

“Um…I’m Buffy Summers…I just moved in here…and you are?”

“None of your damn business that’s who” Said house. Buffy glares at him and he glares back at her.

“Wow…I was just asking a question do you have to be such an ass?” House gives her a smirk.

“Why…yes…yes I do…it kind of comes along with the job,” said House

“And what exactly is it you do Mr……?”

“Dr. James Wilson and as you can tell by the Dr. part … I’m a doctor”

Buffy gives him A “Duh” Look.

“No…I would of never figured that out without your lovely help” House nods at her.

“Why I do believe you would of never figured it out…with you being a blonde and all…so me being the gentle men I am decided to help you out”

Buffy gives House the dirtiest look that even he himself is impressed with it.

“Yeah thanks. But I have more important things to do then listen to you babble all day…so bye”

She goes inside her apartment. House looks at the closed door and sighs,

“Damn she was hot…and such a mean spirit…. I wonder if I should pick out wedding invitations yet?”

House walks along singing “Here Comes The Bride”
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